GT5 Demo Shows More Dislodged Bumpers

March 24th, 2010 by Sage

As we’ve known for a while now, Gran Turismo 5 will include two different damage models – one for production cars, another for “race” cars. “Race” cars will show significant deformation and will have detachable hoods and doors, while production cars would show little more than paint scratches.

However, now that the latest GT5 demo (or whatever you want to call it) has allowed us to take a closer look, it appears that’s not entirely the case. As lherre first noticed on the SLS AMG, the front bumper became dislodged after impact. Now, we get to see even more as this Toyota FT-86 concept gets heavily abused around Tokyo, with both the front and rear bumpers coming loose. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. Gran Turismo Vet

    Oh nice, guess this vids will have to do for the rest of the year and beyond :s

  2. Where is the damage?

    Yamauchi likes to foolish us all the time …

    Thumbs up for Gran Waitismo !!!

  3. New User

    In this topic, we discuss how demo builds fully reflect the final product!

  4. speedy_2

    This is why damage is not needed. It is nowhere near as accurate as real life damage. Forza included. I really hope there is much improvement in when GT5 is released. Even Dirt 2 had decent damage for an “arcade” style game compared to this.

  5. Same thing Riad!

  6. scooter1265

    Toyota – Uncontrollably Moving Forward

    Yep, his gas pedal was stuck and the driver was along for the ride. At least we’ll get to drive the newewst generation of Prius with sticky break and gas pedals.

    But yeah, this damage on the “normal” cars is better than I expected. At least its damage, a heck of a lot more than we’ve had in any other GT game.

  7. Nicolas Grignon

    “Decent physic and a plent of cars with AWESOME graphics to play…”

    good ol’ GT as we know it, no change, no risk= Boring and so uninventive! it’s time that GT wins its subtitle for good: The “real” car simulator. EVERY OTHER “SIMULATOR” have decent physics damage engine, where is GT? stuck in the 90′???

  8. Viktor Navorsky

    I really dont care about damage… at the end of the day, i will be more happy if there´s a decent physic and a plent of cars with AWESOME graphics to play…

  9. Nicolas Grignon

    So pitiful… if you don’t want to do it the right way, JUST DON’T DO IT! This is soooo lame it’s LAUGHABLE!!

  10. patriotZero

    PD did this damage in 5 years..PD needs 15 years to develop real one.

  11. demonblade

    Agree with Paolo! Forget damage altogether. Most of us who play GT will not be crashing into barriers to watch a replay showing how much damage can be caused. I’ll only be watching my replays to check racing lines and good clean overtaking. Like many peolple have sensibly stated already, if you are obsessed by damage go and buy another game!

  12. This damage model is very mediocre imo.. But i also believe that they do not intend to make a destruction derby game, where damage and deformation would play a major role.. If they wanted to make a realistic damage model, our game would be delayed another 2 years or more, i am sure of that. Damage modelling is very difficult.. You guys should not forget that with this high polygon count in each car, damage modelling is even harder.. They could not measure every part of every one of the 1000 cars of the game and model it’s specific deformation! What did you expect?
    But anyway, i thought we would get a little more severe external damage (even without real deformation) and not some pre-decided loosening based on generic impact areas… With side impacts such as these, i expected the whole side to be curly, the window and the mirror to break, and the paintjob to be all messed up, even if no body parts fell off.
    Nothing impressing here for me, but i really hope we will get the game sooner, instead of PD trying to make the damage model perfect.. Because at the level of detail that GT5 has, this would take another 2 years…
    I personally do not care that much, this damage model is enough for me, enough to add an interesting touch to this great game.. Now release that demo :-)

  13. I say they should have just saved damage for GT6 and focus on getting every other aspect of the game as tight as possible.

  14. Bumpers just falling off is old news.

  15. Max Mosley

    Hmmm… With the doors and bonnet able to come off I hope there is an option in photo mode to choose whether you can have then opened or closed along with the boot (which im sure is also damageable).

