This is How to Play with Friends in Assetto Corsa Multiplayer

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There’s no denying Assetto Corsa’s troubled release on consoles, and while players continue to patiently await to arrival of private lobbies, user WarriusZero has come up with a solution that gets the job done in the meantime. While the following steps are catered toward PS4 users, there should be little to no issue for Xbox One players looking to do the same.

Assuming those looking to play, where to race, and the time to do so has all been previously agreed upon, the following steps are relatively pain-free.

  • Pick a the team leader, someone who will be responsible for sending out invitations.
  • Pick an empty lobby that matches the car and track combination(s) agreed on.
  • Once on the car selection screen where the list of players can be viewed, hit square and select the players waiting for their invites; players can be found directly from the friends list, username search, or even groups.
  • Once everyone is invited, pick the car and then hit continue, followed by start.
  • For those waiting, once the invitation has arrived press the PS button and join the lobby. If the invitation pop-up is no longer on the screen, hit the PS button and go to notifications, find the invitation and join from there.

It’s worth remembering that these aren’t actually private lobbies, so you may have to kick the occasional random player to maintain control of the lobby. To do so, go to the in-lobby menu, select session, scroll to the player and press triangle to kick. Other players must also participate, pressing R3 to confirm their vote to kick the player.

Qualifying sessions should be skipped to avoid having to repeatedly kick random players. It may also prove beneficial to ensure players have enough time as taking a break can also lead to random players joining the session, also resulting in having to manage the lobby.

For the original thread, including more tips and notes, have a look here.

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