Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition, Pre-Order Details

June 15th, 2010 by Jordan

Via the PlayStation EU Blog:

The included diecast car is an exclusive 1:43 scale 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V with a custom Gran Turismo livery designed by Polyphony Digital, produced by well-known collectible car maker Kyosho, who have been making some of the best collectible diecast cars for over 20 years. The 300+-page exclusive Collector’s Edition book from Polyphony Digital will be essential reading for GT fans, containing everything from the history of the automobile, to driving techniques, professional racing tips, car and engine basics and tuning know-how, and reference data about Gran Turismo 5. I want to warn you that the Collector’s Edition has a limited run, so pre-order it quickly if you want to guarantee your copy.

The exciting pre-order program for Gran Turismo 5 offers exclusive and beautiful in-game cars as bonuses, including the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Nissan GT-R GT500, McLaren F1, and more. Each car features an exclusive and stylish Gran Turismo-themed “stealth” livery custom-designed by Polyphony Digital, with select performance upgrades over the standard versions of the cars available in the game. Pre-orders offers will be coming soon at participating retailers for both the standard and Collector’s Edition versions.

Last but certainly not least, here is the brand new trailer for Gran Turismo 5 that debuted just a short while ago at Sony E3 press conference. Get a glimpse of some of the thrilling racing Gran Turismo 5 will offer, featuring World Rally Championship rally cars kicking up dust clouds at night, SuperGT cars racing through scenic Europe, NASCAR cars jockeying for position, the Stig on the Top Gear test track, and much more.

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  1. I’m definitely getting this but i wish the American’s got an American die-cast car, like a Viper or Mustang or a corvette, you know? But still, very cool. Hey guys if you want to join my GT5 league message me on Playstation, I’m BubbleBelly542!

  2. FORZA PWNs !!

    WoW , whos gonna buy this?

  3. Is it gonna release in canada!!!!!!

  4. I’ve heard of an ultimate edition being released. Some Gamestops in the US have mentioned it. Anyone have any info on what it is, or if it actually exists?

  5. Paid of the CE today now just have to wait 4 months for it to come out cant wait.

  6. I live in Australia, and my primary concern is if I pre-order from, will I still be able to use the DLC’s in the Australian PS Store?

    • TokyoDrift

      No, you will not be able to use DLC from another region.

    • Yes but you have to use the codes in the same region they are from.
      So if you ordered from a US store you have to use the code in a US user account.
      I live in KSA and I use promotional codes all the time that are US only.

  7. ThatOneGuy

    @ DxalxD: 99 big ones. Definitely worth it imho. I had the regular edition pre-ordered @ gamestop and the employees said they would call as soon as the collectors edition was available to upgrade me. They didn’t, however I might be asking too much to be notified the same say its in their computer. Anyways I just went in and transferred my preorder to the collectors edition when I found out about it. You better believe I’ll be first in line on launch day.

    I seem to have a love/ hate relationship with GT5. I hate on it that its taking so damn long to get into my PS3, and thats its been delayed so long. But PD has been absolved of all of their “sins” in my eyes now they have a release date. The wait for this game seems to be worth it for sure.

  8. How much does it cost again?

  9. OmegaAbyss

    According to GT’s website, the 5 cars will be premium DLC models…this seems to confirm DLC for the game

  10. OmegaAbyss

    Just pre-ordered today

  11. Game Stop started taking pre-orders today. The retail is $99.99 with a minimum $10 deposit. Finally, Polyphony has made a collector’s edition of Gran Turismo. Keep it coming Polyphony, I’ll buy the collector’s edition of all future Gran Turismo games.

  12. Ferrari

    I got mine pre-ordered by in-store Gamestop

  13. @Watain is not the Canadian version, the only Canadian site is or

  14. terminator363

    i got mine from gamestop I’m in canada

    • is the Canadian Gamestop or American one? The canadian Gamestop has not updated to pre-order this.

  15. just got mine from (the canadian version of gamestop i think, as its powered by gamestop)
    man i cannot wait!!!!!!

  16. terminator363

    Just pre-ordered it! sweet!

  17. Hacki_Roku

    ive pre order it twice, once at my local retailer, where im first on the pre-order list, and a second one from gamestop, where ive purchased/pre-ordered games before and have a great service. the second one i will receive will stay inbox for my private collection. Cant wait to put this on my PS3, and thanks anyway to all you guys who got us informed about gamestop pre order. :)

  18. GameStop’s site is starting to take preorders for the Collector’s Edition.

  19. You can pre-order from

    Use coupon code E310 for free overnight shipping.

  20. LeStique

    I fear that this will not be on sale in Europe (even though that would mean that pd is not supplying their biggest market)…


  21. snaketus

    Pre-ordered mine. Can’t wait!

    • skylinegtr35

      from where?

    • snaketus

      My local retailer. I don’t know where they get them, but they will deliver it to me.

  22. GTracerRens

    I wnat that one!!!!

  23. Ferrari

    Going to my local gamestop right now

    • LeRoy3rd

      At it said available for shipping only, no in-store pick-up. :-(

  24. damn. i dunno whether it will b oficially pre-ordered in russia or i ll hav 2 find other ways 2 get it
    same old …. AGGGAIN!

  25. LeRoy3rd

    Just pre-ordered CE at!

