95 Gran Turismo 5 TGS 2010 Screenshots at 18 Megapixels

September 20th, 2010 by Jordan

In what has become a tradition of sorts, I’m very excited to be able to share with you Polyphony Digital’s complete collection of GT5 screenshots released from last week’s Tokyo Game Show 2010: 95 images at full resolution in 18 megapixels.

You’ve probably seen many of them before, but I promise there’s a surprises in there. Also keep en eye out for some photographs of Yamauchi’s meeting with Red Bull’s Adrian Newey and Sebastian Vettel as they collaborate on the X1 Project.

So…did you find Nessie?

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  1. infamousDee

    Forget 3D trees – 3D DANDELIONS in screenshot 5 there. Insane detail.

  2. I never really liked the GT by Citroën, but the race version is stunning.

    To me it almost looks like it was designed like this and then they made a road version out of it, much like the R390.

  3. neema_t

    I knew you people would find something else to complain about now that skid marks have been seen in the game and you’ve apparently accepted that not all cars will have interiors.

    Would it really kill you to learn something about automotive history while you play this game? KY has obviously realised he has the opportunity to educate millions of people with the GT games and in this case he’s drawing attention to cars a lot of people have never heard of, and yet a lot of people here are full of complaints that the Veyron (for example) hasn’t been seen yet. Yeah, because the Veyron is so interesting. VAG developed the fastest car in the world and spared no expense in doing so, and what they ended up with is a Continental GT on huge steroids. The McLaren F1 was a much more interesting superlative, it didn’t even have one turbocharger, much less four. FOUR! I can make you the fastest car in the world if you don’t mind carrying the weight of an engine hewn from granite and a turbocharger for each cc of displacement, it’s really not that revolutionary or ground-breaking, and though it is impressive I doubt it’s very engaging to drive.

    I hope the rest of the Premium car list is full of unusual, interesting and ugly cars that I’ve never heard of in my life, GT has always been educational to me and I hope that continues. I’m sure the rest of you who just want to put all the driving aids up to 11 and smash your way around the tightest, most technical tracks in your automatic Veyrons will have your needs catered for too. I know that’s what I used to do with the Pikes Peak in GT2, back when I was 13.

    • infamousDee

      Couldn’t agree more. I doubt half the kids on here would understand your point of view, though.

    • brainfade

      best comment on an article on this website ever… i was barely 11 when Gt2 came out and i did even need any aids or bounce off the walls like a typical teenaged gamer ( : the type of moron who gives up on simulators because they can’t drive in real life and find it ‘too hard’ so they go and play Need for Speed and Burnout)

  4. Revelation1115

    the game didnt even come out yet and easter eggs have already been found!!

  5. There’s Nessie in GT psp as well!

  6. The only thing I can ever fault PD for is their environments. The trees are 2D, and some of the textures are pretty bad. Forza, as much I dislike to say it, does tend to have some more flair on its tracks.

    That being said, you’ll never be going slow enough to notice.

  7. OMG! the lake monster is 4 real

  8. brainfade

    Jordan can you do something about Craigles and BoBo ? their post are getting annoying

  9. Sigmaviper11

    A, Will all open cockpit vehicle, eg LMPs F1s etc be premium?

    B. Is it me or does the picture of Laguna Seca with the blurry car, look like a TVR T350c?

    • neema_t

      From the shape of the spoiler it looks more like an FD3S RX-7 to me. Also to speculate an answer to your first question, I’d assume some are, some aren’t; it would be strange if PD didn’t make any premium LMP1/2 prototypes, Formula cars or other open top vehicles, but at the same time I wouldn’t expect all of said cars to be premium if there are only around 200 premium cars.

  10. brainfade

    just noticed…. thats Jeff Gordon’s helmet in the Virgin F1

    • Sigmaviper11

      So… I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say you can customize your driver, similar to Tourist Trophy. Entirely speculation though.

  11. racinGTurismo

    Nice, check out what lurking in the water of Trial Mountain :D

  12. Craigles

    Yes havnt had a new game in ages and i wont until november 3rd

    • viejaloca

      Ouch man, I know how you feel, well in a different way. I only have FPSs on my ps3 and I’m really sick of them. I need gt5.

