Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.10 Released, Brings 2014 Corvette Stingray as Free DLC

January 15th, 2013 by Jordan

A new update is now available for Gran Turismo 5, version 2.10. Weighing in at 55MB, it contains the all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray, just announced with a dramatic new video trailer at the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

Note that to drive the new Corvette, you will need to first acquire it in your local PlayStation Store (it’s free). Different regions update at different times, so if you don’t see it in your region yet, keep checking back.

Here is the complete list of documented changes as reported by Polyphony Digital:

  • Adjusted performance point calculations to correct an issue where the speed of cars in races with PP (Performance Point) restrictions would be matched unfairly.
  • Adjusted the engine sound of the Honda Weider HSV-010(Super GT) ’11.
  • Improved the force feedback control of the Thrustmaster TS500RS Steering wheel controller to improve steering feel. This improvement will allow more precise countersteer on dirt and while drifting.

As always, stop by our Gran Turismo 5 forum for more analysis and discussion of all the changes.

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  1. forzaturismo

    •”Adjusted the engine sound of the Honda Weider HSV-010″…………Hmmmmmm.
    How many updates, PD needs for fixing this car sound????????

    • JeremiahTB

      Honda must be grilling them to fix it. Notice they aren’t touching the rest of the cars?

    • 1200?

    • TomBrady

      The first fix was actually pretty good and I think in the cockpit it sounds better than the new sound, BUT the new sound is without a doubt far more accurate inside and outside of the car. Adding it to the short list of cars that sound near perfect in GT5 is not something to complain about. Now it can join the Zonda 7.3, the LFA, etc.

  2. Xamado7V

    Do we get to keep the camouflaged prototype?

    Thanks. ; )

  3. I don’t understand why some people want to get a Seattle Circuit in the gt5. You forgot about Hollywood jumps in the hills on this track? It looked not serious and funny. I love this track but only in the gt3,4. For gt5 this is not serious. I think Kaz not to decide on this in gt5.

    • Praggia

      WTF are you saying?

    • MuoNiuLa

      We have Cape Ring with its roller coaster loop and monster truck jump. Your argument is invalid.

    • pasigiri

      Nurburgring jump.

      ZR1 REALLY flys off that hill.

    • JeremiahTB

      I’m sure the physics of GT5 would change the feel of the older tracks if they were to be implemented. So I wouldn’t worry about it. And even if it didn’t, I wouldn’t care…another track is another track.

    • Nurburgthing.

      Because its good and the jumps are a test of car control.

      Anyone can drive fast off a jump.
      Not everyone can control it on landing or the distance they fly though.

      MORE JUMPS!!!!!!!!

    • HKSBro92

      You can use the jumps to test your suspension settings.

    • StiggyGT

      +1, there is nothing wrong with the jumps on seattle. Like you say, new physics may be the correction for the gravity issues. I’m still happy if PD are planning on implementing this. It’s more fun this way.

    • hankolerd

      I live in Seattle and would love to see the classic Seattle track updated for GT5. Jumping is not unrealistic, I have not done it myself, but I have certainly unloaded the suspension even at low speeds driving up/down the steep hills here. I agree for a racing simulator it doesn’t seem serious, but I think PD would smooth out the cross streets to minimize jumping, or maybe change the track layout to avoid it. Even if they don’t, I can’t wait for this track :)

    • Amac500

      I love the layout of Seattle but I do totally agree with you about the jumps, I’m not a fan of them. If they just made the slopes more progressive for the shake of the game I would be fine with it. Because it isn’t like Cape Ring where there is 1 jump spot, this is frequent, and I’m still not a fan of any jumps anyways. I’m hoping its more smoothed out, that’s why I want it.

    • GTracer98

      So jumps aren’t real? Yeah right…

    • Today I played on this track. Maybe I was wrong. Sorry. But Red Bull or F1 don’t know not sure…

    • infamousphil

      I like it when those Hollywood stunts fold a chassis upon landing. Even at Cape Ring the rear bumper can get scraped down the tarmac for tens of meters without damage. That’s what I don’t like, it ain’t simmed. Hit a wall?… damage, dropped from 10 meters?… nothin’. I’d call it “Forza’d’ but but Turn 10 does offer damage under some circumstances. It ain’t simulated in GT and I like simulation. When we spot an LM prototype in flight on the tele the outcome usually ain’t good. It’s often described as ‘horrific’. No game is perfect but we do have choices. I don’t like ignorance.

  4. Toyota Supra RZ beats BMW CSL, Lexus LFA, Lambo Gallardo, HSC, on the Nurburgring by 15s flat at 500pp. Is this normal?

    • However, I am thankful for the added immersion to the Thrustmaster wheel, it was great before, with 2.10 it feels even better.

      Also, the sensation has changed, I now sense more car bounce, after 1st bridge on the Nur, approx 50s mark. That is a very welcomed change, time to explore damping once again.

      I also suspect Ferrari had some words to say to PD, such as, ‘how about improved handling on our cars that warrant the price difference between that say, oh, perhaps a RX-7 at 1/10th our price?’, and I think PD did something, because the 458 drives better than ever now.

      And I welcome having more variance at 500pp on the Nur, so be it, it wasn’t just that all cars felt they went the same speed in a straight line.

      cheers PD, looknig forward to new tracks with Spec 3, even if $15. Can’t wait for your GT6 and PS4 announcement for this coming Christmas.

    • grazbro

      Finally the “ringer” cars are put in their place. But perhaps 500pp is way to low for those cars to be competitive. What about 550pp and up?

    • JeremiahTB

      Ringer cars are still there. I was just in a 500pp race and this guy was smoking everyone with a TVR…and guess what? He never switched cars. Needless to say I left the race after a few go’s.

  5. Free DLC? bull*hit! here in Denmark u must pay 8DKK (1,4 dollars) to get the DLC….

    • ohh srry my bad, when i clicked the dlc it then said it was free… must be a mistake by psn? :)

  6. Progress823

    Beware, the new troll car: Mustang SVT Cobra R went from 580pp to 523pp with this update =WTF…..

