Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.09 Now Available, Brings Important Changes & Improves HSV-010 Engine Sounds

November 6th, 2012 by Jordan

The latest update for Gran Turismo 5 is now available, and offers a few minor tweaks along with a timely change (given one of the questions in my recent interview with Kazunori Yamauchi) to the engine sound of the Honda Weider HSV-010.

Here’s the official change log as announced by Polyphony Digital; as always, stop by our GT5 Forum for more analysis and discussion of the undocumented changes by our community members.

  • The [Tire/Fuel Consumption] settings under [Event Settings] of the Online Lounge can now be set in four levels; “None”, “Normal”, “Fast”, and “Very Fast”.
  • The view during 3D display has been improved.
  • The speed of tire wear varied too greatly depending on the vehicle in some cases, and this has been balanced.
  • Improved the scoring method in drift trials to prevent cheating
  • The maximum RPM of the Honda Weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11 has been changed to 10300rpm. The engine sound has also been improved.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy cars were hitting the pit entrance wall when pitting in at the Twin Ring Motegi Road Course East.
  • Fixed an issue where fuel was not being consumed when entering an endurance race with a Prius, or when setting tires and fuel to be consumed in the online lounge. Affected cars: Toyota Prius G ’02, Toyota Prius G ’09, Toyota Prius G Touring Selection ’03, Toyota Prius Touring Car.
  • Fixed an issue where the online control characteristics differed from the offline characteristics.

GT5 Photomode image by Horde_R35.

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  1. GTMikeyKuhn412

    I don’t even hear a difference. It sounds the same to me.

  2. Quakebass

    I hope I have enough room on my PS3 for the update… I haven’t been able to use it for a while, and likely won’t until a few weeks, and I have no clue what sort of space I have remaining. Less than 600MB if I’m remembering correctly, though.

  3. Am I the only one peeved that

    The [Tire/Fuel Consumption] settings under [Event Settings] of the Online Lounge can now be set in four levels; “None”, “Normal”, “Fast”, and “Very Fast”.

    Is ONLINE only?

    Would love to do this in Arcade mode… especially as the two physics models are now the same…

    • Quakebass

      100% agree. And even an option to have these one or off in regular A-Spec events, excluding the endurances. And when activated you’d win an extra bit of cash and XP.

    • another_jakhole


  4. TheGTGuy

    How many MB is the Update.

  5. HKS racer

    The HSV is the hope.

    Look how gorgeus this race car look, it represent what GT should be about. They can add all the road cars they want but without a proper SuperGT championship this game will never feel complete. They should add more.

  6. CorvetteConquer

    One car down, 1,040 to go…..

  7. I admit the power of complaining

  8. “Improved the scoring method in drift trials to prevent cheating” OH GOD FINALLY! Tired of douchebags using Subaru 360’s and getting 20000 points.

  9. Amac500

    The rear view camera onboard the HSV is functional now to, it was a black square before.

  10. Blood*Specter


    You are right if the off-line and on-line physics are the same, the game just got better.

  11. From all the cars that need urgent help in the sound department… Kaz and PD choose the new Honda of the last DLC????
    Can’t believe it, but I understand it: PD work without any logic.

    No matter what he says… I think he doesn’t even plays his own game… If he did, he’d know exactly which cars need new engine sounds (GT-One, Sauber Merc, etc.)

    • gravedigging65

      stop complaining lots of people complained about this car not sounding right and now your complaining that they fixed the car sound and nothing else that’s plain dumb

  12. panjandrum

    That last line… It says “online control characteristics differed from offline.” Are they saying that online an offline handling/physics/feedback is finally identical? That would be the best news to me since the release of GT5. Do we have any confirmation that this is indeed truly fixed?

  13. ‘Fixed an issue where fuel was not being consumed when entering an endurance race with a Prius.’ Sounds useful, but you’ll likely be lapped already when the opponents will go into the pits.
    I’m sure that’s to add realism, but that’s just an update that no one will use. If we’re going relate to Prius and etc, a reasonable update would make the Prius models drive like they should, i.e. Tuning a Prius ends up using the engine on;y until a certain speed like 80mph. In the Prius Touring ’03, the power from the electric motor stops at 113mph. Even with electric motors, why are they slow from the start, yet gain more acceleration at higher speeds? That’s not how they work.

