McLaren MP4-12C, Murcielago SV & More in Top Gear Magazine GT5 Feature

November 3rd, 2010 by Jordan

Gran Turismo 5 and the Red Bull X1 Prototype have both been featured in the latest issue of Top Gear magazine, and the dramatic screenshot above introduces several important new cars to the game. Most notably, you’ll find the new McLaren MP4-12C, a Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce, the 1965 Alfa Romeo TZ2 (2009 winner of the Polyphony Digital Trophy at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance), the Lexus LF-A, and Philip Koenen’s 1970 Ford “Trans-Cammer” Mustang.

Thanks to Steve for the scan above (check out more from Southend Rage in our forums), and thanks to Mark for the shot of the Red Bull X1 feature!

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  1. Let´s play looking for wally…xD…there are two cars repeated…i mean not only the model so the paint too…anybody see it?
    And i hope BMW M1 Procar will be in the game…

    • Two yellow racing Nissan GTR’S.First car:Second row fourth from the top,Second car:Sixth row third from the bottom.Now do do i get a cookie or what?

    • NO!! you´re wrong…there is only one Yellow Nissan GTR super gt500…but you are close…and no cookie for you…

    • alain_prost

      hmmmmmm yellow lotus elise????? :)
      do i get a cookie?????? :D

    • NO!!!there is only one lotus elise ..the other is the Evora…and no cookie..:P

    • Alain_Prost

      Crap… I don’t know…
      I mean, there are 2 Audi tt, but one is from sema.
      There are 2 lancer evos… But one is hks…
      I give up…. I’ve spent to much time here hehe

  2. Plenty new cars and still noone allowed to update the carlist. Are you sure you won’t re-open it? This issue should have been solved by now. I mean we are one of the biggest GT comunities. Many other pages refer to this list and we don’t update it anymore because of an argument?

    • Prodigy122

      I agree. I think it is time to get the car list going again.


    I wish they can add a NISSAN GTR/SPEC V 2011 in the game.

    • Why there will already be 100 versions of the GTR in the game,We don’t need anymore and could survive with less.


    I had a dream that I actually had GT5 and was playing it. It felt so real.. :(

  5. Sleepy-z

    You know whats funny, I really want a nice interior view for my real life cars in the game but chances are when it comes down to actually racing I will use the bumper view, I never ever use the interior views.

    • Magic Ayrton

      I agree, but it’s just nice to flick through the view to remind you which car you are in.. I race in bumper view too 90% of the time.

  6. BoBo back to his belligerent best I see.

    I thought he’d been banned for being too stupid.

  7. Magic Ayrton

    We know that we are getting Trial mountain etc…

  8. Magic Ayrton

    I know you can make your own tracks, and that you can let the software create them for you, but I’m hoping we will have 20 New tracks plus all the old ones from the previous game… can anyone please confirm the latter?

    • theirs over 70 tracks

    • Please read information, we all know that in the game will appear 20 tracks with 70 variations…this for now…and track editor… 20 and maybe more if you do the math…by now we have this:
      Road Courses

      Autodromo Nazionale Monza
      Circuit de la Sarthe
      Daytona International Speedway
      Eiger Nordwand Forward & Reverse [fictional]
      Fuji Speedway F & GT
      High Speed Ring Forward & Reverse [fictional]
      Indianapolis Motor Speedway
      Nurburgring GP/F, Nordschleife, & 24H
      Suzuka Circuit & Suzuka East Course
      The Top Gear Test Track
      Tsukuba Circuit

      Oval Tracks

      Daytona International Superspeedway
      Indianapolis Superspeedway

      Street Circuits

      Circuito de Madrid
      London Short Forward & Reverse, and Long
      Piazza del Campo
      Route 5 [fictional]
      Tokyo Route 246

      Rally Stages

      Toscana (circuit, snow/dirt)
      19 so we didn´t see all of them…could be more than 20 or 30…do the math.

    • J-KiLLA24

      @ Foxiol, they said that there are 20 different locations. Not tracks. Locations meaning were the tracks are e.g. tokyo,germany,usa etc. There are waay more than 20 tracks in the game then you also have the diffrent variations.

    • DarthTurismo

      yeah @foxiol you’re missing pretty much all the GT original tracks on your list…

      The way i see it if he has 20 locations (ie countries) then we seriously wont know the actually total tracks until he finally releases this bad boy on us ;-) there are bound to be a few surprises or 3 lol

    • Sigmaviper11

      Maybe we’ll get lucky. 200 tracks total, for 200 or so premium cars only.

    • yes…i know…”maybe” i said “maybe!!””more than 20 or 30″ and for sure more than 70 included variations…all this stuff is not mine…but this tracks and trial mountain and a few more are the tracks that we all already know…i´m not the owner of the truth!! that´s only a comment. Nobody knows everything about the game…only Kazunori and at Polyphony…
      I don´t or can´t believe that GT5 brings to us 200 tracks…that could be insane and to many of it useless…just a comment!! but we all hope that the best for sure will come in it: Spa, Hockenheimring (old), Nurburgring, Monza, Monaco…and maybe others from F1 competition will be ok for me too…(we know about some but not all of them yet).

    • Sigmaviper11

      Idk. I’m not so sure 200 tracks would be useless. Although I won’t disagree it might start to feel a bit too familiar. Idk. I think about 150 to 200 total tracks could actually work without getting boring. And that’s total, so variation and locations included.

      I think it might work. That’s just my opinion though. I mean with using streets and real tracks, it could get a lot more of those wanted tracks, and a lot more series tracks in there as well, like ALMS, Super GT, DTM and V8 Supercars venues.

    • Agree with you.

  9. First of all I would like to thank Sigmaviper11, yes, us Porsche people do have feelings hehe ;-)

    I would be delighted if the whole RUF range was included, hell 90% would do (kaz) ! That would certainly satisfy my needs¬!

    • Sigmaviper11

      Lol. Hellz yea. Gotta make do with what you can get. Kaz has access to RUF, so I hope he makes the most of it.!!!

      Heres to hopefully getting a full RUF lineup!!!

    • Magic Ayrton

      I’ll drink to that lol

  10. Oh and I hope I’m wrong!! I’d love to rip through the Ring in a 930 turbo or 917….

    • Tuned 3.2 Carrera Clubsport for me around fuji or Tsukuba Circuit in the rain!

    • Sigmaviper11

      Wouldn’t mind taking a 918 Spyder round Tsukuba sideways.

