Red Bull Ring Circuit Announced for Gran Turismo 6


Austria’s Red Bull Ring circuit is coming to Gran Turismo 6 in the game’s next update, as announced by Red Bull Games.

Set in the beautiful, picturesque foothills of the Alps, the Red Bull Ring has a rich history. Originally known as the Österreichring and later the “A1-Ring”, the location has hosted Formula 1 races since the 1970s.

The last F1 race was held there in 2003, but it’s back on the calendar this year, and will be hosting the 2014 Austrian Grand Prix this weekend.


More information about the track, including a new video, will be released tomorrow by Red Bull. Stay tuned…

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Comments (148)

  1. Magic Ayrton

    I must admit, I am still pleasantly surprised, track is great, quick corners and a lot of fun. Thanks PD!

    IS/F sounds great too.

  2. jontikis

    F*** YEAH!!!!!
    YES YES YES!!!
    That’s why Gran Turismo 6 is the best racing game! Great job Polyphony :)

  3. Hentis01

    Red bull ring added and the short course added.
    toyota TS030 hybrid 2012
    lexus IS C CCS-R 2011
    GT-R Nismo GT3 Nissan GT Academy Team RJN 2013 are in recommended cars in the dealerships
    plusnother small bits. Thats it.

    1. Croatian_STIG

      First download took 15 minutes, install took 2 minutes, but the second install is taking 20 minutes… I need a good explanation for this.

      I know this track from an F1 game I had on my PS2, called F1 2003 :D nice to see it again.

  4. BinaryPilot

    This will be a particularly good track for the F3 WSR and many of the road cars.

    Excellent choice PD.

    Can’t wait!

    Well done and Thank you!

  5. IBZ6L20VT

    I really love this track. I spent great times here in the past, with the F1 games of the early years of the noughties. This is a great surprise for me. I think that no one expected this track in the game.

  6. infamousphil

    Glad yall cats are happy. I ain’t ‘cuz yet to get online and still at 1.00.

    LOL, my game save is so corrupt I don’t dare to paint or install custom parts at the risk having to start over AGAIN. Anywho…


    1. David Smith

      Course creator will probably arrive around the time when drive club is out until then enjoy the free content that is arriving
      . Keep it up pd

  7. Amac500

    I’m in support of almost any track, as long as it isn’t some crap like Korea. This will be cool, nice surprise, hope to get more surprises like this from PD in the near future. Would be great if they throw a new non-VGT car or 2 in as a surprise to, to go with that VGT GTI ;)

    1. MeanElf

      The Seoul track in GT4 was pretty good – though in effect, we have a very similar layout in the full Madrid course.

  8. XSRacing111

    Great! New track. I bet that’ll be on back burner along with Seattle, Interlagos, and that long course in Spain (can’t remember the name).
    Bring back courses from gt4, 3, and 2 please! I miss New York, El Capitan, Costa di Amalfi, Red Rock Valley, The Tahiti circuit and dirt tracks, The Grand Canyon rally track and so much more. There was also a night time city course in gt4 that i can’t remember either…put that in too.

    1. TheProRacer

      How about a GT HD 2 with every car and course from every GT? Lol! I’m ready for Seattle too. I really appreciate what PD is doing now after GT5 servers shut down. Keep it up!

    2. Croatian_STIG

      @XSRacing111 – Oh yeah, we definitely need more dirt tracks and make rally racing more popular in Gran Turismo’s online racing rooms :)

  9. Whitefalcon63

    I like this circuit but I’d prefer to get the circuit maker. We are a tough crowd to please. ;-)

  10. Johnnypenso

    New tracks are always good news..if they make it into the game. I’m looking at you Zahara!! This is one of the better “modernized” tracks IMO but I’m guessing it was chosen because of their association with Redbull. One great thing about this flippin’ chicanes!! Big bonus if they model the smaller layout as well.

