2014 Corvette Stingray Comes to Gran Turismo 5: New Screenshots & Video Released

January 14th, 2013 by Jordan

Song: The M Machine – Immigrants

The all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray is the talk of the automotive world today after it was first officially unveiled to the public at a special event last night, and Gran Turismo 5 players will be the first to drive the car, finally free of its camouflage.

The Stingray will produce an estimated 450 horsepower and 450 ft. lbs. of torque, is capable of accelerating from 0-60 in less than four seconds and will achieve more than 1g in cornering grip. It will also be the most fuel efficient Corvette ever, exceeding the EPA estimated 26 mpg of the current model.

During the creation of the virtual Corvette Stingray, careful attention was paid to each detail of the new design inside and out, all the way down to the shift schedule for the 7-speed manual transmission.

“The Polyphony team has had an unforgettable experience getting to know the Corvette Stingray, inside and out, and bringing it into Gran Turismo 5,” said Kazunori Yamauchi. “We’re excited to share our experience with fans and let them feel, explore and drive the Corvette in a way that wasn’t possible until now.”

As reported in the press release, over half a million people have downloaded the camouflaged prototype version of the car since it was first revealed in the game last November.

The 2014 Corvette Stingray will be available as a free download from the PlayStation Store starting Tuesday, January 15, 2013.

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  1. ChevyFan1912

    I’ll be starting a C7 room as soon as it comes out on the PS Store and I download it, just like I did for the C7 Prototype.

  2. Ian1231HK

    Sweet car! <3

  3. Here’s hoping we get nice cockpit views during replays. In car replay views like the Roadster TC are the best!

  4. The Prodigy


  5. Kirby12111

    I have the c7 prototype, it will be nice to drive the c7 without the camo, but I wounded will the c7 stock be as good as the prototype at drifting?

  6. carfanatic45

    This is awsome I get the new Corvette for my BDay!! I was afraid the new model wouldn’t look good, but I actually like it!

    • J24681357

      i felt the same thing :D but my birthday is not on Tuesday

  7. Wow i really ike it. And for free too.

  8. Mehdi GT

    Very biutifule
    Is the free?

  9. Okay, how many C7 rooms will we see today?

  10. Slashfan

    Is it moddable now?

    • Let me travel to the future and when I come back I´ll tell you…

    • Slashfan

      You could have just said no. lol

    • Corvette Racing will debut the C7.R in 2014. I do hope we can at least make an RM model for now.

    • The chance of PDI actually making an RM for this car is highly unlikely. It’s nice to dream though.

  11. Many of the showroom pictures have been taken at exactly the same angle as the pictures of the cloaked version. this allows a good view on how the cloak actually cloaks the lines and details of the car. It also shows that the cloaked car has been given a bit more ground clearance.

    • OK, not ‘many’ of the pictures… Three of them. But stil… :)

  12. Seriously that car is just sexy. Also I think the 7th gear is to help with fuel economy.

  13. Swagger897

    wow… new vette getting all attention after total recon… but the viper, pff leaves it in the dust (i know, theyre mean people, but ill always love you)

    R18 E-TRON!!!! NOW!!!!

    • NewCadillac

      Haters are going to hate! This is an excellent car, face the facts!

  14. Kevzido


  15. Psycho Tuber

    It looks like they took a Viper, GT-R, 599, and a Camaro and stuck them all together.

    • Totally agree, with a troll grin on the front. They also seemed to have glued a bunch of whimsical pieces of plastic and frilly bits all over it.

  16. StiggyGT

    I could mistook it for a Camaro from behind. Anyone else?

  17. Ginjaninja7797

    That’s a sweet looking hot rod!

  18. Hyuiara next?

  19. MasterFocus

    7speed manual?? How am I gonna shift in 7th with my G27 now!?!?

    • HuskyGT

      Wait, so it’s actually a 7 speed stick shift? That’s kind of wierd. I thought it was an sequential gear box or something.

    • HuskyGT

      Oh my god! This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen! http://www.corvettenewsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/chevrolet_corvette_shifter_ns_92311_717.jpg Honestly, I don’t even think this is necessary. The last two gears are probably useless.

      So the Amuse S2000 now makes sense since it has a 7 speed manual stick shift when you upgrade the transmission!

    • The 911 has a 7speed manual as well

    • HKSBro92

      Unless if you’re trying to go for top speed or riding on tracks with longs stretches like Circuit de la Sarthe I don’t think you’ll need the 7th gear that much.

    • HuskyGT

      I’ve always thought that the number of gears doesn’t matter. It’s how they are set up. See how the old AMG’s like the SL55 and SL65 in the game reach above 200mph with that heavy old 5 gear auto transmission. That’s why I love those big Mercs for top speed runs.

