Yamauchi: GT5 Release Date Announcement Incoming

Via Twitter, GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi confirms that GT5‘s release date is “about to be announced” (translation via Karooo in our forums). This matches up perfectly with private information that I was provided with earlier this week, and would make sense given Sony’s already set to ramp-up marketing efforts next week.  Expect more updates within the next 24 hours…

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  1. twinspark24

    I wish the guy from Czech with the videos had his own blu ray factory. I’d be happy to pay +20% to him for a GT5 and screw Sony and their realease dates

  2. SavageEvil

    GT5 will more than likely be released in the US just before or immediately following Thanksgiving, the holiday shopping season begins right after, so aside from pre-orders they stand to pick up a lot of sales with Bundles and whatever schemes they can come up with. Launching in December would be suicide in the US, “Black Friday” wouldn’t be out of the question, but there wouldn’t be much of a discount to be had on GT5 so bad idea. If not before “Turkey Day”, then before or immediately following “Black Friday”. I can care less when it shows up as GT5 was my final gaming purchase since I pre ordered so many months ago.

  3. robert

    Not sure if what i read was true but i heard 24th november and sincerely hope its true…… had got everything sorted for the night on the street waiting for game to open then BANG!!!! not today, just soon so heres hoping

  4. Jack

    I thought that at this point, they would just announce that it was now at stores and available for sale immediately. But instead we get promises that a promise will be coming soon.

  5. j8mie

    Oh come on!!!
    This is now really getting silly.

    We are now at the stage whereby we are waiting for a date for the announcement of the release date of a game. Does anyone else think this has gone beyond a joke now?

  6. ILoveGT

    yesss!! i’m sure the game will be released this month.. the italian gt website have the month set to NOV .. so..:D and the last delay was 1 day before producing the gt dscs.. they sayd that! only 15 days for do that job.. this make me think the team don’t need to much time for the release ;)

  7. abigor

    I think we might be holding our breath for an announcement for a while. I’d presume he’d make an announcement in his native country’s time zone and seeing as it’s about 10pm Friday night in Japan i’m guessing we won’t get an announcement until Monday.

  8. Zuel

    November 24th is out of the question. There’s no way gaming stores will be open that day. I’m guessing the date will be soon or in December.

    1. squishydk

      Quite sure most said nov 23 for US, and there is no special days in EU around the 24th, so shops are very open. EBgames fx here is open 08:00-20:00, enough time to sell a game or two. Theres an entire world outside US :S true story

    2. GT35

      ??? What’s so special about the 24th??? Even if u were talkn about thanx giving (it is the 25th) we get games on Tue, it would be the 23rd for US

  9. Hypergolem

    This people are unbelievable… They are creating a whole event around the release date, making people (us…) wait like kids waiting for Santa Claus…
    my hope is the 26th november for USA, but I better don’t hope to much, i could not be able to survive another disapointment!

    1. ZiGGiMoN

      I just got a mail from my Gt5 Supplier (coolshop.dk) They wrote release date is novmeber 30th for Denmark. (Maybe EU). That would point to pre december launch.

    2. squishydk

      All major retailers in Denmark have sent out nov 30th, except 1 (blockbuster, but in Denmark they are kind of ehmmm like a bicycle store selling cars, they dont know anything tbh)

      Both gamestop/ebgames, coolshop, cdon, and several other mini retailers send 30th nov today.

      That still doesnt mean much ofc… :(

    3. Rasmus

      Nice to see more Danes in here. :) I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition myself, crossing my fingers for a November release date.

      Vi burde sgu finde ud af noget online ræs, os danskere på GTPlanet. Er i friske? :)

  10. superb16

    They need to stick with the term “target date”. Because release dates are promises, and these people don’t keep promises.

    1. Robulus

      you’re entitled to feel that way, but there’s people playing the game, and a kazillion copies of it freighting around the planet. This date has got to be solid. It’s GOT to be. No really. 100%.

  11. williamk_85

    I would like to have it next week, (15-19), somewhere in there. They got all the hype they need for the game, they don’t need T.V. spots. How do we know they didn’t intentionally leak out a couple games for people to submit videos of for exposier? They know a good chunk of GT players will come here for updates and news so they let stuff pop up for a couple hours then take it down… Then they have all of us wanting the game more and more and talking about it constantly. Seems like a good ploy to me.

  12. Andrew R.

    My estimate really still is 11/30 for the U.S. but boy I hope some of you who say 11/23 are right. That means I get to sit in my apartment for all of Thanksgiving break and rip GT5 a new one before the end of the semester ramps up.