    • Andyc709292

      Many, many cars have dropped, but not all – basically screwing my league. We used to race TC500 (500pp four doors) amongst other classes. Looking at the pp devastation that’s just been unleashed on my garage I think it’s damn near a write off.

      Not one to bash what has been an excellent game, this is probably enough to quit the game completely and go watch skyrim loading screens.

      Was anyone actually upset with the pp system as it was?

    • Morgoth_666

      Was anyone actually not upset with the pp system as it was?

    • It took me an hour and a half to fix 20 cars that they adjusted pp on, some of which wont even hit specs anymore, which is disapointing. Hopefully this evens the field up against the ‘sure winners’ like the LFA, CSL, and NSX’s.

    • infamousphil

      R35 TC, ZR1 RM, Ford GT, Citroen GT Racecar and Pagoni still at 641pp. Had to drop the ’05 Toyota Yellow Hat GT500 from ’05-08 SuperGT League because now long meets matching hp/kg rules… New league is ’06-08 SuperGT 502hp 1130kg 592pp…

  7. xStretch-

    No fix to the horrible understeer of 2.09?

  8. Epic fail to people complaining! Haha!

    • Magic Ayrton

      Epic fail to the people trolling other comments! haha!

    • JeremiahTB

      Epic fail to demeaning people’s passion for the global icon that is the GT series.

    • roflcoptor

      Epic fail for people using the phrase “epic fail”

    • JeremiahTB

      Epic fail to people not liking the phrase of epic fail. Epic fail is epic. You can’t get more fail than epic fail. Well, maybe super duper epic fail…but that would just be crazy.

    • e30 freek

      And you just killed it

    • JeremiahTB


    • GTP_Versatile

      This whole chain of comments, if read from top to bottom is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

    • JeremiahTB

      You’re welcome.

  9. Niyologist

    It’s still in Prototype mode. Be patient. The rest of the goodies will come later.

  10. Magic Ayrton

    I can’t even paint this new Corvette and that includes the wheels, hell I can’t even change them. yeah right.

  11. CrazyBrazilian

    Free update! That’s amazing! I just don’t ynderstand why some people is complaining so much, this is ridiculous. Now, I’m just praying for PD release the next DLC Maps and the new Acura NSX COncept. Hope still this January. Next month Dead Space 3 and Metal Gear Rising will be out!

    • Jawehawk

      Yes, you’re right. 2 horrible games will be released next month. (:

  12. Musolini187

    i dl the update and the car. when i tried to start the game it got till the gran turismo logo and goes black and the logo keeps on coming back, all the while saying saving data every few seconds. the game doesnt sart though, ive waited for almost 10 minutes, no avail.

    anybody have the same issues, EU player here.

    • Jaycue58

      Yeah ! it took 4 attempts to upgrade data as screen went blank then opened on the PS3 opening screen before eventually accepting new data

    • JeremiahTB

      Did it to me too, but now it’s working OK.

  13. fureddo

    Freebies are always welcome! It’s free, why keep whining? The trailer with the new Acura shows that our folks from PD are working hard on modelizing new cars and new locations. I’d be as crazy as a kid on Christmas Day if all this stuff came on a near update. But more likely, this’ll all be released on GT’s next iteration. A brand new GT on a brand new system sporting 4K graphics at 120fps…?

    • e30 freek

      4k and 120fps i think thats pushing it isnt it

    • You don’t need 120fps. The naked human eye can’t even see a difference between 60 and 120. So there is really no point in trying to push the hardware to achieve such a thing.

    • phil_75

      Yes you can tell the difference between 60fps and 120fps!

    • fureddo

      To HarVee: technically, more than 10 frames per second are enough to create the illusion of a fluid movement to the human eye. Still you can “feel” the difference between the framerate while driving and the framerate while watching a replay (respectively 60 fps and 30 fps). So why would it be pointless to double the framerate from 60 to 120 frames per second? Just like pixel density, the bigger the figure, the thinner (ergo smoother) the image appears.
      To e30 freek: Kaz is a guy who likes to push the limit! To avoid jaggy shadows and all graphics related issues, PD could have lowered the resolution or diminished the framerate; but Kaz wanted its baby to run at 1080p and 60fps (just like any other so called “nex’gen” should have actually; but most of them don’t). The latest C.E.S. proved that major tv manufacturers (name it Sony) had a huge focus on 4K displays. With the PS3 being a major tool to push blu ray format as a new standard, assuming that the next Playstation will have a 4K video output is a safe bet.

  14. ing2ning

    How do we shift into 7th with our gated controllers like G27

    • Praggia

      you don’t
      you use the paddle shift or sequential shift

    • LancerEvo7

      In the rare occasion that I use 7th, I use the paddle, but leave the stick on 6th. That way, when I press the clutch as I go to downshift, it goes into 6th again as smoothly as possible, and downshift normally after that. This is with the G27.

  15. Stephanos82

    Shut up already with the complaining! Be grateful PD is giving it to us for free! What obligation do they have from a 2 + year old game?
    And if you love comparing it to the other game then answer this: has the other game even made one update or fix to the game? I have xbox 360 and never noticed that exceptnormal general xbox updates! Moreover, i have never been able to make my csr elite work correctly with it ( the twitchiness is still there at times when it shouldn’t) while gt5 works really well! Not perfect in comparison to pc sims but doing well!

    • JeremiahTB

      I’m sure it was GM’s idea to give it away, not PD’s. This is a form of marketing to gain new fans…nothing more, so you have a point; but people have the right to complain for not being able to change some settings, colors, etc.

    • MuoNiuLa

      The other game wasn’t released unfinished like GT5. Maybe that’s why.

    • MuoNiuLa

      Oh, and my Fanatec CSR works great with Forza. Don’t know what your problem is.

    • TokoTurismo

      Who cares about Forza, GT is my kind of game forever.

      I do agree with not able to change the colour, but can we do? Lets just enjoy the Vette C7 how it is plz.

