More GT5 Menu Screens Show Photomode

August 21st, 2010 by Jordan

Thanks for the tip, Randy!

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  1. Cubankid

    Pretty good stuff,

  2. Sigmaviper11

    Hey, does anyone have any idea as to whether Vector Aeromotive Corp will make a return?

  3. Dredgephantom3S

    Peugeot 908 HDI FAP, cockpit view, on La Sarthe at night….

    All in HD!!!

  4. Big Boy

    Kaz, here’s an idea, dump Photo Mode and get on with putting the cars on the track! No wonder this game is so overdue! Get a grip, man!

    • magburner

      Dump photomode!? Are you crazy? If PD had decided to not include photomode, they would have lost one of the games biggest advertisements!

    • if you don’t like the photo mode, don’t just it then!
      It’s alot of people like the photo mode

  5. sr20detblacktopdrift

    Windtunnel? That would look awesome! I really wish the chase view was more flexible when in the photo mode 360° camera. I hope we can take shots from replays…imagine tandem drifting with alot of smoke, countersteered all the way!

  6. nuno cardoso

    if it gets photomode in the track like in gt4
    it will be amazing

  7. TVR&Ferrari_Fan

    All I can say is roll on the photomode, not for only any photo shoots I have planned. But for me, to make my return to the GTP Photomode Community.

    • DJSkyline701


      Definitely agree with you there… I cant wait =D

    • magburner

      Yeah, same here! Come November the 3rd, I will make my presence felt, and it will be like the old days again Jamie! :)

  8. It would be nice if u could press pause in the middle of a race and shoot the car(lol) like in motorstorm and other games.

  9. Super_Colossal

    I’m still just happy that the ’08 ACR is in the game. That and the ZR1 are my favorite cars.


    While you are taking photos.. i am racing to become the best gt5 driver there is. HAHAHA.

    • Maxiboy

      Too late ive already taken that honor… but by all means try to get to 2nd. ;)

  11. Something I will probably never use.

    • Unless there is a livery editor.

    • Big Boy

      Kaz, here’s an idea, dump Photo Mode and get on with putting the cars on the track! No wonder this game is so overdue! Get a grip, man!

  12. Sam__NY

    Anyone notice what the scrolling words have to say in the 5th picture?

    “and F1 cars of the world famous energy drink, Red Bull”.

  13. Maxitsu

    who cares about photomode, i want to race…!!!

  14. wow!
    Tomorrow picture on the event menu? or the garage menu?

  15. Sigmaviper11

    The ability to enter photomode during replays better return (preferrably without having to go to the replay theater), because with all the new physics and features, I would imagine a replay save just not cutting it. For bang ups, screw ups and especially those WTF!? moments (see Mercedes Le Mans 1998).

  16. sander997sc

    does anyone knows or there wil be porsche in the game?

    • DoctorFouad

      No porsche in the game, maybe as downloadable content later on 2011 ? who knows if they solve royalties issues with EA

    • LoneWanderer


      Why solve royalties with EA? They’re the idiots who think the next need for speed game is the most anticipated game of 2010.

    • Maxiboy

      Uuuuuhhhhh maybe to have to worlds best (IMO) car manufacturer included in the game maybe? Ide make friends with Hitler to drive a GT2 in GT5.

  17. GTracerRens


  18. DoctorFouad

    impressive photomode, the most feauture complete photo mode ever created in a video game ! I just hope that we could also open the doors of the cars and see the detailed interiors, that would be a dream coming true !

  19. KilzoneStrife

    Beautiful…PD does everything with style,I would love to have the same soft modern cool jazz beats of the menu to be playing while snapping pics.would be great!

  20. socomkiller59

    Looks great, hope there are more locations! I’m sure they’re gonna do the photo-mode for the tracks too, hope they get mountains and such.

  21. Latetzki

    Can’t you take photos middle of the race??

    • Big Ron

      It shows the travel mode with different stages. And as you know from 500 other news, it is just one part of the photo mode.

  22. Häka Mikkinen

    I didn’t really think I would be interested in Photomode… until now that is. It looks amazing.

  23. Love it but it’d be great if you could drive the car around to get a position.

    • sander997sc

      well i thing your right i would be awsome if that would be able but sad enough i won’t be in the game.

  24. Thanks Jordan

  25. GT’ireland

    JORDAN… the screenshots are stunning,you never dissapoint us.good job.

  26. Casey_2005

    “Stroll about the stage on foot and photograph your cars.”

    Sounds cool.

  27. ferhound


    • In the trailer. Knowing PD, it probably won’t be in game, although would be cool if it was.

  28. DJSkyline701

    Why is there only 3 phototravel maps?!

    I hope all the ones from gt4 comeback plus more =D

    • Big Ron

      Because it is made out of the actual demo of the GamesCom ;)

      And because it is a demo, you can´t see the full content ;)

  29. ismellbacon611

    the real photography simulator??? they should leave that to afrika (hakunamatada)

  30. These screens are looking great! PD is a master at designing slick UI.

    @ Louie_Schumii
    Yeah, PD is no stranger to typos, it’s happened in past GT’s as well.

