Gran Turismo 5’s Ultimate Car: Red Bull Project X1 Prototype (UPDATE: Screenshots)

September 16th, 2010 by Jordan


A short teaser video to introduce the Red Bull / Polyphony Digital collaborative project, the X1 Prototype.

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  1. Does anyone else think this looks a lot like the Caparo T1?

  2. Revelation1115

    one million bhp.. 1.5million torque

  3. Does anyone know the name of the song?

  4. It seems like lately the teaser concept has gone from “quick look at” to ” .5 second look at” to ” .05 second look at a potentially interesting blur” and finally now we have “.05 second shaky-cam look at a blur in the dark of something that might be interesting.”

  5. Stew2000

    Turn up the brightness and contrast a bit and it’s clearly what would be a Caparo T2.
    So… Red Bull F1 Team backing Caparo?

  6. race’emhard

    This car is a complete mystery to me.

  7. what a concept, an f1 car with no design restrictions. sick.

  8. Awesome. That silhouette of it in front of the wind tunnel reminds of when Ripley discovers the Queen in Aliens. You can almost hear it breathing, waiting to strike…

  9. John Marine

    You got to be kidding me… that prototype looks INSANE! This proves again how much Gran Turismo transcends even gaming. Totally unreal this car is!

  10. Fisha695

    I don’t see what’s so special about it, it looks like a standard open cockpit LMP car that’s missing a few pieces of body work.

  11. I love Red Bull and can’t wait to drive the X1!

  12. Steph290

    I didn’t rerfresh the page to notice 10 min behind -_-
    And here I was talking about epic fails.

  13. Steph290

    The silhouette reminds me of the “Caparo T1″, also based on an F1 car, but an epic failure in its entirety. Could Red Bull and Kaz actually have perfected the concept!?

  14. oscartron

    Caparo T1 anybody?

    • pasigiri

      that’s exactly the car I was thinking (posted a link a few comments back).

  15. gtpanoz

    The modern day successor of the late 60s-early 70s Can-Am monsters.

  16. Red Bull is definitely taking the fight to every team in F1 this year and this car’s blend of F1 and LMP technology really does make it seem like the ultimate prototype (the speed of F1 with the endurance of LMP).

  17. that is one badass trailer/car

  18. FrancisBenjamin

    that thing is gonna be spammed online.

  19. GT5 sure does “Gives You Wings”. (Drivers helmet) :lol:

  20. - SZRT Ice -

    Umm, the update says “screen shots”… I don’t see them…

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      me neither, what gives jordan? oh & thanks for posting all the news bro. this is by far the best gran turismo site ever, great work!

    • Sorry. I uploaded the pictures and changed the title but forget to insert the gallery.

    • - SZRT Ice -

      No problem man!, I’m just grateful for all the info and content that you give us! And the fact that you take time out to respond to the fans, man, I appreciate it. Thank God for people like you!

  21. No intake above the driver could also mean that it’s has a dual intake setup or that the powerplant is not at the rear of the car.

    • It’s based on an F1 car. Where do you think the engine’s going to be? At the front?

  22. GT5 Isnt nuclear, its WARP SPEED !!!!!

  23. Notice how there is no air inlet above the driver’s head, like in modern F1 cars. To me, this signifies some kind of air compression, probably turbocharging

  24. DarthStig1

    Part F1, part Le Man’s prototype for straightened slipperiness id guess. I wonder what it will sound like?

    • I’m thinking turbo-charged 3.0L V12, running at 24,000 rpm.

      I’m guessing it will sound absolutely colossal

    • Super_Colossal

      Not just colossal…SUPER COLOSSAL!!!!!!


  25. DaveTheStalker

    Jordan could you please get this up on the GTP YouTube channel?

  26. samuelesm

    I see Vettel’s face in the helmet.

  27. DarthStig1


  28. tangocharlie

    looks like a f1 car, mixed with a LMP car.. awesome…

  29. ferhound psnid

    Great GT5 presented by Red Bull ™

    Talk about product placement huh?