  13. Craigles

    Good advise

    • viejaloca

      LOL, thanks. I heard you were bored, did you get bored of your ps3?

  14. viejaloca

    Wow,trial mountian is a beaut!! Everytime I by a car in GT, I always take it for a test run on 1-2 tracks andpretend I’m driving home with it so this will probably bene ofhose tracks.

  15. Why the hell is the freakin’ schwimmvagen or whatever a premium car…?

    • ferhound psnid

      good question!!!!!!! also the Isuzu

    • As far as I know, all cars that were modelled especially for GT5 are ‘premium’. Standard cars are all taken from previous GTs
      There are a few cars that were in GT4 and were ‘upgraded’ to premium cars, but I don’t think that any cars that were modelled for GT5 are in there as standard cars.

  16. Craigles

    I know im acting like a re today. Im just trying to relieve the bordem by argurin with people.

    Plus i wonder what word i will be called if i say im ginger, i live in ireland (nortern) and im quite small for my age and my fav colour is green and it begins with L.

    This is how bored i am. Pethetic i know

    • I’m an american ginger!More power to the gingers!!

  17. Craigles

    Acctually 15 in 2 weeks

    • ferhound psnid

      jump from the window but make it like an accident.

  18. Craigles

    Gingers have feellings too you know

    If someone else is ginger here speak out. Be proud of your orangness.

  19. Bucketseat, your trying to tell me you don’t see a resemblance between the two? Anything that comes out of their mouths is negative. And I’m guessing by the whack-a-mole thing that your trying to say that I have something to say about him whenever he pops up or something like that..?

  20. Craigles

    I know im commenting loads (very very bored) plus ginger.

  21. Craigles

    @bucketseat (what kind of name is that) what are you on about?

    • bucketseat

      At amusement parks in the US there’s a game where you attempt to bash a robotic gopher/mole with a club when it pokes its head out of one of several holes. You smacking Sr.Frappie reminded me of playing the game with him as the gopher.

    • bucketseat

      BTW ‘bucketseat’ is an attempt at self-deprecating humor. I’m old enough to remember the days when ‘bucket seats’ were an upgrade from ‘bench seats’. All this predates seat belts…they were also optional then too.

    • ferhound psnid

      Maybe Craigles doesnt know wath game it is because when he was born Gran Turismo 2 hasnt been launched yet!

  22. brainfade

    anyone notice the Virgin F1 behind Newey and Kaz? looked like in game rendering too

  23. bucketseat

    Liam & Craigles…have you ever played the carnival game ‘Wack a Mole’? I think you’d be successful.
    I like a diversity of opinion…that said it’s hard to put up with a negative perspective and posturing as a self-appointed authority as well.

    • Well yeah as a matter of fact I do…though his comments some-what provoke me to reply..I don’t know I guess I like sturring up arguments. With tokyo gone (or is he?) there’s nothing intresting to read anymore. WE WANT YOU BACK TOKYO! :P

      Just kidding. But seriously we need a heated conversation about something…


  24. ferhound psnid

    Does anyone else hate the Isuzu?
    Its amazing the detail on the tyres of the VW!!!

  25. Craigles

    Proberly took it too far now, owell i got my laugth

  26. Craigles

    Immature child

  27. Who thinks mr.frappy should reveal his identity? (incase any of you are wondering the only choices are: tokyodrift. XD)

  28. Craigles

    I only did it 4 a laugth i might do it more often though

  29. Craigles

    You just got told by an immature child from behind a monitor and before you say it i would say that to your face.

  30. Craigles

    Once again a mr frappy argument.

    Ever thought about anger mannaggement.

    Oh no he’s probely going to have a go at me now.

    Notice i didn’t put a question mark in and i spellt a cople of words wrong (he really cares if someone dosnt uses wrong puntuation or spelling) Lol

  31. RobGroove

    Anyone know what that Formula 1 car is behind Yamauchi san? could it be the RedBull F1 car?

    • occasionalracer

      It’s been determined already to be the Virgin.

  32. Witblitz_ZN

    DRIPPING !!!!!!!!!

  33. This looks lovely but: What is the point of 18MPixel renders? They are not ‘screenshots’ because the PS3 surely doesn’t render in that resolution.