  31. Louie_Schumii

    Polyphony spelling fail on two of the screenshots lol.

    • JoeMama

      Which screens? The game looks so good I will probably never notice them.

    • Louie_Schumii

      The two with “Hanger-7″ on them. I thought it was spelled hangar (for aircraft). They got it right on the top right screenshot though when the pointer is on the location.

    • tvensky

      you are right.. they are different.. lol, didnt notice that at all.. probably would finish the game at 95% after a year and still didnt see that mistake! :) but Im sure this will be changed till release. maybe PD are reading this.. they have to!

    • If PD has been reading GTPlanet for the last 5 years, we would have had our standard cockpits (or the answer given MONTHS ago CLEARLY), in-depth tuning, livery editor, and maybe Porsche (at least we still have RUF).

  32. gta_bird

    Ive seen these floating around on the forums all day but thought it was old since it wasnt on the “news” page. Glad theyre up now.

  33. GTbyPlaystation

    You gotta admit that these menu screens like pretty good. Keep sending more!

  34. Whoa…they went into a lot of detail for this….

    • Yeah that sux cause the hangar is still ugly(my upinion).

  35. KingZerxst

    i want to give it oral sex

  36. Jeffree Star



    What? its what Kaz would want, lol.

  38. GT_Prologue5

    ^^I doubt that.

    And ferhound, Porsche isn’t in the game?

  39. Are there only three “Travel” locations?

    • may be only 3, but each of them has about 5 spots to shot from them

    • only 3 in the demo they are showing off, more should be in the full game

    • tvensky

      no doubt more.. ok make such a place like this is a hard thing to do and, in terms of time (i work in 3D now for 3 years).. but PD have 140 members now.. they sure are able to make more than three.. In GT4 thre was maybe 8 places… so my point, PD every next gen GT series make bigger and bigger and bigger.. :) let there be 9 locations then at least :D

    • I hope so. And I was thinking that this part might attract car photographers, considering it includes more than 1,000 cars.

    • danielwhite74

      Actually, the first Gran Turismo game of each console generation has been smaller than its last-generation predecessor. For example: over 600 vehicles in Gran Turismo 2, as opposed to around 150 in Gran Turismo 3; over 700 vehicles in Gran Turismo 4, as opposed to around 200 (non-‘tard car vehicles) in Gran Turismo 5.

    • They’re probably gonna add in all the ones from GT4 and all those screen savers in GT5P. At least, I hope so.

  40. WOW

  41. ferhound

    It would be cool to drive the car with the Sixaxis “ala” Mario Kart.

    • id rather drive with ~move~

      but of course im going to use my G25

  42. Looks absolutely awesome. My jaw hit the floor just seeing the beautiful Viper in the preview shot. My only concern about the mode is the six-axis controls for vertical/horizontal. My previous outings with Six-axis were… Not too good. They only seemed smooth when playing Warhawk. Hopefully, it won’t be too touchy or will have an option to turn it off.

    • Yeah, the Six-Axis seems cool, I just hope it doesn’t twitch like crazy when taking a picture. The six-axis was pretty smooth in MotorStorm too, those are the only two games I really use Six-Axis for (Uncharted 2 was all twitched so I switched it back to controller).

  43. ferhound

    PORSCHE, dynamic weather, livery editor, and I make harakiri here now.

    • Can you please tell me what “harikiri” is, ive heard it so many times.

    • juniordee

      It’s another term for seppuku.

    • Seppuku is assisted.
      Harakiri is on your own.

    • Ferrari

      I wonder why there’s no Porsche?
      I mean Porsche licenses their cars to Need For Speed and not GT5? lol what a joke

    • Sigmaviper11

      Porsche continues to engage in contracts with EA that allow EA priority vote on requests to license Porsche. As a result Porsche is almost exclusive to EA with the exception of those willing to pay an abundant fee. Hence GT uses Auto RUF.

    • Sele1981

      b…it T10 also got over 30 porsches in the game… must be something different… maybe T10 has their hands in and do everything that PD doesn´t get porsche…

      In GT6 we sure wil get it…

    • Sigmaviper11

      T10? Either they paid they’re dues to EA or have a connection with either EA or Microsoft.

  44. And I’ve picked up photography since the last GT, which means I’ll be able to really take advantage of everything photo mode has to offer. This is gonna be awesome.

    • Same actually :)

    • jaketovey

      its spelt harikuri

    • jaketovey

      that was meant for below sorry :(

    • jaketovey

      maybe not…. but hey photo mode looks awesome, so in depth and technical, i think id prefer the photos of cars out on the track with massive smoke coming out of the rear tyres. amazing

  45. Sigmaviper11


  46. juniordee


  47. Beautiful.

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