      Corvettes and Vipers with the old 6 speed Tremec T56 barely reach 185 and they have more power as the big AMG’s. Their 5th gear is too short and the 6th is too long.

      So I’m still confused of why a manufacturer will choose to have so many gears in a manual transmission.

    • samuelesm

      yeah, probably need it only for endurance races

    • GTP_Versatile

      The Lexus ISF is an 8 speed, not sure if it’s stick of paddles though.

    • IS-F is automatic. The standard Skyline GT-8 has an 8 speed too, and logically it is auto.

      What’s strange about the Corvette is not the fact that it has 7 gears, it’s the fact that they are in a fully manual “H” pattern shifter.

  20. tpark103

    Gangsta thanks Kaz your the man!

  21. k12power

    Nice car!!! Thanks PD for this free car!!!! Hope more cars and tracks come until GT6!!! :)

  22. HuskyGT

    The car is absolutely beautiful. I will need to get used to the tail lights, but it’s not a big deal. I just hope to see some new surprises that come in hand with the new Vette.

    And this will be for free? I never expected that! And to think I was saving a couple of bucks for this car. Thanks PD.

  23. Mooey42

    is the test prototype going to stay in the game?

    • Yes, of course. As every other car. Weird question.

  24. And PD delivers! They are giving us “little drops” of work like telling us “WE ARE WORKING…ON GRAN TURISMO 6!”

  25. MyFavoriteGame

    Looks like a 599 from the side

  26. Alex p.


  27. DarthRaiden666

    Oh yes!!!

  28. According to the UK PlayStation Blog, the car will be released at January 15th, around 8.00pm GMT. I guess the update will be around 8pm GMT.

  29. playnthru

    The back is completely hideous. GM’s design team must be taking LSD. It looks far more like a Camaro than a Vette.

    Why GM, just Why????

    • JeremiahTB

      If intoxicants were used in the design process, I would like the new Vette more…haha.

  30. Supermelon

    Side profile of this car looks amazing.

  31. Fire Yoshi

    I’m liking this new ‘Vette! Will this replace the cloaked version of the car?

  32. magawolaz

    me likey

  33. karelpipa

    Looks boring as hell, circuit with no environment whatsoever and no braking points.

    • karelpipa

      I mean the Willow Springs circuit.

    • Look up video of American Touge with Tsuchiya doing a time attack in the Mine’s R34. Then see you still dislike the circuit.

  34. Thanks PD! will break it in at the Nur tomorrow.

  35. Beatuiful video. I wish they played it during the unviel like SRT did with Forza. It’s almost poetic now: GT5 and the new Vette vs Forza with the SRT Viper. But I still would like to see the Viper in GT5… :(
    Tomorrow is going to be a nice day with the C7 for GT5 and a free DLC for Far Cry 3.

  36. RufusGonePunk

    Finally, a new Ferrari!

  37. Patronn422

    still waiting on shelby GT500, camaro zl1, and maybe and acura TL type-s

  38. pasigiri

    I wonder if while PD was behind the scenes with Chevy to get pics, measurements, etc. for the C7, did they manage to do the same for the Camaro ZL1. May as well since they were there.

  39. liampage123

    AWESOME!!! Can’t wait!

  40. Yes! Looking forward to breaking it in and trying to see what she can do in the 1/4. Who’s gonna get treed in posting a time first?

  41. Back to picture #20 anyone know what track it is, or what the big back of sign/solar panel looking thing in the sky is from at top of picture.

  42. phillkillv2

    Honestly the car looks uninteresting.

  43. patriotzero

    Damn i think It’s infenion Raceway !!!!
    My favourite Track!

    • SavageEvil

      I doubt that’s Infineon Raceway, perhaps another course. I don’t remember any part of Infineon where you would round such a hair pin and still be able to view that much course from any replay angle. I could be wrong as I am going off memory and seeing the track constantly in FM4. Also I’m pretty sure it’s not one of the courses already available in the game, a new course that is being prepped for the next game could be any course.

    • swynder

      SavageEvil, only track i can remember right now with such a hairpin would be the one in Willow Springs, and i think it´s been seen in the video.

  44. Nobody is saying… but, it could be nice to have a new full Corvette Racing suit for our sim.

  45. Mr.Skyline09

    Infineon Raceway at 0:47? My wallet is ready

  46. Master_gamer438


  47. My guess for picture #20 at first was Cape Ring, but now I think it could be Nurburgring.

  48. Very cool that PD got in on this. I’ll have to pop GT5 in tomorrow.

    • what is this popping in you speak of? Such should have never been popped out!

    • Lambob, your comment made me laugh to tears… Not what you say, but how you say it seems to strum my laugh strings.

  49. Sweet!

  50. …Help me out? Counting the above pictures from the top right to left and down to picture #20, what track is it?

