Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition, Collector’s Edition Announced for International Release

August 4th, 2010 by Jordan

Remember when we first got the hint that there would be “two collector’s editions” of Gran Turismo 5? It turns out that was correct, as the Signature Edition was just announced today for everyone except residents of the United States. Here’s what you get for €179.99 (pre-order here at

  • Sculpted metal box, finished with SLS AMG Obsidian Black paint.
  • SLS AMG 1:43 model car
  • Leather GT-branded wallet with competition entry card (see below)
  • GT-branded USB key with a special GT5 trailer
  • GT-branded key fob
  • Coffee table book featuring the cars and locations of GT5
  • 200-page Apex book with driving and tuning tips, discussion of future technologies, and more.
  • Five unique “Chrome Line” edition cars (see below).
  • The “competition entry card” provided with the wallet grants you access to a special competition – one that combines in-game and real-world challenges, much like the GT Academy. The prize, though, is extraordinary: a real Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG super car of your very own. (More details on this competition will be announced later.)
  • Also like the GT Academy, United States, Canadian, and even Japanese fans are out of luck, as the Signature Edition (and the competition) will only be available to residents of the following countries: UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Europe also has their own Collector’s Edition coming, which differs slightly from the US version. Here’s what it includes for €79.99:

  • A commemorative “slip case” featuring the artwork that was originally spotted in this video.
  • The five unique Chrome Line cars (see below).
  • Five collectable “art cards”.

These five “Chrome Line” cars will be available as DLC in all special editions of Gran Turismo 5, including the United States:

  • Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro Chrome Line Edition
  • BMW M3 Coupe Chrome Line Edition
  • Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 Chrome Line Edition
  • Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe Chrome Line Edition
  • Shelby Cobra 427 Chrome Line Edition

Six more special cars will also be used as pre-order incentives by different retailers around the world:

Thanks to all who sent this in!

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  1. HLRJigsaw

    lol I wonder if my FM3 and GT5 key rings will fight?? lol

  2. LGForce

    No Netherlands? WTF?

  3. I just want the Stealth and Chrome Lite cars…

  4. Mickstanz

    Not getting the SE myself, just pre-ordered the CE which is plenty enough for me, Cost $149 here in New Zealand, with the SE costing $349. Anybody from NZ wondering where you can get these, try thats where i ordered mine from and they have the standard game, CE, and SE. They also ship worldwide for anybody who wants to ship this in. Cheers

    • Nato_777

      Also in NZ and just did the same – ordered the CE from Mighty Ape. Had tried EB Games but they didn’t even have the CE version available let alone the SE version. At $349 NZD unless you know you’re a serious contender in the comp the SE is just too expensive imo. I’ld rather put the extra $200 towards a G27 wheel instead.

    • In NZ too. I already had the normal version pre-ordered for my boyfriend. But saw this and am now changing it to the SE version from Mighty ape. He loves this series (SkylineObsession) and loves special editions lol. Eb have the CE and SE versions up now, $139 for CE and TBC for the SE.

    • Mickstanz

      Yeah EB has the SE without a price and the CE at $139 at the moment, but know mighty apes service is good so i’m sticking with them.

      Definitely worth the extra like $30 to get the CE, like the book for one i’m actually pretty keen to give a read. Unfortunately i’m getting it sent to a mates place for safe keeping as i’m gonna be overseas for a year or so!

      Would definitely recommend the G27 wheel by the way, thats what iv got and its great, and will be great when i get to let it loose on GT5 :) Just made myself a homemade cock-pit and works a treat! Pictures are on my GTP profile if ya wanna have a look.

    • Bananana

      Just preordered my sig edition from mighty ape :-)) Very happy when I saw the email and didn’t even look at the price before ordering lol.

  5. (if my girlfriend allows me hehehe..)

  6. i live in europe were the special edition wasnt that expensive. i’ll go for that!!

  7. Black Chamber

    It is really irritating that this amazing collectable isn’t coming to the U.S.

    I suppose I will have to import it then. :(

    As long as GT5 has weather I will be happy.

  8. Icant55

    Thats M3 needs to lose that wing! And Jordan correct if im wrong but didnt kaz say something about tire choices? because the the pics of the BLACK CARS,there running different tire brands.The audi has michelins,the r35 has bridgestones, and the mazda & the nsx has dunlops on them.

  9. JayKayEm

    How the hell do I get that Carbon McLaren F1. Which retailer is offering that! Need!