    I personally think the damage in this demo has been toned down. I remember on an older video where it showed a Ferrari 458 with the paint scratched off at the front. I find that level of damage on production cars quite acceptable. Probably Toyota didn’t want to show there new car in a bad light. They have had alot of that recently. LOL! :)

  16. Kilborn230

    I’m with Amezke, to many spoiled chumps here that jsut seem to complain about every little thing.

  17. If you want to see some serious crumpling type damage then get Burnout or GRID. In fact, GRID is especially nice at fulfilling most cravings to see their car get messed up AND with 360 degree slo-mo that you can control in the replays. I believe everyone is expecting this for GT5 and that’s where the problem lies.

  18. Phosphor112

    @ TokyoDrift

    So, because I find posts that completely nitpick an unfinished game annoying I apparently have posters of Kaz, shares in their stock, or an some unhealthy obsession?

    Saying the damage in that game looks crap is subjective, not fact. Saying the game has unrealistic damage modeling is fact. I’m sure they know how a real car breaks. They aren’t inept. Japan is a country that loves racing so they see their fair share of accidents.

    You know what I don’t mind people complaining about? The AI. The AI is a lot easier to update and show in a demo(since the coding involves no graphical changes), but the same “racing line” AI seems to exist. In all seriousness, I find that disturbing since I’ll play this more offline instead of online, and I’m sure the majority of gamers will do.

    It seems more people are obsessed with complaining about vehicle degradation (which I think mechanical is a must) but they have already said they will have it so if you really want it, if you crash and slightly damage your tire well, it can end a race. So that’s something already expecting, but the AI, they have had NO word on at all.

    TL;DR: Too many people complaining about visual damage on an unfinished game when there are more important things in a racer that matters. Also, PD isn’t stupid and their 200+ person team probably already knew about any problems before any viewers have said anything.

  19. It’s a little surprising to look people complaining about almost everything.

    With no damage–> “uhh shit, GT5 needs damage”
    With damage–> “uhh shit, if the damage is just like this they’d better have done nothing”

    Seriously, what did you expect? Full physic simulation with material deformation and a particle system? That’s simply an utopia. There are limitations, for example, technology and the fact that a programming team has limits (even if it’s PD). With 1000 cars and the power of a PS3 I think that this demostration is more than enough.

    Sorry about my english, I’m spanish XD

  20. I’m far from impressed. But enough with the production car damage. I want to see the deformation of the race cars.

  21. Big Ron

    Are some of you just fools or blind to the the scratches of the car? Look at the end of the video. You can see the paint is less shiny, the hood and especially the right side of the car are really dark and scratched.

    And Kaz did say, that production cars will not have more damage than this in fact of the manufacturer limit (dislodged parts and scratches).

    Maybe on a race car, we can see the (hopefully) better damage system.

    It is a shame, that some idiots see a video and always complaining, how much bullshit this is. If you are not satisfied, just playanother game.

    For me, it is ok, how it looks.

  22. Meh…

  23. andre77

    seems nice…ok it is not the better damage in the world but is better than nothing and better than whet i saw in early videos

    one positive thing…they say that competition cars have better damage than normal cars right??
    if this is true and if normal cars have this kind of damage (the same we saw in the impreza wrc in the early videos…and better than in some videos when we only see problems in the painting…..) that could mean that wrc and nascar will have better damage than that right ??

    in worst case, competition cars and normal cars have the same kind of damage…and if the damage is similar to that we can see in the video, is not so bad… i said, for me at least, is better than painting damage we saw in some videos…..

  24. I hope they have an option in the main menus to turn damage off! I sometimes just want to admire the cars in their perfected glory, during the replays.

  25. S3 Racer

    Dan Says:
    March 24th, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    You know what happened last time we complained about the damage…

    Exactly, and in fact everybody is complaining on a build 6 months old.
    it’s hilarious reading this post

    Play burnout/grid if you wanna wreck cars. In gt i always try to not hit anything so i don’t care.

    and do you believe Sony would show us the full damage model in a demo that is a year away from the game release.
    You never read what is written when you enter a demo??


