Get Your Car in Gran Turismo via the 2011 GT Awards

September 18th, 2011 by Jordan

Each year at SEMA in Las Vegas, Sony hosts the “Gran Turismo Awards” – a competition with one very important judge (Kazunori Yamauchi), who selects a car on display at the show for inclusion in a GT game.

The Awards have brought some interesting color and variety to car lists over the years, including Art Morrison’s 1960 Corvette and the late JR Rocha’s heavily-customized Infiniti G37, and it’s now time to add another car to GT‘s roster.  If you’re presenting a car at SEMA 2011 (or know someone who is), fill out the official entry form and Kazunori will come calling. The winner will be revealed at the Awards party on November 3, 2011.

For the rest of us wondering when we’ll get to virtually thrash the eventual winner, Sony’s entry form offers some conflicting clues. The form’s main page claims the winner will be included in a “future edition of Gran Turismo“, while the official rules clearly state “the winner’s vehicle will be digitally recreated and will appear in Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3 system.” As usual, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Good luck to all entrants, and thanks to all of you who sent this in!

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  1. Madman2kai10+1

    Mark 2 escort!!!!!

  2. Raggi_Boy

    The Fast And Furious Dodge Charger, that beast looks like it has 2000hp!

  3. Honestly,you can call me crazy but I’m dying for a 1st gen DSM. But not just any. John Shepherd’s 91′ 7 second AWD Talon. Not a whole lot of people know what it’s like to drive a 1,000+whp AWD DSM. I myself do and it’s unlike anything else. I own and have owned all kinds of different performance cars. I have to say that the entire experiance that you get all together when driving one of these cars tuned to 1,000whp or more is awe inspiring and just leaves you at a loss for words. Sure,there are plenty of cars that are “faster” but it’s not just that. It’s just not possible to describe to someone who does’nt know. I grew up around true hot rods and muscle cars. Yet I’m still a big fan of the turbo AWD cars and I don’t think I’ll be turning back anytime soon.
    That or something that NRE (Nelson Racing Engines) built. I like the 1,500whp street driven Twin turbo big block RX-7. That would be fun around the ring! Plus they are sure to be at SEMA.

  4. RADracing

    A Porsche can’t win and even if iy did there would be a licensing issue with EA still. Just add more Ruf’s & in premium please with option to race mod & livery.

  5. Koenigsegg cxr plz

  6. fzstforce

    Why don’t they make the BMW E39 or an Opel Vxr Nurburgring Astra. That would be a head turner because it would be a beauitful replacement for the old dtm Astra.

  7. GT_Johan

    Someone with a Porsche should enter

  8. TurboProp

    Year One Bandit Trans Am

  9. Lotus 49!

  10. Bigbillwrx

    Holden VL Calais Turbo, Series 2, 1988 Model, the car is a machine, comes factory standard with a 3 Litre RB 30 Nissan skyline turbo engine.. This will be awesome to have this car in the game..

  11. euros only

    ice cream truck!!!

  12. Why not a exciting car that isnt in the game like a Ferrari F50

  13. Most awesome car for me to put in the game is definitly the E30 :)

  14. ABD_Krabz

    something, hellaflush,vip or jdm

  15. Masterleaf

    I know what will win, an old Skoda Felicia with some dents. Wait, that’s my Sister’s car.

  16. ZX-14Beast

    68 GTO Judge, 69 General Lee, 68 Bullitt, 75 Gran Torino, 77 Trans AM, New and old Kitt

  17. A Veritas RS III Roadster please. This Car is awesome!!!

  18. tw34kfr34k

    what happens if a porsche wins? :p

  19. SKOT Free

    GT5 really should have car pack DLC’s addressing different catagories like Concepts,Movie Cars, D1 drift,etc. If i did one for movie/TV show cars I’d go:

    Back to the Future delorean(With Flux Capacitor!)

    Kitt from Knightrider

    Dukes of Hazard Charger(w 01 and confederate flag)

    Automans car(Look up Automan on wiki)

    Buckaroo Banzai Jet Car

    Smokey and the Bandit Firebird

    Starski and Hutch Torino

    The Love Bug(Herbie) VW bug

    Got any more guys?

