Here Are The Trophies and Achievements for Need for Speed Heat

Continuing on with the deluge of info on Need for Speed Heat, developer Ghost Games has confirmed the game’s full list of trophies and achievements.

Things already kicked off with the announcement of a dedicated mobile app for car customization. With it, players can dive into the customization aspect of the racer ahead of its November release.

Following that, Ghost Games blew the lid off of the game’s roster of cars. With 127 vehicles on offer, there’s plenty of options to go around. Good news too: Ferrari officially returns to the series for its 25th birthday.

Now, players have one more thing to sink their teeth into: trophies and achievements. NFS Heat returns the series to its roots, and that means racing hard and evading the police when necessary. The goals for this year’s street racer reflect that — so whether you’re customizing your favorite car, or getting out of harm’s way, it won’t go unnoticed.

There’s 32 tasks, with a further ten hidden goals, for a total of 42 — with the Platinum Trophy on PS4 only as a 43rd. You can check out the full list below:


  • Welcome to Palm City – (Hidden) Pick your first ride (5G)
  • Humble Beginnings – Reach REP level 2 (10G)
  • Wrap it Up! – Customize a vehicle with a wrap (10G)
  • Blame the Vain – Equip items to all visual customization slots (10G)
  • Change My Name – Change the License plate text (10G)
  • Hear Me Roar – Modify exhaust sound (10G)
  • Warp Speed – (Hidden) Hit 240 mph using any car (10G)
  • Carving Turns – (Hidden) Complete the Drift driving story (10G)
  • Off the Grid – (Hidden) Complete the Off-road driving story (10G)
  • Friends Reunited – (Hidden) Friends Reunited (10G)
  • Techin’ – Equip parts in both special part slots (15G)
  • You Have Friends? – Complete 5 events in All-Drive with other human players (15G)
  • Two Racers, One Event – Beat your first Autolog Recommendation (15G)
  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Complete your first Daily Challenge (15G)
  • Comeback Kid – Be last during the final lap of a race and still win (15G)
  • Redline – Equip handling parts for maximum race (20G)
  • Sideways Style – Equip handling parts for maximum drift (20G)
  • Component Parts – Equip handling parts for maximum road traction (20G)
  • The Hackney Dream – Equip handling parts for maximum offroad traction (20G)
  • Swappin’ – Customize a vehicle with an engine swap (20G)
  • At the Last Second – Repair critical damage at a gas station (20G)
  • Danger Zone – Complete all Speed Traps (20G)
  • Drift, Drift, Drift – Complete all Drift Zones (20G)
  • Space Cadet – Complete all Jumps (20G)
  • Graffer – Collect all the Graffiti Decals (20G)
  • A Bit of Paradise – Smash your way through all the Billboards (20G)
  • The Most Wanted – Win an HH-5 event and return to the Garage safely (20G)
  • Consider Yourself Notices – (Hidden) Complete Chapter 1 (20G)
  • Worlds Collide – (Hidden) Complete Chapter 2 (20G)
  • Home from Home – (Hidden) Complete Chapter 3 (20G)
  • Get Shrimpin’ – (Hidden) Collect all the Flamingos (20G)


  • Notorious – Reach REP level 50 (40G)
  • Benefits Are Nice – Complete 25 events in All-Drive with other human players (40G)
  • All for One – Reach crew level 50 (40G)
  • The Brightest Stars – Get a 3-Star Rating on all the Activities in the game (40G)
  • Are You Not Entertained? – Win Discovery (40G)
  • Eleven – Fifty-Six – Take down 100 cop vehicles (40G)
  • Travis, Who? – Escape 100 cop chases (40G)
  • Merciless – (Hidden) Complete Chapter 3 (40G)


  • I Said Right Now – Upgrade a vehicle to 399 Tier Rating (60G)
  • Cashing In – Earn and bank 1,000,000 rep during one night (60G)
  • Be the Very Best – Complete all Collectibles (60G)

Platinum (PS4)

  • The Need for Speed – Collect all trophies

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