    Then there are annoying issues that have been here for a good while now, issues like how the Tesla Roadster’s performance is nothing similar to real life. EVs and hybrids alike are all sluggish from start, yet gain acceleration between 30 – 70mph, that’s not how electric motors’ low-end torque is supposed to perform, in real life, they’re powerful from the start! Even have a look at the Citroen GT concept. Despite from having the most torque of any car in the game, it’s very slow from a standstill.

    The last complaint! If a normal car can drive without consuming fuel with the [Tire/Fuel Consumption] off, why does an electric car does? Also with the [Tire/Fuel Consumption], why can’t an electric car charge?

    Those are the problems more than enough people are fed up with that should be realized instead of fixing a Prius for the endurance races tat no one will ever bring it to!

  14. researchALLwars

    3.0 is coming…. I hear thunder in the distance.

  15. BlacqueJacques

    “• Fixed an issue where fuel was not being consumed when entering an endurance race with a Prius, or when setting tires and fuel to be consumed in the online lounge. Affected cars: Toyota Prius G ’02, Toyota Prius G ’09, Toyota Prius G Touring Selection ’03, Toyota Prius Touring Car.”

    Oh I was so concrned about this LOL!

    Someone actually used those cars besides in a seasonal event ?!

    • gravedigging65

      knowing GTPlanet they want to cover everything

  16. bonannogiovanni

    Can you tell me how 3D has been improved?

    • I tested it on sony HX720 series and its better almost no crosstalk on fences and far objects on the track,cockpit is flawless and depth is amazing :)

    • bonannogiovanni

      Thanks, I have a PS 3D display and crosstalk is a serious issue till now, after updating IU will bummp up parallax to 10.

  17. sweet, even the HSV looks pleased

  18. Pit Crew

    Another car pack or something could be in this update…2 year anniversary approaching.

    A Reach, I know…Just saying.

    • I doubt it. The update was only 102MB, if this update had new cars within it, the update would be at least twice the size.

    • Pit Crew

      ^ Thanks HarVee didnt pay attention to MB size. (^…^)

  19. About “Tire Wear” being faster, as option

    if set to fastest, does this mean that engine can break in faster? Does someone have the liberty to test this out?

    Happy sounds are being acknowledged, and Happy that Kaz knows that sex does sell. Make this game sexier.

    cheers PD, and GTP

    • ‘”and Happy that Kaz knows that sex does sell.”

      Yeah, ’cause now GT has become the real prostitute simulator.

    • Pit Crew

      Doubtful faster Tire wear will make engine break in sooner.
      A faster turning tire doesnt seem to relate to mileage. It didnt before when tires where wearing quicker. (Post 2.08 update) My cars still needed oil changes at 95 and 197 miles.

      I would think the distance between A-B is consistent no matter how fast the tire is traveling. Could be wrong. Seems like an inquiry for our fave information magnet Famine.

  20. Fixed an issue where the online control characteristics differed from the offline characteristics.

    Does that mean what I think it does? Oh and what the heck are enemy cars? :p

  21. KiroKai

    Oh, by the way, did anyone test if the photo travel glitches still work like before? I hope they realised it’s a very cool, useful glitch, but then again it’s PD, and they always try to deliever a perfect, faultless game…

  22. KiroKai

    I hope the removed differences on the physics only influence the online physics to be better, and won’t drop features that are superior offline.

    • R1600Turbo

      Physics should be the same in either mode. No reason for them to be different.

    • KiroKai

      The reason they used to, and still slightly are different, is the limited processing power of the PS3. The probably most obvious example of differences are roll overs which weren’t possible at all online before, and they still aren’t. Your car can lift about 45°, but than it will go back in all wheels again, and my fear is that this means roll overs offline don’t work anymore, as they basically said the physic models are ‘equal’. Seems they still aren’t exactly the same.

  23. C0R3YsK20EG
  24. Now honda hsv is louder than mazda 787b…not cool at all

  25. Alienware_10


    • Geez, PD. How the hell can you over look this?