    • lbpomg95

      Nurburgring GP/F. Bottom left corner of track map, the straight before the hairpin.

  51. Whodoyouthink

    Good job Sony on that video. Music was really good! Definitely gets me in a hyped up mood.

  52. ZedMan1996

    F**K! Can’t download it coz my Playstation Store doesn’t work anymore!

  53. Racin-Rev

    Reports of the death of GT5 are premature. If this is a forerunner of possible innovations to come, we could be in for some very unique driving experiences in this game. Other manufacturers are going to want to get on board with this type of hype for their new cars. This is a very smart marketing tool to the younger(35-55) moneyed people who are the prime demographic for the next generation of sport performance cars. And those teen and 20’s who play the game will be wanting these cars when they grow up and get rich. It’s all about business and that isn’t bad, because we get to enjoy the game while they advertise and make money. (expanded business venture for PD and Sony)

    • JeremiahTB

      I was just saying to myself that this game should be used more as a marketing tool than what it has been, and what GM is doing with the new Vette is a step in the right direction. I’m not sure if I agree with your views on demographics; but from an advertising standpoint, giving out free cars to build a stronger customer base is a no-brainer. Ford, Fiat, and the rest need to jump on the bandwagon.


    • ZedMan1996

      Why are you so ungrateful over this!? Geez the many things PD gave us due to our forums man! We requested NASCAR for GT5 then caz agreed and then he did it!

    • ahh, brings back memories at the roller derby




    • tube chaser

      Longer exposure settings would be great.

  56. diegorborges

    Fantastic car, Fantastic trailer! Way to go GM/PD!

  57. Beautiful looking car, look forward to trying it.

  58. I say it with Stevie Wonder: Isn’t She Lovelyyyy…

  59. TokoTurismo

    That was a badass trailer for the Vette C7 Stingray. Congrats to both PD and GM. I can’t wait to test drive the C7. Hyped. Oh, and was there a new track in that video too? SUPER HYPED!!! :D

  60. binbin90

    Helicopter on Route X?!?!?!?! Oooooh, I like I like ^_^

  61. JeremiahTB

    Am I the only one who can view these videos on the mobile app? Running Ice Cream Sandwich on a Galaxy Note.

    • No I’m watching it from my Galaxy S3 on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 :)

    • GT5photomatic

      Im on a Nexus 4 4.2 and it’s working with a bit of lag

  62. OwensRacing

    It most likely be the only chance I’ll get to drive this new Corvette. So thank you PD and GM.

  63. i wanted another gtr

    • infamousphil

      I’m still waiting for an RM or TC Viper ACR… but that’s not probable. It just ain’t in PD’s pipeline. ;( But least it ain’t another Skyline… and I dig Skylines. However, an RM/TC R30 or R31 would be real nice.

      I’m sure folks have their favorites but we all can’t have it all… or can we? ;)

  64. coolboy48

    Waaait a minute, how do I get 7th gear with a G27 gated shifter?

    • JeremiahTB

      The same way you did with the other 7 gear cars in the game.

    • Mr_Hansen

      You obviously can’t do it with the stick, but just press one of the paddles in the unlikely case that you would want to use it. The seventh gear is, like it’s with the 991, an over-gear for achieving better fuel economy. You will reach the Stingrays top speed in sixth gear – I’m sure.

      And for the car – great looking and I can’t wait to drive it. Thanks PD and GM.

  65. McLOVIN5489

    I love that its free, but that scares me…..
    Last time i got a free vette, I couldnt tune it.

  66. xStretch-

    Rather have some new GT500’s

  67. Mister Slow

    A free new car is always welcomed!! How about a premium vette from each generation??

  68. rallymorten

    So, the million $ question..

    Who here knew the maintenance was too obvious to be a coincidence?

    • I did. Every time they say maintenance. There is usually a update or something.

  69. Willow Springs Motorsports Park @1.40…

    • R34EVO9

      good eye dude I just noticed it too

    • SubaruWRC555

      Oh really?!? I hope that happens one of these days! I enjoyed the track on NFS SHIFT 1&2. I think the clip in the video where the car is sitting in the chicanes at Lemans is absolutely stunning!! The more I look at this car the more I love it. I thought it was gonna look like crap but GM created one beauty of a beast!!

    • GTracer98


  70. atomrah

    Thanks PD… Still giving us DLC… No complaints, just a lot of gratitude.

  71. GTracer98

    It looks phantastic! I will do a photoshoot right when I’ll get it!

    • MattZR1

      Same here…..I think I am going to pass out this is amazing. Thanks PD for still supporting your game and bringing us surprises as great as this.

