Gran Turismo 5 “Photo Stream” to Debut in March Update

February 15th, 2012 by Famine

Announced today on the official Gran Turismo website (and through the in-game news function) is a new feature to appeal to all the Gran Turismo shutterbugs, named “Photo Stream”. In essence this feature allows you to share your finest images, anonymously, with the entire Gran Turismo community through an as-yet unpublished URL:

With the coming Gran Turismo 5 update planned for March 2012, we will be starting a new service on worldwide, called “Gran Turismo 5 Photo Stream”.

In GT5 Photo Stream, photographs taken in the photo mode of Gran Turismo 5 and set to “Share” will be shown in a list on a webpage, and be made possible to view by anyone.

The photographs will continue to change periodically, the online ID’s of the photographer will NOT be shown or made public, and there is no evaluation system or the like for the photographs. This is a service which simply introduces what kinds of photographs are being taken in Gran Turismo 5 by players around the world.
Please be aware that any photographs set to “Share” after the start date of this service will be released publically on the web by GT5 Photo Stream.

We hope you’ll look forward to the start of this new service.

* Photographs that had been set to “Share with Friends” before the start date of this service will not be shown in GT5 Photo Stream.
* Due to limitations of time and the number of photograph displayable, not all photographs set to “Share” may be shown in GT5 Photo Stream.

At present gamers can view a specific user’s Shared images on, but only if the user is on their friends list. While Photo Stream will be anonymous it will allow you to browse photographs made by any user so long as they have been set to “Share”, as a showcase for the Photomode part of the game.

Thanks to VYPA-SQUAD_Ace for the first tip!

GT5 Photomode image courtesy of Jamoru.

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  1. ScotteDawg

    Yeah, before I forget, frame by frame slow motion in replays for BETTER PHOTOS and a “Movie Editor” so we can make our own GT5 ‘movies’ to share either here in GTPlanet or, better still, in-game!

    We can share photos, cars and tracks, why not replays?

    • Quakebass

      I’ve got something like that in the Feedback section called “Short Clip Creator – a Photomode and Replay Hybrid”
      (Well, somehow I typed “Hy” instead of “Hybrid”…)
      Vote for it if you want…

  2. ScotteDawg

    The good thing about “Photo Stream” is that the people who don’t have the know-how or the instruments to set their own photos online will get the chance to have their stuff viewed by the public. The problem with PD’s set-up is that it is anonymous! Personally, I don’t see why it should be… Give credit where credit is due!!!

    However, up-graded GT3, GT2 and GT1 tracks would also be greatly appreciated, along with the world’s REAL muscle cars like the HG Monaro, HQ Monaro, A9X, SLR5000, XY GTHO Phase lll and the XC Cobra (all made in Australia) and the best track in the world – BATHURST! As far as PD seem to think, Australia’s invisible.

    Hello…… anybody out there?

  3. eskatonia

    This is lame, copy to USB, upload to flickr and you’ve got this already. PD, how about converting some more GT3 tracks across as DLC instead of lame social stuff? I want Pikes Peak, Seattle etc, etc. I want to race more tracks. I’ll happily pay $20 for a pack of GT3 converted tracks.

    I don’t want to facebook my twitter feed with 4square flickr GT5 photos and I don’t know anyone else who does either.

    • Quakebass

      I don’t think this is the ONLY thing being added in the march update… (I SURE HOPE NOT) I’m expecting at least a car pack… hopefully PD add a paint shop where you can buy paint chips with in-game credits in the future so that you can get more copies of the DLC paints… I still haven’t used mine for fear of wasting one… Also a livery editor, I don’t care if its as basic as adding a stripe, or just painting and EXISTING stripe or decal – it would seem easy enough to add in; they could just put it in the GT Auto section and have a “paint livery” button. You could paint each individual piece of the livery, (like one stripe red, the other blue) or all parts (to simplify it) with any of your current colors. If a car didn’t have a livery (and didn’t have an option to add any) it could just give a message saying “no livery options available”. And of course, I’d love to see plenty more cars and tracks… doesn’t everyone else?