    So… how much do these screens have to do with real-world rendering in the game?

  34. the stig

    ok,great new this days.~40 days till release and it is also great!GREAT!!!
    but something is wrong with cars….they are showing us ”hippie van”?!
    damn,I want to see veyron,reventon,supra mk4,koenigsegg,
    some audi,bmw and mercedes sedans…etc etc
    I just can’t understand kaz with this car list.

    • occasionalracer

      Kaz is very much into automobile history, and wants to represent as much variety as possible. At some point all the fastest racecars become more or less a clone of each other in terms of their performance. I’m not saying I don’t like some of those you mentioned, it’s just nice to see something different in a racing game, and a full grid of hippie vans can be a hell of race too.

    • bucketseat

      6 weeks from today = 42 days…43 if you’re in EU, Australia or Japan, though really they’ve already finished with today and they’re on tomorrow…or nearly so. Perhaps that’s why the game is being released on 2 Nov in the Americas which will be 3 Nov in Japan. In terms of real time, we’re not getting it any sooner in the US than Japan is…kinda.

  35. ferhound psnid

    Ok lets begin downloading these.

    It would be cool If you all start saying wich one did you select for wall.

    • Couldn’t resist the CITROEN GT, third row, in the middle :-D

  36. Why do these obscure cars get all the love? In 5 GT games it breaks my heart that I STILL havnt had the chance to drive a black Knight Rider-ish Pontiac Firebird. For GT4, I just painted a new Corvette black, gave it Knight Rider type rims, and just pretended with that.

    • We still don’t have a car-list. I’m hoping for something similar – the BANDIT TransAm

    • J. Hayden-Kart Racer

      @Bernd.. *like*

  37. Blinkwing

    oh, the famous Volkswagen Schwimmwagen :D

  38. I wish PD would release pics of the VWs in action . . .

    • In one of the movies on this forum you can see them in action… moving!

  39. Craigles

    That video should be in the next saw movie

  40. Belph3gor

    haha can’t wait to modify this Westfalia

  41. maxpontiac

    This is why I love GT. It’s not all about the same Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s.

    It’s the VW’s and the like.

  42. Is there going to be that american car the SSC Ultimate Aero to fight with the Bugatti Veyron in GT5?

  43. Sapphire-Wolf

    What’s up with some of these premiums… a waste if ya ask me.

  44. Geo_212

    I’m bewailing some of the cars PD chose to be Premium… I don’t care for that ugly Isuzu, I want the Bugatti Veyron!

    • general of the army

      Hell yeah

    • the Veyron will obviously be premium, seeing as they modeled that car ground-up for GT5. Most of the standard cars are just the recycled ones from GT5.

  45. Oh noooooo! Just got an email from Amazon UK, warning me that GT5 supplier (PD?!?) has delayed the release date again!!!! Not again!!!!

    “Hello, Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date: “Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)”Estimated arrival date: November 09 2010 – November 15 2010 One of Amazon’s aims is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we have fallen short. Please accept our sincere apologies.”

    Anyone else got this message?

    • SVT Cobra GT

      Not ordered mine with amazon, ordered with play.com, they’re still saying November 5th! I just dont understand why all these companies are changing their release dates, maybe so people can put in more pre-orders or something. If the release date did change at all, don’t you think GTPlanet would have picked it up WAY before amazon would?
      Just keep your fingers crossed that they’re lying.

    • @SVT Cobra GT – Sorry, but that still doesn’t make any sense to me. How would that result in more pre-orders? And you could always cancel it afterwards…
      I do agree with you on the other point: Everyone would know if PD changed the Release date. But I’m guessing this could only affect Europe, or something… I don’t know.
      It just sucks!

      PS: I’m keeping my fingers crossed for too long now :-S It’s starting to hurt! :-|

    • jimmywizz

      No, which version have you orderd?

    • jimmywizz

      intresting thing. Just checked amazon uk and it says 5th Nov for standerd ed and Nov 3rd for collectors ed? but nothing about 9th-15th!

    • @jimmywizz I’ve ordered the normal version! Damn!!!! Before this last change, I had 8th November, Monday. But I could pick it up at MRW on the previous Saturday, as I always do ;-)
      Now I’ll loose another weekend! Should gone for the collectors ed… If I only knew…

    • SVT Cobra GT

      Never mind, I kinda confused myself tbh! lol
      I’m not conivced by the companies changing the dates, as I said GTPlanet would know!

