GT5 Screenshot Blowout: Weather Changes, Night at Le Mans, Laguna, Trial Mountain & More

September 16th, 2010 by Jordan

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  1. Flash3001

    I’d like to see Gran Canyon again in this game, I like that track

  2. gtone339

    OH MY GOSH, the images are STUNNING!!!

  3. Awesomeness…

    Loving the Citreon GT R…


  4. brainfade

    these screen shots + all the other trailers made tears of joy come out of me… i cant believe it :$

  5. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    I hope for Zandvoort in future DLC.

  6. GTbyPlaystation

    Racing Citroen GT. I Think I Just Jizzed In My Pants…

  7. Macgtdesign


  8. Blinkwing


  9. Yui-San

    Are you sure they aren’t showing us real pictures? XD Simply astounding! Can’t wait until Nov.2! :)

  10. monster bob

    I just creamed!

  11. Trial Mountain! I love. But honestly, the BP logo is a bit fail, is it not?

  12. Dannylill1981

    all i can say is im amazed as a long time player of all versions of GT it still amazes me how much detail they can cram into these games. Nov 3rd here i come

  13. Craigles

    Who would get any other game around this time (except mabey lbp2) but im sure that will be everyones 2nd choice to gt5.

    I reckon lbp2’s sales will be slow and then suddenly burst forward just like it did before (lbp1) with people getting it for christmas, christmas money or just being plain rich.

    Gt5 on the other hand will allways be a fast seller right up to gt6.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      People keep asking me if I’m going to get CoD black ops & I just laugh at them because it comes a week after gt5. I love shooters too but with CoD, if you have 1 you have em all, I’m in no rush

  14. Wow…

  15. Id say realtime weather will only be on real world tracks or tracks based on real world locations. i dont think original tracks will include this feature… perhaps with a patch.

    id imagine gt6 will have weather for all tracks. and all cars have interiors. with a full livery editor.

  16. UrielEdge



    • Could be that Isuzu 4200, which is mentioned in the text

  17. boom_headshot

    well, trailer is gone so I write my comment here:
    eneos sc430(supergt),Opel insignia and toyota corolla(supergt)(probably)

  18. I sit here looking, at the verge of tears.
    Fearful that I will wake up from this beautiful dream and be forced to face the reality that this is all but a fabrication of my mind.
    Kazunori Yamauchi-san, I will never doubt you again.

  19. Rockpark

    bad news this is from the page oofficial page of gran turismo
    Dynamic Weather System
    Experience Real-Time Weather Changes with Realistic Rain (Good thing cars now have working wipers)

    In addition to the time transition feature announced at E3 in June, where you can experience the day to night transition of time during a race, Gran Turismo 5 will also have real-time weather changes on select tracks.

    Factors like temperature, pressure and humidity are all calculated to help simulate weather conditions that change dynamically. Rainfall will alter the course scenery and conditions, changing the dynamics of the race. Combined with new visual effects like time transitions and realistic tire smoke simulation, Gran Turismo 5 offers a detailed and immersive racing experience like no other.

    Just imagine racing as the early evening sky turns purple. You start to see sprinkles of rain hit your windshield. Rain drops are lit by headlights ahead of you, and mist from the tires of the car in front of you blankets your windshield. You hit the wipers to clear your view of the road and get back to the task at hand: finishing the race and hopefully coming in first.

    *Note that not all courses will incorporate these visual effects.
    *Note that windshield wipers will only operate on premium model cars.

    • Sigmaviper11

      No interior view on standards, so no wipers. Bit underthought. Though it would be nice for realism.

  20. That angle of the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca looks terrible, makes the famous part of the track look flat and lame. That steering wheel looks like it belongs in the Knight Industries Two Thousand. I like it! Enough with the frickin tree crying already. Really, you want better detailed trees? Im glad he sucked the trees dry of every last drop of “moisture” he could get away with and gave that processing power to the cars. You guys give a whole new ridiculous meaning to “Tree Hugger”.

    • You’ve questioned PD’s accuracy on track!!! LOL. Well, it’s just the wide camera effect, so don’t worry. And plus PD make one of the most accurate track model around next to Iracing.

    • I remember an article back in 2004, mentioning PD’s accuracy in track-building is better than 0.75in !

  21. HugoStiglitz_420

    the rainy weather looks so good. the citroen must be a beast assuming they didn’t do anything incredibly stupid like reduce the horsepower. It makes sense that the McLaren MP4-12C is in GT5 since they got the McLaren badge finally & it’s an amazing & gorgeous car so I hope to see it

  22. Citreon looks like a beast! A must have in the game

    • ElieTheStig

      yeah citroen gt racecar is BEAST !! and weather eiger track tooo !!