    • TokoTurismo

      And especially when there’s a ARCADEY spin off…

    • MuoNiuLa

      There is a world outside of GTPlanet. I’m sure there are people who don’t care about GT.

    • TokoTurismo

      I’ll say the same for Horizon. Since its so ARCADEY, I bet the majority of its fans went back to FM4 and of course other games, not just GT my friend…

    • TokoTurismo

      Or maybe I should have said no body cares about FM4 either, cause that is also dead too, oh wait, it is dead due to no support. Conversation over, have a nice day…

    • MuoNiuLa

      Don’t know why you keep mentioning Horizon. And FM4 is not “dead” due to “no support”. There’s an FM game every 2 years. Please explain how much sense it would make to keep supporting FM4 with DLC when FM5 is coming out in less than a year.

    • TokoTurismo

      Than I call that milking the franchise. Turn 10 could have easily countinued supporting FM4 by at least releasing more DLC for last year, just like GT5 but NOOOO, it’s all about the money and you felt for their trap with that other game. Why did you think I said its “dead”, will not dead but slightly. I still love the REAL Forza, but since its all about the money now, I don’t care anymore.

      Seriously I’m done answering because I hardly play games nowadays… I mostly play GT5 during on my breaks and waiting for GT6… I know you got bored with that other game and went back to FM4 and here. >:)

    • MuoNiuLa

      Keep thinking I fell for their “trap” and keep thinking I’m bored with Horizon, which I still haven’t beaten yet. Whatever helps you sleep better at night.

    • TokoTurismo

      Hahaha. Whatever you say. You’re going to eventually get bored of it sooner or later and go back to FM4, even if you take your “sweet” time on it, which will also bore you. >XD Really. Have a nice night man, you’re too funny now.

    • MuoNiuLa

      You’re too funny also. Have a good one.

    • TokoTurismo


    • SZRT Ice

      I love these. But seriously, I’d buy a new GT every two years. Gran Turismo is no longer a two+ year game. It’s not milking if you actually offer fresh content and improvements exceeding update criteria (vinyls, club racing, tournament brackets, etc.). I’ve been ready for GT6 since the release of car pack 2.

  16. Hij rij super lekker

    • MeanElf

      It does, at least better than the covered version.

  17. Mehdi GT

    Where can I download‏ ‏Whit PC?

    • MeanElf

      The game is a PS3 exclusive…otherwise there is a PC version of the PS store – not sure if you can download from that though.

    • e30 freek

      I think he means if he can download the new update off pc or something

  18. i love gt5

    Why do they always add cars that are boring, add a Lambo or Ferrari or even RUG. Lame.

    • MeanElf

      Do you not see the paradox in your ‘username’ or was that a smidge of irony?

    • binbin90

      yes, PD should give me RUGS :P

    • binbin90

      oh w8, I meant to give us rugs :P

    • Oh awesome some rugs! I’ll be able to go 230mph with those!


    • JeremiahTB

      Rugs? I prefer hardwood floors, myself. Maybe some carpet in the bedrooms so my feet don’t get cold when I wake up, and heated tiles in th…err, wait, did he mean RUF?

    • SZRT Ice

      Nah, he definitely meant rugs. Maybe in some Aladdin type magic carpet type of way. You can definitely do 250 on one of those. But I never heard of a magic “Rug” though… :-/ Hmm…

  19. infamousphil

    No tuning nor painting nor customizing? Way to go PD. Thanks for the heads up. Good thing I’ve dedicated my “favorites” list to stockers. How did I not see this coming?

    • Don’t blame PD for this. As its name suggest this is a PROTOTYPE of a vehicle that has not entered production, but soon will. It is very likely that GM want to be cautious and is not simply allowing PD to make any customization possible at this point.

    • JeremiahTB

      Personally, I don’t see the harm in allowing more settings on the Stingray. GT is realistic compared to most games, but not THAT realistic where GM would worry about anything. But if someone has an idea why GM would have an issue other than the Prototype thing, I’m all ears.

    • infamousphil

      There are a few.paintable and or tunable concepts and prototypes in GT5. Those short tuning sheets are like a needle in my eye ;(

    • SavageEvil

      GM are probably testing the waters by releasing their C7 in digital format, you know how Mitsubishi and other manufacturers had their cars get really popular because they were featured in Gran Turismo. As to why you can’t tune it, it’s probably because those settings aren’t final yet as GM probably haven’t nailed those down. Wait and stop complaining about everything without first thinking about what the reason may be.

      I’m still wondering why there was a 55MB update, what did that add to or replace? Hopefully Sorg can weigh in on this.

  20. mistamontiel

    Why all the unmasked photos, when all I got from the C7 DLC was the masked prototype..

    • There are two separate DLCs. One for the masked version and one for the unmasked version.

  21. Is anyone aware if 55mb is possibly large enough to contain the Acura NSX or any tracks? Besides just the Stingray and some minor fixes.

    • MeanElf

      I doubt it very much – 55Mb is very small for files these days. The track packs were a lot larger.

    • JeremiahTB

      One car could easily have piggy backed onto this update without us knowing. Tracks? I’m not sure, but I’d say it’s possible. Willow is a fairly simple track when it comes to assets in the graphics department.

  22. sniper338

    Anyone else having issues launching the game after the update? And did anyone else have a problem backing up their game to something other than PS PLUS as a pose to their SD card?

    • JeremiahTB

      It took me a few tries to launch, but it worked in the end.

    • kader911

      yes i am getting the exact same issue… it feezes after showing the warning for epileptics and keeps showing the “saving” thing in the bottom corner…never progresses from there

    • ShopHog

      Same problem. deleted and re-installed game data, still happened. Went to another account on my PS3 and worked fine. Only problem now is; it still won’t launch on my primary and I can’t play on a secondary with no money or cars.

    • sniper338

      Mine will go to the screen that says GT5, then go to a black screen with a saving thing at the bottom and back to the GT5 screen. I’m re downloading the data so well see if that works. Funny how it only happened to a few of us.