  11. No Porsche, will be the same story with the GT series. RUF only. Damn licensing!!

  12. Sigmaviper11

    To those complaining about Porsche, I just realized, RUF has a rather large list of cars that they offer. At least 7 or 8 different models based on older to newer Porsches and some electric prototypes. Unfortunately RUF has yet to rebuild a Carrera GT but here hoping to getting Gemballa and some of their modified Porsche’s and Ferraris. And Maybe Koenig and some of their Modified Lambos and Ferraris.

    But if KY and PD can get the majority if not the full RUF line, hopefully it will satisfy the Porsche people. . . for now. I really want to take that RK and CTR-3 for a spin.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      that’s dissapointing. I’m not too worried about seeing any single porsche besides the carrera gt

    • Hmm, I do have a feeling that Porsche could make it to this series of GT.

    • Sigmaviper11

      Never said RUFs are Porsche’s, nor am I a fanboy Bobo. So far theres only 3 cars I like from RUF and even so, I have issues with them. In the mean time, again, take it up with EA and Porsche. Personally an Ruf satisfies me. It’s not a Porsche. Performance wise, usually, its better. Porsche fanboys will never be happy till they get Porsche. That could be a while and in the mean time thats their problem. So yes, for the rest of us, RUF is in GT5 so everything is peaches.

      @HugoStiglitz_420- Would really love to see the Carrera GT in GT5 but if it can’t be done, I’d happily settle for a Gemballa Mirage GT.

      Hell, anything 9ff, Techart, Gemballa, RUF, or anything Porsche Tuner related is fine for me.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      that’s actually what I meant. I just want to see any form of the carrera gt. 9ff, gemballa, anything. It’s the most important porsche related addition I think

    • Sigmaviper11

      On that note, I can, not entirely, be satisfied if we got a Carrera GT race car under the conditions that the street version is put into GT6 or GT5 via update/dlc. Basically, the same story as the mighty McLaren.

  13. Benny44 apparently says a release date of Nov.30, 2010, according to a couple of people. I couldn’t find it though. Really, really hope this is true. Anyone else hear about this? They said it just happened today or last night.

    • Indibisible

      I saw that release date on Nov. 2 on you have to search for gran turismo then click on quick view then pre-order where the following message is displayed

      “Model Number: PS398114
      Available on or about 11/30/2010. We will email you when product ships”

  14. Digitalwolf

    This seems to imply that crashes are very dramatic on GT5 now. like burnout style O_o

  15. Strikey182

    what the fudgeee are they on the front 2 rows, right at the far sidee?

  16. I am not sure if 16 cars on A-spec have been confirmed, but look at the text in the corner of the picture. Somewhere it says:

    “That’s what happens when you attempt to stage a 16-car race on Top Gear’s test track.”

    The writer was behind the wheel, which makes me assume it’s A-spec.

    • We’ve seen around 16 cars on track at once in screenshots before so the whole “oh no, there might only be 8 car races” never held any water. I just wish there could be /more/ than 16 cars on track.

    • Spaghettimonster

      i just wish there will be more than 20 tracks and 70 variations. why the heck would you want 1000 cars and only 20 tracks???

  17. URABUS_09

    Wether a car is premium or not does not bother me in the slightest, and is probably what caused the delays from the very beginning. Personaly I think they should have just left the premium concept for ALL of the cars in gt6. As long as the performance between standard and premium in a driving sence is not comprimised then I am happy

    • Yeah, but if they did that, forums would explode with typical GT fanboy outrage.

      I mean, can you imagine if NO cars in GT5 had cockpit views and all cars in Forza 3 did? Of course, if that happened GT fanboys would probably argue that cockpit views are not needed and GT is still the best, but in actual fact they’d probably cry themselves to sleep every night.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      No FG is right. Only a fanboy would defend a lack of cockpit view. Every game now has it & GT claims to be “innovative” so how can you defend a major step backwards?

    • Sigmaviper11

      Cockpit view is a nice bonus. But considering the bumper view all this time. Idk. A lot of people like it, but just as many may never have a real use for it.

  18. Walking Dead

    Maserati Mc (Silver) in the top row next to the VW van?
    Or is it the GT?

    • Prodigy122

      I was thinking the same thing. It looks like a GT to me.

  19. twinspark24

    Is this a Toyota Celica on 2nd row (left to right), 6th car from back to front?
    Hasn’t it already been in GT series?
    If yes- this would mean:
    a) cars from previous series can actually become premium
    b) there are not premium only cars in the picture

    • i’m pretty sure some of the best cars from previous series will become premium.
      for exemple the Cobra ,if you remember,was “almost” premium in could see the dashboard in the ghost car in time trial.

    • jacoja06

      twinspark24, The 6th Gen Celica GT4 rally car is Premium. It was actually one of the first premium models created for ‘Gran Turismo HD’.

      It has been in all previous Gran Turismo games, including GT3 & 4. There are a number of standard cars already recreated as premiums for GT5. :)

  20. GT’ireland

    i dont know about you guys but ive never seen so many class cars on one spot,im going to use that pic as a screensaver though as mr latte brought to my attention the fact theres no ferrari’s…pity

    • Spaghettimonster

      the ferraris have gone to play witht he porsches. :D

  21. Tintorera

    I was really hoping the new Audi RS 5 Coupé and the TT RS Coupé made the cut into the game…
    I´we really been looking forward to try out those two cars.

  22. Sleepy-z

    You know that as they box up the games for shipment that there putting a slip of paper in each box that say do not sell up ??/??/?? on it, sucks that someone knows in that factory and it hasn’t leaked.

    • its sad that these people in the factory have some concept of ethics?

    • “sad” should have been “sucks” in my previous comment

    • I think the security is way harder then in a, oh well lets say a concrete factory were I’ve been working. Even though it’s a factory, it’s probably very different from a regular factory. In a normal one you can easily steal something you would want, and even if you got cought no one would realy care. I suppose that if you steal a copy of GT5 and get cought, you probably get’s alot of trouble from Sony’s lawyers.

    • Do you have any evidence to support you claim?

  23. Anyone knows anything about Maserati Quattroporte being on GT5?!?
    I just love that car and never heard anything about it.
    It would be a shame if it wasn’t on this massive collection…

  24. SouthendRage

    THanks for the mention Jordan! I’ve never been news before. Good news anyway xD

    I’m glad I helped bring the info along to many people too!

  25. I know it’s not the right place to ask this, but on GT5p has anyone noticed the FUEL indicator sign on the bottom right hand corner of the screen while playing? along with the E-Brake(Which works), Breakdown & Oil indication signs.
    Just bringing this up because no one seems to ever talk about this.
    Correct me if i’m wrong here..

    • VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

      I think I’ve seen that on there. I don’t have the game right now, so I’m not certain.

    • You are correct…and if you played GT4 you have this too.
      They said that GT5 brings a lot of damage not only from outside of the car (visually)…i can´t tell you if it will be just like R.D. Grid (arcade but nice realistic damage) but for sure we must see the fuel drops very fast at Nurburgring and other kind of things.Like GT4 but more…but we don´t know all that stuff…it will be a surprise…i guess…for me seeing those cars and to many others that we don´t know nothing about it…oh man…release date please haha!

    • Well seeing it as the Ultimate Racing Sim, i’m pretty sure it will, or it should have Fuel, & you’re right it could be just another surprise. I love & hate the fact that Sony/PD don’t give out too much information away..

  26. terminator363

    The Mclaren F1 in the middle looks off scale. The Lotus looks bigger! lol

  27. DarthTurismo

    maybe slightly off topic… but surely if they were able to create around 80 premium cars for gt5P (in a little over a year) then surely they have been able to create more than the extra 120 in over 4 years (to make up 200) for GT5????? I’m excited just like everyone but that pic has mostly GT5p cars and all the others besides maybe 1 or 2 were already known about… i truly hope the surprises come from what we don’t see!!
    Surely he would create premium versions of such iconic cars as the Veyron, countach, dino etc… and what about the RUFs? if he doesn’t have porsche why wouldnt he create at least 1 premium Ruf? He likes keeping too many secrets i think ;-)

    • Sigmaviper11

      I’m hopin for an RK Coupe to be in the game and premium.

      And yes, Kaz keeps more secrets than the US government.

  28. Sigmaviper11

    So I’ve noticed some things.

    The CRZ has a carbon fibre hood.
    There either a Tesla Model S or Maserati Gran Turismo in the back there in silver.

    I’ve also come to a conclusion.
    The two X1’s are actually two different cars.
    It seems one is powered by the turbine and cvt, and the other is powered by a turbo V6 hooked to a . . .err proper Transmission apparently. Idr how many gears Vettel went through.

    Can anyone clarify the X1 comment? Or for that matter if thats a Model S or an MGT?

  29. Glad to see LP670 and Zonda R!! Please include Reventon, Mclaren F1 GTR & LM, FXX, and most importantly, classic Senna F1s! PRETTY PLSSS

  30. J-KiLLA24

    YES! I see a lexus LFA!

  31. What is that under the Citreon gt race car? lo.oks like a Espon NSX GT…there also looks like 2 Takata NSX GTs both with the green paint.

    I love NSX GTs I hope these and more make it along with the HSV-10 replacements.

  32. So wait…there’s a GT5 preview in this magazine, too? How come that info isn’t included in the article?

  33. fredyellowone

    Another ******* MUSTANG but no TRANS-AM?

    • Sigmaviper11

      I would hope a solid Pontiac Lineup would be put in since the company has been dissolved.

    • Bandit1

      OMG! I’ve been hoping for a Trans Am too but I thought I was the only one! I cannot describe how excited I’d be if a Trans Am made it into GT5

    • fredyellowone

      bandit, you are certainly not the only one.
      GT planet don’t represent all the gamers out there.

  34. Dr.Strangelove

    [Quote] Rollo: Don’t really see why premium cars are so important. To me interiors of a car is pretty low in the list of stuff important to a good game.

    If they decided not to add a steeringwheel to your Veyron I’d understand your anger…[/Quote]

    premium = cockpit cam
    standard = NO cockpit cam


  35. i still cant see any ruf.just hope they’ll be in the game,at least as standard.they’ve been in the series since the early gt’s.but i’d really like to see the dashboard of my yellow bird !

  36. VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

    Oh man, I would love to have that magazine.

    • VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

      $149.98 for a year subscription? That made me cringe..

    • Bankai123

      Dude, just download it like i did.

    • VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

      You downloaded the whole magazine or checked out the scans in the forum?

    • Bankai123

      The whole entire mag. lol

    • VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

      I’m downloading it myself now.

    • Where can we download it Bankaior VYPA?

    • VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

      I can’t post a link.
      Google ‘download top gear magazine’
      and find the website that’s named ‘ebookee’

    • Walking Dead

      This has made my day. Thank you very much! :)

    • Awesome,thanks a lot Vypa!!!

  37. COOL! LF-A…I hope it is premium, because that car´s dashboard is just awesome!!

  38. IVKillerVI

    I thought it was a real photo until I got a good look at the plane. Oh, and up close to the top of the photo there’s a little yellow car next to that modified 350Z, anyone know what that is?

    • It´s a NISSAN 300ZX YEAR 1990.

    • Sleepy-z

      Actually its not a 1990 300zx, they didn’t put the emblem on the front in 1990, its a z32 though later year lol, not that it matters.

    • When i said 1990 i may said 90´s…this car is from 1994 or 1995 model…so it is a Nissan 300 zx and now this car renamed to the Z series 350 and 370 z…and model of course…so…peace bro…

  39. NorwegianStig

    Im gonna buy that magazine after work

  40. John Marine

    I have been trying to zoom in to see all of the cars. It is very cool seeing all of these cars both past and present fill these two pages. Can you imagine having all of these cars in real life and showcasing them like this? No denying it- this may be the best lineup of cars EVER in the Gran Turismo series. People complained all the time of no Ferrari, no Lamborghini, no real supercars… this is going to be an amazing lineup of cars. I do think the new driving model will be worlds better than GT4, making racing these cars all the more intriguing.

  41. is that a maserati granturismo on the back row by the campervan?

  42. GTracerRens

    Lamborghini !!! :d Can’t wait for the release. And look how beautiful the testtrack is..

  43. Zmann42087

    can you get this magazine on newsstands in the States?

    • Bankai123

      After i saw this it only took me 30 seconds to find it on the web in PDF format and download it. lol

    • Zmann42087

      that’s cool, but I prefer a tangible copy of the magazine. I talked to my local Borders and they carry the magazine. I think I’m going to swing by shortly to pick up this issue.

  44. Sadly the VEyron is just a standard car and no Honda HSX

    • IVKillerVI

      Has anyone ever actually provided evidence for Veyron being standard?
      I hear it all the time but no one ever actually provides a slight amount of evidence for it.

    • These are not all Premium cars. You can’t draw any conclusions other than what you see in the picture. And if you don’t see a Veyron you can’t draw any conclusions about it. Not from this picture.