    1. Johnnypenso

      I don’t mind a proper left right sequence with some flow to it but I will always object to an artificial set of tight corners with massive curbs plopped down onto a track 25 years ago in the interests of safety, that interrupt the flow of the circuit. I get it for real life, they need to slow everyone down, but we don’t have that issue in the game. Imagine Bathurst with a chicane 2/3 of the way down Conrod or somewhere along Antoniusbuche on the Nurb?

    1. subsist

      Funny enough, the bend at the end of Conrod was not on the original track, it was put there some years later to slow cars down artificially at the end of the straight.

  11. ApexVGear

    I’ve been enjoying this track in GTR2 (Simbin). It’ll be nice to run laps of this fun track in GT6. However the GTR2 version is great, even if that “simulator” is almost eight years old. I even found an update that added features to the A-1 Ring to more closely match today’s Red Bull’s track–included the huge bull statue and updated signs and sponsors.

    1. Nato_777

      Red Bull say next update – whether that means the update on the 18th or the next one remains to be seen. No official word from Sony/PD but then the Red Bull site states they have the exclusive on it so maybe PD have let them be the official channel for this one.

    2. PsuPepperoni

      We don’t even know for sure that there will be an update tomorrow. But it would make sense to release it before the GP.

  12. Foxiol

    Hope these licences for all the new real world tracks will continue in PD´s hands for Gran Turismo 7. I am not playing GT6 lately…time to time doing some stuff or trying the new cars or as in this case a track…but nothing more.

    The sounds put me away even more than before, and the driving doesn’t give me any “emotions”. (probably because I’m playing a hardcore pure simulator which is rFactor 2 lately…)

    Good addition to the game, more real world tracks are needed for sure.

  13. Lambob

    cough cough, PTO off work tomorrow AM. This is most awesome, gonna spend some time on this new beauty. Here is hoping to some new F1 cars, though I’ll be happy to play with the redbull juniors, and other LMP cars that stick to tarmac, and maybe even spend 20mil cr on that vintage Ferrari. what else is there really to spend it on?

  14. karelpipa

    Not as many comments as there were some year(s) ago. Strange, i would expect 500 comments in a moment.

    1. MeanElf

      A fair number of people who just get on and play the game don’t come to the site as much now due to the general level of snarkiness around – at least, that’s the impression I get.

    2. Johnnypenso

      I’d say it’s more a fair number of people who used to both play the game and hang out here no longer play the game, so they no longer hang out here. If you don’t play the game and make comments, the fanboys immediately point out you aren’t allowed to have an opinion unless you play the game regularly.

    3. MeanElf

      So, between the both, that’s it pretty much covered then – people don’t like having to wade through pointless stuff…

  15. vr6cas

    If we do get this track/update tomorrow I hope this trend continues, that they (PD or whoever) announce something the day before it’s released, not announce it then have to wait a month or indefinitely till it comes out. More real world tracks are always welcomed, thanks PD. Now could we get Virginia International Raceway for a future surprise.:)

  16. biftizmo

    Personally I would trust PD than ever trust redbull….don’t get your hopes up for tomorrow this is redbull (the marketeers)…

    1. YMG-7

      noooo no no no no, they have a huge paper scanner, which can cover the entire circuit.. they put it on top of the circuit, but they have to be careful becauase the scanner is so so big, they have to stop planes to travel accross the airspace in order to preent crashes.. after the entire circuit is covered, they turn their back to the machine, so they can prevent their eyes and everything..

  17. IngRobNy

    I hope they include this in A-Spec with Red Bull X2014, Gran Turismo Formula or Lotus 97T. Maybe we can have A-Spec seasonal events with this track and some nice races?
    For me personally i’m not interested in a new track without any single player races, we need more races in the career mode, A-Spec is very short.
    Maybe Polyphony Digital can give us seasonal events races with all Vision GT cars?
    Now most off us just drive these in one hot lap and park them in our garage.
    With so much work put down on the Vison GT cars, i feel they earn to be driven much more than just a hot lap.