      I swear, these updates continue to get worse and worse.

    • dyingdodo

      I am 15 !/2 hours into circiut de la sarthe and this has happened to me too.
      I hope they sort this out soon :-(

  26. pnbr0014

    anyone has a video of the new honda HSV sound? i’d really like to hear it to see what they consider an improvement

  27. TheEzekiel

    no more difference between online and offline…wow that’s pretty big change… I wonder if it truly works..

  28. This ruined my 24h Nurburgring. I was running in a XJ13, 19hours into the race with a 3min lead…I was doing perfect. Now I believe I have to quit the race

  29. Tvensky

    *Fixed an issue where the online control characteristics differed from the offline characteristics.

    This one is very interesting.. wonder what people will say about this who had problems with this.. I never really had or felt any difference (except roll over).

  30. “Enemy Cars” Geez, I didn’t know racing was a war… lol

    And as for the Online-Offline characteristics… What exactly do they mean by that?

  31. kieran177

    1 down 1000 engine noise improvements to go.

  32. hairystig


  33. hennessey86

    It sounds like the Ferrari f1 car now lol

    • Flaco13

      Ever listened to the real HSV Super GT??? I think it sounds acceptable now. Rest of the update are very interesting additions, no more difference online to offline control characteristics…well, I guess many of us have to Re-do a lot of setup works now but on the longrun its better this way.

    • HKS racer

      If it sound like a Ferrari F1 it’s much more close to the real sound
      than the previous vacuum cleaner version!!!

  34. otakukid96

    Everything except the sound was a great addition.

  35. sammo85

    Some classic car DLC is in order, Ferrari 250 GTO, fastback cobra, a premium Shelby GT. 350 stock, anyone?

    • Amac500

      1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, sexiest car ever made! A Shelby Daytona Coupe would be cool as well. I think some of those 50’s-60’s sports prototypes are the sharpest cars ever conceived, a classic pack would no doubt add flavor!


    Excellent Update PD.

    Online has been improved.

    1 – No black screens in 3 hours of continuous racing. I did get one disconnect but this was when I was trying to connect to a room which is not a problem.

    2.- If you try to join a room which has no “internet signal bars” you now get a message saying ” You were bocked from entering the room”. I dont think it did this before the update.

    3 – They seem to be limiting the number of rooms you have a choice of joining when you connect. You now only have a choice of between 30 and 50. Seems like they may be introducingg some sort of soft matchmaking.



    • KiroKai

      Awesome to hear that, glad they seem to have fixed the online trouble! That was the only reason I was waiting for 2.09 to play GT5 again.

    • 1 – No black screens in 3 hours of continuous racing. I did get one disconnect but this was when I was trying to connect to a room which is not a problem.



      1) Very nice…

      2) if is like the OFFLINE physics, then it’s amazing news…

  37. forzaturismo

    next DLC….

  38. does anyone know a link to a video of the new sound of honda hsv?

  39. xStretch-

    Still many things what need fixing but at least some issues are addressed

  40. Sick Cylinder

    The HSV -010 does have a better sound now – particularly at very high revs.

    Also (I think) – the cockpit view on the HSV has been improved – the cross braces are now no longer directly in my line of sight – I can now use cockpit view on HSV when before I was having to use the bonnet view! Perhaps someone else can confirm this as it could be that I have altered some other setting since last using the HSV.

    • Good to hear that. Downloading just to try it…i have my G27 disconnected at the moment so i am going to look at how it sounds and check the cockpit view.

  41. Monatsende

    How heavy is the patch?

  42. Magic Ayrton

    Also.. the clutch is more progressive now with my Fanatec clubsport v2’s!!

  43. e30 freek

    Cant wait to try the M5

  44. Lambofanghini

    Sounds like my Z28 Iroc has much more exhaust blat with semi race exhaust equipped. The racing exhaust sounds like a two stroke diesel truck engine, kinda strange. XD Maybe this was already there and I hadn’t noticed it but somethings definitely changed since I drove it a month ago. The HSV sounds much better which has been stated in here multiple times already. Thanks PD. :<)

  45. Magic Ayrton

    Let’s hope that this is a step in the right direction :-).. the sounds only need a little tweak here and there, nice induction roar that works in conjuction with the amount of throttle and revs that you use when you add an air filter kit and degrees of exhaust loudness for different styles.. There are many different types of engine in GT5 though, Rotary 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,16 cylinders??

    maybe add a generic v10 etc.. What do you think?

