Watch This First On-Board Look at GT Sport’s New Wet Weather Track

One of the most exciting pieces of information to come from the GT Sport World Tour event at the Nurburgring is the arrival of wet weather conditions. It’s something fans have been looking out for since the game’s launch — the wet weather tires have been there all along — but outside of a couple of mildly moist missions, the rain has stayed away from Gran Turismo’s world.

This weekend changes all of that. We’ll not only get our first look at a soaking wet track, but we’ll get to see how the best Gran Turismo drivers in the world cope with it. Following the first qualifiers for today’s Nations Cup, there’ll be a repechage race — a second chance for those who didn’t qualify — at the new, wet Red Bull Ring.

The players already made their qualifying runs for this race yesterday, and see who has to rely on their wet weather skills later on. For now, the official Gran Turismo Youtube channel has posted this video of one of the laps, from Spanish driver Coque Lopez.

Lopez qualified for last year’s World Final too, and is part of the Williams esports outfit, so he’s a pretty handy driver to guide you through the lap. You can catch his qualifying run and helpful hints in the video below:

At present we don’t know if the wet weather conditions will affect any track other than Red Bull Ring, but we can say that there are different levels of rain available…

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