  4. hobanator24

    this sounds cool. cant wait for the march update. what would be really cool and people have already this, but an upload replay to youtube feature like in just cause 2.

  5. chucksstuntman

    all i want in the next update at least for a couple weeks is a huge increase in seasonal event rewards. my bspec bob is already level 40. aspec is 35. id like to get that trophy for max aspec level. also im 659 cars out of the 1000+. but i need a ton more money for these 20,000,000 dollar cars and the expensive OCD cars. (i’d love to own the mazda 787b for instance… or the two ferarri F1 racers and old one).

  6. young car joc

    and dont forget to send me a pic of your own

  7. omnibusse

    Might be interesting to see other peoples’ photos. But I wished for other real community features like “autolog” in NFS…

    • TokoTurismo

      Ohohoh, we must have something similar to that in GT6. I really want one. :D

    • MyFavoriteGame

      Yes we really….or at least some kind of system to compare laps times with the online community or with friends

  8. Jackthalad

    Bloody hell that photo is amazing!

  9. SEIDO463

    This is a cool idea! I’ll be looking forward to seeing other players GT5 pics!
    I take pics all the time and will posting up!

    As for the March update, PD please bring back the more dynamic chase cam.
    Also, in photo mode it would be great to see the zoom restriction gone for standard cars.

    Thanks PD, keep it up がんばれ!

  10. BHalpen

    Nevermind some photo option. The only picture I took I shared once, just to earn that trophy for doing it! Why not give us more optional locations for the track editor feature, that’s something I’m going to use!

    • another_jakhole

      I agree. I was really expecting it from Spec 2. I’m thinking it’s either that it’s too time consuming to create each environment (not sure, it just sounds likely), or that it hasn’t been talked about enough from people on the forums that PD monitors. I’m thinking more along the lines about the number of times that it gets brought up. Let us start, meow (now)!

    • quavers

      You can win them from some Amg Nύrburgring and grand tour

  11. LeftyWright69

    Ge wiz let me think …………. hummm……… Still no frame by frame ????? W T F. Another worthless endevor by the makers of all those worthless uniforms and worthless helmits.

  12. gtpsuper24

    What does taking photos have to do with driving???? What a total waste of time and energy and manpower. Never understood the point of taking pictures with a fake camera of fake digital cars on fake digital backgrounds off your TV. or has pictures of real cars taken in real life with a real camera.

    • young car joc

      so u can take pics of cars u cant get ur hands on and take a picture the way u want to see it as

    • TokoTurismo

      ^ What he said…

    • Quakebass

      Gran Turismo has evolved from a racing game to a game for many interests; photography is one of them; a camera with all of the abilities of the GT5 camera is most likely UPWARDS of $600. With GT5, you get everything plus a large array of locations and cars to photograph for $360 OR LESS. With GT5 you can basically pause at ANY point and time and position the camera in ways that wouldn’t be possible in real-life situation. With real photography you need all sorts of equipment, and need to pay for travel, and sometime to rent the cars to photograph. It’s much more cost-efficient and, in fact, EASY to photograph in GT5 over all.

    • another_jakhole

      Perrrrrfectly explained, Quakebass.

  13. young car joc

    If u guys want a real site for this stuff…check out my website just for this.. im still creating it to make it perfect but u can still go on it and plz tell me how u like it and if u have any suggestions it would help…u can send me the email in the contact us section……p.s dont forget to tweet, like, or +1 it on the homepage!!!!

  14. MegaDr1ft

    As you can see, many GT5 players have criticised this new add-on. What would make GT5 a better game is if there were a way in which you could save replays and import them on a USB Flash drive. We can do that with photo’s so why not with movies?

    It will provide greater popularity of sites such as Youtube, not only promoting but adding to the whole package of the “Real Driving Simulator”.

    I hope fellow GT players will back this up. PD please take this into consideration as I and many others will be greatful if this were included in the game.