    • Fritter

      Gamestop has the Stealth McLaren F1 for preordering, along with the Joey Logano NASCAR car. That’s where I preordered my CE :D

  10. Do want!

  11. ///MFreak

    its in english or french

  12. Z06onGT5

    Maybe here in America were not getting it is cause PD knows our economy is in the crapper…

    • like EU’s economy isn’t? :-/

    • cheesewheel

      UK economy is far worse off! Also going by the graphs and data on PD’s website the UK (and then EU based on continental region) is the highest consumer of Gran Turismo series so maybe they are rewarding them?

  13. Just seen the Game price it’s a little ouchie. but weridly everyone is now second of december not just amazon , so i am starting to think that at gamescon Sony could say it will release on the 2nd of november. what makes me think this is I have bought tons of stuff from game in the past and have seen the preorder book before and they dont just go dropping dates in there unless they are pretty solid same with gamestation, I think it is likely to be released in Japan and EU on the same date.

    • cheesewheel

      was just talking about this to some friends: game – 2/11, gameplay – 2/11, amazon – 2/11, shopto – 5/11, argos – 5/11, asda – 5/11, tesco – 5/11, thehut – 5/11, zavii – 5/11, play – 26/11, hmv – 10/12

    • TokyoDrift

      The point of listing all of those dates being…?

      With the odd exception, games release on a Friday in Europe, so if anything, it will be an explosive 5th November if it is going to launch that week.

  14. Super T

    Pre ordering signiture edition tomorrow, there’s a Game store across the road from work. :)

    Not sure I’m gonna a need a wallet now though!!!

  15. Mr Latte

    It seems to be the group that own “Game & Gamestation” have it.

    So if its an exlcusive to a group then maybe this aint going to any reductions in price to maybe after launch that if it doesent sell.

  16. Icant55

    Thats M3 needs to lose that wing!

    • JayKayEm

      It also needs to loose the chrome kidney grille surrounds, the boring (small) wheels, the large profile tyres, the ungainly ride height, the…….

    • And the colour, it’s quite visually offensive to the eyes.

  17. Ha, how typical. Just like GT Academy, the United States is left in the dark. Thanks Sony.

    • Hoodie1878

      Like Europe and a release date? It’s all swings and rondabouts with the information releases it seems.

    • cheesewheel

      Maybe because GT series sells better in EU? GT5P – nearly triple the sales in EU vs NA is one example.

    • Peterjford

      It has nothing to do with sales volume. Blame U.S. lawyers and everyone that wants to sue their way to riches. You know that if there was an actual competition here someone would stub their toe and sue Sony, Nissan, the track owner, and that rich guy over there for millions.

  18. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    For 180 euro’s I don’t even get the 6 stealthcars?
    Only 2 if I pre-order?

    I only care about the 11 cars and the book.

  19. 6ofthebest

    I’m just going to get the game for under £38 and get a free stealth car with it for using pre-order.
    I know GT6 wont be that far away, i will save some money for that.
    GT5 is GT6 beta…

    • TokyoDrift

      GT6 is a GT7 beta…

    • 6ofthebest

      even more reason no to get drawn into collectors editions.

    • TokyoDrift

      What has price or collectors editions got to do with it? Nothing. If you can’t afford it or don’t want to, so be it.

  20. after hearing this news i’ll just stick with the stand alone game, I’d rather spend the extra cash on a logitech wheel.

  21. I have recieved a mail from ShopTo who told me that the signature edition is exclusive to another retailer in the uk. This indicates to me that Game are going to be the sole supplier of the SE in the uk. Anyone spotted anywhere else you can preorder it for the uk?

  22. llllllllllllll

    i don’t know what to do >.< …

  23. Mr Latte

    Has to be one of the biggest collectors sets ever.
    Im trying to put an idea on the prices I think are reasonable for the items included.

    Although take these values at retail…

    Lets see:
    # Sculpted metal box, including game £60
    # SLS AMG 1:43 model car = £30
    # Leather GT-branded wallet = £15
    # GT-branded USB key with a special GT5 trailer = £15
    # GT-branded key fob = £5
    # Coffee table book = £10
    # 200-page Apex book = £10
    # Five unique “Chrome Line” edition cars £10

    That comes to £155
    Euro value approx 84 – 90 pence = £150 – £160
    So all in I dont see a problem with the price being asked. Also isnt it likely this will get discounted and places will have it cheaper. So could be a good value purchase for the more serious GT collector.

    As an example I remember paying £80 for a Starwars VHS Tin Boxset and £90 for Terminator 2 Leather Deluxe Boxset Laserdisc 12 or more years ago.

    • Off topic, but… laserdisc, blimey, that takes me back. Whatever happened to those, hehe

      Sorry, nostalgic interlude over, back to the present…

  24. GlobeKIDD

    just checked, it is.