  46. Praggia

    haha “enemy cars” classic
    is this Carmeggedon or GT5?

  47. snaketus

    “Fixed an issue where the online control characteristics differed from the offline characteristics.” So this means online have now same physics than offline? If so, too bad they fixed it this late when my friends already stopped playing loooong ago, mainly because of this.

  48. Hmm. I wonder what this update will mess up.

  49. NeonAstral

    Is it me or all cars now have a deeper “roar” to their engines? This is how every GT5 update should be. The game still has lots of juice left!

    • It’s called pitch, and yes I’ve noticed that the sound has a lower pitch now on my Premium C3 Corvette. However, I can barely hear the tires screech when I pull the handbrake.

  50. karelpipa

    truly interested if now offline = online physics.

  51. cassiusclay99

    Did they change the sound only for the HSV? Or is it somme magic patch that changes all the sounds?

  52. That HSV now sounds awesome.

  53. TurboProp

    Kaz and crew bought a new dyno, a new microphone and down-loaded auto tune and fixed all the sounds in GT5!!! (made it less realer). Kaz is quoted saying “GT5 sings now!!! We should make a G-T-Pain 5 edition PS3 with aluminum tabs glued to the case for him …if only they made software to smooth out all that pixelization on the standard cars…maybe next time Kaz

  54. tronrider345

    Best … patch .. evar…


  56. WTFnews

    dang still cant roll a cal offline :(

  57. mobiletone

    “The view during 3D display has been improved” i may have to load it up again tonight, dust off the DF wheel and have a look, because before the in-car view was f**king horrible. i had to resort to roof cam.

    • parostroj

      it sounds strange as 3D is first time when cockpit view is working for me..need to be close to TV and et up 3D settings correctly and then it is amazing..for me at least

    • mcfizzle

      Really, did you adjust the settings because mine looked good from cockpit although it is better now. I used 3 & .90 for the two settings although I think that will have to be modified a little with the new changes.

    • parostroj

      Hi again, may be it just seems to me but after this update 3D view look terribly pixelated..almost like a game from 90′
      Anyone any idea what is wrong except my eyes?

  58. Filip_Ovik

    Great to hear that they improve the online mode as that is the only reason why I play GT5, still more issues needs to be fixed though.

  59. Rushton1996

    damn… thats a nice pic, and its good to see PD still haven’t forgotten about us. Hopefully a full on update Spec 3.0 with heaps of new cars and at least one new track in the near future. GT5’s 2 year anniversary or as a Christmas pressie from Kaz/PD perhaps?
    I sure hope so :)

    • Want Peugeot RCZ as a new car, its was on forza 2 years ago

  60. 99999Evolution

    So now Online Physic = Offline Physic ? :D

  61. Maddens Raiders

    Gran Turismo: carreras mas finas.

  62. kalakanto

    ‘Enemy cars’ lol.. surely interesting to see moves from PD right after KY’s interview. Thanks of 2.09 PD!

  63. McClarenDesign

    What? No GT Driver’s Club?


  64. xiSealHDz

    Improved the scoring method in drift trials to prevent cheating – HELL YEAH !!!!!!! finally those speed 12 wankers may get less points and actually learn to drift :)

    • Find drifting difficult on GT, too much of a fine line between control and no control, don’t any trouble with drifting on forza

    • snaketus

      Yeah, it’s more realistic in GT. And that’s how we like it.

  65. HuskyGT

    This is quite unexpected. I guess no one has a vid to compare yet, right?

    • hobanator24

      Well I have 2 replay videos of the HSV. One before update & one after. The sound has changed greatly. Still no exactly like a real HSV but pretty damn close!

  66. Dionisiy

    “The engine sound has also been improved.”
    Very very interesting.

  67. Control Characteristics? Guessing thats R2, L1, X, etc. Not the actual Physics?

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