F1 2016: Onboard Lap of Red Bull Ring With Max Verstappen

F1 2016 5 July 3, 2016 by

With this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix just hours away from the green flag, what better time for another in-game look at the upcoming F1 2016 featuring – you guessed it – the Red Bull Ring.

The last time we were given an in-game preview saw Red Bull’s own Daniel Ricciardo pace us through the twists and turns of the all-new Baku City Circuit. Now his younger teammate, Max Verstappen, gets behind the virtual wheel to take us around the team’s home turf, albeit without any commentary this time around.

A perfect marriage of car and track: Red Bull’s RB12 giving its all at the Red Bull Ring

Qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix was an interesting one, and should make for an interesting if not adventurous featured race. F1 2016 will be releasing onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on August 19th, one week before the Belgian Grand Prix and will return its focus to an expansive career mode.

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