  25. Jordan can u tell me something? What are those five art cards?

    • Nothing more has been said about them yet.

    • Berlino Bear

      I love how it says ‘collectable’ art cards. Like they will be worth even a penny in 5 yeats time.

    • JesseDeya

      You realise you can collect things without them having to appreciate in value right? Some people actually enjoy just having a collection without worrying about how much it is or isn’t worth at any given time.

    • StopReadingThis

      They’re a selection of high quality pictures chosen by PD, probably from photomode.

  26. Watevaman

    I may import the Signature Edition if it’s really not gonna be released here.

    And can someone tell me which retailer has the 787B as the bonus?

  27. GlobeKIDD

    I preordered the collectors edition from the link at the top of the page. Does that come from amazon?

  28. the stig

    its very nice to see that mazda 787b,mercedes-benz 300 SL and shelby cobra 427 are premium

  29. Graphite

    i’m just psyched that it’s finally coming out! Hope they put back in some of the Mugen cars.

  30. Jeffree Star


    They will have a midnight Launch at every Gamestop

    I asked 4 gamestops & they said they are.

  31. Antonisbob

    *Gull wing

  32. Forenza

    bs…once again, the US is screwed over.

    • not sure how you can feel screwed over the UK , Europe and other countries suffer more because everything gets released in the us first , Little big planet PSP uk made released in the us first i dont think i need to go on.

    • cheesewheel

      With 6 million+ more GT series units sold in the EU vs US too right they should reward them! :D That’s more than some other games series sell in their life time!

    • Tim, we’ve been left out of GT Academy twice, and now we don’t get to compete for an SLS AMG. For those who take these competitions seriously like myself, it’s a tough pill to keep swallowing over and over again.

    • Jordan, while I can understand that being excluded from such competitions must be a dire experience for a competitive person and GT fanatic, putting up a real SLS as a price for a competition held for promoting a video game is the most hideous idea I can think of.

      Most potential winners couldn’t afford the upkeep of such a car in the first place, and those who can probably already own one.

      So the winner most likely will sell the car after a few quick spins and is stuck with the money and the knowledge, that he had the once in a lifetime opportunity of owning a supercar. But had to sell it because he spent too much time playing video games and not working an his career.

      There are no winners in this competition from my point of view.

    • Um…that’s a bit pessimistic, don’t you think?

    • CookieMan999

      hey Jordan i thoought you where from Jordan :O

    • TokyoDrift

      @ItsHim, so let me get this right…

      The winner gets to own and drive a Mercedes SLS AMG, even if it’s only for a short period. They can either keep the car if they can afford to run it, or they can sell a car that has a list price of over £150,000 – a life changing sum of money.

      So, you think that person would not be winner? Are you daft or what? Sounds to me like you are only jealous because you know you stand zero chance of winning. Not surprising with an attitude like that.

  33. Antonisbob

    what do canadians get? can i pre-order this version? im not in the US… and the shelby! oh my and a lambo?? thats hot! and the mercedes hull wing! w00t!

  34. DaveTheStalker

    88 days from now I either be taking a nap from not being able to sleep for 24+hours, or still going strong! Depends on Gamestop if they have a midnight launch.

  35. tutitin

    180€ :| !! ?

    No thanks.. :)

  36. Detroitbb

    Doesn’t seem worth the money (to me)… though I do need a new wallet as mine is starting to fall apart! The Chrome Line cars are nice, but I’m completely sure that they will become available for DL at a later date.

    Anyone want to sell me your GT wallet? …lol…

  37. eludethis

    I only want the stealth NSX. Where do I have to order in the US to get it? Anyone?

  38. Zonda_Guy

    It seems the only reason it’s not coming to the US is because of that contest. It sux I have to order it off of to get it.

  39. 89 days left!

    I think I maybe preorder these special edition.

  40. DaveTheStalker

    @Jeffree if you “truly” loyal to Gran Turismo you would not have/ will not buy an xBox and play that POS game they claim is better than GT. Why? Because they are the direct competition for our beloved game.

    I had to make a choice in 2006; Overpriced PS3 or 360. Well, kinda simple really, Gran Turismo is a PlayStation game!

    Unless you have 3-4 PS3’s or money is not an issue or you intend to betray GT by selling them on eBay, you’re not really more loyal than any of us.

    • PD’s Loss

      Yah, well, they shouldn’t have messed arround for more than half a decade putting in 3d and leaving 800 cars unfinnished. So while your busy being loyal, I’m having fun with the competition. Not my fault PD can’t seem to get to market. PD’s loss….

  41. Not to worry, all of these exclusive cars are going to come out as DLC for U.S. and Canadian residents later on.

    It makes perfect sense. Polyphony and Sony know people will pay for them and they absolutely will not pass up a chance to make more money.