    Cheers. :)

  15. Hastatus

    …another unimpressive waste of time. This will not appeal to many, nor will it be popular for long with the few who take interest. If PD really wanted to help the photographers (rather than themselves, which is probably what the pictures are for: i.e. free art for them to use however they wish), they could fix the camera settings so we could save our settings and not have to reset everything everytime we take a picture.

  16. HKS racer

    Lame PD was lame

  17. AngelPlayStar

    Sorry but we can manage our pictures in many many ways .. too many .. waiting to manage our Replays! always!

  18. ZeGermanBastorD

    Wow PD, that’s so lame. :/

    Check out There you can post your images non-anonymous, with a rating system & without a limit of 8 pics. And it’s up since month. A absolutely essential page, not only for traders.

    Nice try to copy the idea, lol.

    • TokoTurismo

      Have you heard of a word called, “inspiration”? You should look it up when ready or atleast bored…

    • MegaDr1ft

      True. There should be a way were you can save replays onto USB, then post them on Youtube in 1080p. That would be awsome!

  19. GT HP Nut

    I’d rather set up a gallery of my own here on GTPlanet.

  20. 2012 NASCARS PLEASE!

  21. DA6righthand

    That’s a damn good pic of that GTR by the way. I’ve looked at it a few times.

  22. tpark103

    2.05 25mb just downloaded

  23. RTSolvalou

    I hope they make it so that you don’t see 20 skylines in a row. Each photo should be tagged with the car make so that the server can deliver a variety.

  24. TokoTurismo

    Oh man theres is so much rage in this news for crying out LOUD! This is just sad. When the event creator caomes, “Yay we got the event ceator but theres not enough TRAAAAAACKS.”

    When we get all cars are premium, “Yay all cars are premium but theres to many JAPANESE CAAAAAARS.”

    When the game is bug free which not possible, “YAY GT5 is finally finished but GT5 still LAAAAAACKS what we waaaaaaant.”

    I’m so bored of G.T.FIIIIIIIIIIVE.



  25. southernpride20

    I agree with you guys this game lacks , Cars /& tracks bring back the gt3/gt4 tracks and real world tracks and premium cars ,fix the damn bugs . they could make a huge dlc if they wanted to, heck they said they already had a bunch of things ready to go just had to pick what to put out ever 2 dang months and here lately hasnt been much but measly . make a track pack of a bunch of tracks and cars put it in dlc & see if people will buy it and fix ur bugs i hate the fact that the game is unfinished lol everytime they release a update we get more bugs.

  26. r1ryder424

    for the love of god can we please get some real world tracks and some of the old tracks??????? i refuse to spend anymore money on dlc unless it is a track package dlc.

    • I agree!
      U know what?
      I had forgotten all about GT5 museum.(updates every time u sign in)
      I have never really looked at it. So, I looked around in the Ford one.
      Lotsa old pics. Nice, BUT..(if I want auto history, I’ll get a book from the library)
      What a waste. All that space/memory/time, etc could have been used for MORE TRACKS!!
      Isn’t that what we all REALLY want? All the extras r nice, but I’d give ‘em all up 4 MORE TRACKS.

    • hobanator24

      seriously stop complaining. Are you a game designer? do you know how much work it takes to make a game as good as this? I would rather see new updates and bug fixes than new DLC. You have to remember that GT5 is as much a learning tool as it is a racing simulator and its a pretty damn good one. I appreciate the steady progress the game and the comstant stream of information keeping us up to date.

  27. GTP_Yamicarlos

    Or at least Premium RUF, like the CTR-3 or the RT12S!

  28. GTP_Yamicarlos

    I want Porsche to debut in the game!!

  29. rjcraft16

    i hate forza and microsoft but it only took them a total 4 years to fully detail 700 thats including DLC but i know its because the driving engine isn’t it?