  26. StillAwaitingGT

    Yes, I, too, want to know when and where to preorder this collectors edition of GT5! :)

    The GT-R model should be very nice.
    I collect diecast models and the Kyosho brand is well respected!

  27. zuggerat

    I’ve had this damn game pre-ordered since early 09, I should get the model for freeeeeee.

  28. Apophis_2029

    Now somebody have to find the US- or EU-Version and everybody here will be very lucky …! :-D

  29. Lul men

    So… Where can I get my GT5 collectors edition!!??

  30. Just noticed that offers the limited edition (JP-version) for pre-order at USD 89,90 and a release date of December 2010.

  31. Must find where to get this as this is the edition I want. All the bells and whistles. If there is one game I’ll spend a lot more on for a special edition, Gran Turismo is it!!!

  32. Sufferes

    I hope that the book and maybe even the car would be available for purchase outside the pre-order too

  33. DustDriver

    Gamemania in Belgium has allowed people to preorder a special edition from the beginning, and they’ve stopped registering preorders for it a long time ago.
    And I didn’t preorder it :(

  34. terminator363

    When can I pre-oreder this thing anyways?

  35. idlestation

    woah.. collectors edition sounds cool.. I already have the game preordered, but I guess I’ll have to throw more money at it now.

    I can’t wait to try out that McLaren F1!

  36. DaveTheStalker

    As soon as Gamestop gets thus sku I’m their system, I will be transferring my exixting preorder!

  37. Nice Price !!! That should be about 60-70 Euros. I expected the game alone to cost that much. Bring it on !

  38. ElieTheBear

    why the gt-r ?? and not the sls amg scale !!??

  39. crazedmodder

    I don’t know if it really matters or not but just to point out the EU blog doesn’t have the CE details just that it will be released.

    The US blog does though @’s-official-gran-turismo-5-is-coming-november-2-2010/

    Plus huge thanks for letting us know about this, I definitely want the CE! I can’t wait!

  40. FlareKR

    Awesome, I gotta pre-order this whenever GameStop is even able to take pre-orders. :D
    I see that this says EU blog. Does that means this pack will be available in the USA or no? And how much?

  41. Im getting it for the book mainly, i love big books, it reminds me the good age of the pc games with great manuals (like Xwing and Tie fighter).

  42. i pre-ordered the regular game today at my local gamestop. i asked about the collectors edition and the lady at the store told me that since it was just announced today they are not takin pre-orders yet. she said i could pre-order the regular game today and i will be notified when the collectors edition is available to pre-order so then i can just upgrade my regular pre-order to a collectors edition pre-order for probably 5 dollars more than my original pre- order which was just 5 dollars. =) i hope that makes sense to everyone and hopefully helps you out.

  43. DamageControl

    How many are there going to be? I want to know if I should order ASAP or if I can wait a while.

  44. dreadlockdragon

    wow awesome a collectors edition good sh¡t i’m on it :D

  45. psn id: Astro_BS-AS


    Here in Argentina is going to cost a thousand dollars… but I don´t care….


  46. scooter1265

    Sold, I’m definently going to pre-order asap

  47. worstdriver1393

    All that for 99 bucks ?? Hell yeah bring it on.

    I don’t know if it will be at my local wal mart LOL

  48. Ferrari

    I will be getting the collectors!

  49. Just got off the phone with my local GameStop. They haven’t heard anything about it, but the guy I was talking to said if it was announced at E3 that it will be on the preorder list the very next day usually. Call your local game shops tomorrow.

  50. Where the freak do you preoder?!

  51. Collector or not, every GT enthusiast like us must buy this edition.

  52. Anyone find out where to preorder this? I’m planning on checking my local Gamestop soon.

  53. The key is the key for me.

  54. I don’t care where to order it, or whatever the shipping costs


  55. says that it’s $99.99

  56. LeStique

    I don’t want this model. But the book and this “look, I am a gaming nerd”- keything… WANT IT WANT IT WANT IT

    I would pre-order it right now, but sadly I have not the faintest idea where…anyone?

  57. RE515TANT

    That 300+ page CE book is the selling point for me. The other things are nice, like the GT-R replica, but that book is full of awesome. Hope it won’t to all too expensive.

  58. Han_the_Dragon

    I’m hopping this is also available for EU and not just the US, since the pack looks really good.
    As for the bonus cars I will probably ignore them at the start like I did with the Veyron and SLR McLaren in the GT PSP.

  59. Whoever manages to preorder it first needs to let us know where and how. I want the Collectors edition so badly.

  60. kasumi02

    Does that mean the standard vers will not have SLS, Mclaren f1 :S

  61. Ner0_sol03

    Nicer firstttt!!!

  62. Nice but I don’t really like the idea of getting better performing cars just for paying more money but I will check it out. I’m guessing this might be pricey with the included model. Roll on Nov 2nd!

    • psn id: Astro_BS-AS

      In no place says anything like that.
      You are going to have the cars right from the start, and with special liveries.
      Nothing more than that.

      If you take into account that the McLaren F1 is going to cost “easily” 2.000.000 credits, is not bad at all to have it from the beginning, if you don´t have the time

    • I think NBH was talking about real money to buy this version of the game, not the in-game money.

      I’ve never considered buying a “collector’s edition” game before, but this one sounds good depending on version costs.

  63. Hope uk gets the same package

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