    Thats why the craze over pre-ordering never gets to me. They throw around phrases like “cant it get it anywhere else” just to boost launch day sales. Give it a month or two after launch and we’ll see those cars in a DLC bundle.

    • TokyoDrift

      As stupid as I think they are in terms of price, there is more to these limited edition versions than just the cars made available to you… o:/

  42. Just pre-ordered my copy of GT5 CE From Amazon UK , not sure now whether to cancel my Move order and get that at christmas instead.

    I love the style of the chrome lite pack looks great. Intrestingly Amazon Uk has the release date as the 2nd of November. I am expecting the 5th though because that is a friday and the uk most new games are released on a friday.

  43. £150 should have had the wheel in the box. Ah well. I’ll buy the basic version and the wheel seperately.

    • JimInPT

      I think anybody deeply enough into GT to buy the enhanced editions have long since purchased a wheel – so adding one would be a pointless price-increaser, especially for anybody with a G25 or G27, thus costing sales to these people.

      Plus, they’ll make a much higher profit on the low-cost stuff they’re adding; putting a wheel in the box would cost PD quite a bit.

  44. DanishDriver

    Already preordered the standard edition like 6 month ago!

  45. scoop2004

    I reckon there is no livery editor, because if there was then all these extra cars would be pointless since you could “chromeline” or “matt black” these cars yourself

  46. Malti27

    Too expensive for a game. Even if it’s name is Gran Turismo 5.

  47. smoke1485

    The #20 nationwide car is NOT a nationwide car…its the cup car with his gamestop nationwide sponsors onit

  48. Cohetedor

    So is this a different book than the US gets? Ours is supposed to be 300 pages, now this one is 200, or is one of the two listings a typo. Also I’ve seen it listed as a hardcover and a magazine which are two completely different things, anybody know which it is?

  49. the 787b is a premium. EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopfully, the toyota GT ONE will be premium let alone all of the le mans prototypes and the super gt cars. gt5 is going to kick forza3 and forza 4 in the ass

    • The_Aeon

      Get over this Tunr10 and the looser of Dan Greenwalt!!!

  50. That’s funny how Czech Republic is included.. as if we made that kind of money everyday…

  51. The biggest reason for me to get the CE were the “stealth” cars, more specifically the McLaren. Now that I can only get it from Gamestop (which I can’t buy from where I live), I’m sticking with the regular edition.
    40 bucks more for five “chrome” cars I don’t like. Thank God I didn’t pre-order yesterday like I planned.

    • you get more than just the extra DLC cars. You get the diecast Kyosho, the book, the keychain, etc…

      That diecast might go up in value someday. The guy at my local gamestop said that these special edition GT5 packages were truly a limited addition, meaning not so many being made… and he told me that after I already purchased it, hence no reason to lie. He’s probably right. The less made, the more collectible they will be in the future.


    Anyone know what the ”fob” is actually going to do?

  53. I wonder if you can put a number in the white boxes on the stealth cars.

  54. does anyone know what retailer has the audi r10?

    • Sam__NY

      All we know so far is that Amazon is carrying the SLS, and Gamestop is carrying the McLaren F1, along with a NASCAR GT5 livery for Joey Logano.

  55. magicayrton

    Maybe the purple circle peels off!!

  56. tyl0r_r

    Canadian and I’d never win the car. I’m fine with the CE, just want that di-cast and the beyond the apex book!

    • Yea I personally don’t care about all the other stuff, I would just love to have the printed books.

    • obi_one

      and do you know where in Canada we can get that CE or it will have to be ordered from US?

  57. Trevor Longman

    Look I know its not a really big dealbut Why do they have that stupid purple circle on all of the boxes? Its annoying and out of place and if I’m paying $100 for this game I would like to think I could get a really pristine box without all the other nonsense.

    • TokyoDrift

      You’re right, it’s not a big deal, so why cry about it?

  58. why do we [the benelux countries] do get GT Academy but don’t get the signature edition?

  59. AGNT009

    WHAT!! The US INVENTED RACING!!! How dare they exclude us! Is this Kaz’s way of trying to get payback for the US fans forcing him to put damage in, and apparently delaying the game so long. He said as much, and I took that as a coded slam against us. Having said that, I could care less for that extra crap, lol. But the REAL Benz as a prize!

    • magicayrton

      yeah and a better chance at winning the lottery!

  60. Mark B.

    Holy Crap. I live in Ireland. Signature Edition is sold here. Must… Save… UP!