  20. edmoore

    e39 bmw m5. Only ever been in one game, which was need for speed high stakes…
    which was awful.

  21. I’m gonna enter Pee Wee’s bike from Pee Wee’s big adventure so everyone get excited to see a bicycle come to a GT series.

  22. I think I’m felling a little Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo. But no,an old race car or really any Leans car will do.

  23. James bond

    The old black and red Bat mobile

  24. 88FoxBodyFan

    veilside supra

  25. ChicoMaloXD

    If they are really going to release new content. Is there any chance they will announce it at the GT Awards?

  26. Orca Sc7

    Put me in the game please, noone knows who i am.

  27. bass264

    My DLC alarm is going off, I hope we get new content at some point…

  28. SLR McLaren Stirling Moss!!

  29. I once saw at a car show (don’t remember what) a Honda De sol with transparent hood and glow-in-the-dark mirrors and spoiler. I’m not a huge fan of the De Sol, but that was the coolest tuned car ever…I hope that guy enters the show lol

  30. Praggia

    wow how incredibly boring
    how bout some new content already???

    • Looks like there may very well be new content after November 3rd!

    • New content will probably be racesuits etc ( Seb Vettel , Stig & probably other racing drivers from around the world. )
      New features will probably be more live online race seasonals etc.
      No tweet from Kaz with cars & tracks mentioned , nothing interesting is coming.

      GT6 Prologue car news also.

      That is all.

  31. Stephanos82

    To vortex: don’t be so cocky and sure that i’ll do better than Kaz! I bet u anything that if you post ur ideas of how u would make the perfect gt5 half the community would probably disagree with you ! I personally love gt5, don’t give a damn about standard cars. If i could have more realistic physics, it’d be even happier! Physics > pixelated shadows or reflections of trees on my exhaust..

    • That’s not Physics , that’s graphics.

      Physics is the movement of the car(s) in relation to the track and / or it’s surroundings.

      +1 for enhanced graphics though.

    • xXKingJoshXx

      He said “Physics > pixelated shadows or reflections…” not “Physics are pixelated shadows or reflections…” lol

  32. The winner may be a Miata.

  33. I would personally love to see a replica Delorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future! Imagine sitting inside it. Plus after you hit 88mph who knows what will happen.

  34. OHHH, i sure hope the MINCOMP mini is at sema. But now with a zcars conversion. That would’ve been sweet!

  35. zman1350

    I liked the aufi, S 2000, and G37 ( although I wouldn’t want a ps3 and a tv in my G37 racecar) hopefully someone gets a Porsche in or please no cars that are like old I want something that looks original or looks radical with body kits but thats just me. I just want a car that a boy would dream about

    • 98destroyer

      Yo dawg we heard you like PS3 so we put a PS3 in yo PS3 game so you can play PS3 while playing yo PS3.

    • A_Higher_Place

      98destroyer – U lyke mudkipz?

  36. GTP_Cobra

    No more skylines!

  37. I wish I was in kaz his shoes… I would make gt5 so much better. Too bad there is no way for the regular guy to just make a game on the level of gt5…

  38. userme5

    Switzer P1000…Porsche 911 GT1…Polestar Volvo C30…Brian’s Skyline from F&F2…Zastava 101 :D

  39. Please dont pick a fiat 500

  40. How about ANY new cars? When the next GT gets released they’ll finally have ’10 cars in there, but 3,498 versions of one car! Kaz needs to stop doing this car show shenanigans and focus on the product!

  41. Ford Sierra rs 500.. Opel Manta 400 and the Ascona 400. And the audi Quattro rally car..why is that not on the game? Pug 205 and delta are cool but audi looks sicj

  42. YouKnowItMakesSense

    Alot of cars SHOULD be in this game,but there is one era that is not really truly represented in the game and that era is the 1980’s and if there are a car or should i say car’s that dominated in that decade they should be the following.

    The BMW E30 M5 touring car and FORD’S sierra RS500 touring car.

    Both these cars should be in the game,surely?

    • The E30 is an M3, but ya there are still a bunch of cars that simply can not fall through the cracks of inclusion for GT6.
      I have full confidence in PD that they’ve heard a lot of the “wants” and are doing everything to bring as absolute masterpiece for PS4.

