Kazunori Yamauchi vs. NASCAR Driver Joey Logano in GT5

September 3rd, 2010 by Jordan

Kazunori Yamauchi went head-to-head in a fastest lap shootout with NASCAR driver Joey Logano at a private Gamestop manager’s convention just last week. Logano managed to best Yamauchi’s time on Tokyo R246, winning everyone in attendance will get a free copy of GT5 come November. Thanks to Bryan Cook of Logano’s team, Joe Gibbs Racing, for capturing this video of the event and sharing it with GTPlanet!

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  1. Devedander

    I would imagine every manager of GS was getting a copy free anyway ;)

    But pretty cool event and looks like it was fun. I wonder how much practice that guy had before laying down that time (GT5 practice I mean)

  2. Zonda_Guy

    Can’t wait for my GT5 poster signed by Kaz that my manager got me.

  3. Jordan, I think you should update the article, he drove the FT-86 G Sport in the game not his NASCAR car.

  4. smoke1485

    Uh, that’s a cup car. Nationwide spoilers are either curved, or have the rabbit ears on the new one, that one has a flat spoiler and the “shelf” style splitter. Why would they unveil the gamestop cup car. And have him show up in a nationwide car?

    • Sam__ NY

      Because the livery they showed on the cup car in GT5 was taken from a Nationwide car (as stated on Gamestop.com). He’s driving the new Toyota Camry Nationwide car. (which, your right, does look a lot like the Cup car) You can tell by the sloping head lights.

  5. ferhound psnid

    He choose manual transmission, but during the race it was automatic??? o_O

  6. Hugo, smoke’em if you gott’em!!…and then pass!!!

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      lol that’s funny. I actually rarely get to smoke but I support it & this is my PSN name so

  7. AGNT009

    Im actually disturbed by this video. Ok, it was an early build, but it still should have been top notch. So, you have a game that is taking on NASCAR for the first time ever, you have a demo track called Indy, you have stock cars, and you have a chance to challenge Logano. WHY ON EARTH werent they driving the stock cars at Indy and compare lap times there? That tells me Kaz doesnt think his NASCAR measures up if a real driver had a crack at it, and didnt want to risk a comment from Joey questioning it in front of fans at a convention. And THAT speaks plenty IMO about the quality of the NASCAR product in this game if Kaz is afraid to show it off with a real NASCAR driver at hand. Yeah, it was an early build, everyones demo excuse these days, but it still should have been light years ahead of what was basically a GT4 race on stage.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      what did you not see that Logano picked the track & knows the game? troll. plus I could care less about NASCAR but if the physics are good in regular racing why would NASCAR be any different. stop whining. troll

    • AGNT009

      It was STILL BS. You’re a NASCAR driver, and you dont race your own brand car on your own series track? I doubt he’d even touched the game before that. Him not picking NASCAR and Indy was fixed IMO.

    • Sam__ NY

      I think he wanted to prove he could make right and left turns.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      well his car is a preorder bonus dlc car from gamestop along with a McLaren F1 & I doubt it was in the demo so maybe he didn’t want to use a different drivers car? idk but it makes sense that he also wanted people to see he could take right turns

  8. Magic Ayrton

    2 more months… How can I survive???

  9. Wait.. Since when do NAASCARs have brake lights???

    • Big Ron

      It is a promotion car, not a real NASCAR car.

  10. Beast mode

  11. Article said that all attendees received a copy of GT5….if thats true, pretty lucky peeps! Anyway, I wait with great anticipation!

  12. Magic Ayrton

    Not an early release, I doubt it, they will get a copy when it releases in November 2020.

  13. The only thing I don’t like is that others were given an early release copy of GT5! I mean seriously, how much Subway can I eat to get a copy! I’m alone responsible for their stocks uptick!! lol Come on Nov 2., my flux capacitor sucks! Anyway, Peace.

    • TTownEP

      They get a copy WHEN IT COMES OUT.

      And, I work across from a Subway. I go get medium drinks from there every day. At least I don’t have to spend all that money on to buy sandwiches to get codes…

  14. Ner0_sol

    why dont no one tell us about whne this stuff is going down.. dammm

    • As was mentioned in the article, this was a private event for managers of Gamestop stores.

  15. Kaz went easy on him…

  16. If the Driving Force GT is good enough for Joey Logano, it’s good enough for me!

    Also, I hope my driving force GT actually works, it’s been sitting in the closet for 2.5 years while PD come over all perfectionist. I wonder what the warranty is on it.

    • Magic Ayrton

      You should have played GT5 prologue with it!

  17. Super_Colossal

    Wait…the cup car he drove in with had lights…anyone notice that that’s unusual?

    • Sele1981

      Yeah I also was wondered about that…

    • Sam__ NY

      It wasn’t a Cup car, it was a Nationwide car (Which is the NASCAR equivalent of a GP2 car). It had head lights because when NASCAR has driver appearances, they need to make the cars street legal (So it’s just a promotional thing). A real Cup and/or Nationwide car does not have head lights, just stickers.

  18. WTF is Kaz doing at 0:51? lol
    He’s all like “Yeah, dig it homies. I Made you wait longer for this” :P

    • tvensky

      haha! :) he reminded me Kevin Buttler shooting with hand! lmao.

  19. R35-Vspec

    “winning everyone in attendance a free copy of GT5.”

    I know it’s a stupid question but did they received a copy of the game at the same day or once its out? I know know its a stupid question but what if it’s real lol

    • They’ll get a copy of the game for free when it’s released.

  20. Sam__NY

    The homeschooler wins. Nice to see Joey Logano’s Gamestop NASCAR car will be in GT5. In fact, I believe I’ll be getting it along with the McLaren F1 as it’s considered a pre-order bonus car.