    • numanair

      That’s a very good question. I too have wondered why it takes polyphony so long to make the cars compared to Turn 10. My guess is that GT has more detail and work put into the physics. Turn 10 might also have more people working on cars. Whatever the case, Polyphony seems to just work so *slowly*. I’m glad they still work on the game, but sometimes they seem to take forever to get anything done.

  30. savageajames

    AHH MAN! I have some really great photos :D This is sweet. Polyphony is doing a great job with the community and updates!!!

  31. Kratos_Q8

    more freaking A-spec kaz come on !!!

  32. great,i can take photo’s

  33. BayneHamlin1121

    They never run out of ideas, eh? ^^

  34. Watt2159

    I think that aside from the website itself, we should also be able to view the pictures via ingame as well.

  35. CNSpots1

    the crybabies are idiots. why would they release an update today and tommorow(if you’re in the US like me) just for bugfixes then wait another 15 or so days to let us share photos publicly… this falls perfectly in line with the DLC every 2 months…gosh what whiners…

  36. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY THING BEING UPDATED IN MARCH! Why winch about it guys? :/

    There will be something for everyone and I believe Kaz is doing his best to please us all. We’ve got DLC, we’ve got standard cockpit views, we’ve new features such as tokens for GT Auto, what more can you guys possibly want? Seriously, this is not the place to be moaning. If you really want to get their attention EMAIL THEM! That’s the only way they’ll respond. Things like petitions and alike are useless. They don’t care about how many signatures someone has, they want feedback from their customers. If there is enough demand for such feature or DLC then it will be implemented in the next (major) update.

    Yes there is problems with the game, yes things like a paint chip shop should be featured, and all rims for every car, but Kaz can only do so much at any given time. Think about what he has to deal with. Sponsorships, contracts, staff wages, staff safety, development, feedback and a whole list of other things.

    We will get the features in time, but that’s just it. IN TIME. Patience is a virtue.

    Just be happy with what you’ve got and stop being so unappreciative and self-centred.

    • TokoTurismo

      This is the sentence I wanted to write but didn’t have the power too from the last news. Thanks BkS. :)

    • hey mun,those letters in CAPS hurt my ears and eyes

    • Enthusiastgt

      Exactly: we the guys that have been here since gt1 know the deal with gt and we dont need to be asking like little spoiled kids we get how hard is to make such a game and we will wait because its always worth the wait well exept or gt3 haha

  37. This is sweet, I’d love a similar thing for replays though.

  38. seanchump

    what a bunch of whiny cry babies.

  39. masaki7026



    pretty lame considering most photomode pictures look boring and flat without some kind of post-processing

  41. masaki7026

    Goodness gracious, you demand WAY too much out of this man Kaz and his game developing team. It takes a lot of effort to make a game of this prestige! Have YOU tried making a simulator game like PD can?

    I’m sorry you want more stuff, but I bet at least 9/10 of you people can even write code for goodness sakes. I can’t, but still.

    This is why you get Forza 4 AND GT5. For the REALl car and gaming fan.

  42. samuelesm

    stop whining you guys, not everyone is going to get what they want. Keep in mind that although Gran Turismo is mainly racing, it is rather for all car enthusiasts, that’s why we have GT TV. Just thank them for their innovation. :)

    • TokoTurismo

      I want to help too, but I can’t. I’ll only get criticized if I do. :'(

  43. bxgungrave81

    Jtwraj u right let’s start a protest against this non driving garbage they keep throwing inbetween this sim game I can deal with b spec but this is off the hook I’m not feeling this for this they should let us jus create our own clubs with logos so when we race we can race in teams

    • Brianuk1

      Sounds like forza 4 to me? I like forza dont get me wrong but if thats what you are after then maybe your playing the wrong game.

  44. MyFavoriteGame

    This only serves as a nasty reminder that I’m not good enough to get the “GTR Official Record” Trophy….oh how I have tried :(

    • MyFavoriteGame

      EDIT – – *This photo*

    • Brianuk1

      Keep trying mate you will get it soon. The time is easy to get but staying on the track is the hardest part.