  23. nick954rr

    Ummm…yeah…I keep trying to update to ver. 2.10., but everytime I try my PS3 beeps…and then shuts off. And when I turn it back on….no update has downloaded. Anyone know why?

  24. tube chaser

    I’m actually glad the ‘Ray ain’t paint-able. Its gonna be a nice digital souvenir for those of us that watched the live reveal. Which was fantastic, the child-like enthusiasm of those three gentlemen was for me quite contagious. I had thought about painting her a deep maroon like the 60’s models – never mind, I’ll just uncork a tasty cab sav when I get home and hit Laguna.

    • Both Barrels

      Nice. That live reveal was fun.

    • JeremiahTB

      Oh gosh, I hope people don’t call this car Ray. And I prefer Riesling…big reds are too tanic for me.

  25. takfujiwara

    noticed that the sprinter trueno s. shigeno ver. took a huge hit to pp it went from 486 to 436 fully tuned which is probably more accurate since it could get dusted easily by cars with less pp.

    • Both Barrels

      The Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo dropped to a paltry 361 PP.

  26. SmokeyLungz

    This is awesome a quick release of the new Stingray but where is the SRT Viper???
    Mopar or NO car!

    • Spirithockey61

      It broke down before they were able to release it to the public.

    • infamousphil

      Lol… Looks like we won’t be getting a 2013 Viper cuz that other racer has it? Can you say “exclusive?”

  27. JeremiahTB

    Added the Vette, but still missing Spa and Kart Space. Way to go, Sony.

    • SavageEvil

      Confused, what do you mean missing Spa and Kart Space?

    • SZRT Ice


    • JeremiahTB

      Not in the PS Store. Has been that way for quite some time now.

    • tube chaser

      I couldn’t find Motegi either. Summin’s up?

    • dinky07

      spa kart space and motegi are still there you have to go to ps store search gran turismo [from top left] go to add ons and they are all listed there

    • JeremiahTB

      I’ve tried that…doesn’t work. I’ve tried a few different routes, but nothing will make them pop up in the US version of the Store.

  28. hobanator24

    I also don’t know why everybody is now complaining about the new HSV-010 sound. It actually is alot closer to a real HSV then it was before. I just listened to a youtube video & it sounds close to an F1, but not exact. Before this update, it sounded like a real F1 car. I think, that when the HSV was released, they were not finished with the exhaust sound so they just threw on some ordinary Super GT sound to cover it up. But when they realized that it was nowhere near the real sound, they replaced it with a modified F1 sound that was already in the game. Now, they have matched the sound almost perfectly so they replaced it again.

    • TomBrady

      Me too and the new sound in the car and outside of it is near perfect. Maybe not enough ambient noise outside of the car but that’s a GT5 problem. The engine and exaust sound itself is pitch perfect

      And the 1st update to the HSV was not a modified F1 sound as you say. It’s another sound entirely. I liked it but the new one if more accurate.

    • JeremiahTB

      I wonder why they are so dedicated to the sound of this car, but no other car?

    • binbin90

      maybe they’re trying out some new method to make the sounds more realistic…..and then maybe if it works they can implement it to the other cars….:P

  29. biftizmo

    Playstation web is updated…you can see all the academy winners portfolio interesting reading..

  30. LR-MR-Cole

    like the c7 but can we plesssseeeeee have the new aston martin vanquish

  31. ghskilla

    *Insert whiny rant about PD here*

  32. biftizmo

    Developer notice on the screen saver has changed to Sony 2013..just so you know

  33. Spazmaticality

    Lol adjusted the weider’s sound… Lame. But awesome the Vette its already out and way to go with the PP adjustment

  34. PS3LUV3R

    I’ve stopped reading the comments on these, but decided to have faith this time…

    Never reading them again lol. Such debbie downers on GTP.


  35. streetlife

    One hundred percent stock, no tuning needed. I love it…

  36. no painting? that’s sad…

  37. japlkofk69

    I wish every car was non-tunable like this one :)

  38. acedition333

    Eh, I like the free car. Thanks PD! Just keep them coming faster! All the “Hype” with these shots of new tracks and we got nothing. That was the let down part. STILL. I’m hopeful that it will come…… SPEC 3.0 PD??

  39. HumanDestroyah

    Aw I liked how the HSV-010 sounded.

  40. 6th & 7th gear useless, although 5th gear can reach 206mph on SS Route7 – oh well it’s free but how long till we can tune it

  41. hobanator24

    For all those complaining, remember that this is still a PRE PRODUCTION PROTOTYPE Chevrolet released this car so they could see what type of reaction it got, NOT so you can go on messing about with the gear ratios & ride height. If this was a concept from 3 or 4 years ago, they wouldn’t care what you did to it because it wouldn’t matter to the general population. The only complaint that you are allowed is the fact that it cannot be repainted. So stop with all the other complaints & just be happy you got a free car.

    • another_jakhole

      Boom! +1

    • RandomCarGuy17


      I’m glad to be driving the C7 final prototype in GT5. It’s a free, new car and it’s not even a gtr.

    • AcenSpades

      Finally got the c7 to 7th gear with a few draft partners, we hit 273 on route x no bump drafting at all. still had some speed left so it can go faster.

    • binbin90

      +1000 :D So thankful that even up to now, GT5 is still supported by PD..even when GT6 is in development

    • SZRT Ice

      “The only complaint that you are allowed is the fact that it cannot be repainted.” I’m allowed to have whatever opinion I choose. This is not a dictatorship. If wanna say it sucks and that I’d like to tune it, paint it, rally it, take it out to dinner and a movie, use it tjen lose it, I have every right to do so. Unless Jordan or Kaz sees an issue with my comments, what’s allowed is not up to you or anyone else but them.

    • Both Barrels

      Spot on hob.

  42. grazbro

    Adjusted performance point calculations to correct an issue where the speed of cars in races with PP (Performance Point) restrictions would be matched unfairly-Nice, hopfully the noob cars such as the CSL, Ford GT, Italia, Audi 4.2, LFA etc. are brought BACK inline with the rest of the real cars.