  45. Those cones looks like there placed with a track editor hmmm…

    • jakeBG19

      I agree,if you look at the first few you can see,they aren’t lined up right,neither are the last few before the end corner…but they could have been hit or something i suppose

    • jakeBG19

      i just realized most of what i just wrote ^ didn’t make any sense

  46. Only 90 cars there…but good ones. Now we don´t know the other 910 or more…just a few :P
    If we think a little these cars seems to be premium…but not all of this are new and we can found in GT4 …they said that GT4 games (not all) comes with GT5 and probably they are not premium and this cars doesn´t have an inside view…so…i don´t know but it will be a good surprise to see cockpit view in all seems…maybe…
    And for those people who didn´t saw his car here, just wait for the game…or we have some good new bringing by Jordan with more cars and stuff by this month…not more i guess.

    • Some cars from previous games have been remodeled and become Premium models. Most cars though have just had the standard car touch-ups. To see some cars from GT4 here does not suggest that standard cars will have interior and/or cockpit.

  47. ismellbacon611

    Still no sign of the Bugatti Veyron. That is the only thing left they have to show us. I really hope it becomes a premium model too.

  48. NO DEMO :-(

    @ gtone: it’s actually the car that in the crease of the page! between the gtr500 and the 908 tdi…its the audi, i just realixed that these are all cars that have been shown eithe in a demo or trailer or prolouge with the exception of a few?

  49. GlobeKIDD

    Ah, very nice to see about half of (presumably) premium model cars. And i’m very pleased to see that the Spoon CR-Z made it in. Idk why, but i’m just very fond of that car.

  50. gtone339

    WOOhoo, Both Peugeot 908 HDI FAPs are in, one from the factory (Peugeot) and the other from Team Matmut Oreca, but I see only the AUDI R10 TDI, which is good but where’s the Audi R15 TDI (original).

    I know that PD can’t get the brand new R15+. :(

  51. oh dear god…did i see the HONDA HSV 010 SUPER GT500?????…hold the line of the grey AUDI R8…OMG i love that car!!

  52. NO DEMO :-(

    wait i see two masarati’s but mc12, lets hope there on the other side of the runway with the ccx-r,fxx, ultimate aero and noble m600.

  53. Nice to confirm the Spoon Sports CRZ as well

  54. What about koenigsegg? Bugatti will come for sure i bet my PS3 and G27 and…my full HD 46″TV Aquos…and my PS2 with GT4 and…well…not sure at all…
    I saw some good cars that i wanted cause i play others sims like rFactor, GTR2 or GTR Evo and this kind of cars are on it or you can put a mod with this cars like WSGT mod…and i always think why the hell they can´t put those beast in one game?…and that´s the reason for LOVE GRAN TURISMO SERIES…WE HAVE ALL OF OUR DREAMED CARS…
    Note: with amazing graphics…not just like those games…

    • Gimme ur setup please… …thank u ;/ u like GTR Evo?

    • yeah, it´s fun and have things that gran turismo has too…but now GT5…outstanding…no more GTR haha. but has cool cars…and GTR 2 has the HONDA HSV 010 at the super gt500 mod 3.5vs…if you want to play. It looks really good and has good sound compared with the realones.
      (GT5 is always better)

  55. Some pretty nice cars in here! :) But the big question is did the Alfa Romeo Mito make it into the game? :p(the car i drive in RL)

    Wonder if the any Radical Models made it in

    • Tweetman_277

      OMG youve just opened up a new contraction to me!!! Lol till right now id never understood RL!!! XDXDXD the MiTo would be cool too! however, im really wanting some more Land Rovers… Having a concept car really does not do a company justice…

    • The Mito was my second car in Forza as it was slightly too expensive to buy. Its going to be in another couple of games soon but ive still yet to see any screenshots of it in GT5. Would be disappointing if they had 1000 cars but forgot mine.

      Driving Land Rovers against Lotus cars is pretty funny on Forza, its they are like tanks lol

  56. pasigiri

    LP670-4 SV, McLaren MP4-12C, Lexus LF-A … I’m good. Now all I need is the Reventon and a Koenigsegg.

    … ooooooooh now the wait feels being on an airline having to go pee really bad with some guy taking forever to come out the bathroom. Talk about bladder busting.

    • pasigiri

      … forgot the Audi R8 V10. yeah, I know. I’m a Lambo FREAK.

    • I want the Audi Bösendorfer Grand Piano from Audi’s 100th anniversary… I hope it’s in the game. I don’t think it has an engine though, so it could probably only be run in downhill tracks. And then again, you might need a MIDI keyboard controller to race it…

    • Tenacious D

      Oh gee… I like Bosendorfer, but I really want a Steinway D! Those milky piano notes never get old.

  57. NO DEMO :-(

    Nice to see 90 of the 200 premiums… I still dont see any konigsegg’s ,nobles,the masarati mc12??? i hope they didnt forget about those cars.

    • I don’t think they forgot about them, but they may not be included for other reasons, for instance because they prioritized other cars first. After all, they haven’t had infinite time for this…

  58. Good, I was hoping the MP4-12C would be in the game.

  59. NO DEMO :-(

    PLZ HAVE the konigsegg’s!!!I hope that car as well as the masarati mc12 and a few others got in . Even though this only 90 of the 200 premiums …

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      I still want a demo too. I have so much fun everytime I go to best buy to play it so why can’t we have one on PSN

    • Tenacious D

      How can you possibly have any fun, Hugo? There’s no Veyron.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      true lol no seriously, I said things in anger but the reality is, I will still enjoy GT5 but I’m switching to Forza if GT has become that stupid. It’s still based on an assumption so

    • Super_Colossal

      OMG with the Veyron again!

  60. Porsche

    Still no sign of a Porsche… the Real camper van simulator..

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      LOL this is why I don’t have faith in GT car lists.

    • Spacegoat

      I wish people would just get over the fact that Porsche isn’t in GT5.

    • So you want the real Barbie car simulator instead?

    • No we will not “get over it” Spacegoat.Sony and PD are producing the supposed “real driving simulator” and are leaving out a brand with arguably the best racing pedigree motor sports and are left out.So why don’t you get over the fact that the people that do want Porsche simply won’t “get over it”

    • Sigmaviper11

      @James- Take it up with EA. They won’t allow Porsche in GT without the cost of a serious premium. Honestly. I’d say be happy with RUF and the possibilty of Gemballa or 9ff.

  61. Sapphire-Wolf

    Lexus LF-A… YESH!!!!

  62. scoop2004

    That picture shows 80 cars (no doubt all premium)

    And not many of them am I truly excited about… Why the hell are there loads of junk ones.

