Red Bull Ring

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Watch This First On-Board Look at GT Sport’s New Wet Weather Track

One of the most exciting pieces of information to come from the GT Sport World Tour event at the Nurburgring is the arrival of wet weather conditions. It’s something fans have been looking out for since the game’s launch — the wet weather tires have been there all along — but outside of a couple of mildly moist missions, the rain has stayed away from Gran Turismo’s world.

Experiencing Project CARS 2’s Red Bull Ring via Controller

Last week, Team VVV was fortunate enough to get some seat time with Project CARS 2, testing out the recently announced inclusion of the Red Bull Ring. There was a catch though: recorded video would be done with a controller instead of the expected sim racing rig.

Red Bull Ring Teased for Project CARS 2

Once it hits stores sometime this year, Project CARS 2 will arrive with over 60 drivable locations, all of which are going to support complete dynamic weather conditions and daytime changes.