      I’ve noticed that only UK users have this e-mail! I’m sure it won’t be just the UK, we don’t have seperate release dates to anyone! We’re included in Europe! We need to know what users from Europe/US & Canada/Asia and Australia have heard! If they’ve had similar e-mails from their respective companies then we should start worrying! Besides, I’ve checked the official GT website over and over, our UK website says ‘Not long until the November 3 release date, heres some info from TGS’ the US website still says the 2nd! Japan says 3rd too!

    • @SVT Cobra GT
      It is not true, that GTPlanet gets information before anybody doe it. This is no commercial site or something. They get their information when they get it or they are searching for something new.

      So if Amazon has information about release changes, there is no reason, why GTPlanet was first to know it.

      I mean, Jordan and everybody else here are working for a full time job, I think. GTPlanet is more a free time project.

    • SVT Cobra GT

      @Big Ron

      Oh! I assumed that GTPlanet had many contacts and would have heard something about a change considering how reknown this website is and especially with some users getting e-mails and telling people on here. Maybe Jordan is on the case, I don’t know.

    • bucketseat

      In the US from Gamespot or Amazon the 2 Nov date is good for either Collector’s or Standard editions. I’m picking up my collector’s on 2 November as soon as the store opens.

      I did see on the UK Amazon site they’re proposing the collector’s edition on 3 Nov with the standard on 5 Nov.

      Seems like a ploy to sell more collector’s editions.

      Maybe Amazon didn’t anticipate enough demand and they’re getting a second wave of deliveries a little later.

      The kid in me says it’ll be very irritating to wait any longer…the adult says, heck what’s another couple of days after 5 years?.

      So far the kid is winning by a long shot!

    • jimmywizz

      just got the dreaded email from Amazon saying the release date is Nov 5th. :(

  46. GTracer

    a bit of the main topic, but do you think the full car list will be published on the day of release like gtpsp or earlier, and if theres aorund 850 cars in gt psp theres only around 150 new cars unless the 1000+ means 1300. anyways GT5 is awsome !!!!! no other racing game has as many features as this going to take a good long time to finish just pre orederd EU Collectors edition

  47. 2fast3g

    these shots are beautifull i knew nessi was real pd just help every1 see dat it is lol yeah but @bmx he right do pd always brings out a lil more info after every show most of the time it has been a video or something but i wonder wat can get better then these screens…..wait a dl demo…maybe o.0

  48. jimmywizz

    that Isuzu thing is ugly as hell!

    • +1

    • Big Ron

      You are right. But the interior looks cool.

    • i personally only like the front end thats all the rest is ugly

    • tvensky

      Ohhh yeah.. it is ugly..

    • Isuzu 4200R has Lotus-developed version of Isuzu 4.2-litre V-eight quad-cam engine, producing 350bhp. Other technical highlights are four-wheel drive, Lotus active ride, a head-up display and navigation system. sounds great!

    • +1

      @jimmywizz: Actually, that would’ve been my exact comment if you hadn’t beaten me to it.

      @osensy: thanks, your comment makes me curious about the car. Hope it’s light : )
      This could well be one of those cars you win, take for a spin to check it out and then spend the following hours driving in many races.

    • sorry oseny, misspelled your name accidently

    • neema_t

      Lotus engines had a pretty poor reputation, though, hence ‘Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious’ became an often used backronym. Still, it does sound interesting and I’m confident (though not sure) that GT5 won’t model warped cylinder heads.

    • haha, that would be terrible. Just out of nowhere the engine fails because that’s what it tends to do in real life.
      You want realism? Here it is : )

  49. Just an observation, Tral Mountain looks a little rushed and thrown together compared to some of the newer circuits. I’m glad they put it in the game, but they could have done so much more with it. Better to have it like it is, rather than not at all for sure.

    • Mr Frappy

      So, what more could they have done with it? You have no real life benchmark to base it on, and what I saw looks perfectly OK to me.

    • So much..really? cant wait to get on the road of trial mountain!