    Oh and that planes engines clearly have a very very low polygon count (not the way to treat the star of James Bond)

  63. Fritter



    Or maybe not… :(

    Anyways, this looks awesome. It pretty much sums up one of the best points about GT, the huge variety of cars in the game. And the great graphics. And the detailed locations. Ok, so maybe it sums up three points :P

    P.S. The first part was a joke, please don’t rip me a new one >_>

    • infamousDee

      “Why, that’s the most powerful missile launcher in the galaxy. He must have stolen it from the Blarg!”

    • LoneWanderer


      “Stolen!? Look trash can, did I says about it bein’ hot? You better watch your mouth or I’ll-“

    • Tenacious D

      Ratchet will save us from the Blarg.

      As for GT5, this is getting better and better. December can’t come soon enough! And hopefully with it, GT5. ;D

    • Fritter

      “Wait, don’t tell me…rip you a new one!”

  64. UrbanGlowCam

    If the Mugen S2000 is there, do you guys think there’s a good chance the standard S2000 will be a premium car as well? I mean the RX-8 and 370Z are on there!

    • tonediary

      Well thats an Amuse S2000 i suppose.. Though as an owner and a lover of one , i really hope that the standard one is premium..

    • UrbanGlowCam

      whoops! I meant Amuse sorry. :p same one that was in GT5P

    • UrbanGlowCam

      I also own an 05 AP2. I’m pretty sure Kaz has(d) one or 2.

    • tonediary

      lol , yeah prolly he did.
      fingers crossed for standard s2000 not being standard in the game:)

  65. Ferrari

    Cool, I want the damn release date tho

  66. LoneWanderer

    I saw a Boss Mustang near the back of the main picture.

    • jakeBG19

      i was hoping to see a 68gt500,i haven’t found anything saying its in the game yet,hope so

  67. jakeBG19

    wouldn’t it be cool if that was how your garage is:O,all your cars lined up like that where u can see them and scroll over for specs and all that jazz:O…that’d be sweeeeeet

    • jakeBG19

      and they drive away when u sell them,or drive off the lot when you select them:O

    • Sigmaviper11

      You know, that would be badass if cars drove off the pedestal when you sold them.

  68. Tweetman_277

    Wait… Why am i not mentioned AT ALL!!! I feel insulted!!! I was the FIRST TO POST A LIST OF ALL THE CARS ON THE FORUM!!! IT WAS ME!!! :'(

    • Yay! First to post that i’m first to respond to a first rant…..Wooopieeee

    • Wait, why would you be mentioned again?

    • You’re a little narcissistic aren’t you?

  69. Lischynski

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Merci SV

  70. What’s the car between the blue SLS and the MP4-12C? Maserati, or Modified Zonda???

  71. TheVWLover

    Though it has nothing to do with this, i really hope the VW R32 will be included to the game.. Does anyone know if it will?

    • syaieya

      If you mean the Mark IV R32, it should be in there via GTPSP. the psp version has an 03 model

  72. aQuarius26

    LFA :drool:

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      yup. even though it was confirmed, still awesome to see it

  73. infamousDee

    I’d have liked to have seen the game’s entire Premium count on the runway. Seeing as this shot is clearly not running in real time on the PS3, hardware resources are not an issue.

  74. exenter

    I wonder if you can add many cars on a track/scene in photo mode, just like that screenshot in the magazine.

  75. HugoStiglitz_420

    more than half of the new standard cars yet no Veyron. I thought it was confirmed? If it’s a standard car that’ll be the last straw, I’ll sell my PS3 & GT5 for Forza 3 & an xbox

    • Facepalm!!!

    • infamousDee

      I genuinely hope you’re being sarcastic. The Veyron has always been confirmed Premium. Look it up on SrD Racing’s old car list thread.

    • jakeBG19

      LOLOL^ i agree with all the “haha”‘s

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      I’m not joking. & it definetly has not been seen in GT5 demos or videos, I’m positive. I believe it is in but I think it’s standard

    • jakeBG19

      no offense but over 3/4’s of the vehicles in GT5 haven’t been seen in video’s or screen shots..

    • please sell ur ps3 and get an xbox and fm3 cuz ur always very annoying on gtplanet.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      none taken. We’re talking about premiums. The 72 from GT5p plus the almost 100 new premiums have been shown. I understand they are saving surprises for when the game’s released but the Veyron was already in GT PSP, it won’t be a surprise. That’s I think it’s just another ported from GT PSP standard car like the Lambo Countach & the Audi R8 LMS. Even the Countach alone being standard is a monumental mistake. I’m not joking when I say literally my 2nd word was Countach ( bcuz my brother was always talking about it & showing a model car of it ). A car that is that famous & beloved is taking a back seat to a fiat 500? a hippie bus? a stupid army jeep? & dozens of tuner cars no one has heard of? I’m sorry but if that make that same mistake with the veyron I will lose all faith in the franchise. If TDU, Forza, NFS, & codemasters can all get this right with 1/20th cars, it shows you how rediculous GT has been in the past & if it continues I’m done. Sorry but that’s just my opinion

    • ^I have to agree on this one :/

    • Idiom Definitions for ‘Throw your toys out of the pram’
      To make an angry protest against a relatively minor problem, in the process embarrassing the protester. The analogy is with a baby who throws toys out of the pram in order to get their parent to pay attention to them. The implication in the idiom is that the protester is acting like a baby.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      @rydeen and you’re always pretenious, arrogant, stuck up, & opinionated on GTPlanet. You really are pathetic. If you don’t agree with someone why don’t you move on? how is it that you have nothing better to do? you probably live with your mother still & don’t have bills to pay or work to do. if you don’t like someone why would you make it your buisness unless annoying people is the only way for you to focus on something besides how useless & miserable you are. If you don’t like someone, ignore them, otherwise you will go no where in life

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      @damiam protesting implies that something can be done, the game’s finished. I’m merely stating my own actions, the reason why you have to whine like a baby about something that in no way effects you is pretty puzzling. how bout you just move on with your life instead of complaining about people you don’t know? do you have to be consulted about everything people say here? no, it’s a forum, people say what they want, get over yourself

    • +1 rydeen

    • HugoStiglitz_420 You should try stand up.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      whatever. It’s not that I won’t like the game, it’s just that at tha point I will have more faith in the forza franchise. Sorry I didn’t say it more “grown up” but to be honest, the idea just made me a little pissed off but still, I can’t be wrong in thinking the veyron should be premium according to most people right? even if you don’t like it, for the sake of the game I mean. I’ll leave it at

    • That makes sense, I agree.

    • Don’t really see why premium cars are so important. To me interiors of a car is pretty low in the list of stuff important to a good game.

