The Crew 2 Open Beta Now Available

It’s time to race across the States! After Ubisoft confirmed the dates last week, players can now access The Crew 2 open beta.

The beta weighs in at 27GB on PS4, and a slightly smaller 24GB on Xbox. In it, you’ll find the same shrunken-down version of the continental US as you’ll get in the final game. Yes, you can visit any part of the map once you’re done the first few races.

Those races will give players a taste of the multiple disciplines in The Crew 2. Not only will you be driving cars and trucks — yes, the hilarious Fiat 500 monster truck returns — this time you’ll be mastering boats and planes. All in all, there are over 100 different vehicles for players to drive, from the newest Renault hot hatch to a Red Bull F1 car.

A revamped photo mode is available, as well as a franchise-first livery editor. Don’t get too comfy with the latter though; progress will not transfer over to the final game.

The game’s June 29 launch is just the beginning. Ubisoft announced earlier this month that all post-launch content would be free for TC2 players.

Featured image courtesy of ak1504.

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