  61. 11GTR11

    # The “competition entry card” provided with the wallet grants you access to a special competition – one that combines in-game and real-world challenges, much like the GT Academy. The prize, though, is extraordinary: a real Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG super car of your very own. (More details on this competition will be announced later.)
    # Also like the GT Academy, United States, Canadian, and even Japanese fans are out of luck, as the Signature Edition (and the competition) will only be available to residents of the following countries: UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

    This is the only reason i’m buing this A REAL “SLS AMG”…!!!
    Anybody can dream right..?..XD

  62. Marky264

    Sweeeeeet means the store I work for (Gamestation) will get the Signiture Edition and i’ll get a 25% Discount on top of that! :D Happy Days! Cant wait till Novemeber!

    • TokyoDrift

      So basically instead of £150 you pay £112.50…for a game? Ridiculous, and no, the extras are not worth that much money. My copy will cost £37 or so, still too much for a game with ‘tard cars and half-baked damage.

    • Hoodie1878

      @Tokyo Drift….Have you ever said anything that isn’t negative?

      Cheer up fella for crying out loud you’ll trip over that lip!

  63. Peterjford

    Damn U.S. lawyers!

    How hard it is to become a “resident” of a European country?

  64. That’s a bit messed up. Gimped version and Super-exclusive version. I would’ve preferred if we had gotten the same the US is getting.

    • magicayrton

      You’d have to be crazy to pay that price.. I mean 180 euros.. sure some will fall for it.. not me!

    • TokyoDrift

      magicayrton just placed an order for the poser edition but daren’t admit it.

  65. Being a true fan of the Gran Turismo I’ll be getting both the NA CE and the EU SE, although I think they should have made the pricing at around 160 euros, but never the less being it’s a different model car, a leather wallet, usb stick and that coffee table book, I can’t resist but to make the purchase. Does anyone know if Amazon in Europe will ship outside the continent? I’m pretty sure they don’t but if can someone confirm?

  66. ElieTheBear

    what about the black nascar from gamestop ? how does it work .. where to buy to get the black chromed nissan gt !! looks killer … do they give us the black cars or just 1 or 2 ???!?

    • magicayrton

      Just 2 here in Uk… but for the normal price of £39

    • you can get the GT500 GTR if you pre-order from best buy. this is for the united states. go to and it says right there

  67. magicayrton

    I ordered on (UK) a few months ago and it has automatically updated itself to include 2 stealth cars!! SLS and Gtr 500 (tuned) :D

  68. d3br34k5

    What bollocks…. Why wouldn’t they sell the signature edition in Canada?

    Looks like I’ll have to import.

  69. ElieTheBear

    what of I’m Canadian … and I pre-order it … ?!?!? should work no ??!

  70. BeNjAmin

    I want the Signature edition but i’m from mexico and somedy knows if i could buy in and they could bring me here in mexico?.
    Beacause and haven’t seen and special edition for mexico don’t you?

  71. XanaviR34

    @jeffree star: same here. God bles you.

  72. I want to know what retailer you get the audi r10 and the nsx gt500 from.

  73. Justcause

    Im definately buying the collectors edition. The Signature edition is not worth the price.

  74. BeNjAmin

    I want the Signature edition but i’m from mexico and somedy knows if i could buy in and they could bring me here in mexico?.

    Beacause and haven’t seen and special edition for mexico don’t you?

    • TTownEP

      I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t ship it to you. It would be region free, so no problems playing it. I’m just guessing though. :)

    • One thing I would point out though is if you buy a NTSC version of a game and there is DLC released for it down the line, then you can only buy and use that DLC from the US PSN store.

      The opposite of this is also true with PAL versions of PS3 games. If you buy a PAL version of GT5 and you want to buy any DLC, then you will need a European/Aus/NZ PSN account and credit card etc.

      While this is possible to do, it can sometimes be annoying to be continually signing in and out of different accounts and keeping track of what you purchased from where.

    • GTracerRens

      I think the special edition is international. Holland isn’t on the list either, but that means I cannot participate in that contest of the SLS mercedes. But i think the signature edition is worldwide released.

    • I agree with whatis.

      I bought a game from Japan, but I don’t live there. My credit card isn’t international, so it doesn’t work in the Japanese PS Store. Everytime I want to buy DLC for that game, I need to ask my relatives who live in Japan to buy one of those Playstation Network Cards for me. It’s a pain!

      DLC from other PS Store than your game’s won’t work (it doesn’t work in LittleBigPlanet at least).

  75. GT’ireland

    well id like to have them all too but im sure i will be more than satisfied with the standard game i pre-ordered.