    • +1 80’s era and the E30. An ‘ole Monte Carlo would be pretty sweet too.

  43. leepangfu

    Top Gear should enter with Geoff :D

  44. Mygroth

    I can’t believe they didn’t implement an MX-3 1.8 24V V6

  45. West Coast Custom Gt-R or SLS…
    Tune it up a little…

  46. Hunter2557

    Somebody better bring one of Mark Skaifes 04,05,06,07 or 08 car I love V8 supercars

    • Killer Tiller

      Anything from HRT, HSV or HDT will do. A GTS, Maloo and blue meanie would be my picks

  47. zedextreme8177

    Aston Martin V12 Zagato!!!

  48. bmxmitch

    Hopefully noone shows up with some sort of Kubelwagen or Schwimmwagen…..Kazunori surely chooses this one then.. :P

  49. Mazerati

    Just remember that the car will be in “another” GT, not 5, so even if the winner was a car you really like, don’t expect to be driving it until at least the arrival of GT6.

  50. May I dare to hope for anything with car lashes?

  51. Would like to see a Factory Five Racing ’33 Hot Rod. Top less, fender less.

  52. Let’s keep some perspective, fellas. We paid 60 bucks for a game that regularily gets tweaked and added to. I don’t recall any dlc for ‘altered beast’ on sega genesis

    • DLC as a concept for gaming companies to use as an add on tool wasn’t even invented then.
      Therefore your comment is invalid sadly.

    • Altered Beast was finished though. Like most games were back in those days. Now games companies release half finished games and then patch them at a later date. What is sadder is that consumers just accept it as the norm these days.

    • Welcome to the future of gaming unfortunately ……
      This particular trend will get worse & worse , & has been doing so for a while now.

    • @TJC_69
      are you serious buddy lol! Thanks for info. You sadly missed the point.

    • Yes Rayline , i’m serious lol. I got your point , ( PD tweaks the game & gives us new content for 60 bucks , that’s such good value etc……Right ? )

      Then you compared GT5 to a game that was released in an era before DLC was even thought of. Whether you liked the game as much as GT5 or not , there’s no comparison that can be made there as GT5 is still an unfinished product unlike the previous game you mentioned.

      A better comparison would maybe be Uncharted 2 ? I.E – A game from this generation that didn’t require DLC as it was a complete product , was relevant to the current generation , and was good value for money.

      Maybe you missed my point perhaps ? Lol

  53. How about they cut all this crap and focus on gt5 alone, and NOTHING ELSE. Think about it if you have a big late school project are you going to keep the professor (all of us) waiting for it as you parade around going out every night??? NO!!!!! And they should make up some fake aftermarket company for porsches. Real cars, fictional companies…….. I’m sick of these fools AND EA!!!!! NFS SUXXXXXXX

    • Yeah those tight eyed radio-active rich greedy back stabing midget faggets, you don’t see forza doing this….. And I h8 forza.

    • You know, that is true. But only if you have an army of employees in your own studio that writes that big late school project for you.

  54. Killer Tiller

    The interceptor from mad max would be awesome.

  55. Killer Tiller

    The interceptor from mad max would be awesome

  56. My car will win. I have an 87 Honda Prelude with a crown shaped air freshener on the dash and I painted my stock calipers red. I also chromed the windshield

    • FlareKR

      Hell yeah, my car is better. It’s a ________. It’s friggin awesome, huh?!

  57. alexlam24

    I have a good feeling my mother’s 2011 Acura MDX will make it into SEMA. Its got a 3.7 liter V6, 300 HP engine plus SH-AWD for superior handling!

  58. Can u even buy a g37 like that in real life

    • Infiniteracing

      I do believe that car is a one of a kind. It is probably in somebodies garage somewhere and they would maybe sell it to you if your ballin like that. Or you could go buy a stock G37 and try to customize it like that yourself.

    • I really wonder why it has a company name then and I’ve seen a white one of those in real life so I don’t think they are one of a kind

  59. Zeggawong

    I’d like the zombie 240z or something from workshop Rauh Welt (Rough world)

  60. HPUnleashed

    It’s way to hard to pick just one… Maybe the 2011 Shelby Mustang? Oh, no wait! The Gumpert Apollo!