  26. I really think some of you are getting your expectations up a tad high here. When Polyphony say Damage you think total write off and wreck and expect to see that happen to the car as much as the detail Plypohny has put into modelling each car. It just wont happen with out possibly a rewrite of some of the code. I think what you guys are expecting for the time being is a tad out of reach. Sure I have heard the rumour that they are working on gettng the cars to roll in a some crashes but how often does a car roll in a crash. I’d say 25% of the time. I really think some of you should bring your expectations down somewhat.

    Yeah I understand its dissapointing. but 50% of you want the game now and %0% of you want a fuller damage model implemented. To be honest I am happy to what we have here. For me I try to race, Not abuse the car any wich ay I can into tyre barriers or other cars. If hitting other cars effects the handling of the car in any way then yeah I would be happy.

    I fear that the continual moan about the damage will see one of two things happen. The damage is pulled completely and you wont get any of it. Thus leading to perhaps a partial rewrite of the code and delay the release further. or a full implementation of the damage that puts a further delay ont he already delayed title.
    What I would also like to see and has not yet as far as I am aware been confirmed by PD is if the AI cars suffer the same amount of damage or handling problems when they crash into you or if you crash into them. Yes on several videos I have seen the AI cars spinning out after you hit them or vice versa. You get a great look at that in the latest GT5 teaser video thats been released. One or two cars getting tagged by the Subaru after hits the barrier on the Norsdsliffe. What you dont see is how the handling of the AI cars is affected if at all.

    This will be one of the biggest complaints when and eventually when GT5 gets released.

    Just my two bits

  27. WOW!!!!! Is this an early build of Need For Speed? When the car hits the barrier it looks so bad. I guess we have to realise that PD actually face things they are not good at. Also the slow speed physics looks kind of off. It floats in a way. Bla bla bla, and my opinion is ofcourse as important as everyone of us. Some people even like NFS, and Forza. Why are we bothering commenting things, when GT5 comes when it comes, and everybody dont give a S…!!! Why does the door open when you hit something? If anything it should get jammed. S…!!!! Another comment!!!

  28. I’d rather have no damage than this, especially since the AI seems to be as bad as before. Look at 18-19s. The white car turns back onto the track after the collision and hits the blue car square in the side. WIth the AI still at that level, every car in a race will finish with it’s front and rear bumper hanging loose. That’s going to look awful in replays…

    I do appreciate PD trying to implement damage whilst keeping good driving physics though, but I fear that having this kind of damage in GT5 will not make the game better.

  29. Given that none of the consoles really have the ability to do comprehensive damage at the moment, the important things about a damage model are that you should be able to tell at a glance how damaged the car is and it shouldn’t look glaringly out of place.

    What we’re seeing currently are two states, bumpers slightly jarred or hanging loose. And they hang loose at 150mph instead of being ripped from the car. I think this damage model is a considerable step down from no damage at all. Visually of course, I have no idea what their mechanical damage model is like.

  30. TokyoDrift

    @Phosphor112, why are you being so diplomatic? Do you have posters of Kaz up on your wall or something? Shares in the company? Honestly, people are entitled to express their views, as are you, however they want. Saying that something looks crap is purely being honest, because it does. It’s not bickering, or whining. It’s stating fact. Now, if that damage is work-in-progress, and/or is set to “meh” in the reality setting, fine, so why not say so and give people the information they need to make a better judgment. As it stands, we have this demo, and all we see are panels coming a bit loose after multiple hits… So yeah, if Kaz is a chef, his meal does look nasty, and he needs to sort it out.

  31. So basically hit a wall at 70mph and loose a few screws!
    Why bother implementing such fail damage?
    If you can’t implement damage to a racing simulator standarts you might as well just not implement it at all!

