Enzo Ferrari, Lamborghini Gallardo High-Res GT5 Screenshots

September 28th, 2009 by Jordan


Here’s the latest batch of high-res Gran Turismo 5 screenshots, giving us our first glimpse of the Enzo Ferrari and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 in full GT5 glory.

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  1. DG Silva


    The reason why the windscreen is tinted like that is twofold; first, the reflection off the the trees make it like that, second the windscreen is polarised, so it has a natural green tint (I know this because my glasses are polarised, and have green reflections in them).

    Love the cars though, and I just can’t wait to play it, but we all have to be patient I’m afraid. Any chance of showing some muscle cars please?

  2. Please have a Lamborghini Reventon.

  3. GTP_RainMan

    SwwEEEttT Baby jeesus!!! I think I jizzed in my pants

  4. RedBaron

    Why is that Gallardo’s windshield so green? And why Tokio again?

  5. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    nice graphics

  6. alaM0000


  7. Bank Alexander


    Ddag has you there Nom. It wasn’t meant to offend anyone ^_^

  8. @Nominatus
    Chill yourself out matey. I was reponding to:
    Hate to nitpick, but the car is a Ferrari Enzo (make/model). Enzo Ferrari was the old man ;)”

    I wasn’t in any way trying to be pedantic. If YOU wern’t lost in your own smart-arse little cavern you’d have realised that.

  9. Interviews posted and still no major advancement? and no revelations? bwwwhahahha…. it’s going to be funny to watch all the little school girls on here rant and rave… omg omg… lol

  10. aleksandar SRB

    Mclaren F1 LM please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  11. them showing US pics is worse than Chinese torture. i wish this game was out now. oh well… 6 months is worthwile…

  12. GTracerRens

    I don’t care about porsche right now!!! This game is gonna be awesome, believe me! :P ( If you still don’t)

  13. @Forgetful
    The cars actually titled the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari :)

  14. too bad there ain’t no free roam

  15. GT5 is like one of those Victoria’s Secret`s fashions shows. Looks amazing, but your chances to play with the real stuff are close to none.

  16. Heres a link to the video interview i am still very dissapointed march of 2010 huh http://ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/857126/gran-turismo-5/videos/tgs09sny_gt5_int_092709_wmvhd.html

  17. Forgetful

    Hate to nitpick, but the car is a Ferrari Enzo (make/model). Enzo Ferrari was the old man ;)

  18. gtone339

    Oh man we are happy?!

  19. swissguy

    Looks great but I don’t like these high-res pics. looks like 2mio anti aliasing wich just isn’t possible with ps3. why don’t they just show us some real ingame graphics and vids.. why always this high rendered sh.. ??
    the game will never look like that..

  20. RazzlDazzle

    Looks like we’ve still got our misty tire smoke though, from what I can see.

  21. Dan da man the Lewis Hamilton Fan

    Oh oh ohhhhh thats gooooooooooooood, i’ll wait 50 years if the whole games looks like that!

  22. Tibo – this is GT5, not prologue. You might want to learn that before trolling.

  23. chrisrar

    Polyphony have confirmed to pushsquare it will feature day night cycles… Weather also. :) also possible confirmation is game blog video with screen pixellated to hide view.

  24. Bigbadwill

    Confirmed day/night cycle and rain. It’s in french and french is my first language. It says ”We also learned that the game will have a day/night cycle ant that it will also -Finally- be possible to race under the rain.”


  25. Fewer screenshots, more news.

  26. TheMasfer

    looking really nice though i thought they were actual pics for a minute

    much better than forza

  27. TheMasfer

    its actually a Lamborghini Gallardo LP5660

    its the roadster gallardo

  28. 05Forenza

    The LP560-4 is looking gorgeous. Can hardly wait! =)

  29. Why do the rally cars have dirt wheels and tires on an asphalt course?

  30. Jantsu92

    Looks so awesome! Where can I get better quality version of these pics?

  31. SzczwanyGapa

    I hope there will be real WRC stages, or at least locations.

  32. what can be said that hasn’t been said before, excellent.

  33. greekwarrior1978

    ohhhhh please!!!!release 1 stage and few cars on gt prologue!!!!!!please!!!!!!!

  34. gtkiller

    very nice!!!

  35. this is just photomode. Last time I played prologue I annoyed me so much on the AA that I stopped playing.

  36. I think, this is the photo mode, that sharpens the optic more than it is while racing. But its ok for me. In GT4, I always made photos via the photo mode and it is very nice, that thee graphics in replays and photo mode are better.

    I am a bit scare about the tracks. What I´ve seen so far always were know GT4 tracks and nothing new. It would be better, if they give us a completely new race track pack not even seen in previous GT games and give us the known tracks as download content.

    They said 20 different locations, which is not very much and you can just change the track layout (which is still the same track in my opinion). So there are nearly 3-4 layouts for every track (hopefully not)

  37. Wolgib07

    That is ehat i am talking about Lamborghini lp560-4 rules.

  38. Monkeyherow

    Very Hi Res!

  39. AMAZING !!!!!

  40. Oh my, that damage looks better than I thought!
    On various cars at the same time.. nice!

  41. awesomeness! would like to see more tracks and cars lurking on some of the screenshots! whats that track with that NISSAN GTR JGTC car?

  42. Sam__ NY

    Damage on the Ford Focus ST rally car.

  43. KoosSpeeTerreur

    OMG! They shouldn’t show this. It makes we want this game even more!!!

  44. Amazing pictures i can’t wait to play this beautiful game.

  45. hell yes

  46. Ooohh…. pretty. Mind you, I don’t care for the newer Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

  47. Tsuchiya

    Porsche … T_T

  48. ZX10RKING

    Just read this…….
    Sony announced a March release for Gran Turismo 5 at Tokyo Game Show last week, a release window that was specifically targeted for the Japanese market. However, don’t expect a surprise 2009 release (sorry Amazon!). “I don’t think it’s going to be that different for US and Europe,” Polyphony Digital head Kazunori Yamauchi told journalists at a GT5 event last week. “Marketing is still discussing their issues,” which is the reason why a specific date hasn’t been pegged yet for those markets.

    Yamauchi then went on to list a befuddling list of features that should ship on the disc next year. GT Mode will return with all the features of classic GT games, like the garage, the car dealer, the tuning shop, and license tests. However, more exciting are the new features, such as a brand-new physics model that includes damage and deformation for all normal cars. Hybrid and electric cars are going to be added to the livery, too, with over 950 cars available on the disc. There will also be over 70 variations of over 20 locations to race through.

    The online features have been expanded to include both text and voice chat, with support for lobbies and private rooms. There will be online photo albums and online replay albums as well; with the ability to export replays to YouTube. Gran Turismo TV, the video service introduced in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will also be expanded with a brand new UI, progressive downloading (so you can watch the video content while it downloads), and the ability to export these videos to PSP. While this may seem like the kitchen sink of features, Yamauchi teased, “We have much more planned.”

    Considering it’s been five years since the release of Gran Turismo 4 on PS2, fans of the franchise are expecting only the best, if not more.

  49. Looks great, PD give me some more cars in prologue, just a little update…

  50. ultraflow

    My god that . . . beautiful!!!

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