    • quavers

      I was 17 milerseconds off after that I sold my gtr 07 and did AMG flight academy. (to do even better)

  45. Are any of you ever satisfied? This is just starting to get pathetic now.

    • Brianuk1

      Im satisfied. I love everything about this game and every new feature they add.

  46. bxgungrave81

    I’m wit bwx I think this photo mode could’ve waited so much other things they can b doing with the time an effort I think they kind of went left field with this one with all these websites displayin gt photos y waste valuable time on this not sayin we shouldn’t have it everything they do is welcome an real gt fans will enjoy but this could’ve waited

  47. Sputnik

    I think ability to easily transfer Video Replays and upload to YT would be a more useful feature imo!

    • ChaosStar79

      +1 It’s beyond stupid to have to record my tv to post a video, when I can save and send the replay file already. I know a gt5 replay file is not a video file, but there must be a better way this could be done.

      Also, Tracks. No more cars till we have the missing tracks.

    • Gaz Vonhammer

      I was talking with a dev on the weekend and asked them if it was system intensive or difficult to implement.
      He said it used almost nothing,and it’s part of the SDK.They could put it a option in and it would record the replay.
      I also said if I was Sony i’d pimp universal recording.He said he couldn’t understand why it hadn’t happened.
      I hope with the new PS3 vid editor,they’ add it inThey would be crazy not to.

  48. I want to race. I don’t want anymore photo competitions, b-spec snooze-fests, or museum cards. I want more variety in the events offered so that I can use the vast variety of cars I have. A good start would be in re-instating the Seasonals that were taken away!!! I can’t imagine that would take PD any effort at all since they were there before! I am getting really sick and tired of running the same races with the same requirements over and over again. I want to race and i want to drive the cars myself.

  49. MustangCobra95


  50. Slashfan

    Sweet but I’d rather have big fixes and more cars.

  51. Great, but where’s the ”Driver’s Club” or more A-Spec? Cover the basics before adding a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with actually driving in GT5. Ridiculous Kaz, ridiculous.

    • ps3finest

      What is a Driver’s Club? I have never heard of such a place.

  52. hairystig

    haha brilliant, I thought kaz and PD were supposed to be reading this forum and taking on board what we would like to see added to our game, seriously who has asked for this feature? oh well it is free after all so i won’t complain too much but it does make me laugh.

  53. tpark103

    Always coming up with fresh and interesting ways to keep us into the game.

    • researchALLwars

      keep WHO in the game? Photography students?

      What about the racing drivers? The Drifters. The Test-n-Tuners. The Customizers. The “Aliens”. The Weeknight-Warriors. The Car Guys.

      WE need some love too! *sniff.

    • GTP_Versatile

      So what, everything they’ve added since the 1.03 update “wasn’t” for the test-n-tuners, drifters, and customizers etc etc.? Last time i checked everyone complained about not having a test track they got it… now they still complain?

      I understand you can’t please everyone but at least give the guy credit for what he’s done so far

  54. mando074

    this is a great idea but it would be cool to have the option to share ur name if u want to with the image. i want to be able to take credit for my cool pictures.

  55. Wallbreaker

    When I read “Photostream” I was thinking of something like the Photostream in Apple´s iCloud system and thought it would be the same for photos taken in GT5. To make it easier getting photos from the game onto your computer. As it is right now, it´s nervewrecking. Take photos -> return to home screen -> open photo library -> export photos -> leave the game -> copy photos on USB drive -> copy photos onto your computer…


  56. alexlam24

    No uploading to facebook?

  57. Sputnik

    Please Kazanori San, all wheel types unlocked for all vehicles! Please! I’m on my knees!

  58. Super_Colossal

    God dammit, my friend commented as me. I think it’s a totally cool feature for the record.

  59. brabsky

    Sounds oke, But i bought the game for racing mainly, So some racing related features are higher on my wish list.

  60. GeoQuin4

    I was a bigger fan of the photomode in GT4… a much smoother process to taking pics in races and otherwise.