      If they decided not to add a steeringwheel to your Veyron I’d understand your anger…

    • In my opinion, I believe most of the exotics will be premium, whether it’s old or new, I can’t imagine the Veyron being a standard car.

    • Dr.Strangelove

      I know i shouldnt drink and write… but eh, what else…

      [Quote] Rollo: Don’t really see why premium cars are so important. To me interiors of a car is pretty low in the list of stuff important to a good game.

      If they decided not to add a steeringwheel to your Veyron I’d understand your anger…[/Quote]

      Let me help you, maybe you get the reason for the disappointment of some of us:

      premium = cockpit cam
      standard = NO cockpit cam


    • Sigmaviper11

      @HugoStiglitz_420- I honestly believe that there’s more than the modest 200 or so premium cars. I’m betting the Veyron along with many other machines will have interior views. Just be patient.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      @sigmaviper11 I agree. I just don’t have huge faith in the car lists in GT games but cars like the LP670-4, viper & zonda R are precisely what I have always thought this series is lacking so there is hope. I don’t mean just supercars either. Any special edition really great cars really

  76. Gt3luke

    the 6th car from the last row? Is that an Audi RS6??

    • Yes. And below is Nissan 300ZX. Lovely!

    • Gt3luke

      Not the white but the blue. count from back to front

    • In my opinion, I believe most of the exotics will be premium, whether it’s old or new, I can’t imagine the Veyron being a standard car.

  77. Mr Latte

    Id assume these are all premium, yet its obvious their are many missing Premium cars we know of.

    For instance how many Ferrari’s do you see.

    • M//rated

      So that’s pretty much half of the Premium cars. Was hoping to see a BMW E36 in the bunch but still have hopes to see it at least as a standard car.

    • GT’ireland

      true enough mr latte

  78. 440 Charger

    Glad to see the Lexus LF-A made it in. Hopefully they payed extra attention to the sound for this one. Can’t wait to drive it with my G-27 so I can feel like a BA.

  79. infamousDee

    What’s with the low-poly jet engines in the VW bus shot?

    • crazytortise

      Some people will never be happy….

    • infamousDee

      If you take a look at my forum post history, you’ll see that I couldn’t be further from disappointed from GT5, but at least I’m not a blind fanboy.

    • crazytortise

      I’m far from a blind fanboy lol. Just find it amusing you would complain about the engines. What next will you complain about?

    • Arms R’ Us

      Flamethrowers and frags, on sale now, cheap….

    • DGiant2000

      They all have the same number plate, outrageous PD

    • VeyronGlen

      I was thinking the same, i don’t really complain about this sort of stuff like the trees or the grass etc but with something as big as that, you can’t not notice it. Still it looks great!

    • Parminder27

      Well maybe it’s because I’m a plane nut but yeah those low-poly engines on the 747 definitely caught my eye! I’m not extremely picky but those engines should be a bit better! :( Hopefully it’s an older image.. I can’t imagine they’d leave it like that.

    • Sigmaviper11

      I would only agree with the complaint of a low poly plane if I could actually drive and drift around the bloody thing.

  80. There are 96 cars. 900+ in the final game. Looks impressive.
    Hope that yellow Nissan 300z is premium. :)

  81. AGNT009

    That lame VW van actually made this photo! Seriously!? :P

    • JimInPT

      The editors were probably overcome by the fumes inside. And I’m not talking about an exhaust leak. ;-)

    • That VW “van” is a legend. One day you will understand.

    • ^^^

  82. Ps3fanboy

    Wonder if that plane will be driveable? :D

  83. infamousDee

    Full size image link is broken – “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”.

  84. Wallbreaker

    I can see the Peugeots from both Peugeot Sport and Team Oreca, that´s great. But what I´m missing on the picture is the Audi R15 TDi (plus). Hopefully it´ll be in it, otherwise it would be disappointing :(


      Sorry, but you won’t be seeing the Audi R15 plus in GT5. That car has spent most of its existance testing in secret so PD hasn’t been able to get access to it. Now the original R15 could make it though. Sure, its not the Le Mans winner but its still a good bet to be in.

    • gtone339


      Probably they can model both for next years DLC pack for GT5.

    • If you look to the right for the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP, you can see the right headlight of what looks (and hopes) to be the Audi R15 or the R15+, I really want that car in the game too.

    • Sorry I found a fully picture, and it’s only the R10 or R8 :(

    • Sigmaviper11

      Its an R10.

  85. Bennayd

    i spy with my little eye……Volkswagen Thing and mugen CR-Z

    • It’s not a Mugen. It’s by Spoon Sports.

    • syaieya

      It’s not a Volkswagen Thing. It’s a Kubelwagen.

    • ^lol

    • Bennaryd you’re wrong for calling it a Mugen CR-V and ShantJ you’re wrong for saying it was tuned by Spoon Sport. There has never been a Spoon Sport Company and NEVER WILL. Any way yeas it’s the new CR-V tuned by Spoon. There’s also two models the Hybrid tuned by Spoon which you can get the base model in Japan and the USA, there’s also a diesel model that’s only sold in Japan and Europe. i don’t think we’ll see the Hybrid/Diesel model in GT5.

    • CyborgGT

      Kick ass, I thought I spotted the Spoon CR-V. Can’t wait!

      I’m gonna buzz on over to Barnes & Noble right about now, this issue better be in already!

    • CyborgGT

      Oops, meant Z. I can never keep the two names straight. Me being a Honda geek and all, too…

  86. iucidium

    The article picture is a true cargasm. 787b ftw!!

  87. VeyronGlen

    Woo i got this magazine aswell, only £2 with subscription, when i saw GT5 was in it i just burst with excitement! Glad the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV And McLaren MP4-12C Are In It!

    Just wanting to see a Veyron now… :D

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      that is exactly what I was about to say. I love the LP670-4 & the MP4-12C but I’m seriously getting worried about the Veyron. We haven’t seen it at all. It’s supposedly confirmed but this is another scary incidence hinting that the veyron isn’t in GT5. Kaz put in the Zonda R because of a nurburgring record yet no twice world record holding and fastest car on top gear track Veyron? If it’s not in GT5 I’ll be more dissapointed than I was about standard cars & the delay combined

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      I know you’re a Veyron fan too but do you think you’ll be angry as I will be if the veyron’s a standard car? Just the thought makes me want to kill things

    • infamousDee

      The Veyron has always been confirmed Premium. Look it up on SrD Racing’s old car list thread.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      On GTPlanet? I know. I looked up the video they saw it in & I’m 100% positive they are mistaken. They said it’s in the night racing trailer, it’s definetly not. I think unless they’re waiting to unveil it with the veyron ss, it may be standard. I’m pretty sure it’s licensed for GT5 but I’m worried about the reasons they haven’t shown it

    • It can’t be standard; any car they modelled after GT4 has been premium, it simply wouldn’t make any sense to make any new cars standard.