  43. I like it.

  44. Excellent and very fun to drive, this free to download, Corvette C7 Stingray…

    no tuning allowed, but who cares for a free model, one more in my garage…

    thanks PD

  45. sonicfreak92

    I do queston if they was gonna do it this way and make it non tunable why give us the test car????

  46. ChicoMaloXD

    I like the new vette, I raced it at Nür, it was fun but just for a little while.
    Now GT5 is dead to me. Please save all the new content fot GT6.
    I’m sure I will love GT6 much more than GT5.

    • HuskyGT

      HAHA! It was good until it lasted (like 20 minutes). I did a lap in the Nurburgring, then I returned to my other games.

      I’m kind of sad about ll the hype that GT5 usually gets, and at the end, although most will complain about me complaining, we really don’t get anything. And I’m saying this because I was saving $25 bucks to buy whatever DLC pack they would release.

      Though the car does a great job in photo travel. I’ll probably hunt down all the Corvettes and shoot some pics of them.

  47. I’m sort of dissapointed with those complaining. I think that GM is awesome for considering GT to host a digital copy of their prototype, and not GT’s biggest rival, Forza. Of course you guys can’t fix it up, GM wants you to experience it in the form it was designed. The engine, transmission, aerodynamics were all carefully designed maybe even optomized to give the Corvette its desired performance. If you guys were to do a stage 3 turbo or supercharger or lower it who knows how much it ruins the essence of Chevrolet having released its prototype to Gran Turismo.

    • SubaruWRC555

      Well put!!

    • SZRT Ice

      Understood. But that’s the thing about options dear friend. You see everyone is different. Some could care less about the aforementioned and want to trackify it off the jump. Or maybe gray & red just don’t appeal. It’s an option that allows people to do what they want with what’s given to them. This is more of a rental. I mean you could keep your essences and what not while Bob tunes & I paint mine Gran Turismo Blau. Or buy multiples and make one for drag, drift, track/race, and then leisure and see the differences and peaks in each category. The choice would and imo should be yours/ours.

    • TokoTurismo

      Well said @alfiD

      I’m glad GM chose PD to help them out with the Corvette C7 as well, and not Forza. I don’t understand why there is complaining about why the C7 can’t be tunable, you wouldn’t know excatly how it felt anyways IMO… Aside from changing colours, changing the colour of it wouldn’t have been to bad, would have liked to have that but oh well.

    • Skython

      Agreed! But still, if I were to move to Forza, my reason would because they have the SRT Viper, and PD doesn’t (from what I know at least). But since I’m too stingy to buy an Xbox 360, I think I’m just going to wait and see if the SRT Viper comes to any PC sims.

  48. The pp adjustment is great for the average gt’er like myself. I can actually win these races now, and the super gt tokyo race felt much more competiteve with all the cars really racing for position as apose to before when I had to try and run down one care after another. They need need to invent an adaptive ai that can change with individual skill levels but oh well at least for now races are much more competitive.
    As for the vette, I gotta say meh… at least it was free. The only dlc I have actually bought was the very first one. I personally have 0 interest in any othe other releases and I have other things to spend my money other than a car I won’t use. As for the tracks I don’t understand the point in paying for them, you can’t use them in regular gameplay but I can still use motegi in the time trial. Seems kinda pointless to buy, yes? Anywoo, this is just one players opinion

  49. SZRT Ice

    I’m officially calling this “The Corvaro”. No mods suck. Kinda ruined the hype as it’s pointless to drive (imo). I’m sure there are tunable, paintable, cystomizable proto’s in GT5, so no dice on thee excuses. But the new tracks news has my mouth watering. Looking forward to them here or on GT6. I’d buy it tomorrow. It’s been long enough.

    • SZRT Ice

      I had more fun with the Camo version. Before the hype was ruined and when thoughts of tuning/painting/modding it today seemed to be a possibility. Oh well.

    • ghskilla

      tl;dr whining

    • SZRT Ice

      Whining about whining. Much cooler huh?

  50. BoneSawTX

    Love the crying about this is a marketing move, you don’t say? You get to drive the final prototype as is, not as some made up version that doesn’t exist. Then theres the fact it was free, if you don’t like it you don’t use it and you didn’t spend any money out of your sponge bob piggy bank.

  51. Not being a petrol head as much as you guys but….. I like the look of it. The handling well its better than the camo version as on one of my custom tracks the 2014 model did behave itself. The camo model didn’t.

    I took it for a fly past err spin on the Welsh Fury track and there is no damage what so ever to it. Although you get the usual black grazing marks on it. Not even when the yellow Ford GT landed on the rear did it scratch it!!!
    I got the Cyber Gray one.
    Regarding the no spray option. I would have thought that seeing as its not even a production model and will be used for promotion of the car then they would rather that it be seen in it two available colours and perhaps not some Ferrari Red if you get my drift.

  52. emanuelmelo

    I’ve been supporting with PD about every new content they released for the game until now. I’m sorry, but this is just the biggest load of crap in the game so far.
    As soon as i had the vette, i took it to a lap at the ring. Those gear’s seemed to last an eternity, so I quitted and took it to the speed test at route X. It reached 331Km/h (207mph) in 5th gear, and didnt went any further than that. So the 6th and 7th gears are there… I dont know doing what. I know that the cars released so far in real life with 7-speed-manual-gearboxes, only use the 7th gear to save fuel and not for top speeds, but this is ridiculous: this car seems to have two gears just save fuel! I’m playing a racing game, I dont wanna save fuel! But wait… I cant even “fix it”, because tuning is not available for this car.
    So, I’m guessing this was just a marketing move from Chevrolet, who must had payed a load of money to PD. Shame on you, PD. Shame on you!

    • BoneSawTX

      you get a free car and cry about it, how grownup of you.