  76. i am unsure. If it was £100 i would get it but £180 is a bit steep. I might just stick with the collectors and get the cars

  77. Wait a min, if US doesn’t get this pretty much means Canada won’t get this RIGHT?

  78. Whatbrown

    I think we can make the assumption that all of these cars are premium. The 787B is one of my favorite cars in the GT series, and i would have been very upset if it was standard.

  79. The DLC cars mean nothing to me. If it was a “molded car” that wasn’t in the game then I’d feel differently (example…if one of the cars was an FXX with special decals, but the actual FXX wasn’t in the game).

    All the cars that have been shown as DLC is in the game and I believe you will be able to recreate them if you choose. Getting them as DLC just means you don’t have to earn them.

    • IronM@sk

      Citation? No livery editor has been announced.

    • TokyoDrift

      For a start, there has been no confirmation of a livery editor. Secondly, what makes you think people are just buying the SE or CE for the extra cars? :o/

  80. Goshin2568

    Wait, so is the 5 DLC cars in the US CE version the chrome line cars? or something different?

    • all the special edition copies get all the chrome line cars, the stealth cars are different depending on where you buy the collectors edition.

  81. Oh, here we go.. From GameStop: (I preordered mine from local GameStop)

    Pre-order Gran Turismo 5 and receive two GameStop exclusive in-game cars, the McLaren F1 Stealth model, and Joey Logano’s #20 NASCAR Nationwide series car.McLaren F1 Stealth Model- Custom tuned for improved performance, including weight reduction, and increased power. Also features custom carbon fiber “Stealth” paint scheme with Gran Turismo racing logos. GameStop NASCAR Car with Gran Turismo design- Joey Logano’s #20 Nationwide NASCAR featuring Gran Turismo 5 racing logos. Available online and in-store while supplies last. Online Customers: A code and instructions on how to redeem your exclusive in-game cars will be emailed when the game releases.Store / In-Store Pickup Customers: A code and instructions on how to redeem your exclusive in-game cars will be printed on your receipt at time of purchase

    The Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition comes with: GranTurismo 5 game An exclusive 1:43 scale collectible diecast Nissan GT-R Spec V with custom GT livery designed by Polyphony Digital and produced by well-known collectible car maker, Kyosho In-depth 300-page guide to cars and racing techniques written by the developers, Polyphony Digital GT-branded stainless steel key chain Voucher for five (5) DLC cars with custom livery and tuning upgrades Numbered certificate of authenticity Premium collector’s packaging

    • You’re always bringing info from GameStop :)

      It shows there are more cars that can be got depending on where you buy than the six stealth ones.

      Good one BWX!

  82. Jeffree Star

    I just Reserved
    The normal disc
    The limited rdition
    & the collectors edition :)

    This proofs how much i love GT5

  83. alienwire

    Nice! I’m going for the signature edition if i have enough money to buy it :)

  84. akS2K16

    So if we order on Amazon, will it be here on the 2nd or will I have to wait a few days for the order to get here?

    • JimInPT

      Depends on how much you want to pay for shipping. If you pay up for 2-day or overnight Amazon is claiming you’ll receive it on Nov. 2.

      I’m going for free shipping, so it’ll be several days later. Doesn’t matter to me at all.

    • akS2K16

      Maybe I’ll hit up Wal*Mart for the 12:01 release then.

  85. So there’s gonna be 2 Collector’s Editions available.

    This is what you get in the European version (from
    Special GT5 packaging with specialised outer box finish, Collector’s Edition inlay sleeve art, 200+ page drivers/strategy guide, 5 x Collector’s Edition artcards/postcards, 5 x Collector’s Edition ‘Chrome Line’ car pack, Exclusive Polyphony designed dynamic XMB theme

    This is what you get in the US version (from
    Exclusive limited edition 1:43 scale diecast 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V with custom Gran Turismo livery designed by Polyphony Digital produced by Kyosho, 200+ page drivers/strategy guide, custom etched Gran Turismo key chain, voucher for five (5) exclusive high-end cars with custom Gran Turismo livery and performance upgrades, and if you order from, you get the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Stealth car.

  86. scoop2004

    Kyosho model cars are very desirable and expensive, it may even justify the cost as you could probably sell it seperately for a few bob, but then again the normal CE comes with a kyosho car doesnt it?

    I certainy wont be paying £170 for this edition, i’d want just the game and a wheel for that (and the extra cars)

    over 130 euros extra for things that make no change to the gaming experience is a rip off

    • magicayrton

      Totally agree!!

    • TokyoDrift

      No, the CE verision in Europe does not come with a model car. Plus the signature edition is not £170…

    • FlareKR

      Apart from my RC Kyosho Mini Inferno that broke it’s front shock tower 3 times, bought aluminum, graphite, still broke (by the second, I should’ve sold it, already did). But if it’s a Kyosho that doesn’t move, I’m happier.

