Yamauchi: “We will give the release date of GT5 soon.”

kazunori-yamauchi-lightsIn a short but sweet interview with AutoWeek magazine which must have fallen through the cracks with all the other E3 news, GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi stated that “We will give the release date of Gran Turismo 5 soon.”  The question remains, though – just how soon is “soon”?  Speculation is mounting in our forums, with many pointing towards the upcoming Tokyo Game Show this September 24-27.  Aside from taking place on Polyphony Digital’s home turf (their offices are located in Tokyo), the 2007 TGS show is where they announced the release date for GT5 Prologue.  While this is just speculation, you can see the pieces of the puzzle would fit together quite nicely.

Another surprisingly interesting portion of the interview came when Yamauchi was asked about Gran Turismo 1’s development:

AW:  How hard was it to make that first game?

KY:  It took five years. In those five years, we could not see the end. I would wake up at work, go to sleep at work. It was getting cold, so I knew it must be winter. I estimate I was home only four days a year.

He also mentioned the original game was created by a staff of only 7 people!  Oh, how things have changed….

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  1. Brandon

    OH YES BABY! ITS COMIN IN 09! Since EA lost the NASCAR contract I hoped SONY would take over.
    I was waiting to find out who would take the NASCAR Franchise 4 months! (At least it seemed that long) I LOOOOOOVE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!

  2. dl

    GT5 is taking so long due to the list of cars they have to create, with the expectations that people have now they want a game that will surpass any other. I have gt1, gt b spec, and gt 3 a spec, gt 4, prolog and the hd demo. The grafics are always inproved. Xbox people dont understand that for a real simulation to be awsome you develop and test the product and tweek it, gt portable I bet will interact with gt 5. poly wants to rebound sony this year and jumpstart the economy and there is no better way than with gamers. I am sure that somewhere there is someone wanting to “open” the game to microsoft however it wont look they best they want. I have waited for gt 5 and will get it when it comes out just because it is a good platform for racing.

  3. National Express West Midlands Driver

    there has been so many potential release dates, its impossible that they are reliable and difficult to get my head around! on the other hand, KY has said he will give a release date so rely on his judgement….not rumours. ppl will just have to wait and be patient and when he does announce a release date…then ppl can start getting excited!! hope it will be a brilliant game

  4. Jack_uk

    dosen’t need to be this year but would be nice. I just hope its what I anticipated, which I guess it will be, seeing the trailer again and again I wouldn’t mind it if they delayed it until 2010 to get it perfect but its becoming more realistic that its going to be a 2009 release Q4 my opinion

  5. Emmanuel

    where do we get the notion of a christmas or 2010 release? TGS (september), GT mobile and FM3 coming in october, the need by Sony to release important titles by the end of the year, Yamauchi saying they can release GT5 anytime but they’re still polishing, the beginning of GtbyCitroen advertising, amar212 cryptic message, even OPM believes in a december 2009 release so everything match perfectly.

  6. AngerdX

    Really some peopla just amaze me, where do peopla get the notion of a 2010 release or a christmas one as no dates have been even hinted at by PD, i just got a feeling we all might be surprised when they do announce it!

  7. Jack_uk

    @ viejaloca
    1st quater, and that means its the first quarter of the year so each quater is split into 3 months each so its like Jan, Feb, or March next year

  8. jabofu

    I hope that the graphics will look better while racing than in the prologue. Even in HD it isnt really sharp…

  9. overdrive

    bout fuckn time! sadly the release date will be 1Q 2010 (at least) and not 2009 xmas like we all hope.- Tnx Jordan for the reliable info!

  10. PaMu1337

    his source is probably play.com, which we can all trust (not).
    I do think though that it is a realistic date.

  11. National Express West Midlands Driver

    where has the november thing come from? proof please-not that im being funny or anything…i just would like to see if it could be a true thing

  12. RaLpH89

    Forza kids will always attack a GT5 related good news and start throwing out “FORZA FTW!” cooment.

    8 cars on Le mans = Fail
    Same driving physics as FM 1,2 = Fail
    Rushed game = fail
    Lame roll overs = fail
    No originality (Rewind feature / Gauge = Grid, Car selected background = GT5p) = fail
    Developers that full of S&*^ = Fail

  13. Alan

    He was home only 4 days in a year!, this guy needs to be givin a nobel peace prize or be made president of sony or somthing, thats dedication

  14. viejaloca

    I have to agree with everyone. I’m thinking it would be awesome if it was released this year. there is a chance that might happen but in a realistic way, there’s more of a chance it might come out next year. I’m kinda impatient myself for the game to be released but like some say, it’s don when it’s done. Who knows? Maybe instead of March next year, it may be earlier.

  15. RIPH

    Wonder why they dont add more staff since the game evolved more & more cars & tracks etc..
    why dont they expand their divisions in US/EU like other studios do? so we can have dateline earlier..


    This was actually one of the first interviews with KY to leave E3, and it was posted in the GT5 forums, I clearly remember commenting on it.