  32. Lets face it, the damage model in GT5 will suck. I mean, no rollovers and no realism. It’s GT5 – therefore the car should be a wreck after the first bump. How can it be that the car moves on with no or minor damage. This is not the “real” driving simulator – sorry.
    Nevertheless, the game will be great!

  33. I agree with Rasmus. The only time I see the car from the outside is in replays. When I’m driving I won’t even know whether the paint is scratched and the bumper is hanging off so how the car performs after crashes is much more important than how it looks and PD should be able to implement that properly even if manufacturers want the visual side of it toned down.

  34. gt3luke

    I can remember that Kaz said something “that the damage modeling wasn’t ever seen in a racegame”
    You guys know that Kaz. is an perfectionist. So I don’t think that this is the final version of the damage model. We don’t knowhow this game wil be, so we will see. But it will be good.

  35. Peewee737,

    i think Pd should implemen that..when the car crash,sure the engine is damage & cant go race players will be careful not cheating..

  36. Peewee737

    Looks good, but the the total sustained damage should have been inflicted already during the first crash.

    Also after that first one, engine should be unservicable…. Race over, bye bye….

  37. Phosphor112

    @ Stone

    lmao! xD

  38. —Stone—

    At :45 the barriers… plastic? styrofoam? artistic paper mache? concrete? spray painted lead? I wonder if one barrier has the polygonal count of that of the entire game of Need for Speed shift?

    I really hope that WRC and Nascar gets all crumpliscious. Im really not too impressed with this iteration of the damage build on what we have seen to date. I can guess I could live with it, nice effort… perhaps if this is the final build, perhaps PD can tinker til damage model perfection and release as a dlc patch. (shrugs)

    Lets all rub our stick shifts, caress our fuzzy dice and pray that the game has no further delays….

    What I would love to see is…. something on dynamic weather, more night racing track racing goodness teasery. Maybe on a track as your cruising 150mph or faster… the sasquatch in a tree, from GT2 can make an appearance and dart out infront of your car as it crossed the road. Dead Sasquatch in the road getting shoved off to the side and/or ran over. lol.

    I wouldnt mind also seeing as we speed down the Tokyo track…dynamic bird poop. might one plop, or many plops obscuring your vision of the track.

    On the Nascar tracks… having beer cans thrown at the cars, maybe some wrenches and assorted tools thrown by spectators. Maybe the ocassional booby flash with the motel room number sharpied on some polygonal babe in the crowd. Maybe Kaz, in rendered digital form, can run around the track in his undies like Ricky Bobby.

    Would love to hear the driver chime in to the pit crew ” im pit stopping this next pass, im low on gas, the right tire could be changed out, turn 4 is really eating that tire and I gotta sh1t… damn those concession stand burritos.”

  39. Are those barriers made of styrofoam?? LOL! Imagine a long race with those stupid things bouncing around on the track every lap. :D

    I really hope we can turn this “damage” model off. Yuck.

  40. Phosphor112

    @ Hernan

    Yes, I understand it’s good for constructive criticism but considering this build is HARDLY any different than what they’ve showed before… They would know that for about a year, we have been complaining about the damage. They know this already.

    A chef is making dinner and lets you take a quick peak. You happen to say “that looks nasty” about the meal. The Chef nods, and says “well I’m not finished” but in essence, he will attempt to fix it. So he goes back into the kitchen, door closed and then all he hears you say is “that looks nasty that looks nasty that looks nasty” after you’ve only seen it one time. That’s not constructive criticism, thats bickering.

  41. Jeffreypang911

    Did anyone else notice that the exhaust seems to be part of the bumper, waving and flailing as it does?

  42. d3br34k5

    Without a solid date on the age of this clip, arguing is silly.

    If the mechanical damage model is somewhat accurate, I’ll be happy with this level of visual damage.

    I’m guessing that this clip is old tech at this point though.

  43. Can’t we have at least a bit of deformation?
    It hurts my eyes to see the bumper dangling, but still intact shape wise.

  44. @ Phosphor112 “Why criticize something when it has yet to be finished?”