  87. DemonBlade

    Am I reading that wrong or is the website saying release is 03/11/2010?

    • JimInPT

      I believe that’s just backwards Eurospeak for November 3, 2010.

    • actually the whole world has the “eurospeak” date. america likes to be “special”

    • boohamdan

      kinda reminds me of the whole “Football” thing :P

    • Forgetful

      Oh, but for some reason tires gets a ‘y’, even when you Europeans still spell other words that contain the word ‘tire’ with an ‘i’ (retire, attire) and that’s not ‘special’? :P

    • jacoja06

      The entire world (except for the US) uses the standard DD/MM/YYYY format. It makes more sense, doesn’t it? ;)

    • @ Forgetful
      That would be because the origin of the word tyre has nothing to do with the words retire or attire! Just because you can’t cope with words sounding similar but being spelt differently doesn’t make it “special”.
      Also I think you will find that in most of Europe they don’t speak English ;)

    • TTownEP

      Not to us here in the US. When we say the date out loud, it comes out “March eleventh, twenty-ten” so it makes sense to me to write it in the order I say it. Never do I say “the eleventh of March”

    • @TTownEP

      NOT TRUE.

      I find it funny how you say March 12th, July 16th etc but you say 4th of July on the most important date of your calendar.
      Hey, at least you get it right once a year :)

    • JimInPT

      Actually, JoeJ, those of us who understand and respect the significance of July 4th call it Independence Day. Another Independence Day (ID2, maybe?) might be added to USA calendars on the day Obama is finally powerless.

      In fact, that day might be November 2nd of this year, which combined with GT5 will make it a fine and memorable day indeed!

      But I digress ….. ;-)

    • FlareKR

      @ JimInPT
      Oh glorious November day of 2010 and 2012; when Mr.Weed-a-commy will finally be taking the heli the hell out of DC (and this time it won’t be a vacation) a few months later. And then I’ll sit down and continue playing GT5 :-D

    • JimInPT, stig, jacoja06, etc., -ALL- of you guys…

      there IS an actual standard, and an actual logic for it. The standard is created by the ambiguously named “International Standards Organization”, perhaps you have heard of it? ISO-9000 for example?

      The ISO 8601 format is composed as: YYYY MM DD. So everyone is wrong.

      The ISO 8601 format allows one to sort dates chronologically. I don’t if anyone else sees the logic of time being recorded or searched in a chronological format, but …. whatever.

      So, both US and EU systems are backwards:

      Dates written as DD/MM/YYYY cannot be sorted because 02/11/2010 will be -before- 04/07/2010, and 31/01/2010 will be -after- both of those.

      Dates written as MM/DD/YYYY cannot be sorted (in the PC world) because the order will be 01, 11, 12, 02, 03 etc., although we -might- be able to blame that on on Bill Gates. IDK if Mac or Linux automatically compensates for significant figures if it is a date. Then again, depending on your application, a date might not even be recognized as a date. e.g., I use a space delimiter to keep the application from FUBAR’ing my spreadsheet, among other things.

      So… There you go.

  88. magicalgin

    Too bad I just moved to the states =/

  89. Am i reading right ? EU collector`s edition doesn`t include the model car and the key chain ? Instead we get 5 boring cards and a differently painted R8 ?
    That`s a big disappointment, but at least the driving guide is still included. I`m pretty sure i won`t win the SLS AMG (i would sell it anyway even if i did), so i won`t bother buying the signature edition.

    • FlareKR

      I call it fair. You guys get the sig edition.

  90. I’m in the US and couldn’t care less they didn’t offer it here. I already preordered the “regular” collectors edition.

    Does anyone know what preorder cars we’ll get

    • It’s on the article. Look for the link “the US version”. It shows the “standard” collector’s edition.

  91. AengerdX

    Love it orderd the SE edition, also just a note that in SE all the stealth cars come with it while the CE stealth ones are bound to from what retailer you order!

  92. Nice, I think i’m just gonna grab the standard game. Those cars will be released as DLC at some point and even then I’m not really that interested in them. Surely with a livery editor (hopefully) we will be able to make those anyway.

    • Same here. The two special editions are very nice, but I don’t feel that the price tag is justifiable, just my own personal thoughts. The standard version will do me just fine, and like you say a livery editor (If there is one) should be able to recreate those cars quite easily as there’s no real complex designs to reproduce.

      Thanks for the news Jordan :tup:

    • TokyoDrift

      Only the stealth cars will make it as DLC pack. ChromeLine are confirmed as only available in the CE or SE.