    • No_Me_Matez

      can you just go somewhere and rot? you NEVER have anything good to say about GT5.. even with so much awesome news pouring out. its getting old.

    • You realize that Red Bull’s currently the fastest Formula 1 car right? And the designer of this year’s continually evolving RB10 Red Bull F1 car [Adrian Newey] helped design this ‘X1′ concept right? And that you jump to conclusions about Red Bull simply being a drink company right?

      I mean, am I right?

    • UnkaD013

      Actually, the Red Bull isn’t the fastest F1 car at the moment. It’s actually among the slowest in the field in terms of top speed. HOWEVER, the genius behind its design rests in the chasis and aerodynamics, resulting in the quickest car around a circuit.

  30. pikalulz007

    It’s getting stuck at “connecting to server” for unnecessarily long periodds of time >.>

  31. yomamma


  32. nvm now it is lol

  33. vidoe not working?

  34. Great!! A racing work of art.

  35. Skymeat


  36. DaveTheStalker

    Same video from earlier except better quality? Can’t see it on my phone :(

  37. GT5 is BRILLIANT!!!!!

  38. terminator363

    Wow could this beat the awesome-ness of the veyron??

    • samuelesm

      but it wouldn’t be a production car the significance of the Veyron is that it is a road legal production car. However, it is not the fastest in the world anymore for sometime (excluding the Veyron Supersport)

    • Jamaicangmr

      The Vayron Supersport is the fastest production car in the world. Why did you exclude it, that makes no sense?

    • The Veyron is fast but it’s also pretty heavy, I bet this X1 car has better cornering. But also, this video is sort of “we have a prototype, but we won’t show it to you”, but it could also be “damn, TGS is already here and we haven’t even started to finish the bodywork of the X1, what do we do? I know! Let’s not actually show the car other than in very subtle close up views!”

    • Mr Frappy

      The SSC Ultimate Aero II is already waiting to take the speed crown again.

    • JoshGTR35

      Lets hope its not a drag car like the last failure.

    • FlareKR

      The SSC looks like something no one will still care about. We still have people saying the Bugatti (45% of the population) or Enzo (the rest of the idiots) is the fastest car in the world.
      The SSC doesn’t have the technical supuriorty of the Veyron, nor does any car. Leather seats, air conditioning, kick-ass sound system, awesome looks, and insane acceleration. The SSC might as well have the interior of a Toyota Supra.
      I have seen both cars with my own two eyes, touched them both, even seen them both at the same time (Bullrun Miami). Everyone was looking at the Veyron, no one gave a s*** about the car with the stolen name, people thought it was a Saleen or kit car.
      The Bugatti Veyron will remain as the best car for the early 21st century.

    • No_Me_Matez

      well said FlareKR.. well said. screw the SSC, I dont care if they are coming out with an Ultimate Aero II. nobody cares. the Bugatti Veyron is still king, in both accelration and top speed. its really quite pathetic that the minute the Veyron SS came out SSC said “OH TIME TO ‘OUTSHINE’ THEM AGAIN LOL.”

  39. Can’t wait to drive it.

    • I think thats the car in the end of the release date trailer! And Vettel is saying: Easily reaching about 400km/h on straitaway. Which we see here in this trailer. :)

  40. - GT Satisfied -


    • terminator363

      Fail first post

    • - SZRT Ice -

      GT is Atomic.

    • ferhound psnid

      Its part Le mans car-F1 car.

    • caasimun

      its a mutant

    • - SZRT Ice -

      The music sounds like the boss battle to the end of an old school “Mario”, or “Sonic” game! >D

    • FlareKR

      So that explains the wind tunnel at the end of GT PSP, and that…thing, whatever it is that Kaz is next to that we saw being closed in the Soul on Display trailer.

    • Rotard12a

      @SZRT Haha, I thought it sounded like a remix of the level select screen in Star Fox 64

      @FlareKR Autoclave, used in the process of making carbon fiber parts.

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