    Because maybe just maybe someone at polyphony can read that this type of damage is dissapointing and we want something better, this is the right time to do it while the game is still in development.
    Also im not really sure that the final damage is going to be that great either, i havent seen more than a very small deformation (or not deformation at all) in any video or screen, also the paint scratches we saw before are not present here, could be for many reason but the botton line is im not completelly sure that is going to be a good damage modelling (not even mention how affects the cars).

    Im not saying this in a bad way but to be honest it seems like they havent work on the damage for very long, so i dont know what to expect.

  45. Phosphor112

    @ Hernan

    Yes. Porsche is a great company. Hell, you can almost compare me to Richard from Top Gear, cuz I LOVE me some GT3′s and 911′s but frankly, there is no need to nitpick. Yes the damage on here is “meh” at most but like you said, it’s a work in progress. Why criticize something when it has yet to be finished? It’s like complaining about the graphics or the lackluster explosions in a beta version of a game. It’ll get better, 100% sure it will, you can say “hey this needs to be worked on” and they (the devs) will listen, but there is a point at which it becomes bickering and not constructive criticism.

  46. @ Phosphor112 , those are cool features, Porsche has a great history of racing and livery editor let you make great racing replicas and express yourself to your car.

    And also, the damage in this video sucks, sure is a work in progress, but still sucks. No deformation and paint scratches is kind of bad in a game that has been in development for more than 5 years now. Also we need to see the damage reflected on the driving.


    I say just get rid of the damage its stupid,all i care about is driving the cars,the damage is a joke…

  48. This has actually suprised me, bumpers and doors going loose. I have to say, it is a bittersweet video. The “sweet” part is that there are the loose doors and bumpers. The “bitter” part is no deformation, scratches, or shattering windows.

  49. Phosphor112

    @ Hernan
    There is a difference between butthurt and annoyed at prepubescent posters. All they do on here is complain about the stupidest crap ever. It’s the same kids that cry about GT5 not having Porche or a livery editor.

  50. @Phosphor112: well, you seem pretty butthurt.

  51. Hope the damage reflects the way the car runs and drives, maybe we will have less punters? And have a more real race.
    How can we get this demo ?????

  52. Phosphor112

    Pardon my French, but too many butthurt kids in here. Seriously? Are the Forza kids in here or something?

    It’s obviously not the final build, and it obviously doesn’t have full settings on. Just stfu. Want to cry more? Go write a book. No one wants to see you cry all up in here.

  53. this video delayed gt5 :|


  54. “We`re not gonna do damage until we do it right” -Kaz

    Yeah Right

  55. Strongest plastic ever…

    Although, all the same bits seem to get deformed and in the same manner regardless of the damage model in use; it is really just the matter of degree… I wonder if a hack, patch or some other nefarious method would allow full damage on production cars.

  56. You know what happened last time we complained about the damage…

  57. Wow. Look at these comments. Everyone needs to relax. Polyphony has been working on this for 5 years. It’s going to be good. To judge a game by an unofficial demo is a bit harsh. Obviously it’s from a demo compliation disc thats been making the convention rounds with different builds of the game.

    Everytime they release an official trailer there is something new to see. What good is it to tell you everything about the game? They want a slow reveal of features to build up to that…

    …world-wide release date October 5, 2010.

    GT5- 10-05-10

    It will have enough surprises for everyone. Until they get bored and start criticizing the garages aren’t realistic enough.

  58. What a waste of time imo, if this is what the majority of the delay is caused by then omg…

    To me GT5 dont need visual damage and especially not the kind shown in this video, it’s not even close to adding the tiniest bit of realism to the game, a damage model that just impact the handling and performance of the car is all i need.

    Why has it become a matter of stuffing GT5 with every single thing that all other car game makers, have implemented in their games over the last few years, its like adding rally stages, oval tracks, X-games rally stages and a BAJA 1000 event to formula 1, just because other race series have that, why is it not enough to enjoy GT5 for what it does best, giving you that awesome driving experience, great handling cars & those gorgeous car models and replays.
    We get WRC, Nascar & what seems to be a hugely improved online mode and even more this time around, but noooo….. thats soooo not good enough….. we demand more !