    • biftizmo

      It’s ok mate..we’re getting the prototypes for free…I suspect we will have to pay for the to market version…..I here there not going into production until late 2014…
      And don’t worry about the manufacturer deal…bet they got more coverage for there product than they. Ever expected through the normal channels of promotion.. They done very good out this’ll see…

      I think most of us on here are hoping we get tracks and other well as the stingray…

    • Whitefalcon63

      Just get a few of them to race with on the long oval and with the draft you’ll see over 400kph. And as for saving fuel I hope you don’t start complaining about the pollution the older cars make. ;-)

    • Whitefalcon63

      Just get a few of them to race with on the long oval and with the draft you’ll see over 400kph. If you’re complaining about saving fuel you’ll probably be upset at the amount of pollution the older cars make.

    • Mer1nza

      Why is this ridiculous?

      My car in real life only has a 6 speed gearbox and BOTH 5th and 6th gears are overdrive gears, meaning top speed will be achieved in 4th gear. It’s actually a pretty common configuration

    • LR-MR-Cole

      you guys are babies big deal you cant tune it, cars like that are made to deliver driving excitment the way they are, not to be tuned, leave that for the p.o.s civics and integras

    • grazbro

      Whew, that was the most unflattering 2 laps of my life. Back in the garage it goes.

    • MuoNiuLa

      @LR-MR-Cole: Nothing wrong with tuning cars. Don’t sound so ignorant.

  53. Racin510s

    I found mine but ended up with the gray one. Has anyone gotten a red one? You can’t paint it and the only mods are the oil change and tires.

  54. testorz

    I am not feeling the new Corvette design ! It looks too much like a Camaro from the rear !

    • BoneSawTX

      only thing on the back that looks like a Camaro is that the tail lights are almost square like the Camaros

    • Whitefalcon63

      Use a Ferrari and you’ll never see the rear of a corvette. But I think it looks pretty good.

  55. kollosson

    Great to finally get my hands on the new vette but a little un-great that i cant try some colours on it or change/spray the wheels or even set the gears ? feels like this car would have alot of potential if we could tinker and boost power….hopefully this will be sorted in a future update…

  56. Obsidian-2

    7th on the Vette is so they can get their “best gas mileage ever for a Corvette” claim. It’s for the typical 60 something man who will be buying them IRL.

  57. Obsidian-2

    Cool looking car except for the curved side reflectors by the wheels. I bought the red one because they are harder to see, lol.

  58. HuskyGT

    I just downloaded it, played for a while, took some pics, and I’m back with Skyrim.

    I noticed a few strange things with this final prototype Vette:

    -Have someone noticed how the instrument panel is kind of low res? Unless you choose the Zoom option which it looks fine.

    -Fifth gear is really long, rendering 6th useless, and making 7th just an amusement.

    -Does anyone know what the paddles behind the steering wheel are?

    Other than that, the car looks nice, but it doesn’t add more hours to my GT5 sessions.

    • BoneSawTX

      -Fifth gear is really long, rendering 6th useless, and making 7th just an amusement.
      Car has different driving modes so i’d guess they have it set to the standard setting and 7th is over drive for fuel economy

      -Does anyone know what the paddles behind the steering wheel are?
      Those paddles would be paddle shifters, doubt it’s the window controls.

    • HuskyGT

      There’s a thing. The car is fully manual with a clutch and a H pattern shifter. I wouldn’t be asking if the car was automatic or had some sort of electronic sequential gearbox.

      I just checked the interior and the paddles say Rev Match, or something similar.

  59. RCKakashi14

    I also noticed that the Corvette C5 Z06’s PP has been watered down to 475 pp….

  60. BHalpen

    Is it just me or does 55mb seem a bit high for just one car. what does everyone else think???

    • Wanderlust2000

      55mb includes the PP adj and thrustmaster patch

  61. ChevyFan1912

    disconnected again…….

  62. 2012GT325

    Everybody, please stop crying as to how you can’t modify/upgrade the C7. It’s a FREE DLC of a car that has NOT been released to the public. The car will be released this summer and until then, it is what it is: a pre-production prototype.

    I’m tired of all the whining and crying over every little thing. The fact is that PD/Sony produced an amazing racing game and two years later, they are still supporting it with improvements and content, which in this case happens to be FREE content. The least we can do is just be thankful and continue to support them.

    Name me another game that was released in perfect condition and/or that the publisher supported with FREE content and updates years later… Exactly, I didn’t think so!

    • KiroKai

      Plenty of racing sims actually get support for years, and mostly free. PS3 wise, PD is unique though.

      And while it might be a prototype, why not let us do simple things with it like PAINT it? Or, fine, don’t give us our own colours, but at least let us choose from some colours? 2 colours, really?

      Also the fact that it’s prototype actually would make it sound better to test potential Z06/ZR-1 specs on it than modifying a complete production vehicle.

    • samuelesm


      Like anyone else knows of a driving simulator who’s nice enough to get through tough regulations just so that their fans can try prototypes before the actual release.

    • KiroKai

      Personally I’m not complaining about this prototype being locked from modifying by the way, I just fear that they will come around soon and offer us the same car, just tune- and paintable, and charge us for that.

      And I think the general hype goes a bit… far.

  63. Amac500

    I mean don’t get me wrong Cheverolet, I love what your doing in the game and all, we just all got built up like this was the full Corvette Stingray ’14. Give everybody a couple days and we’ll stop being bummed and you’ll get your feedback on the car. But could you do one thing for us? When you decide what colors your going to sell the car in could you please add them to the Final Prototype version? That would be great, I feel weird that my Corvette isn’t yellow, lol. Also if you want to keep us interested and for us to keep driving it and giving feedback until the final version is ready work out something with PD to run a seasonal event weekly or something. That way we keep coming back and trying it in multiple track circumstances to run the seasonal events, giving you guys more feedback across the bored. Thanks again Chevy for making a deal with PD and don’t take our disappointment as a negative sign and get disinterested, we’re all happy your here.

  64. Amac500

    Hey, look PD and GM, it’s totally fine that this is the final prototype version, so I totally get not letting us tune it while your still tweaking away at the transmission, but you could at least let us spray the car, I’m just trying to spray it in Corvette’s Velocity Tincoat Yellow. Aero kits would be cool but I guess I get you guys leaving it off the final prototype to. But come on, of your giving it to us in 2 colors why can’t we spray it, that won’t change performance. Hey I hate to seem so disappointed but I was under the impression that I was getting a full car.

