GT5 Launch Countdown Promo: Win a Tissot Watch

November 14th, 2010 by Jordan

Sony has teamed with Swiss watchmaker Tissot to host the official “countdown” timer for the launch of Gran Turismo 5. To promote the relationship, they’re giving away one customized, GT5 edition Tissot PRS 516 (valued at $495), every day between now and the NA/EU November 24th release date. To enter (open to US residents only), just keep filling out this form. Good luck, and let me know if you win!

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  1. The instructions indicate that entrants will be required to provide their email address.

    The official rules state that the winner(s) will be notified by email.

    The Entry form does not provide a field for including your email address.

    F T L

  2. sr20detblacktopdrift

    If I designed this watch it would have little boost guages on it and the “Tachymeter” would look like a real tachometer. I would be proud to sport the GT and or PD/Sony logo!

  3. hardvibes

    “(open to US residents only)” booo :(

  4. Loving the irony!!!

    A Swiss timepiece to celebrate the launch of GT5 – HaHaHaHa

  5. brettjr25

    I was going to sign up but the site was asking for my phone number and address and I didn’t see anywhere a statement that said they wouldn’t share my info, so I’m out.

    • Silent Ice

      Another thing I noticed…in the official rules it said you would be contacted by e-mail…..but there is no e-mail form

  6. skunk709

    canada gets shafted yet again

  7. Jordan is this unlimited times a day? It just let me enter twice within 30 seconds.

  8. America…..F*CK YEAH!!

    • Overheating

      Here we come to save the M****R F*****G day YEAH!!!

  9. That’s a great looking watch. Only can enter once a day that’s cool. Just entered, it would be nice to have a watch after GT 5. I would keep it in the box to raise the valve.

  10. I don’t wear watches, but if I did…..

  11. Thanks for finding my watch!

  12. An1mal_69

    Where’s the GT reference.? Looks like a plain watch.?

    • Icarus25

      It’s on the clasp. Not sure why they didn’t put it on the face, maybe they want it to look normal.

  13. Tvensky

    pity, I can forget for any competition, I live in Latvia and I cant even register my country in PSN and GT5… :( yet Latvia is in Europe officialy now for 6 years. :(( I will drive as a (fin)Tvensky in GT5… even time zone in my game is incorrect…… grrrrrrr.. sony suport is bad.. they know only couple of countries, US, japan and major Europe countries…. Sony – have a map!

    • Tvensky

      Little correction – Sony you could drive in any petrol station, you have to afford to buy a map! :)

    • That’s sad, bro. Hope, your country will be connected soon.
      Greetings from Germany

  14. Veitchy

    Consolation for the SLS prize maybe?

    • Falango

      Ya I’d trade an SLS for a watch any day, lol.

    • Geo_212

      Europe gets an SLS AMG… and America gets a watch. I don’t really think so… lol.

  15. hgwt193

    US only :(

  16. GT5legend

    Why is it always the yanks who get the best stuff

  17. Russiansize

    I’m so sad, cos there’s no chance for me to get them in Russia. Maybe someday there’ll be a special offering to us. The price doesn’t matter.

  18. Entered! Can’t wait to get my watch.

  19. Arg USA only again :(

  20. Falango

    Canada left out yet again.

    • Magic Ayrton

      Not just Canada, I feel for you.. Can’t wait to play now though. :D

  21. GTbyPlaystation

    OMG i love this watch! I am so entering!!

    • Flavio Briatore

      I’m gonna move to the USA just so I can enter this competition! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • black300zx

      I just entered but noticed it doesn’t ask for an email address, is this right? The terms and conditions say the winner will be notified via email so I’m confused!

    • I’m confussed with this also. The form doesn’t ask for a e-mail address yet the rules states they’ll inform the winner by e-mail. I don’t get this.

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