    • Kart Racer 24

      same here. i can’t wait but i didn’t notice what car he was driving, it sounded a bit like a his cup car and when it hit 5th gear i was scared. sorry to anyone if i sound stupid right know lol

    • Kart Racer 24

      oh wait nevermind lol

  21. GTP_african_kat

    I don’t think Kaz would have pushed to the max – can’t have your new driver,Logano, lose in front of his sponsors

  22. Pierced Lead

    This thing was so dramatized that I didn’t enjoy it.

    • Rotard12a

      This isn’t some key-note press event, it’s a publicity stunt to build hype with a bunch of 20-something GameStop managers (not you) who Sony and PD obviously are -very- interested in keeping entertained so the whole thing was more like a concert than a convention. No shit it’s gonna be “dramatized”

    • Kurenai

      That’s because american’s go insanely overboard with anything ;)

  23. F1000_Driver

    Would have been great to have seen Logano drive the nascar and compared it to real life with the G27. Maybe next time. Good to see the News rolling in.

  24. He was driving an FT-86G, not his Nascar

  25. Nice to see everybody so enthousiastic.

  26. Magic Ayrton


  27. Sigmaviper11

    Hey wait! Did KY drive the FT and Logano drive the Nascar? Cuz last time I checked Nascars only have 4 forward gears.

  28. I hope in GT5 there are events where you have to try and match laps from famous drivers like Loeb on a rally stage, this guy in NASCAR, Vettel in an F1 car, the Stig on the Top Gear track etc. Only problem is I’m not sure whether real life times would be comparable to GT5 times so maybe they would have to set the times on GT5?

    • Spaghettimonster

      yeah, i think gt5 is still far from being able to compare to the real thing. i mean until you can just race againt reallife times on the virtual tracks straight away. ;) or what about the datalogger? anyone?

    • Sigmaviper11

      GT4 was within .1 seconds of real times so, who knows. I mean to me, no offense to PD, driving in reality is much easier than in gt. Probably due to more feedback from the car and road as well as better precision across driving inputs.

    • Jameliontosh

      It’s more that .1 of a second. Everyones seen that episode of Top Gear by now..surely.

    • ralph89

      The episode on top gear where GT4 was shown was J.K. is doing a lot of drift on the corners and it lost some time. I tried it in GT4 and got 1:46 lap. GT4 might not be accurate, but I’m prety sure it was only not accurate around few seconds. The Tsukuba lap GT4 vs real was quite accurate though.

    • Sigmaviper11

      In that episode Clarkson states, as well as the instructor, that there are some aspects of GT4 that are off, like acceleration and braking through the corners. Clarkson states that he believes the car to be fully capable of achieving that lap time, but that he wouldn’t be able to do it because he’s not “crazy” like race car drivers are. He can’t overcome the need for selfpreservation (which he makes apparent on the corkscrew) and therefore can’t really draw out the potential of that pretty blue NSX.

  29. Sigmaviper11

    The tire screeching is much better this time through. Engine seems off but between sound quality through compression and the history of that argument the true sound is still up in the air. That was good though. Btw, has Nascar adopted head and brake lights? If not, why? Or is that machine a one off mod?

    • Rotard12a

      It looks to be a one-off car made specifically for road legal use (notice it has an illuminated licence plate). I’m sure Gamestop totes that thing all over the place for publicity.

  30. DaveTheStalker

    We got to meet Joey at MIS through Lucky Dog Speedway Charities. I asked when he was going to be driving the GT5 car. He looked at me as if he had no clue what I was talking about. I’m sure this event sparked his memory of visiting with the kids at Michigan. Check my Facebook page for pix from that weekend :)

  31. DirtyMudFlaps

    Thats so cool..

    They could have at least remove the 2:00 limit, even though it wasnt needed.. Does that mean its an older build?

    • hossdeluxe


    • Its the E3 build, not the gamescom build, so yes it is older. The lambo video from the previous post doesnt have skidmarks…

    • Spaghettimonster

      no, it means that they didnt want to spend too much time playing.

  32. Leadfoot53

    Uh oh… The infamous “5th gear” appears again…

    • Does the FT-86 not have 5th gear?

    • hossdeluxe

      I dont know waht you are talking about because the TopGear test track is in the game and i’d think the FT-86 has atleast 5 gears and it wasn’t showed in this video. unless it was one of the other cars but they used a nascar so… WTF are you on about?

    • Leadfoot53

      Oh wow… I just failed… for some reason I was thinking stock car… boy I hate being sick… makes my mind all wonky

    • Sigmaviper11

      there be some confusion between the FT-86 and the Nascar. Something is off.

    • Lol I love it when people make fools of themselves on the internet and then make up excuses like “I hate being sick…makes my mind all wonky”. What an idiot.

    • Maxiboy

      Dude ease off the guy… it is only a forum, and as if someone wouldnt have mistakenly thought they were racing NASCARs?

    • Strikey182

      Yeah, at least he admitted he was wrong so chill out.

    • rocketcaron

      F.G., I just love it when somebody calls somebody else an idiot and everybody around knows who the real idiot is…

  33. Logano is a tool.


      “everyone in attendance gets a copy of GT5! ”
      what that means
      everyone who was on this show ? If yes then it is not a clever idea and unfair
      PD,Sony we know that you are very friendly and that you love your players but stop that , you can give mod nation racers XD but not GT5

    • Magic Ayrton

      It would appear that you are an even bigger tool though :/

    • caasimun

      lol now there is a free version :/ PD is going all out on these special/ signiture/ free editions XD

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