    • The textures look lower res in those screenshots than for example, Eiger/Eiger Nordwand. If they aren’t, they’re lower quality. There seems to be an overall lack of polish- If you can’t see it when comparing the two, you need glasses.
      You don’t need a “real life benchmark” to compare it to, to see that it’s generally lower quality in its representation than the best we’ve seen in GT5. It looks like it wasn’t worked on as much as some of the other tracks and it could have been.

      Like I said, I’d still rather have it as is than not at all. Same goes for just about any track they put in the game, fictional or real life. It’s not like it looks “bad”, it’s just obviously not as polish as the best GT5 has to offer.

  50. really beautiful shots

  51. Who made the video? “Loch Ness Lake”? lol
    Loch is the Scottish word for lake, so it reads as “Lake Ness Lake”

    • Big Ron

      Yeah, but “Loch Ness” is a proper name, you never translate it.

  52. tomivav

    Hahaha, they really put Nessie there. Hahaha. PD rules :)

  53. SVT Cobra GT

    Is it just me being picky or does anyone feel that PD haven’t been that bothered about this years TGS?

    I mean, I would have thought that PD would have announced a ton of stuff on top of all this! I’d have thought we’d see about 6 new tracks and about 10 new cars, but no! I know PD are always secret about what they put into GT-hence the F2007 in Prologue-but the TGS is PD’s home gameshow and it’s the last major game show before GT5 hits the shelves, surely they’d bring lots of things to show off! Don’t get me wrong, the stuff they’ve shown is incredible and I can’t wait to have a go on it all! But I just feel that they would have announced more than this!

    Maybe it’s just me being picky and wanting more stuff, mind you they may announce stuff over the GT website! Does anyone else feel the same?

    • @SVT Cobra GT-
      I’ve noticed that after a big show, PD/Sony usually announce a few imortant things in the days and weeks following a big show. So keep watching, I bet the show some more stuff off in the very near future.

  54. general of the army

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaa !!
    The hippeis van dont have pedals o_O

    • jimmywizz

      thats because its powerd by thoughts peace and love

  55. Big Ron

    I am a bit confused, why there isn´t any reflection on the wet surface of Eiger Nordwand in second screen. Looks like a dry track and you wonder where the spray comes from.

    Everything else is looking awesome, best are the track screens of Trial Mountain, Lemans and Laguna Seca.

  56. Does anyone know if its been announced – which circuits will have weather effects???

    • All of them …

    • Mr Frappy

      Wrong, only select tracks will have weather effects.

    • They have only said that dynamic weather isnt on all tracks we may have randomly assigned static weather for shorter races and dynamic as they have said in endurance races.

    • Sigmaviper11

      I agree with lmanion. It’d satisfy most players anyway. Dynamic weather would only be useful for longer races. It’d detract from realism for short races.

  57. I was under the impression that all new cars added to the game and all the cars that were in prologue were premiums and all the cars that came across from GT4 are standard Therefore even cars which are more of a novelty like the VW van will have interiors and I assume any future car PD model will have an interior too regardless of whether it is new or old.

    Looking forward to seeing these pics when I get home and selecting some new wallpapers for my PC and PS3.

    • @NBH- “I was under the impression that all new cars added to the game and all the cars that were in prologue were premiums and all the cars that came across from GT4 are standard”

      Not ALL cars from GT4 are standard, I think there are a bunch that get the “premium” treatment.. but most are standard.

  58. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    I’m happy the game will be out soon now and should be happy with the technical level that has been achieved in terms of details, resolution.
    But, but I hope that GT6 will be less sterile. The game really misses the raw edges. For me personally the level of detail may decrease a little in favor of more dirt, realistic flaws etc. The game would really benefit from that, bringing it more to life.

    But that’s my own opinion and I’m entitled to have one don’t I?

    • I agree … Shift, Dirt 1-2, Grid etc …

    • tvensky

      yes, but, level of detail could stay, Computer power is groving, just have to wait.. I think all this stuff you talking about will be in GT6, if not then in GT7 100% :) GT5 is going already in this dirt, damage, flying cones, rain etc. stuff.

  59. momoniu

    remember the ape from gt3 in trial mt, now we get lock ness too


      There was an Ape at Trail Mountain in GT3? Where?