    If you want a mobile phone with iphone features and design go buy an iphone, dont go to Sony Ericssons, Nokia, Motorola or whatever brand it may be and ask them to do exactly what iphone have already done… the other brands have features and design that other people may prefer. Hurray for unlikeness !, and how boring and colorless it would be everything was the same….

    Its the gamers that need to be more realistic about this damage model thingy, cause the level of realism they demand is not possible to do in this generation of GT gaming.. no way !

    I dont expect the damage to be much different in the final build…. so please give me a “Visual Damage Off” switch please…

  59. FerrariThug


    but hopefully the full game has scratches & dents O_o

    in this video I didn’t see any scratches, just the bumper comming off and the door cracking open

  60. @JimInPT: GT and Forza have lot more cars and brands than shift, some car companies are more flexible than others, so the damage is limited to by the less flexible ones. Forza 3 damage is the best you can get at this momment in a game with so many brands, GT need to catch up that level atleast.

  61. maximumattack

    I don’t know, but, I was left a little underwhelmed by that video.

    It may have been the resolution of the video itself. The shot of the driver changing gear was good to see, I hope there’s more of that in the game. But, there was something that didn’t look right about the graphic of the car itself. Almost like it was a poor reconstruction overlaid on the video of the track.
    The way the front wheel arches, lights & bumper looked just didn’t smack of PD stunning visuals.

    Conspiracy theorist I am not, however, I really do expect more of GT5 when it comes out.

  62. For those complaining about the damage (either in deformation or paint scratch,…); if you want that, just go and get burnout or split/second in later months because that is the kind of games will have damage in.

    About the topic;

    I guess this is very impressive damage to production cars and way better than I will ever expect but i think that the paint scratch was turned off somehow since we all saw it before in previous videos.

    I guess since there is still time to release, PD will manage to make the bumpers fall out as maximum damage you can see in production cars.

  63. ralph89

    Is GTplanet under attack or what? :lol: It’s just a private demo and yet you guys are complaining. Lmao. Jordan should make an April fool news, I bet a lot of people will fall for it real bad. :lol:.

  64. there probably going to release this demo (prologue 2)and we’re not going to see this game for another year

  65. Seihyouken

    Just thought I’d point out since some people seem to have forgotten, there is still no confirmation that there won’t be:

    A. Skidmarks. KY mentioned (Prior to the delay, I might add) that GT fans shouldn’t be concerned about a little thing like skidmarks. This statement could easily be interpreted as either skidmarks are definitely in and GT fans shouldn’t fret, or they aren’t and GT fans shouldn’t care, or it could be mistranslated all together. Regardless, it’s by no means conformation that skidmarks won’t be in the final game, especially since the game has been delayed for a good 6 months in all likelyhood.

    B. Paint scratches on Road Cars. In fact, it’s been confirmed that there will be paint scrates on production vehicles, it just isn’t in this demo which is a demo that either hasn’t even been officially released by Polyphony Digital, or is from an old demo probably from last year.

  66. JimInPT

    I keep hearing the argument that “manufacturers don’t want to show damage to production cars”, yet NFS:Shift will let me virtually destroy an Aston-Martin DB9 if I hit enough barriers and other cars.

    If EA can do it, why can’t Polyphony Digital?

  67. The windows do damage in Forza 3 and Grid doesnt have a 1/4 of the cars or brands, with less brands you can pick the ones that let you do more damage, both Forza and GT are limited by the brands, with that said the GT model damage at this point is bad even for a game with this limitations.

  68. Looks nice! So give us the game :)

  69. dearlybeloved

    Forza 3 did not have glass damage and that was just a little pointless because GRID did a mindblowing effort in damage. I would dread smashing up my windscreen because It made the game that much more difficult. Plus the thing with GT5P is it doesn’t feel as though there is a windscreen in front of you when driving from the internal view. Could be just me. As for the issue of skidmarks….why oh why has KY left them out? It would have made Gran Turismo perfect.