  17. Nomino

    The first 3 replies here make my ROLMFAO! You all act like he has actually announced something, when in actual fact, he hasn’t announced anything tangible at all. As for TGS2009 being the possible venue and date for announcing such news, it’s hardly a puzzle is it? FFS.

  18. Grant-torino

    If you wont a good game then they need time to compleet everything in detail and bug free so lets hope they release the game before 2011 in mean time whe can play other upcomming games like Dirt 2 , Forza 3 , NFS , AVP3 , Rfactor 2 ….

  19. Adam

    I have trouble believing it took five years to make GT1. That would mean that it was in development since 1992. Kaz better get his facts straight!

  20. Dom

    Can we expect a world-wide release? I mean, as they claim that the game can be published anytime they want, the should use the time-window not only for polishing, but also for translating. Otherwise I have to import the game of course, but still it would help Sony if the game would be there for the Xmas season. [plus price drop for the PS3 Slim]

  21. Jack_uk

    @88 yup

    I will pre-order as soon as news gets through, I imagine there will be floods of people buying this as soon as we hear a date!!

  22. andrewz

    Emmanuel: Actually, I’m much more worried they would release a rushed game than a latter release date. As I see, we use the same arguments, but in a different way. Next months will show who is right and who is wrong. As a player, I would accept my failure in this case, but I don’t believe it’s likely. :-)

  23. Emmanuel

    don’t worry andrewz it will come out this years they’ve been working on it so hard and for so long. I’m not being optimist I’m being realist. 4 weeks ago we had a teaser, there’s Amar’s cryptic message, there’s gtbycitroen advertising, there’s playstation magazine hopes, there’s TGS, there’s gt mobile, there’s fm3, there’s christmas. All makes perfect sense.

  24. Beans Or Peas

    Sony Rep = Said 2009
    Amar = Said 2009
    Current Sony Release schedule is missing a BIG Dec Release Title isnt it?

    AND all this means nothing but what the hell, weve waited this long a bit longer wont kill us.

  25. andrewz

    Emmanuel: I have to admit that my point with “five months period from announcing the release date to actual release” was bad. I’m sorry for that. But my arguments for my statement are quite simple: GT Portable is coming this year; only thing we have is a vague teaser trailer; developing for PS3 platform takes much more money, effort and especially time than any other platform.

  26. andrewz

    Emmanuel: Is it really a AAA game? :-X OK, you own me… :-) But it doesn’t change anything on my opinion that GT5 will not be out till 2010. :-)

  27. Emmanuel

    Forza motorsport 3…lol. Announced in june, will be released in october. I expect the release date of GT5 will be announced before TGS, let’s say next month or august.

  28. andrewz

    Emmanuel: Reading the discussion, it seems almost everybody interchanges two totally different things: a) GT5 release date will be announced soon vs. b) GT5 will be released soon. Show me ANY AAA game that was released 5 months after the release date announcing.

  29. Emmanuel

    andrewz YOU wake up, it’s the same damn thing….

  30. andrewz

    C’mon guys, think! “Soon” is an expression connected with ANNOUNCING THE RELEASE DATE, NOT THE RELEASE ITSELF! Wake up…

  31. Yamauchi

    This game is realy a myth xD the release will be a big shock for everyone…and i bet with you that the game will be bigger then expect xD

  32. caribbean topdriver

    ‘i felt cold so i knew it was winter’…….. c’mon lol cant believe i am the only one who saw this so far….. WINTER!!!!…… oh an it seems we have pussy 360 fan boys here wishing for a next year release….. GT5 is gonna be big. eat’cha heart out turn 10.

  33. Watevaman

    Vincent, why do you think Jordan wrote “which must have fallen through the cracks with all the other E3 news”?

    And it’s not that old, as it’s pretty much the latest real news we have between this and the E3 trailer.

  34. Emmanuel

    lol april 2010, 2012…..smells like x360 fanboys! You dont belong here!
    Yes it’s an interview made 4 weeks ago meaning that “soon” is even sooner that we think. GT5 is coming this year, no doubt.

  35. Vincent

    So nobody noticed that this is an old article? At the bottom of the article is a line that states: “this article was last updated on: 06/03/09, 12:24 et,” which was almost four weeks ago.

  36. Jack

    To Sergio:

    Ok, would you rather have them add more to GT5P, or would you rather wait another extra year for the GT5? Don’t quite understand your logic

  37. Sergio

    Oh come on… He told too that we will get a big fall update for GT5P and damage for GT5P is coming surely… and a lot more… Nothing will happen…

  38. napoleon_ist

    old news guys, this interview was featured in N4G a while ago… :|

    maybe “soon” means Novembrer 27, 2009 as stated by Play.com. :)

  39. Terronium-12

    I reckon sometime before 2050, or before I’m dead. Haha.

    Come on 2009, I need a new game. -::rolls dice::-

  40. Fredzy

    ^^Yea I hope they wait til PS4 to release it so it will be REALLY good.. heck I hope it never comes out so we can use our imaginations to make it the PERFECT GAME!

    wtf 2012

  41. Wollan

    GDC/GamesCom (Cologne, Germany) Aug.17th-23rd is most likely when they will announce it.
    Europe is GT’s biggest market.

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