    1. SavageEvil

      I don’t know, going by the complain-a-thon by those who say “we don’t want fake cars”, they might fly to PD offices in Tokyo and burn the place down. Simply reading this section and you can already find complaints, how incredibly pessimistic people are just for the sake of it.

      I only come by this site just to see if anything new was announced I used to take part in discussions but screw that it’s a bloody bitchfest up and down and then you get those who say that “we” are just covering for PD by not following their bitchfest. No, just have more sense and realize that bitching, worrying and finger pointing never gets anything done.

      I see a new course and I am fine with that, I’m not even sure what I am awaiting. Perhaps more news on other tracks inbound would be welcome. Seattle and Red Rock Valley would be welcomed with open arms. I have the VGT cars and I use them in arcade mode they are nice but with limited tuning I just drive them like a tester, till the wheels fall off or I fall of the wheel, whichever comes first.

    2. scobra1cz

      SavageEvil: Maybe PD has something to do with this complain-a-thlon too. They have made big statements for GT6, but they forgot to add the notice “when it’s done” or “when online for GT5 is closed” or “after a half year” or something like this. Many players believed, everything what have been promised will be in base game. To be honest, GT6 is in some aspects a way better than GT5, however in many it’s a way worse and it lacks many many functions… But now I believe PD is able to keep their promises and finaly complete GT6 :)

      (I know, I know… Complainers will complain and haters gonna hate anyway.)

  18. NBDrifterz

    Nice! Looking forward to this, won’t be realised as shown though. Got proof from GTI VGT and Nissan’s VGT.

  19. HuskyGT

    Holy crap! This is actually good news! A new track. I have no complaints. I hope it has a good price and that it brings some fixes to the game.

  20. CeeJay

    Awesome BUT the confirmed release of this track is…. when?? I don’t want to have my excitement dashed to bits with the news tomorrow “the new Red Bull Ring will be available in August” or something. :(

    1. CeeJay

      This is all it says at the site:

      More details together with a video will be revealed tomorrow exclusively on RedBulldotcom

      That doesn’t say the track will be out tomorrow, just ‘details’ are coming.

    2. Streeto

      Maintenance tomorrow, announcement tomorrow, it would be safe to assume it would come after the maintenance… but this is PD so you can’t make assumptions.

    3. biftizmo

      PD have said nothing only ” it will not be possible to connect to any of the online services”. Tomorrow.the rest is from other speculation.stop blaming PD for assumptions it’s not fair.

    4. sircarltonlotus

      Biftizmo, man I think trying to stop people ripping pd to shreds is futile. This whole tomorrow thing will be another perfect excuse to launch some more attacks. Pd at this point haven’t even said a word. I’ll give gtplanet a miss tomorrow!

    5. biftizmo

      sircarltonlotus….I know that”m mealy trying to look busy when I should be working…i wasn’t even sure anyone can even see my posts with all the blind thanks for the tip buddy…

    6. Swagger897

      It should be another reason to blame PD because PD can’t even define, with a simple date, when something will happen.

  21. TRLWNC7396

    Ummmm….. careful with that “It is coming” statement. The last time that was said, VW announced the actual release date…. I’m not holding my breath that it is arriving tonight.

  22. OriginalCheezIt

    “Austria’s Red Bull Ring circuit is coming to Gran Turismo 6 in the game’s next update…”
    Next update as in… Tomorrow’s update? Because the Red Bull site seems to be indicating otherwise.

    We’ll see.

    1. Aussie_HSV

      Yes, I’m a little curious as well, but doubt it will be tomorrow.
      It does say “Check back tomorrow, to watch an exclusive trailer and to find out all the details of the upcoming update.”
      And bear in mind maintenance tomorrow is only stated as that … maintenance.
      Although history would suggest an irregular scheduled maintenance = update.
      But, time will tell how it all plays out.

    2. Aussie_HSV

      ” … but doubt it will be tomorrow.”
      Pffft, what loser said that. :)
      Couldn’t be happier to be wrong.