  60. Someone has a direct link to download all ?

  61. Honda-Crz

    Still no Honda CR-Z?

  62. Did anyone observe the VW van’s speedo? It’s got green lines and the edges are white.

    I don’t know how to exactly say it but when zoomed in, the quality of the VW bus’s interior seems less than the other cars. But it’s still fantastic, stunning, awesome, jaw-dropping and incredible.

    • Mr Frappy

      Ummm, maybe that’s because the quality of an old VW bus interior IS lower quality than something like a modeen Audi R8…

    • I’ve noticed the same thing. The interior of both the VW and the Isuzu are hardly as premium as, let’s say, the SLS in the rain picture. They’re just less detailed on the inside. What’s going on PD? Do you have any more surprises in stock here? Like, interiors in all cars? Or is there also a semi-premium car list ;)

    • Sigmaviper11

      I wouldn’t be surprised if PD had more car’s with interiors than the originally specified 200. They rolled out 100+ tracks when they originally stated there would barely be 70. So would be that surprising if PD rolled out an extra. . . idk say 150 cars with cockpits of varying detail? It would be very much appreciated though.

    • The interiors of both the isuzu and the VW Van look like they haven’t been properly textured yet. The VW interior is ofcourse less complex than the interior of an R8, but I have never seen the complete interior in “default 3d rendering grey” in real life :).
      I would be very surprised if it looked like this in the final build of the game.

  63. Absolutely love the Kubelwagen! So awesome to have a German WW2 jeep, hopefully they have the Willy’s jeeb as well so we can all have a WW2 desert race haha!

  64. I can’t see nessie were is it?

  65. Craigles

    I think they are wasting there time with the jeep thing and the vw being premiums because people are only goin to use them once and you could of filled that space with the lamborghini countach or for designing a normal blank cockpit with only a steering wheel and a speedo which will go on every standard car possible.

  66. FrancisBenjamin

    i wonder who the VW van drive…

  67. Sum1s2pid

    Godzilla theme and roar was awesome. Well done!

  68. Jeniczech

    It´s looking all amazing, but selection of theese old vehicles to be in Premium version is pretty controversial choice. I mean, if they are Jaguars from 60´s, than I love to have it there, but ugly VW Vans? I am still wishing, that they are just normal cars, which will mean, that all cars gona have cockpit.

    • I agree, I agree !!!!!!

    • Mr Frappy

      How many times does it need to be said? Standard cars do not have cockpits, and everything shown in those videos is premium. However, there could be more than the 200 than originally stated.

    • And how many times things has changed..the game is not out yet.

    • Mr Frappy

      You must be deluded to think that you will get cockpits in all cars (meaning cockpits modeled for each car, not generic ones). At best we will see more premium cars than we were first led to believe, but cockpits in all cars…no chance.

      I will personally buy every single member of these forums a PS3, copy of GT5, a G27 steering wheel and a gameseat if GT5 ships and ALL cars have fully modeled unique cockpits.

    • infamousDee

      …and I’ll be behind you to buy them each a house to enjoy the game in.

    • Dr.Strangelove

      And even if there were cockpit cams for all cars on release day, you still would find a reason not to buy every member of these forums “a PS3, copy of GT5, a G27 steering wheel and a gameseat” :D

      “Oh, look at these Nissan Skylines, they have the same cockpit. So they are not unique and i dont have to buy anything for all of you.”

      But i dont want to offend you, as i think everybody understands what you wanted to say.

  69. GTP_african_kat

    Yup, F1 car on that T.V!

  70. Malefic

    Hello!? Who cares about Nessie!? Virgin 2010 Formula1 car!!! It’s there!!! Behind Kaz and Newey!!!

    • indded, just wonder if Sony managed to sneak the F1 cars in before the F1 license went over to Codemasters

    • Thats an in game screen as well not some picture!

    • JesseDeya

      Amazingly well spotted, and awesome!

    • LordVonPS3

      I think the autoclave gives the situation away here actually. In those images, KY + other PD staff are on site at the Red Bull F1 team complex (note the sign), ergo yes that may well be a Virgin F1 car on the screen in the background but those screens will be running a typical F1 promotional video and not PD’s GT5.