    I don’t know, honestly, I’ll be happy with any new premium cars we get!

  61. EliteDreamer

    I hope the winner will be a classic. I’m thinking 60s or 70s.

    • Aces & Eights

      Agreed, we need to be able to enjoy the things from before our times. Model T’s and such!

  62. Normalaatsra

    Well this proves something that GT5 will continue to develop itself.

  63. jason paul

    wonders if my export ’97 taurus would win..needs a wask,rego,tyres,driver,2 more cylinders??

  64. A_Higher_Place

    A think a full field of FIA GT1 cars should enter and Kaz should add them all ;)

  65. LoneWanderer

    I think a premium model of Top Gear’s destroyed Hilux would be awesome.

  66. Bubblelly542

    Oscar Myer (sp?) Wiener mobile

  67. Dylan Otoshiro

    Jeremy Clarksons “Toybota”

  68. You guys don’t seem to get it, they’re not just putting some random car in, its just going to be like all the other years, Kaz is going to pick one car he likes at SEMA and it will win the Gran Turismo award, then it will be put into Gran Turismo.. The title is a bit deceiving though..

    • Bubblelly542

      We are just having fun aand wishing people woyld take these cars to SEMA.

  69. my custom mach convertible one will once again remain in my garage, im not sharing that thing =P

  70. Get your entries in now! If you win, your car will be in Gran Turismo 9 due to be released 2023

    • +10

    • Well, according to that math, 4 GT games would come out in 12 years, meaning 1 game per 3 years, which is a major improvement… :D

  71. I Love GT5

    an 800hp axell auto gtr will be nice

  72. AdrianC30R

    Can some one get the 400 HP AWD Polestar Volvo C30 PCP into SEMA so it can win and my life can be complete!?!

  73. RossionQ1

    Put in a Rossion Q1. If you don’t know what it is look it up. Probs one of my fav cars

    • It looks a bit like an Elise.

    • eunos_cosmo

      It’s a noble. Yawn.

    • Rossion Q1

      Say whatever you want, it’s American and it looks sick with orange and offset double stripes

    • More like it’s an American interpretation of a British sports car.

      And unfortunately the original is better than the cover.

  74. Elanor from gone in 60 seconds

    • GT_johan

      Yeah that would be sweet to drive

    • 07_HSV_GTS

      It’s that nice I would just buy it and look at it and not drive it ingame.

  75. I think the only entrants should be Porsches. That would make some good legal mayhem!

  76. eunos_cosmo

    After briefly looking through what might/will appear at SEMA 2011, I think I’d really like to see one of the custom tuned Ford Raptor’s gain entry into the GT series. I think that would be a lot of fun, especially on the rally surfaces. There are quite a few Dakar cars already on GT5, sadly none of them are premium.

  77. For some reason, I doubt my 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5 S (stock) will make it. :/

  78. CrashBandicoot

    Pussy wagon*

  79. CrashBandicoot

    How about the Puss wagon from kill bill? Lol

  80. Are porsche disqualified? LOL
    Porsche 911 gt3 :) my fav porsche after the carrera gt

    • mrmellow

      Porsche 911 gt3 /drool … to bad it will never happen.

    • neema_t

      If Ruf can be featured, I’m sure a custom Porsche could be… The other SEMA winners haven’t been the ‘Ford’ Trans Cammer, High Performance ‘Infiniti’ G37 nor the Art Morrison ‘Chevrolet’ Corvette, so surely we could have, say, a Techart GT Street or whatever. Technically they’re just as much a Porsche as Ruf are. Not that I’m holding out any hope, plus I don’t really care, but there’s probably nothing stopping PD from including a ‘Porsche’ if it won the SEMA prize.

    • RUF is one of the few tuners with a manifacturer license. That’t why they are in GT series avoiding Porsche EA exclusive.

    • EA has a deal with Porsche, they will not come to PD, you’ll have to do with RUF, sorry, would love to drive the Carrea GT my self :(

  81. Masterleaf

    Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust from Top Gear. That or the Fiat Panda Limo.

    • AstonMartinGT5

      +1 just for the lolz!! XD

    • Citroën CX, Jeremy’s motorhome edition.