    • That CITROEN has to be one of the most beautiful race-cars ever

  23. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a looooooooong october :(

    Im definatly hyped right now :D

  24. Sigmaviper11

    McLaren MP4-12C leading 370Z. 6th pic.

  25. Holy crap, La Sarthe at Night. Thats the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Nothing comes close. can’t wait to see the Ring at night.

    • ‘Ring + night + pouring rain… now that should be amusing! (assuming that you can get rain + night simultaneously)

  26. Do I see Eiger Nordwand in the sixth shot? Looks like that means *every* circuit has a wet variant :D

  27. Pictures 10 and 11 look like the new layout for Eiger, which they said they were going to change. It looks like they changed the last couple corners after the tunnel (except the final corner).

  28. i only hope my ps3 phat can handle this

    • If it can handle GRID or F1CE, it can handle GT5 no problem.

  29. Carbonfibre

    With these shots I definitely felt some of that GT5 magic coming across.

    I’ve seen the cockpit of the Citroën GT a hundred times but looking at that hud again today (resembling the cockpit of a fighter jet) made me think. PD really has mastered both pen and sword with this alliteration of the GT franchise.

  30. dearlybeloved

    the first screenshot is trial mountain… and how could i tell it was trial mountain? because of the blimp!! that blimp has been around since the first game, funny that eh!?

  31. DaveTheStalker

    Can’t wait to see these on my PC!

  32. faburisu

    But still no demo …

  33. lone_racer

    when i pop GT5 In my ps3 i want the ps3 to bd burning up using all its power

  34. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Skymeat

    This is shaping up pretty nice :)

  36. No VWs? =(

  37. Integra_GT

    @grstopper, It’s Trial Mountain.

    And I just came…like..seriously..

  38. Whatbrown


    I really wish PD knew how to model a damn tree though.

    • And there was me thinking i was the only person here that cared about the horrible cut-out trees ):

  39. Can you morons stop talking about pissing and pooing in your pants ffs

    • terminator363

      I actually did though, dead serious

    • What, so you sat there in front of your computer with urine running down your leg onto the floor?

    • Sum1s2pid

      Yes. And man fluids.

    • There is a place call toilet. Never heard about?

  40. SpecMiata

    I just pooped myself.


    • terminator363

      hey mate, I see we both have problems controlling our waste systems

  41. yanfloist

    This is the most remarkable simulation racing game there is to date!

  42. Stockmyster

    looks like the day before a race all peaceful, until we start ripping up the track
    i’m soo excited
    hopefully see u all on the track ;)

  43. Wow. GT5 have always looked amazing, but it’s incredibly close to real life on a lot of those photos.

  44. nickvasko

    this is one good looking game

  45. terminator363

    I actually pee pee’d in my pants (I’m actaully serious. I urinated in my underware, no joke )

  46. grshopper

    What is the track in shot 1?

    • Out.

    • I think is Trial Mountain, I remember the big ‘baloon’?? in the air in previous version although I don’t recall seeing a lake.

    • terminator363

      It’s El Capitan n00bs

    • grashopper

      ha spelled my name wrong on post one. Anyway I was thinking maybe TM but the lake got me too. If that is the case looks like TM was rebuilt ground up again.

    • Vesartis

      It is definitely Trial Mountain. It is the turn right before the entrance to the pits.

    • gumbidave

      It’s most definitely Trial Mountain – and the best part is the guys on the boat are on the lake! (look really closely)

      Does this mean we will see the Monkey on the branches between the two tunnels on the other side of the track as well?!?

  47. Drogahnus


  48. Revelation1115

    epic WIN!

  49. Question. Is the Citroen GT racer the Adrian Newey ‘regulation-free’ race car? Or is that supposed to be a Formula 1-style single-seater?

    • sennarose88

      Nope. Adrian Newey’s regulation-free car is the Red Bull X1, not Citroen GT.

  50. photo07a is a real photo. Surely…

  51. Kelitorous

    Good to see fog is in

  52. cas1490

    this is game is going to be awesome

  53. hellseek


  54. hellseek


  55. moonman79

    WOW simply STUNNING
    Citron GT looks awesome.

    • caasimun


    • gtpanoz

      The Citroen looks pure evil. I have this thought of it running down Bill Gates while Enter Sandman is playing..hahaha!

    • FlareKR

      Now were getting somewhere!
      Thank God we’re not seeing any more crashes.

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