  65. “2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype” 2014, yet no actual year listed, just lines like the other non-year premiums… another disappointment.

  66. ChevyFan1912

    Got disconnected from server. New room 1472-6118-3744-3750-0351

  67. Amac500

    Aww, aww, awwwww, man…. We aren’t able to spray the Corvette! It comes in 2 colors, “Torch Red” and “Cyber Gray Metallic”. I already bought a ZR1 to get the “Velocity Tincoat Yellow” paint chip so I could make it that pretty yellow color on the racing Vettes, what a bummer. There are no aero kit or wheel options either, and no RM. From the tuning shop you can buy chassis reinforcements and tires, nothing else, not even a custom transmission. It literally is just the covered car with the covers off. It’s called the “2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype” so I guess there will be another. Still I’m kind of bummed, I thought we were get the full car, or were at least able to paint the body and maybe play with the gear ratios.

    • KiroKai

      In order to receive a paintable copy of your free car please wait a week, it will be available for just 3$ in the PS Store! Enjoy!

      – Sincerely, Sony

    • biftizmo


      I like what your you know if there’s tracks or photo locations coming too…
      ..sincerely Bift.

  68. hobanator24

    Ok so a few things I have noticed:
    1. You cannot modify the car in any way, apart from the tires. I kinda figured, when I noticed it still says prototype. & Chevy probably doesn’t want anyone messing with their design, until its released.
    2. It is prone to cosmetic damage. I drove it around La Sarthe w/ chicanes, did not brake, & nothing happened to the car.
    3. Useless 7th gear. I had the car doing 205 in 6th (Pre oil change) & finished the speed test @ that speed. I like the fact that it was implemented into the game, but why was it on the car in the first place?

    Overall, I like the new Corvette. I just wish they gave it to us in red.

    • Amac500

      They did, you can buy it from the new car dealer in Torch Red or Cyber Gray Metallic

    • Sick Cylinder

      Presumably top speed is reached in 6th gear and 7th gear is an overdrive for economy cruising in the real car and PD have copied this?

    • 2012GT325

      If one knew anything about cars and efficiency, it would be that one way to increase efficiency is to add more gears. The 7th gear is designed for lower RPM, highway driving to maximize fuel efficiency. The C7 is NOT the first car to do this. There are other cars, some even in GT5, that achieve their top speed before getting to their top gear.

    • hobanator24

      @Amac, I know. I just meant tht the free one should’ve been red. That way I didn’t have to spend 100k on another one.

      @Sick Cyl & 2012GT325, Knew that too. Just never thought of a 450hp, 6.2L V8 as being an economy car. But in terms of racing, I see no use for it, unless you are on a long straight & trying to conserve fuel to avoid extra pit stops. Still, glad to see it’s there.

    • hobanator24

      & let me correct my previous statement, I meant to say, ‘it is indestructible cosmetic-wise, apart from those weird GT5 scratches. But it’s impossible to distort any of the body panels.

    • 2012GT325


      GT5 is a realistic Sim Racing game and they include any and all details as close to the actual car as possible. The United States CAFE Fuel Economy standards regulate that all cars achieve a certain fuel efficiency, no matter if they are a 100 hp car or a 450 hp sports car. The Corvette comes with the 7 gears in real life, did you want PD/Sony to omit that from the game and just given the car only the gears that are good for racing? If you want a game like that, then go ahead and play something else. But if you want realism, you get that with GT5. You may not always like it (as I didn’t like the handling of the masked C7 Prototype), but they are at least close to the reality and not just a fake game.

    • hobanator24

      I know. & I am glad that it was included. I’m just saying, it has no use in racing. Unless you are on SSRX drafting with a few other cars.

  69. Oh wow, you can’t even modify it.. A tad bit disappointing.

    • TokoTurismo

      That’s because the C7 is a “pre production” car, not “production” yet.

    • Well the least GM & PD could’ve let players do is customize the exterior color.

  70. Adjusted performance point calculations to correct an issue where the speed of cars in races with PP (Performance Point) restrictions would be matched unfairly.
    ^^ gonna run the LFA, BMW M3, HSC concept, and some dusty Nissan at 505pp to see who wins now!

    Adjusted the engine sound of the Honda Weider HSV-010(Super GT) ’11. ==> don’t care, but don’t stop at that PD, adjust ALL sounds :D

    Improved the force feedback control of the Thrustmaster TS500RS Steering wheel controller to improve steering feel. This improvement will allow more precise countersteer on dirt and while drifting. ==> Cannot wait to get home! this is so very welcomed! This wheel on the wheel stand pro, is king. I also hear that some praise the PS EYE cam to take this game to the next level.

  71. Amac500

    Old if it means anything but the car DLC was 100kb and the update was 55mb

    • Nato_777

      The update added the car to the game, hence the 55mb, the DLC just unlocks it so you can use it which is why it’s only 100kb.

  72. Wow so much fun did 2 laps and packed up gt5 disc again…

  73. Swagger897

    just to let you non petrol heads know, this is only the prototype.. the commercial version will be availible august or when ever they release it in the 3rd quarter

    • Amac500

      No that’s not the prototype, that’s the actual car. That is the entry level versions of the car. They haven’t showed us the ZR1 replacement version yet, what we have us the standard Z06 level one.

    • BoneSawTX

      You said it’s the base model then said it’s the Z06 level, which is it? 2012 Models went as so not including convertibles; Base Coupe, Grand Sport Coupe, Z06 and ZR1

    • Amac500

      The base model is the Z06 level. In fact this DLC has the Stingray Vette at 526 PP, the Corvette Z06 (C6) ’06 is 528 PP

    • BoneSawTX

      I don’t think GM is concerned about PP levels in real life. Maybe in this game the new base model is equal to the old ZO6, but if the new base model is a ZO6 they just jumped the entry level price 25k or watered down the name.

    • BoneSawTX

      and from reading more it’s the final prototype.

