Here Are All the GRID Trophies and Achievements

GRID 6 October 7, 2019 by

A classic name returns this week with Codemasters’ GRID. With release only days away, we now have the full list of trophies and achievements for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One drivers to hunt down.

We’ve seen (most of) the car list. We’ve dove into the game in the GTPlanet GRID preview. This latest bit of news slides another piece of the puzzle into place. Knowing the trophies and achievements going in will make it easier for those that love to hunt them down.

What’s more, the list looks pretty straightforward. Most of the items on the list will unlock naturally over the course of the single player career. Others, like the player levels or driving the circumference of the Earth (!!!), will require serious time investment. But there are no luck-based challenges, nor do any require online.

Check out the full list down below, and stay tuned for our full review of GRID later this week. GRID launches this Friday, October 11, or tomorrow for those that pre-order the Deluxe Edition.

Complete GRID Trophy and Achievement List

  • Undisputed – Earn all other Trophies (Platinum / NA)
  • Final Stretch – Gain entry to the GRID World Series (Gold / 90)
  • Best of the Best – Win the ‘Showdown: Ravenwest’ Career Event (Gold / 90)
  • Down Under –  Win the ‘Showdown: Hammerhead’ Career Event ( Silver / 30)
  • All-American – Win the ‘Showdown: Vulpini Racing’ Career Event (Silver / 30)
  • Pro Tuned – Win the ‘Showdown: DisruptR’ Career Event (Silver / 30)
  • Das Beste – Win the ‘Showdown: Euro Rand’ Career Event (Silver / 30)
  • Triple Crowned – Win the ‘Showdown: Fernando Alonso’ Career Event (Silver / 30)
  • Mercenary – Win the ‘Showdown: Aurora Motorsport’ Career Event (Silver / 30)
  • Pro Driver – Reach player level 50 (Silver / 30)
  • A Fine Choice – Purchase your first car (Bronze / 10)
  • Content Tracker – Purchase at least one car in each class (Gold / 90)
  • Race Driver – Reach Player Level 99 (Gold / 90)
  • Worth its Weight – Earn a gold trophy in every Career Event (Gold / 90)
  • Around the Globe – Drive a total distance equal to the circumference of the Earth (Gold / 90)
  • By Invitation Only – Complete every Career Event in the Invitational category (Silver / 30)
  • Personal Touch – Customise your first livery (Bronze / 15)
  • FA Racing Specialist – Complete every Career Event in the FA Racing category (Bronze / 15)
  • Cruise Control – Complete every Career Event in the GT category (Bronze / 15)
  • Out Of Stock – Complete every Career Event in the Stock category (Bronze / 15)
  • Tour Guide – Complete every Career Event in the Touring category (Bronze / 15)
  • Fine Tuned – Complete every Career Event in the Tuner category (Bronze / 15)
  • Show Off – Win a race by crossing the line backwards (Bronze / 15)
  • Brawler – Beat your first Nemesis (Bronze / 15)
  • RavenBest – Win a race in a Ravenwest livery with Nathan McKane as your team mate (Bronze / 15)
  • Coupon Car – Win an Event with at least 3 other racers using a loan car (Bronze / 15)
  • Next Contestant Please – Beat your first Career Rival (Bronze / 15)
  • Underdog – Win an Event having finished the first round in last place (Bronze / 15)
  • Pristine – Finish a race with at least 3 other racers without taking any damage (Bronze / 15)
  • First Of Many – Win your first Career Event (Bronze / 15)

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