    • TokoTurismo

      ^ +1

  72. Yes she looks nice but I was more intrested in the tracks it was racing on!!!

    A Helicopter flypast on the RouteX test track to name but a few.

    Whats the track @47 and 1:44 seconds I thought it was either Laguna Seca or a course creator track on Toscana but Bathurst after the long downhill straight maybe?

  73. Patronn422


    • FosterG

      Oh really? Think I would take the Ferrari F12 over this Corvette any day of the week.

    • grazbro

      Let’s not get carried away. FM4 had over 200 DLC cars in 12 months-Lots of 2012/2013 models. This is a welcome addition no doubt to GT5. I’m in.

    • binbin90

      I’ve read that Turn 10 has outsourced when it comes to rendering cars, which is probably why it has a new DLC every month, I think it’s also highly likely that those dlc cars are already lined up way before they’re announced

    • Patronn422

      -_- * people, When i said take that forza, i meant it like they got the viper, and we get the corvette. That’s great 200 dlc cars in forza but wait i dont play it. i play GT.

  74. MadmuppGT

    For free… how many game developers would do that? PD are a rare company in a world of money grabbers

    Thank you very much

    • Quite a lot, actually. If you want a direct comparison, Forza gave away the new Viper and gives away a car in each DLC pack. They and PD are able to do that because they have links and promotional ties with them. Quit making out PD are some special company, they’re not.

    • JeremiahTB

      Given the choice of one free car or a paid DLC of 10 cars, I would choose the paid Car Pack.

    • MuoNiuLa

      Thank you Simon.

    • tube chaser

      Relax SimonK. I swear you become more irritable as the years go by :(

  75. Brunskill777

    That is so cool, you cna still tell it’s a corvette from the side but I really like the edgey new front. And thank goodness it’s going to be free, it’s a much cooler free download than the camo one. But here’s a question: If therer’s an online maintenence 8-10pm, presumably to add this, does that mean you’ll have to download it AFTER the maintenence?

  76. Not really a surprise, to me, but still a nice car.

  77. ncrthree

    Wait, I though GT5 was a dead game? LOL.

    • tube chaser

      Yeah I know right. Unfortunately the ‘GT5 is dead’ crowd are like a stubborn rash that keeps on coming back. Sigh.

  78. TheKitten

    PD are always Sneaky showing new Content in there Trailers Lol. :D

  79. sangdude82

    Awesome :D

  80. hennessey86

    Nice, ant wait

  81. Silver-Sylph

    I cant lie, the car looks hideous.

  82. what track is that around ‘0:45 and ‘2:05? Laguna seca? Looks to “dry” and “desert” for Laguna Seca…

    Great news BTW!

    • Willow Springs, I think. It’s certainly one of those deserty tracks, my first thought was Sonoma but i don’t think it matches.

    • nice ;)

    • TokoTurismo

      Agreed @SimonK. I think that was Willow Springs. :)

  83. mark032

    Amazing car, Forza Motorsport 4 has better selection of cars but GT got better car physic so this is good to see.

  84. OmniusGT

    New it! Could tell this was on the cards

  85. Ah.

  86. bigsnake80

    Nice car.

  87. Rajareits

    The first track in the video – seems like Laguna Seca but it isn’t.
    What is it?

  88. JapanElite

    wish there was some sort of RM version that came with this.

  89. TheGTGuy

    Thanks PD, can’t wait :)

  90. Track looks like Sonoma.

  91. TheKitten

    Ok free now im happy with that :)

  92. lspredator

    We want BMW M3 E30. Not a feauture supercar!!!! : )

  93. shawtyoner

    That intro video seems to have been cut short :-(

  94. L8erBaby

    I’m going to download it for dat rear end…!

  95. ForceMotion

    Hmm there is a glimpse of a new track in the video, and Special Stage Route X with helicopter? Awesome!

  96. I can’t wait!!!

  97. Awesome! now give us the ZL1 camaro for free too! or even 99 cents.

  98. The fronts ok. The lights are very Viper. The back? Well… Not impressed. The classic circle lights have gone to be replaced by modified Camaro lights with the same horrible plastic black surrounds also found on the Viper. So yeah fronts nice but I don’t like the back. Roll on the 15th.

    • 440 CHARGER

      The front is definitely Viper-ish. The headlights almost look like they were pulled right off a Viper. I think the back is okay though. I agree that the brake lights should be round, or at least somewhat rounded to stick with tradition. The back really does look like a Camaro though, and even resembles the new Malibus. But I think it has a pretty beefy look to it and I think it works. Should be fund to drive!

  99. 99999Evolution

    FREE ?! :D

    • jus1029

      That is the question!

    • HatmanTC

      “The 2014 Corvette Stingray will be available as a free download from the PlayStation Store starting Tuesday, January 15, 2013.” read the article

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