    • HAL20XX

      It’s the base model with the Z51 performance package. There is no C7 Z06… yet.

      And it is still regarded as a prototype. The horsepower figures are just estimates.

  74. ChevyFan1912

    Got a room up


  75. BrodieBoi94

    The description of the corvette c7 in the game makes me think they’re going to bring the final production model soon. Also their collaboration with Chevy means that PD added this car to the game to give people a chance to see if they like it, and Chevy an opportunity to see how people will respond to the new ‘vette. So we can be sure that the production model will come soon, with modifying and all. And as for the NSX, I think that will be coming soon too along with some DLC for tracks. I mean this is the second video of the NSX.

    • TokoTurismo

      Maybe 3.0 will be coming along as well if possible. :)

    • KiroKai

      Yes and we’ll surely get a PS4 and GT6 + GT7 free in that bundle!!!

      ._. Seriously, this hype is not even funny, it’s just ridiculous.

  76. JeremiahTB

    This seems like a 2.09.1 update, not a 2.1 update. Oh well, better than nothing, I guess. Change the Honda sounds again, but no other cars? C’mon, PD.

  77. HuskyGT

    I hope that first change means no “chase the rabbit” thing anymore. If not I would be really dissapointed (though not surprised) that they gave even more horsepower and advantage to the car up front.

  78. I already crashed mine.

  79. tronrider345

    3x they improved the HSV sound. -.-

    • Whodoyouthink

      What gives lmao. Did they mess with the RPM again as well lol

  80. Factor41

    Wha..? I’m not even allowed to respray it?!

    • theBOGROLL

      It’s a great car… just a disappointment that we cant modify it.

    • Darkcraft

      Damn, that sucks, I was planning to paint mine fluorescent pink :(
      Joking aside, bit of a bummer that we can’t paint it ( only available in grey and red, or so I read somewhere in the comments ), would’ve loved a nice black one

  81. What a huge letdown… You can’t even do anything to it.

    • HuskyGT

      Now that’s a bit disappointing.

      But then again, it’s technically a prototype still; a pre-production model. anyway, I don’t even tune my cars, so other than the paint and wheels, I think it will be fun to try it a few laps and then put GT5 away for months again.

    • sangdude82

      @ HuskyGT

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It says ‘Final Prototype’.

  82. k12power

    i’m just download it from psn, but somethink strange i notice.. there are 17 add-ons but only 16 are chooseable.. anyone notice the some????

    • sangdude82

      Have you installed the DLC from the GT5 main menu?

    • k12power

      Yes!!! I double check it right now and again when i go to PSN, i see 17 add-ons for GT5 but only 16 are choose able…

    • HuskyGT

      try using the search option on the store app. I had a similar problem with the paint add-on.

      If not, go to GT5, click the add-ons option in the main menu and scroll all the way down. It should be there even if it doesn’t appear in your PS3 download history.

  83. What? They promised me Seattle Circuit! SEATTLE CIRCUIT!!!

    • R1600Turbo

      They promised you nothing more than the Corvette.

    • HuskyGT

      They even released that news article not a few hours ago stating that seeing those track or the NSX doesn’t mean that they will be available in GT5 for all the people who were talking about a track DLC pack and the NSX add-on.

      PD has said nothing about it, other than the Corvette.

    • Who the hell promised you that? It sounds like a lie I would tell a child to raise their hopes, only to watch them fall spectacularly.

    • swynder

      They have not promesed nothing, it was just seen in the new GT5 Honda Nsx Trailer, the released date of those tracks are still unknown and unsure.

    • Guys I’m not gonna argue. A promise is a promise.

    • Madertus

      PD said nothing about adding anything more than the Prototype.

      Seattle won’t be in GT5 for quite a while yet.

    • R1600Turbo

      A promise is NOT a promise when there was no promise in the first place…

    • I wish there was an ‘idiot test’ you had to take before joining these forums.

    • guys he’s evidently a troll

  84. TheEnd35000vr

    The amount of rumours this week is ridiculous. Hopefully more will become true like this one :D

    • swynder

      How can they be rumors if they have evidence of their existance, you know they exist from seeing the NSX Trailer, you just don´t know their released date, and if they´re gonna be released.

  85. fourliter

    “Adjusted the engine sound of the Honda Weider HSV-010(Super GT) ’11.” – I hope they made it a tad quieter. Man, that things a screamer.

    • You know what else is a screamer…

    • HuskyGT

      Isn’t that from the last update? If not, I hope they didn’t mess up the sound when it was already close enough to the real car.

    • Darkcraft

      Quieter? That car screams, even in real-life.
      I actually liked the sound it made before the update, hope they haven’t changed it too much…

    • JeremiahTB



    No paint changing (red and grey) only, no rims etc… :(

  87. Dekropttiv

    News is just storming in. I love it!

  88. QuikSlvr223


  89. grazbro

    Sadly, it’s not paintable, wheels are not changeable, no adding of parts or tuning and no aero. Only tires :(

  90. Spannermonkey33

    I’m gonna have to wait till tomorrow, WiFi is dead! Soo pissed off

  91. Spirithockey61

    Its out! I’ve been sitting here refreshing my menu every 5 minutes and it just came off of Maintenance and the c7 is in the NCD!

  92. HuskyGT


    Such a shame it’s a really small update. That means there will be nothing else added.

    • TeamCZRRacing

      No it doesn’t. It just means that they didn’t have that much to change this time around.

  93. FallenPhoenix1

    I can’t wait to drive it! :D

  94. Slashfan

    Is the original prototype style purchasable from the Chevy dealership?

    • sangdude82

      Yep, it is. It’s same price as the the final prototype.

    • swynder

      Although you get it free from PS Store.

  95. Castrol96

    Yes! a free dlc.

  96. GTracer98

    That car!!!!!!

  97. Time to update!

  98. sangdude82

    Sweet, it’s time to drive the new Corvette Stingray :D

  99. spikeyhairdude

    Cant wait to drive it.

  100. patriotzero

    First 20 minutes left!

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