    • mavryk_gt

      I think it’s there from a promo video about the possibilities of CFD.
      The Virgin F1 Car is the only F1 car entirely designed using CFD, and not in the more traditional way of CFD & hours and hours of wind tunnel work.
      The RedBull X1 is of course fictional so the picture of the Virgin Car could just be from a presentation explaining what can be done with CFD, as Gran Turismo uses a similar process to ‘design’ the cars.

      @BDawg – Codemasters have the license to 2010 F1 cars, so you will not see a full grid of 2010 cars. (For that we’ve got F1 2010 =D)

      However, the missing level 3 Special Event (which currently has Karting/NASCAR/WRC/AMG/Stg Challenge mode) does make me wonder if there is a Sebastian Vettel F1 mode. (He is doing a tutorial voiceover in a previous GT video) However, Vettel drives for RBR so still doesn’t quite explain the Virgin F1…. The plot thickens!

    • Mr Frappy

      @JesseDeya, I’d spotted it even before this news article – it’s an 18MP picture, so was quite clear to be honest.

    • AgentGT

      Photoshopped in i’m afraid.

      The Rear Wing is missing to the left of the “V” in “Virgin for a start.

    • There is nothing missing on that rear wing… do you think that the 2010 F1 cars have a wing as wide as the 2008 cars did?

  71. Awesome stuff ;)

  72. Mickstanz

    Haha is the Nessie really there?! That’s awsome.

  73. terminator363

    5 STARS and thumbs up I have to decide a new wallpaper…

  74. GeminiOne

    Am I the only one who thinks the (“GT Race Car by Citroen”) Should have been the Cover Car on the game case.

    • Yes, I think so to, but it was allreddy put on
      GT5P Spec III, as it’s cover car.
      And, besides, the SLS is cool anyway? Right?

    • agreed

    • Mr Frappy

      No, it’s butt-ugly as far as car designs go, but looks beter in race spec.

    • Mr Frappy once again proves that he is clinically insane

    • Mr Frappy

      Right, so whenever somebody has a personal opinion that differs from yours (or even the majority of people) that means they are clinically instane… Riiiiiight OK.

      Yet another typical “from behind the monitor” response from an immature child.

    • I also think the SLS is ugly as hell.. And I’m an artist.

    • Maxiboy

      Mr Frappy always seems to be grumpy and defensive. Chill out dude!

    • IronM@sk

      Only an immature child pulls out the “immature child” card on the internets.

    • Mr Frappy

      Only immature children feel the need to strike back at people who play the “immature child” card.

      So the Internet is now called “the internets” now IrontM@sk? Great spelling, way to show your maturity…or lack of as the case appears to be.

    • ponyhorse

      …And people who consistently strikes back at immature children such as yourself Mr. Frappy should get a life instead of sitting in front of your computer waiting for GT5.

    • jamaicanbwoy

      yeh frappy if ur over 16 i have no respect for u at all

    • @BoBo
      “premium”BMX- Thats your opinion, dont bring in professions to make you sound correct.”

      First of all, LOL-

      To “make me sound correct”? How does that make me sound correct? It’s an opinion- there is no “correct”… maybe me “sounding correct” is just in your head.

      Also who said it’s my profession? I didn’t. Anyway it’s not my profession. To put it plainly, it’s who I am.

  75. I love the Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg.

    Perfect! A place to find all the TGS screenshots at the highest resolution.

  76. Malefic

    Is that an F1 Virgin car behind Kaz and Newey!? It’s an F1 car in an F1 garage… That’s for damn sure!

  77. DirtyMudFlaps

    LMFAOOO @ Nessie,
    Did PD really put that there? Would be awesome if they did.

    • Jakemania

      Lol agreed! It sure is in the 18MP picture. That’s hilariously random.

  78. LIVEfromNY

    New wallpaper!

  79. dalejrfanfreak

    I don’t see how such detail in this game is possible. When he says it takes 6 months to create a car now I know why.

  80. Bobert!

    Awesome. Wallpaper’ed.

    • I can’t wallpaper the Youtube video?

      Oh right you were talking about the images..


      woow , GT5 is really awesome

      i found nessie yeah XD
      if i will drive around this corners i will downshift with my AMG and than nessie will be shoked and will swim away XD

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