    • VeyronGlen

      Yeah, im a MASSIVE Veyron and Top Gear fan! I know it’s in GT PSP so i thought that it would be in here too. If it isn’t then i will be EXTREMELY dissapointed, for months i have been thinking of thrashing it round the TG Track and being really high in the leaderboards, but we’ll have to wait and see… I see no reason why it shouldn’t be in. 2006 Fastest Production Car In The World, and the SS the 2010 Record Holder. If it’s in and it’s standard i will be HUGELY angry as they decide to make a Fiat 500 premium and an old Army Jeep, but not the best car in the world! (Of course that’s my opinion) I am also very worried for the reasons of not showing it! “/

    • VeyronGlen


      What about the Audi R8 LMS and Lamborghini Countach? They are standard.

    • FlareKR

      @ VeyronGlen
      Massive Veyron and TG fan here too! I’ll be satisified till release when I see full detail of my Veyron. I’ve collected 4 already in GTPSP (including the pre-order one), I’ve been obsessed with the car since 5th grade (in 11th now, and I’m still obsessed lol). I’ll be raging and using my GT5 disc as a dog frisbee if the Veyron is standard. I’m hoping to God, Kaz isn’t lying about the premium deal and such.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      I agree 100%. I could go on for hours why the veyron being standard is an absolute senseless & contradictory thing to do. Kaz talks so much about car history & everyone is always saying how great GT5s car list so if they ignore the veyron it would just be in excuseable. I would almost guarantee that Jeremy Clarkson would call them out for it. You don’t even have to like the veyron to know that it is the single greatest technology achievement in production cars in the past 20 years. Such a huge moment in car history should not be demoted to below fiat 500, VW stupid hippie bus & obscure & useless army jeep.

    • VeyronGlen

      Yeah ever since 2005 when i first saw it, it was my favourite car and always has been and always will be! Tbh, i’m not expecting that much from the car list, we already know about 800 cars which are standard so its about 200 premium left, there’s those we already know about and there are LOTS of premium racecars, so not that much left. Somehow i don’t expect them to have a variety of Aston Martins or cars like the Focus RS MK2. However, it has just occured to me that in the case of GT PSP, there are those cards with the Veyron on, which look like they’re from GT5. Anyone remember them, round Tokyo R246? They looked too good to be from GT PSP. Also i have about 4 Veyrons on GT PSP including the black DLC one lol

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      I’m not expecting much from the car list either. GT is always that way sadly. I just got 9th Veyron in GT PSP the other day lol

    • VeyronGlen

      Haha epic, you must have a lot of money, do you remember the pics from GTPSP in the case?

    • VeyronGlen

      Also, as amazing as the Lambo looks, on the LP670-4 SV, where the vent i think it is in the side next to the rear wheel, shouldn’t that be in carbon fibre, not paint?

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      I play it a lot on the way to work & school. 90 minutes each way so

    • sporkafife

      Don’t worry guys, the Veyron’s in it and it’s premium. I have in my hands right now the collectors edition of GTPSP. It comes with 6 postcards featuring an in-game picture of the Bugatti Veyron from GT5 (It’s 7million times too detailed to be a PSP screenshot). And all the standard cars are old cars ported from older games… so the Veyron must be premium.

    • Dr.Strangelove

      [Quote] Rollo: Don’t really see why premium cars are so important. To me interiors of a car is pretty low in the list of stuff important to a good game.

      If they decided not to add a steeringwheel to your Veyron I’d understand your anger…[/Quote]

      Let me help you, maybe you get the reason for the disappointment of some of us:

      premium = cockpit cam
      standard = NO cockpit cam


    • Super_Colossal

      Everyone’s making the Veyron a way bigger deal than it is. It’s not monumental that it has 1000hp. That’s not that great of an achievement. You know what the Veyron needs to even get 1000hp? FOUR turbochargers. TWELVE radiators. You can get 1500hp out of a twin-turbocharged SRT10. Bugatti is still in the stone age compared to other cars that ARE monumental, like LP670-4 SV performance for $122,000. Chevrolet did that. How about the ‘Ring record-holder, the ACR? As for top speed, talk to all the Salt Flat-fevered people in west USA. They’ll tell you a thing or two about top speed, and won’t mention anything below 300mph. Unless the Veyron can give me a blowjob, I don’t care about it.

    • Sigmaviper11

      As long as there’s a bonnet view, I can live with a standard model veron. Would very much like to have the SS version in the game too.

      Part of me thinks that they may be wating. Possibly releasing an all out speed trailer before release.

    • It’s not just about speed, the veyron can corner too :D Although I would love to see the clash of titans, koenigsegg ccx vs bugatti veyron

    • The Veyron is just a waste of money,on the TG test track the Zonda F convertible beat it by 0,5 seconds and the CCX2 was also quicker.
      So glad to see that the Lamborghini SV is going to be there.

    • VeyronGlen

      What you are not understanding is that this car has amazing performance not modified like Vipers etc in America, it’s not just about the speed, i love the way it looks, sounds, how much thought there has gone into it, the interior with everything being so expensive, it looks solid, and there’s the airbrake, which generates the same stopping power as a fiesta. All that in one car, that is why it’s a big deal, that’s why it’s my favourite, that’s why it needs to be in!

    • VeyronGlen

      Also, the veyron has TEN radiators not TWELVE and i thought the Zonda R was the current ‘Ring holder?????

    • If you want the sound just stick 2 audi v8’s together and if you want a quality interior look at the rolls royce and i dare you to remove the disc brakes and rely on the air brake,it’s only useful at 400kp/h.
      I would gladly sacrifice 50kp/h for a car that looks like the Zonda F or LP670-4 than a squashed beetle and with both those cars i can have a proper manual gearbox.

