U.S. GT Academy Begins Today, Round 1 Event Details

December 20th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

The first US-exclusive GT Academy competition officially kicks off today! Enabled by the latest Gran Turismo 5 v1.05 update, the Academy time trials have now appeared (sporadically) in the game’s new “Online Events” section. Round 1, which runs from today until January 23, will consist of three different time trial events, with three different cars on three different tracks:

  • Tsukuba Circuit – Nissan Fairlady Z (Z34) ’08
  • Rome (Reverse) – Nissan Skyline Coupe 370GT SP ’07
  • Cape Ring – Nissan 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy Version)

Keep in mind that you must formally register your PSN account to participate and receive all of the weekly prizes to be awarded throughout the duration of Round 1 (check the official FAQ and competition rules for all the details). I have also just opened GTPlanet’s dedicated U.S. GT Academy 2011 Forums so you can chat with other competitors, learn tips and techniques, and find out more about who you’re up against. Good luck, everyone!

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  1. Dec. 21, 1:56pm

    Do you get any prizes if your 17? I defiantly know I won’t be going to the GT Academy even if I try (although it would be funny as hell if I get first place in the trails, which I highly doubt).
    Great, the only competition of Gran Turismo that comes to the States, and I’m a year shy of eligibility.

    • Dec. 21, 4:02pm

      It’s funny. Most people just complain about the delays. You’re upset the game came too early.

  2. Dec. 21, 8:27am

    Good luck to all involved and enjoy yourselves :)

    • Dec. 21, 1:14pm

      Best of luck to every one. Last night I got to 15 in the nation….wonder what Ill be at when I get home from work :P

  3. Dec. 20, 5:14pm

    Anything said about the SLS AMG competition for Europe?

    • Dec. 21, 2:52am

      I was thinking the same. Level 22 on b spec now.

  4. Dec. 20, 4:30pm

    Do we get those 3 cars for free or do we have to buy them?

    • Dec. 20, 5:46pm

      i was locking for the leadboard to see how i was doing, but i can’t find it, and i check the webside and nothing, someone know where the leadboard is…

    • Dec. 20, 7:03pm

      I did the first trial and I’m pretty sure I didn’t have that specific car. I think it’s like the license tests where you drive the car for one race only. You don’t have to have the car in your garage, but you don’t get to keep it afterward either.

    • Dec. 20, 8:48pm

      Those are the cars you use. You don’t get them for free, thats the cars you are handed to use in the competition.

    • Dec. 20, 9:48pm

      Ohh I see so its like the license test type of thing.. oh well, would have been nice to have 3 free cars though!

  5. Dec. 20, 3:58pm

    Good luck to everyone!

  6. Dec. 20, 3:25pm

    Good luck to all GTP members!

  7. Dec. 20, 2:52pm

    I was number 4 for about one minute this morning when I made my first run, now that time is like 115 haha. I will surely give it a few more goes later.

  8. Dec. 20, 2:45pm

    well, I know what I’m doing tonight… all night long.

    • Dec. 20, 3:15pm

      Oh man, I know what ya mean. I’m at work right now and shouldn’t be reading this at all. Because it’s only going to make my day longer!

      Good luck everybody!

    • Dec. 21, 1:53pm

      Meh, might as well try it and have fun. I’m not eligible for any of the prizes anyway since I’m 17. Hopefully next year though.

  9. Dec. 20, 2:40pm


  10. Dec. 20, 2:29pm

    Good luck to those participating. Join the GTP chatroom to join others who are currently doing the challenge.

    • Dec. 20, 4:52pm
      G T Allegerita

      I still can’t get online because GT wants to use some weird port on my router. All my other games work fine. And to make things worse the update lets GT5 try to get a connection every time I go back to the “My Home” menu. It takes me 2.35 minutes to get 1 car from the car delivery and 5:30 to change the oil aswell. The game is totally ruined now. Who can help me? (I cant change the router cause I’m no IT specialist and the router is from my landlord).

    • Dec. 20, 10:08pm

      @ G T Allegerita

      You need a technician to have a look at your setup. The game works fine so there must be something odd in your router config/network setup.

    • Dec. 21, 1:38pm

      Until you get it working you can just sign out of the PSN to avoid the long load times.

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