Win a Real Race Car Drive with Pfaff Forza Motorsport 7 WorldGaming Canadian Challenge

Pfaff and WorldGaming are back with another Canadian esport initiative this year. And this time the grand prize isn’t a trip to a race weekend — you could be the one behind the wheel of a race car.

Earlier this year the multi-marque dealer network hosted an esport championship utilizing GT Sport, and focusing on Porsche. The team is shifting gears to Forza Motorsport 7 this time around, with BMW and McLaren models already confirmed as part of the online qualifiers.

Players will be able to race from the comfort of their homes to earn a spot in the Grand Finals. That won’t be the only way this year though. Pfaff and WorldGaming, alongside partners Xbox and Castrol, will be setting up shop at the 2019 Canadian International AutoShow. Each day, the fastest person in a unique car/track combo will earn their spot in the second Sunday’s Grand Finals.

Qualifier Info

While FM7 features over 800 cars and 30 tracks from across the globe, the organizers are keeping the combos fairly straight-forward. Every track is an American destination (with no inclement weather), and the cars come from Audi, BMW, McLaren, and Porsche (all Pfaff marques).

Online Qualifiers

Two dedicated Rivals events will show up in FM7 January 2019. Players will be able to run as many attempts as they want: the only requirements are that they must be 14 or older, and register on the WorldGaming FM7 Canadian Challenge site prior to the attempts.

  • January 18–22: Virginia International Raceway – BMW M4 GTS
  • January 23–27: Laguna Seca – McLaren 570S

The top 10 drivers from each event will move onto a closed qualifier, also held online, on February 3. This will be a two-race event with points, with two heats of 10 drivers. The four highest-scoring people from each heat will qualify for the Grand Finals on February 24.

Offline Qualifiers

As mentioned above, the offline qualifying will take place at next year’s Canadian International AutoShow. If you’re going to be one of the thousands in attendance, you might want to know which combos are going to be there. We’ve got you covered:

  • February 15, 2019: Virginia International Raceway — BMW M4 GTS
  • February 16, 2019: Laguna Seca – McLaren 570S
  • February 17, 2019: Road America — Audi R8 V10 Plus
  • February 18, 2019: Sebring – Porsche 911 GT2 RS
  • February 19, 2019: Virginia International Raceway – Porsche 911 GT2
  • February 20, 2019: Laguna Seca – Audi R8 V10 Plus
  • February 21, 2019: Road America – McLaren 570S
  • February 22, 2019: Sebring – BMW M4 GTS

Grand Finals — When, Where, and Prizes

The Grand Finals will be held the final Sunday of the AutoShow, at the same booth as the Live Qualifiers. It will be a two-stage affair, with two heats of eight drivers each competing in a two-race points series. The top four scorers from each will then meet up for another two-race series.

Every one of these final 16 will walk away with at least $125. 9th through 12th will double that, 7th and 8th do the same again, while 5th and 6th earn a cool $1000. 3rd and 4th grab $2000, and 2nd… yep, you guessed it, double again.

First place breaks the combo with $7500 in prize money, but gains the opportunity to take part in a Pfaff Racing driver shootout event at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

We were on hand last year at the inaugural Pfaff WorldGaming racing series. We’ll once again be covering this year’s event, so stay tuned for more info as the AutoShow draws near.

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