    • Sigmaviper11

      The Veyron is an awesome car. But its main purpose is in the speed war. In terms of cornering its easily outpaced by list of cars. The Hennessy cars combine speed with cornering ability, though based mostly on American machines with exception of the Venom GT, I think they all have some form of understeer. And while that car is powerful, its just to heavy. The Zonda, R8, SRT-10 ACR, Caparo T1 among many others can easily defeat it through the corners. I mean at 7:40 round the ring, it has a long list of machines in front of it. Its good, but its not great. Its a marvel of engineering but not a god machine. It’d be nice to have it as a premium, but it’d be fine as a standard. Pretty damn sure it’ll be in GT5 in general and possibly some of its variants as well, most likely the SS. But with exception of either wanting something with a high top speed moderate cornering ability and a big wing, it just doesn’t really seem that. . . useful. With the exception to fans of the machine who will find a use for it one way or another.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      don’t forget that it’s a grand tourer car. You’re comparing it to half race cars. And the amount of turbos/cylinders is totally irrelevant. You people are pretty ignorant to think they “needed” 4 turbos to get that amount of power. They designed it to be rock solid & to last 20 years while these vipers with 1500hp aren’t gonna last a year ( although I love them, it’s true, hennesseys are unreliable ). There are so many recipes for power but few did what bugatti did. Plus 4 turbos means no turbo lag in this case so why complain? It’s a unique car that does everything to the extreme while being luxurious, built to last, & much more stable at high speeds than any other supercar because it has been built so well. How can anyone argue with german engineering?
      @sigmaviper11 I hate to break it to you but have you seen the veyrons 7 40 “lap” around the ring? they weren’t going for a fast time & they didn’t even use a legit test driver. Plus the SS has proven itself to be insanely good in corners despite only a 50kg difference so I think the veyrons cornering ability is amazing.

      bottom line is, it’s one the single most well known cars in the world so how can anyone justify if it’s not a premium car in GT5? surely most can agree that it absolutely should be premium, & I really hope it is

    • It’s not great engineering(it’s good but not great),the vw group made w12 and w8 engines for the audi A8’s long before the specs were decided for the veyron.The problem i have with this car is that it isn’t worth the money,for one thing the tyres only have about 5mm tread on them and bugatti say they must be changed every 2500miles and on every third tyre change you must replace the rims aswell.If you kept the car for 4yrs and did about 3000miles a yr it would cost you about £101000 on wheels alone.The vw group made the veyron for yuppies to show off how much money they have and not that they can drive properly,supercars like the enzo,zonda’s and carrera’s were made with drivers in mind.

    • Sigmaviper11

      @HugoStiglitz_420-If you think about it, the Veyron is a street legal race car with luxuries. But even so, I’d expect many of the other cars to be able to take it round a the course. Specially when you look at Vector, the ME-4.12, The Apollo, and the Zonda cars. If the Veyron is included, then its an absolute must that the SSC Ultimate Aero be included, because both of them are cars built for the purpose of speed. Finding wind tunnels for that kind of speed isn’t easy. It may have good cornering ability, but its biggest plus is speed. As an allrounder, there are better ways to go for street legal hypercars.

    • Sigmaviper11

      Also forgot to mention. I’d have a lot more respect for the Veyron, if they just went balls to the wall, and completely geared the thing towards total performance domination. Remove all the luxuries and unnecessary equipment.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      @BMfan you’re totally right, it’s way overpriced but in my opinion all supercars are besides the nissan GT-R.

      @sigmaviper11 ME412 is amazing and can probably would have destroyed all supercars if they released it. Good reference, I love that thing. The SSC shouldn’t be included in GT5 because even now, it’s relatively unknown. The cool thing about the veyron is it’s like the nissan GT-R. The GT-R is heavy but it flies around the track because of technology, the veyron does the same thing except because it’s midship engine, it has less understeer. I agree, the Veyron SS should have been a full out performance veyron. They could do it too. Think of a Veyron Scuderia, with basically nothing in it besides what is required, that would be great but it won’t go over as well to who they market it to, rich crazy stuck up douchebags that just want it for performance numbers and it’s exclusivity. I personally think as an all rounder, you can’t do better for a hypercar theoretically but who’s going to drive it everyday? Eitherway, I feel that it deserves to be in GT5 as much as any other supercar, that’s my main point

    • Sigmaviper11

      @HugoStiglitz_420- That was funny, but true. When you put it that way though, I can totally agree with you. . . Though a minor disagreement in one area. The GT series seems to be doing more and more to bring to light cars that aren’t well known or got lost in the pages, museums and warehouses of history. With SSC and Bugatti waging a rather high speed war against each other, I think the SSC should be featured.

      And as an example, if it weren’t for GT2, I bet most people would probably say. . .. Vector what?

    • Sigmaviper11

      A- I wish there was a way to edit these.

      B, I forgot to ask, the ME-4.12 didn’t get produced? I could have sworn it had made a limited production run.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      @sigma I’ve actually known about Vector since I was a kid. I didn’t find out til years after gt2 was released that it was in it. The me412 was never produced sadly. They made 3 working show cars and that was it. It was when they were still owned by diamler and the main reason it wasn’t produced was because of the SLR McLaren. MB spent tons of money researching and developing the SLR with McLaren and all of a sudden, chrysler whipped out a car that would have been half the price with twice the performance and good looks. Long story short, they went with the larger investment. It’s such a stupid reason not to produce a car. Now with the state chrysler’s in, it would be hard for them to sell even an amazing supercar like the me412. for the fans, they should just sell the design to bugatti or something lol

    • I’d be happy with an Ariel Atom…

  88. The game has gone gold. I’m confident it’ll be released still this year.

  89. Willbo87

    Bless PD though, thats a lot of work in that picture!!!

  90. Willbo87

    Ouch!! This just keeps hurting! Please be a December 2010 release!

  91. So awesome! Can’t wait until that magic release date is announced!! Keep up the great coverage Jordan!! Bravo!

  92. MmmmBeeeer

    Where is that release date :)

    • sickdog2009

      the disks are being printed so about a few weeks :/

    • Devedander

      Bear in mind that shipping transatlantic via ship can easily be a 3-4 week ordeal with customs and all so it’s entirely possible even if discs were shipped today we wouldn’t see them on shelves until mid december.

    • Well, if all copies are printed in the same factory I suppose shipping across the oceans would be an issue. But there are Blue Ray factories all over the world, don’t you think the North America discs are printed in North America and the European discs are printed in Europe? I mean, if not for any other reason it would be one hell of a lot cheaper to just put one master disk on a plane to Austria and print all the European disks there than to print twenty thousand copies in Japan and have them all freighted to Europe by boat. But I don’t really know how that business works…

    • Tompie913

      There’s a Blu-Ray factory in Spokane, and also in Sydney. I’m sure there are others in Europe too.

    • Devedander

      Where factories exist is one thing, which ones Sony has conracted ones for this job may be another.

    • Blackberryboldjeff

      Dumb question but is the Bugatti Veyron going to be in GT5? Haven’t heard a peep or seen a screenshot of it at all…assuming it is as the Veyron is in Gran Turismo for PSP

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