    Peace out!

  70. Big Ron

    there are paint scratches on the car. look at the left and right side, they are completely scratched, also the edges of the bumper.

    I think, it is better than nothing for production cars. But for race cars, I want to see more.

  71. Increasing wind noises would be great with open/missing doors :)

  72. Flagmo-T

    I just hope that there is a setting, No visual damage.. then if this is it, I will have it on OFF!! for the rest of my life.. There isn’t any use for this people.. Don’t say It’s better then nothing!! This is a joke in game creation.. I understand the respect that PD has to show to the companies, but again This isn’t good for the game.. Skidmarks would have a bigger excitement instead of this Donkeyism..

    Come on, Not even a glass crack or smashed glass in GT5.. Leave the Visual damage out of the game, but Keep or rather Add Car Damage in all it’s glory – Period.. Otherwise People will laugh and it will be the Fun thing to talk about for years to come..

    But It sure is a great Looking game in all it’s glory besides the 50% Damage..

    Codemasters F1 2010 Formula Game will set some new Milestones in Race game creation, like the weather system, and Technic and also Graphics , same goes for DIRT3 and Grid2 _ so why try to compete with other games, if K.Y could have a decision on No Skidmarks, then he should have made the same hard decision on Not adding visual Car damage…

    GT5 will be far, be the greatest Race Game experience ever – when it is released before or after any other race Game, so why this competition PD/Sony.. just Don’t get it.

    Kind regards
    The world dumbest Donkey. Oink Oink

  73. Sorry to say, I’m not impressed at all. This looks like the damage level of 1998′s Colin McRae Rally in Full HD. But even more bothering than the car damage, I hope GT5 won’t allow you use the corner walls as driving assists as you see in some bits of this video, that has been annoying since the first instalment of the series. If you run against a wall your car should, depending on the angle, either bounce back with severe mechanical damage, slow down and / or get mechanical damage to the wheel alignment, suspension, etc…

    …and please don’t try to fix this with ridiculous 5 seconds penalties, in real life cars don’t behave like that.

    I really don’t care about how damaged the car looks as long as it feels real when you drive it.

    Other than that, I really love this game – have been playing it since the first GT – and hope the high hopes caused by all the waiting and delays won’t be source for disapointment.

  74. By how it looks so far, i’d actually prefer it without damage, because what it is at the moment – as Tokyodrift said; “detracts rather than enhances”. Im just hoping that this is very early stages of the damage model, because if this is anywhere near the actual thing, well, so much for the ‘jaw dropping’ damage that has been hyped so much by Poly :/

    Basically it just looks very tacky at the moment. And before the sensitive ones start crying, look at that video, then try telling yourself that it’s years of work and precise programming…

    Ehhhhh no…

  75. FishforRent

    So what is with these ‘leaked’ videos?? Disgruntled former employee, PD layoffs, Sony cut backs??

    Is this purposefull? What does it all mean???

  76. realism of the damage is just appoling, in my opinion it should be done properly, or just not at all, this is just lame.
    if a car hits concrete at 80mph its totalled, instead of 3 lose screws after hitting a wall 5 times…

  77. TokyoDrift

    @Rasmus, bunch of whiners eh? So you are happy with multiple smashes leaving no marks whatsoever, with panels just flapping loose in their pristine factory finish? The fact is, most production car damage we have seen to-date has been completely lame. Why should we be happy with it just because it shows something new and is by the almighty Kaz? I’m not going to say something is a great improvement, when it really isn’t. It isn’t always true that “something is better than nothing”, especially when that something is so bad that it detracts rather than enhances.

    I have faith that the final build will be more brutal in what the damage shows, but for now, what we have seen is rubbish, and almost certainly the reason for the delay.