  23. ExplodeTheApex

    Great work PD, slightly out of the blue though! As mentioned below, a full weather/time cycle would be amazing, the sunrise in the mountains would look amazing with GT6 lighting. Brings back a few F1 2002 on the GameCube for me!


    Did not see this coming at all. A welcome addition to the game and just in time for the return of the Austrian Grand Prix. Drove this in Grid 2 and I loved it so I can’t wait to drive the Lotus 97T around it.

  25. Allek

    Didn’t see that coming… Loved this track when I used to play Geoff Crammond’s GP, back in the good old days. Great news!

    1. sangdude82

      I’ve played it on Grid 2 and loved this track. Hopefully this track gets full weather and time cycles.

  26. Brunskill777

    Pleasantly surprised that a new circuit is being added, continues the Gran Turismo-Red Bull partnership. Will the VW VisionGTI seasonal be on here, as they will probably release the seasonal to win the VW, so why not do it on their new track?

  27. Blood*Specter

    I’m hoping this is the “A-1 Ring” I remember from the original SIMBIN GTR series.
    If so this is an exciting track for all types of racing cars.
    And I do put emphasis on Racing Cars.

    Nice curve ball PD didn’t see it coming. We seem to be rolling folks. Perhaps with increased computing power available, the Bathurst issue can be solved.

    1. Confi-User-3

      Then I have good news for you: This is the A1-Ring. It’s just called the Red Bull Ring because Red Bull bought it some years ago. Also they modernised it a bit (the layout hasn’t changed fortunately). So yeah… an old school race track is coming :)

  28. forzaturismo

    This track also featuring this year DTM!!!!
    any chance to get: BMW M4, AUDI RS5 and MERCEDES C63 DTM racing cars?????

    1. masterrawad

      Hell, we might as well anticipate Porsche, Koenigsegg, and a premium Supra to be included, and when it doesn’t come, we all bitch and moan about what a letdown PD is.

  29. JTB10000

    Finally a new track (not using already existing assets). I just wish PD would focus on getting all of the announced stuff over with then add all of this additional content.

    1. MeanElf

      How can you say ‘finally’ and then in the next breath say they should get on with all of the other stuff promised instead – got me right confused…

  30. Doober

    all i can do now is hope some modern F1 cars make their return. I would glad to at last have the two that we had in the last game.

    1. Davoxx

      Zahara look like garbage lol, lol and lol.
      If think and I’m sure you are this only one who think Zahara look like garbage.

  31. Ferrari458Italia

    I want a mountain climb course……. damn. but oh well not gonna complain about free updates

  32. sircarltonlotus

    If you read the article on the red bull page, it appears to indicate it’ll be playable tomorrow. However the last bit says come back tomorrow for a trailer and more info on the “upcoming update”. Dunno what to think, but I’m just going to expect a trailer and some info. Safety first boys and girls, safety first!

  33. Scuderia Paul

    Fantastic news! I have always loved this high-speed circuit. It’ll be great to have in GT6. Good job PD and Red Bull.

  34. KiroKai

    PD just can’t find a good balance of content and actual game updates, can they? Not gonna complain about new tracks though…

    1. OriginalCheezIt

      Haha, just ragging on ya, man. I’m loving the new content too

    2. JulesJackson

      Tracks to me are more important than the extra cars. It be awesome to see Maccau maybe not now but in GT7 onwards. People just got to be patient . GT6 will evolve. No other game was supported for over 3 years on the xbone especially flopza

    1. crowhop

      Not going to lie, until there’s confirmation from the Official site, I’m a little leery of this lead in…

      “””The game’s next update will bring with it an all-new Formula 1 circuit.”””

      Though I am less leery since Jordan posted it.

    2. KiroKai

      It’s on the official GT facebook page and on the official Red Bull website. This should be legit news. If it’s indeed included in tomorrow’s update, well we’ll see.

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