You’ll Need More Than Two Million XP to Win GT Sport’s Platinum Trophy

As you’ve been skipping through GT Sport, you’ll probably have spotted the game’s new Experience Point (or XP) system.

It awards you with fixed amounts of XP for completing tasks and challenges. Score all golds on the first set of licences and you’ll win 173XP. Complete the ferociously difficult Blue Moon Bay race in the final set of challenges and the game rewards you with 370XP.

These points all go towards your driver level. Hit a set amount of XP and you progress to the next level, unlocking Arcade Mode tracks, racing suits and special decals for your liveries.

However, the game also ties four of its PSN Trophies to your driver level. These are:

  • Newbie Driver (Bronze): Reached Level 15
  • Veteran Driver (Bronze): Reached Level 25
  • Legendary Driver (Silver): Reached Level 40
  • Ultimate Driver (Gold): Reached Level 50

And the bad news is that you’re going to need rather a lot of XP to reach all four targets. Around 2.4 million of them, to be more precise.

Some of our intrepid GTPlanet users have been busy calculating the required values for each milestone.

Reaching level 15 is a pretty simple matter, requiring just 8,755XP; you can win more than that just by doing the simple Circuit Experience section. Hitting level 25 is a bit more of a challenge, needing 36,814XP. That’s quite a bit more than just the campaign mode will provide.

From there the task increases exponentially — quite literally. Reaching level 40, for the silver PSN trophy, needs more than ten times as much XP, at over 380,000. The gold trophy for level 50 is just under 2,400,000XP away from the first time you boot up the game.

Amazingly, a few hardy individuals out there have already achieved this Herculean task and taken the prized Platinum for the game too.

Featured image courtesy of torque99.

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