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GT5 Gameplay Video: Nissan GTR V-Spec in the Rain

Decent driving in the rain at Eiger Nordwand – gameplay footage from Tokyo Game Show 2010.

First Gameplay Video of Car Rollover in Gran Turismo 5

We’ve known for a while that you’ll be able to roll your car in GT5 – now, we actually get to see it!

More GT5 Cars Revealed in PlayView Demo Videos

Videos of the “GT5 Car Index” PlayView tech demo reveals more cars than ever before. Check out this HD footage and see what you can find…

Gran Turismo 5 "Car Index" PlayView Tech Demo

First, the good news: more than 756 of GT5’s cars were revealed in a recent tech demo of Sony’s PlayView image rendering software. The bad news: we only know that one of them is a Nissan 240ZG.

GT5 Gameplay Video: Karting at Monza

A look at kart racing on the long, fast, and famous Italian circuit.

TGS Interviews: Yamauchi Talks Standard Cars, Damage, GT6 & More

Yamauchi discusses premium/standard cars, physics, damage, the future of Gran Turismo, and how it all compares to real racing in two fresh interviews from Japan.

95 Gran Turismo 5 TGS 2010 Screenshots at 18 Megapixels

Polyphony Digital’s complete collection of GT5 screenshots released from last week’s Tokyo Game Show 2010.

GT5's Trial Mountain & Laguna Seca Gameplay Videos

Watch the GT by Citroen Race Car and the ISUZU 4200R Concept on two of GT5’s newly revealed circuits.

New GT5 Menu Screens: "My Home", Race Events, & More

Take a look at updated menu screens, revealing various options and settings.

Gran Turismo 5's Ultimate Car: Red Bull Project X1 Prototype (UPDATE: Screenshots)

A short teaser video to introduce the Red Bull / Polyphony Digital collaborative project, the X1 Prototype.

GT5 Screenshot Blowout: Weather Changes, Night at Le Mans, Laguna, Trial Mountain & More

First official screens of GT5’s newly revealed features, cars, and tracks.

Gran Turismo 5 TGS 2010 Breakout Session: Full Details

Weather details, Laguna Seca and Trial Mountain return, Polyphony Digital’s X1 collaborative project with Red Bull Racing, and much much more!

Gran Turismo 5 Weather Video Trailer (Now in HD)

Here’s our first look at the new Gran Turismo 5 “Weather Trailer” just revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 Sony press conference.

Gran Turismo 5's "My Home" Online Features Announced (UPDATE: More Screenshots)

At the Sony TGS 2010 press conference, Yamauchi gave a brief overview of some of the new online functionality in GT5 – including web-based account management known as “Gran Turismo… Read More »

Weather Officially Confirmed for Gran Turismo 5: First Screenshots

Just announced by Kazunori Yamauchi at TGS 2010. Here’s a few blurry clips from the streaming web video – I’ll have better quality versions up soon.

Sony Tokyo Game Show 2010 Press Conference Live Stream

The last big industry event before GT5’s release is almost here! Get ready for Sony’s press conference, streaming live from Japan.

Official Gran Turismo 5 Tokyo Game Show 2010 Trailer

A lengthy new GT5 trailer showing new tracks, new cars, weather, and a lot more!