Get a Free Megane Trophy Anniversary Edition in GT6

November 28th, 2013 by Wardez


There’s yet another way to get yourself a 15th Anniversary car for Gran Turismo 6, this time it’s in the form of a social media promotion from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. This promotional code can only be redeemed by Japanese PSN accounts. (Here’s a video guide which explains how to do that.)

Although you need a Japanese account to redeem the code on PSN, the car should still show up on all accounts for GT6 after successful redeeming. After that’s set up, go to the Sony Japan GT6 website here for the promotion. To get your code, follow the instructions below.

If you need assistance or get stuck along the way, stop by our GT6 forum for help.

Scroll down and click here.

GT6 sony japan megane promotion instructions

Agree to terms.

GT6 sony japan megane promotion instructions (2)

Choose either Facebook on the left, or Twitter on the right.

GT6 sony japan megane promotion instructions (5)

Choose a car image to post to your feed.

GT6 sony japan megane promotion instructions (4)

Authorize the post, then redeem your code.

GT6 sony japan megane promotion instructions (8)

Thanks to chikane for the tip!

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