Watch: Ferrari Velas Esports Championship North America Regional Qualifier #1

The second of the two Regional Qualifiers in the 2022 Ferrari Velas Esports Championship will be live at 2100 ET today as drivers from the new North America group battle for their places in the regional final.

As we saw with yesterday’s Europe Regional Qualifier #1, there’ll be four races during the broadcast, each of which will consist of the top 24 in one of four corresponding hot lap time trials staged over the last couple of months.

Each driver is only permitted to enter one race at the Regional Qualifier, so we’ll see 96 of the best drivers in North America in one show. There’s only 12 spots in the North America Final up for grabs too — the top three in each race — so competition is likely to be fierce.

The schedule for the races is the same as the European bracket, which is as follows:

  • Race 1 – AC Competizione – Nurburgring – Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo
  • Race 2 – AC – Laguna Seca – Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo
  • Race 3 – AC Competizione – Zandvoort – Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo
  • Race 4 – AC – Monza – Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo

With the new region comes a new presenter. NHRA top-end and SRO pit-lane reporter Amanda Busick will be hosting the event, along with the other North America streams this season.

She’ll be joined by Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz, who will appear as a special guest during the broadcast. Viewers who have registered through the official site will entered into a prize draw for Ferrari clothing merchandise too.

Once the action is finished this evening, there’ll be one more chance for players in both regions to qualify for the finals.

Another set of four hotlap events will be available for two week periods each, running from June 20 to August 14. Again, the top 24 in each region from each race will be invited — including those who reached Qualifier #1 but did not advance — to attend a second set of Regional Qualifiers.

The final 24 drivers in each region will then race off in two Regional Finals in September, and the top three head through to an in-person event in Italy to be broadcast in October.

A special prize awaits the winner, as they’ll become an official Ferrari works esports driver for 2023, joining the Ferrari Velas Esports Team and following in the tire tracks of 2020 winner Giovanni de Salvo and 2021 champion Kamil Pawlowski.

You can tune into the Regional Qualifier above from 2100 ET on June 14 (0100 UTC on June 15).

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