  61. ferhound

    This is cool!

  62. This game is not finished yet guys…and that is a one of the best news. Keep it up PD!!! We all love you…even the haters!!!

  63. This isn’t revolutionary folks, the ‘other game’ has had something very, very similar for a long time.

    • Slonkoo

      Simon; love the way you are chosing your words :D

    • rovert94

      SImon, I would just like to say that the “other game’s” photomode is much weaker than Gran Turismo’s photomode, except for the online aspects.

  64. researchALLwars

    You guys think the March Update being discussed here is 3.0 ?

    Photo Stream
    ALL Premium wheels available in the wheel shop
    Adjustable Sound sliders (time to crank up that beautiful exhaust note!)
    Adjustable Field-Of-View sliders with Dynamic Chase-Cam on/off
    Paint Chip Purchasing system
    Arcade Options in A-Spec (A.I. Difficulty, please)
    Classic Sports Car pack
    Bathurst, Seattle, and El Capitan track pack

    ..and finally….. EVENT CREATOR!

    I’m feelin it, guys… I’m feelin it! lol

    • TokoTurismo

      Ohh I thought for a momont there that was real. :( But I’ll love those. :)

    • researchALLwars

      Toko, I had a personal bet going that you would respond within 1 minute exactly, and you blew it!

      Slippin, toko…… Slippin.

    • HuskyGT

      Too soon for v3.00. But good options you got in there, specially the paint chip and wheel options.

      I would love to have a slider for adjusting how far or close the interior view is, instead of the current zoom option. An option ranging from -5 to 5, being 0 the default.

    • TokoTurismo

      Gasp, tricked by a sneaky trap. X(

    • gordogg24p

      Crank up that exhaust note, and crank down that in-game music. I may shoot myself if I hear those kids start singing again.

  65. HuskyGT

    Nice. I wonder if DLC will come together with March’s update. And what about 2.05? I was expecting it today.

    • TokoTurismo

      Haha. It was said by Kazunori Yamuchi that the 2.05 update will arrive tomorrow for both North America and Europe. :) Feb 16th.

  66. This may verywell get me finally interested in snapping some pictures in game. I do need a “what all those Camera settings are” for Dummies, though.

  67. TokoTurismo

    Oooo this will be fun. :) I love sharing pictures. Can’t wait for this. ;) Wonderful idea/work PD. :D

  68. marktyper

    AWESOME!!! Currently I share my best pictures through GT5 Facebook fan page but I know that is not enough. HAHA THIS IS SO COOL!!! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT COULD PD do better!? I HOPE that our PSN ID’s will be shown as a way to be discovered!!! I’m not whining.. I think that’s the superior thing in this topic :D


  69. MagicFerrari

    So, this means that there will be a major update in March.

    Great job PD.

    • another_jakhole

      It really does seem to be the case. fingers crossed

  70. VYPA-SQUAD_Ace


  71. I hope there is no limit to the number of photos… like there is now. It’d be awesome if ‘share’ was on as default for all photos taken. Imagine having your thousands of photos in original quality available instead of the 6 or whatever we get now.

  72. Nice to know there still working on the game, and not letting it die. Good Job Kaz!

  73. GTdarjan

    Great! Does anybody know about new DLC? Would it come in March, too?

  74. I hope this means new locations or features for us.
    I’d kill for opening doors, controlable time at Abbey and Hangar, multiple cars and some new locations.

  75. Jamiestarr

    March Update Means New stuff too ??? DLC , Tracks ? Thais Fine, and the Photo Thing
    Will be Great


    Wow it’s great how they keep adding features! How about a YouTube channel to share Video straight from the game?

    • Or just the ability to upload to our own YouTube channels from within the game.

    • alexlam24

      There might be a lack of ram but IDGAF!!! I dont care if it takes 3 minutes or 3 hours. We could all upload when we sleep or something


    Good news, new features are coming

  78. Great news!

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