  78. Bunch of whiners. You’re putting way much into this – just like Kaz said, actually.

    Okay, so maybe this damage doesn’t look super realistic. But it’s a great improvement compared to the previous Gran Turismo games. I think it’s cool that you can see bumpers and doors getting loose. Adds up to the realism.

    What I’m more interested in, however, is how the damage affects the driving? That’s far more important to me than visual damage.

  79. Pretty bad damage for the momment, no deformation, no paint scratching, very meh.

  80. Jer_gtfan

    I want that demo.

  81. icant55

    Cool, demo better than gt5p but WHEN IS THE GAME COMING!

  82. Tripple X

    Still the same damage we saw a few months ago but now on a different car :(

  83. TokyoDrift

    Again, more half-baked crap being shown. Sorry, but this does not impress me, at all. All that smacking around and not a scratch or aesthetic dent to be seen? All we see is what looks like panels hanging loose – big deal.

  84. Thats terrible lol i believe I’m just gonna turn the damage off on production cars if thats what it looks like! :)

    At the very least the front bumper shouldn’t be that shiny when wrecked that many times.

  85. looks completely miserable…. huge collision at the beginning, no damage and the tyre wall is impervious to any sort of movement….. dire.

  86. S3 Racer

    Why windows breaks all the time. :D

    I like that a lot, i think this is the best vid we saw so far about the “less” damage model. And also a lot more than Sony was willing to show us. Will thez be mad that this is public now?

    Com´on Sony, don´t make your Sonya now, it´s public, now you can release the demo to everyone. Maybe tomorrow ;)

  87. Cobalt600

    I for one think it looks good. You have to realise is that in other games cars are easier to damage using deformation as they have less polygons. Even in the best damage games the material physics of damage and pieces fly off tend to be exaggerated. For me this looks more realistic, yes I agree about the windows but I definatly think its a step in the right direction. Good work pd keep it up.

  88. The game is a RACING SIMULATOR, your not supposed to be driving head on into walls (although accidents do happen) so imo deformation isnt necesary. your more likely to clip cars or corners where this is suitable damage levels, bear in mind how hard it is to get some car manufacturers on board let alone the permission to let anyone get a life like version of there cars and smash them into a pulp.
    I bet if polyphony were to make a destruction derby game the damage would go unrivalled but fortunately they make GT.

  89. This is still the weakest and senseless damage modell i´ve ever seen. This is bland and doleful.

  90. Anyone notice there are way more tyres barriers now at turn 1? Obviously a more recent build here!

  91. Squozen

    Still pointless if a crash doesn’t take your car out of the running, IMO.

  92. reaperman

    that video is looking pretty hot, even if damage is taken out of the mix. That’s also pretty much how I’ll have my damage set when I play it (assuming options for it). Visible damage only.

  93. Wow, Loose….Loose? Do those bumpers EVER fall at all?

    You would be blind not to agree that this damage is pretty basic and tacked on. I like how the actual bumper bends and sort of like deforms ( it really just dangling), but, wow, basic. Let the ramblings of the dissapointed and the defenses of the conformist begin

  94. adam1blade

    There seems to be different damage builds, we’ve seen paint scratches, then doors/bumpers falling off. I wonder if the final game will include different levels of damage as a choice in difficulty etc?

  95. We have seen scratches and paint come off from other media tho. I think its better then nothing.

  96. i expected more than losing a few screws…

  97. Marrymegt5

    LOL it looks pretty decent. [=

  98. TheDurmmingKING

    the thing about all the videos with damage we’ve seen is that there is no actual DEFORMATION, sure bumpers and doors come of but when the is no change in body shape, no broken glass, and especially no scratches….it doesn’t look to be all that great, granted this isn’t the final build (I’m assuming) and it could/hopefully will be better when the game is realeased

  99. newbielives

    I guess it’s better than nothing
    Now I just want to drive

  100. Forenza

    Omg…awesome. Even the door was slightly open. Granted, real life, it wouldve been totalled 3 times over lol

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