    Staying tuned.

  13. Jack Jarbas

    I just reserve my Signature Edition at a GAME store. :)

    My guess goes to Dec. 1 (for Europe)! And in my country, December 1st is a holiday =D. And then again on December 8.

  14. Pabs

    wait….don’t we already know a release date is due? I mean ffs Sony did say one was happening last months….

    Untill I see something official I DO NOT CARE!

  15. Tvensky

    I will go and check this site every hour for release date, there are other games I want to buy, but if GT5 arrive soon I dont need them.. so Im desperete for release date…

  16. jdejes

    I really want to thank Jordan for all his efforts of keeping us informed about everything related to this great upcoming game.

  17. djKyoto

    I hope this announcement isn’t for a date that he will announce the announcement of the GT5 release :|

    Calling tomorrow to call next week to call the 30th.

  18. Benny44

    Just bought superstars V8 racing yesterday, not a bad game to pass the time until GT5. There is enough on it to keep you busy for a week or two. Maybe by the time I’m done there will be GT5 on the shelves, or at least the release date.

    1. Benny44

      thank you m0j0, I’ve been saying that all along. It does have an excellent top speed, but it’s at the sacrifice of takeoff and handling.

    2. Greyum

      @m0j0, please don’t state your opinion as though it is fact. To a lot of people, the Veyron is a work of art, and I happen to think so too.

    3. Andrew R.

      I wouldn’t say it has a high top speed at the cost of handling. Check out the Top Gear Power Lap board. It handles pretty well despite it’s ghastly weight.

    4. HugoStiglitz_420

      ugly or not. it’s still one of the most well known & definitive cars in the game. If it’s a supposed car museum, leaving the Veyron behind Fiat 500s, hippy bus, random isuzu concept, & WW2 jeep would be monumentally stupid.

  19. Sprite

    Sometimes a fanbase is a fickle friend. PD work for three days over the allotted time and people get angry, then the hatred is turned towards Sony and Kaz gets praise, then the next release date doesn’t come and Sony still get it in the neck, but Kaz does one tweet saying a release date is coming and people jump down his throte again.

    Give the guy a break, I’m as disappointed as everyone else of what is the shambles of GT5s release. But it will come and we will eventually have the best PS3 sim in our grubby hands. All the hatred will become passive till they have something new to complain about and then thru will be back in force.

    Relax and take a chill pill and wait out the storm with another game or a good book, the game will then be here before you know it.

    1. kitchenboy3

      all of these dalays where to make the game ‘more real then real’ and more perfect then perfect.
      just imagine what is going to happen if there is even the slightest glitch or pop-up or a single leaf falling of the trees in an ‘unrealistic’ manner

  20. McSmith

    i immediately thought of jon stewart and his anouncement about a big anouncement about his rally:P. Still not sure what to think about ‘shortly’. Could be this week, could be the end of the month…

    1. m0j0

      i kinda thought of Southpark.

      “and now the episode you have been waiting on, were we find out who the father is of Cartman… will not be shown this week”

  21. Stune

    My guess is 26th of Nov or 3rd of Dec for UK. That would most likely be 23rd or 30th for US.

    Looking forward to the big anouncment :)

  22. jas

    Dunno how this guy lives with himself – many people only bought a ps3 for this game!
    How does he go to all these events knowing millions are waiting for his game!

  23. PlayGT5tilludie

    They are just stalling. How many times havent we heard that it wont take long before the game comes out/a release date is announced?
    And look it works! Everyone will be quiet for a few days because of this message. Only a solid release date ,or better the game on shelves would do it for me.

    1. kitchenboy3

      yeah, he is thinking about making an anouncement about the date when he will anounce the date for the release

  24. m0j0

    i won’t believe anything that comes from Sony or PD, delaying the game is their middle name, and its not the first time we`ll get a release date.

    When i have the Sig.Ed. in my hands i`l start smiling, before that time i`ve promised myself to not get to excited about any dates.

  25. dearlybeloved

    At least we are getting somewhere with this whole release date shenanigan. As GrandeP put it ‘erhaps those leaked videos have grabbed PD and Sony by the testes really hard?’ and that could not be IMO, further to from the truth.

    I think the reason the game has taken so much time to be released could be and it relates to an article I read somewhere, and it’s to do with Motor Toon GP, was Kaz was not ready to release the game but after a lot of twisting of his arm he had to release it and he regrets it to this day i.e. in the way sony got their way.