    • stjimmy

      James May’s Triumph yacht

    • Mattblazz


    • Salmaan595

      Hammonds suzuki police 4×4?

    • UltimateBMWfan

      how about Richard Hammond’s Motorhome boat?
      or the Top Gear pedal powered porsche?

    • Killer Tiller

      I want the electric car they built from scratch haha

    • strikey182

      Or their…
      Renault Avantime
      Renault Espace convertible
      MGF Limo
      Merc Cottage
      Fiat Coupe Police (comeplete with spikes)
      The list could go on, but these would be the best in my opinion :D

  82. Big Ron

    Every car, Kaz has chosen from the Sema didn´t match my taste in any way. Every car was absolute ugly customized and the original character of the car was destroyed.

    The only nearly acceptable one was the Trans Cammer. But the hood and missing bumper/ splitter was a no go.

    • sumbrownkid

      Well he’s not exactly selecting cars to match your tastes…

      I think you’re missing the point of SEMA cars anyway.

    • well thats SEMA. That show is meant to showcase the extravagant, and new and wildest customization parts/ tuning shops, all attempting to one up each other from last year.

    • Do you not actually know what SEMA is? Its a trade show thats all about customization.

    • OwensRacing

      Went to SEMA several years back. Thinking it was the first year too. Required credentials as an employee of a performance shop. my buddies ran Auto Improvements and got me in. What a blast. First time to Vegas and got to attend an incredible show. 1997-1999 somewhere in there when we went.

  83. GregTheStig

    G-Power Hurricane RR BMW M5. 800hp superchaged V10. NOW!

    • UltimateBMWfan

      actually the G-Power Hurricane M6 also looks good, but i wish they would add more premium BMW’s to the list

  84. OMAR_NOS

    finally a new premiem car! :D

    • Aces & Eights

      Dukes of Hazzard General Lee ’69 Dodge Charger PLEASE!!!
      and the green 1968 fastback Mustang from Bullitt!!!

    • alex l.

      ^^ This

    • It’ll take them 6 years to even think about rendering it…… meh :/

    • Zeggawong

      Both of those cars are in the game pretty much. The Charger and a Shelby GT350.

    • FlareKR

      But there is no Highlander Green 68 Mustang Fastback! We NEED IT!

  85. wrxowner

    a really nice fox body(87-93) mustang would be sweet, its never been in a game. ive owned several. Stock there crap but theres a huge amount of aftermarket support for them.

    • 88FoxBodyFan


    • +1

    • CamaroBoy

      - 2

    • OwensRacing

      I’d love a Fox body in a drag pack.

      As well there was a SN95 Bob Bourdant* Racing school in a previous GT. That car could easily be added as standard and make me happy. They was pre mod motor version. Pushrod FTW.

  86. stjimmy

    ooooo Arial atom v8 would be really cool.

  87. Diamond1586

    I hope someone makes à damn fine noble m400 or an Ariël Atom or something. Ahum ascari ahum

  88. DrTrebor007

    Cool, i wonder if we will will ever get a PREMIUM Jensen Interceptor…so many car chases, so little time :)

  89. “The winner will be revealed at the Awards party on November 3, 2011.”

    November 3rd 2011, sounds like a release date … :D

  90. Honchie

    Ferrari P4/5 road car & the Competizione version that ran at the 24hrs of the ring this year.

  91. NASCARFAN160

    Please, someone make a BttF DeLorean and enter this thing! :P

    • GT_Johan

      +1 =D

    • +1 indeed

    • daics69


    • + over 9000

    • Infiniteracing

      Make the car, take it back to 2010, enter SEMA, and win so I can go drive it in the game now. :)

    • FlareKR

      + 88 times

    • 07_HSV_GTS

      Screw that idea, Someone make a 2007 Walkinshaw GTS and send it to the show!!! That car would win something, and needs to be in the GT5.

    • JasonMann

      saab please

    • Thomas2012

      A 4WD mini cooper rally car

    • Hell yeah! When you screw up you just go faster than 88mph and go back to just before your mistake…….

      hmmmm… does every car in forza have a flux capacitor hidden under the bonnet?

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