You’ll Be Able to Buy Houses and Businesses in Forza Horizon 4

In case you missed it, Forza Horizon 4 is coming. The latest in the open-world franchise will bring the party to the UK — and this time, you can settle into your own digs.

Taking a page from the groundbreaking Test Drive Unlimited (check out our recent retrospective), FH4 will allow players to buy houses across the map. Fancy a cozy spot in the Cotswolds? Maybe a more urban location in Edinburgh? According to the developers, that’s now an option.

IGN sat down with Playground Games to talk about various aspects of the game. The interview is long, with plenty of interesting details about why the team picked the UK, but the pertinent info pops up on the fourth page. IGN confirms that players can buy not only property, but businesses. The example IGN provides is a taxi service, complete with a pumped-up Austin FX4. It sounds a little Grand Theft Auto-esque — just with less violence, and (so far unconfirmed) constant bowling requests from your cousin.

This new aspect of gameplay should increase the lived-in feeling of the environment. Indeed, it joins a suite of features Playground Games refers to as “Horizon Life”. Creative director Ralph Fulton sounds off:

“I think that’s going to land really well. I think it’s a design born out of watching and understanding our players, and I think it makes for the most open, most freeing campaign design we’ve ever had.”

In addition to buying houses, avatar customization will get another bump. Horizon 3 introduced a handful of different models for players to choose from, while FM7 introduced dozens of race suits. Horizon 4 will ship with “around 500” articles of clothing according to the IGN article. In addition, players will be able to choose from a few dozen different emotes for key moments, like a narrow cross-country victory.

Stay tuned — there’s plenty more Horizon 4 info to come over the next few days at E3!

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