    So on the one hand as much as I want the game in my console right now, I do kind of see Kazanouri’s way. I would rather have a pristine product in my hands than a almost prisitne product. Still at least for the next few weeks I can back to focusing my energy on completing GT4 rather than constantly looking for updates that may potentially ruin the flavour of this majestical ‘wine’

    Peace out.

  26. Sleepy-z

    Its sad that you have to anticipate a release date rather then the actual release of a game but this is what its come to.

  27. Mr Latte

    hmv in UK have the release date on their internal systems as Dec 1st and have updated the website to this date as well.

    Game have also updated their date for the SE edition to December which had been listed as 2011.

    Lets see….

  28. LOL

    He’s about to announce that he is possibly thinking of setting a release date, or posssibly thinking of possibly thinking of setting one.. but that is subject to possibly thinking about doing that…

  29. m0j0

    A Møøse once bit my sister …

    No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse
    with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given
    her by Svenge


    1. GT'ireland

      i checked the argos website,they release on the 4th december,probably the same throughout the uk,check it and see

  30. GrandeP

    Perhaps those leaked videos have grabbed PD and Sony by the testes really hard? And perhaps we’ll have a COD style release where the game’s release date is the same date through the entire world, afterall you do know that the article said “release date” and not “release dates” (:

  31. bazylfox

    This reminds me Monthy Python’s
    “People responsible for the delay have just been fired.
    People responsible for firing the people responsible for the delay have just been fired aswell”

  32. MAidioPT

    I think the next Release date is definetly the One :D
    because they already sended games to europe etc and there are ppl playing it already.

    i think: Release Date: 24. November – 3. December


    1. GoldUltima

      GRAAAAAN TUUUUUURRRR IIIIISSSSS MOOOOOOO FIVE!!!!!! *shoots beam that distributes fun to all the car enthusiasts*

  33. Falango

    He knows he’s neglected us a bit lately, so anything from him is good news if you ask me. Hoping for some great news today.

    1. Spaghettimonster

      it almost seems as if he wants to apologize to the fans again and is being kind of nice.

      for a change. ;-)

  34. culex

    sweet finally I just can’t wait for this game. I have been playing GT1 and 2 for the last few days. gonna play GT4 here in a bit.

    1. G

      Agreed… I mean its obvious its out in the wild. so maybe all the copies of GT5 are packed up and ready to be shipped out to retailers, they just need the go order!

    2. Tvensky

      thats is for sure alot of them ar now delivering them to shops as we speak.. but I doubt that they are THE final version.. on realease date GT5 will get pached for sure :) (99% of modern gen games gets pached shortly after release or even befor te add all features), there is no point to hold them down.. my opinion..

  35. Tvensky

    Jordan in next interview with KAZ you have to ask him: “what in your Japanese language “soon” means translated from english?”… maybe we will get a lot of unanswered question with his answer. :)

    1. VIPERGTSR01

      Good thing he didn’t say “soon” this time, looks promising

      Btw this is andriasang.com’s translation

      “It looks like the release date is about to be announced”

    2. GT4Ever

      Or he could just tweet in English… He is the CEO of a international world wide well known company. “Time to learn some english!” i would say!

    3. snaketus

      He knows english, but he associates only in japanese, like all japanese do. And I respect them for that. I wish we could do business here in Finland in finnish, but we have to do it in english, or do not at all.

  36. madaz75

    So not only is the game delayed, so is the announcement of the release date?!?!?

    So much for the “End of October” Release date announcement

    1. twinspark24

      Exactly. Sony just couldn’t be more pathetic
      They were late to announce the release date, let alone the stupid game…

  37. Stune

    Gah Twitter! Can anyone seriously believe a thing they read on Twitter? Lets hope its Kaz real Twitter and not like that fake IGN account which allegedly confirmed the release date last time.

    Still, its about time they give a release date!

  38. idlestation

    Announcement about the announcement of the date for the release of a game… GT5 yeahhhhh!!!

    We’ll wait through all of this $*** just to get our hands on this new game.. cause thats what fans do. :K

    1. GeminiOne

      I don’t believe It was his actions which delayed it this time. From what i heard the game wouldn’t work on the 3.46 something Firmware so they had to redo or something.

    1. Bram87

      Maybe it is Latin? I translated it from Latin to English in google, and this is what came out: He for your arising withdraw

      So maybe it is something like hang in there or don’t give up…

    1. MikePL

      Google translates this as “LIKELY to be announced” so I still don’t expect to get any announcement “shortly”. BTW, why can’t he just learn some English?


      They COULD realase it between 30.11 and 8.12 but they will realase it around 15-17.12 i think ….
      I know everything XD like my guess after the delay XD

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