    • TokyoDrift,

      are you sure about it? I thought the stealth cars wouldn’t be available as DLC :S

  93. MarcoGT5

    I have to get this, but I still want to wait to see if it will be available in or I’ll order from
    It does seem a bit overpriced but all the work they do in the game alone and the time I spend on it will be worth it anyway.

  94. elfo_nt

    this list of special cars will be download in the normal version? or onlny for the special edition?thanks

    • The Chrome Line cars will only be available in the special editions of the game.

    • @ Jordan, Having said that I wouldnt be suprised around 6 months down the line that all of the “special DL Cars” will be available on the PSN store for a small price. Like the PSP versions were made available.
      I cant afford the 179.99 euros so it looks as though it will be the 79.99 euro jobbie for me which is about £66.00 but will be rounded up to either 69.99 or £79.99. Guess we will have to see.

    • TokyoDrift

      What is there to see? It is £60, so why are people being so negative when it comes to guessing the UK price?

  95. Just ordered myself a Signature Edition. I’ve waited for 5 goddamn years! (I’m still trying to convince me it was a good decision.)

  96. it’s also availible in Holland

    • mastercommander

      Where can i pre-order the Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition
      in holland?

    • I would love to know that too!

      I am really interrested in the whole signature pack..

  97. Sheharyar_RR

    UAE IS THE LIST!!!! soo badly gettin that :D:D

    • r35-vspec

      Wohoo UAE buddy here too!!

    • boohamdan

      ooh yah, usually Virgin megastore in Mall of Emirates has them.. i saw multiple special editions of games i didn’t even knew existed in there, i’ll try to call and reserve me a copy some how :D

  98. That is way way way overpriced, around a £100 would be steep but justifiable. Will have to go for whoever does the best preorder deal.


      are you kidding me ?
      The normal price for a 1:43 model car starts at 50 euros
      the game costs in germany 60-70 euros
      a normal (bad) wallet starts at 20 euros
      a USB Stick starts at 15 euros
      155 euros now + a BIG book (+20 euros ) + the other book (maybe15 euros)+bonus cars…
      ~200 euros all in all

      You realise 1:43 is only about 10cm long, not sure where you buy your models if you pay more than £20 for one of those! :S


      omg XD have you ever saw a real good 1:43 model car ? I collect them and good cars starts at 50 euros (i don’t know how much $ it is , maybe 40 or 60)

    • The good ones start from 30 a 35 Euro’s

  99. That’s too much for me. I was excepting a steering wheel.

  100. Cool. I am sticking with the GT5CE.

    • caasimun


    • Ferrari


      although I really have no choice cuz I’m a US resident :P


      Pleaseeeeeee help me :(
      we have waited ~6years for this game and now i don’t know which edition should I buy
      1.why there are diferences between the EU CE and the US CE
      2. Iam :S
      What can I do to get EVERYTHING? (iam from europe and a big Mercedes fan)

      ps:Can i buy this special editions from a normal game shop ?

    • JC Denton

      Both editions look so great, that I’m seriously tempted to get both of them! Thank god we’ll have them all officially in Russia. But then new question arises – which should be opened and which kept sealed and stored like true collectable item?))

    • smthrlr

      Wow. Let’s just forget about the 300 million plus people in the US and Canada.

      There’s some sharp marketing sense, for SURE.

    • Im going to wait a bit to see which stores get pre-order bonuses then order from one of them :)

    • TokyoDrift

      @smthrlr, the US have had their “CE” version announced for weeks now, so what’s the problem?

    • FlareKR

      Fool me once, shame on you PD (Europe getting GT5 access).
      Fool me twice both you and Europe get the “finger”.

      PD: “Collector’s edition only for US!”
      USA: “Woohoo!”
      A few months later
      PD: ” Europe get better collector edition, and entry to win a free $500,000 car”
      USA: “YOU B*#$%! I Just pre-ordered my super awesome edition”

      At least we get a book and keychain, and a die cast GT-R (doesn’t really compare to the SLS but thanks anyway).

    • kjacobs03

      I hope your being sarcastic about the SLS being $500k because it’s not even half that.

    • I just pre-ordered my copy on!!!

      AT LAST


  101. TokyoDrift

    Good for you. Now you’ve royally screwed up the page width by placing that stupid number of exclamation marks in your comment. Well done for being 300th – is that the same position you’d come in a school class of 299?

  102. RNVB-85


    You don’t get out much do you?

  103. Big Ron

    Shut the f*** up and f*** off.

  104. Wolgibkay07


  105. magicayrton


  106. Geo_212

    Woah, Big Ron’s got a potty mouth….

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