New Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay Footage!

August 19th, 2009 by Famine

The folks at Gamersyde have managed to snare a video of GT5 being played on the floor at the GamesCom gathering in Cologne.

image_gran_turismo_5-11363-1865_0001The action takes place on Tokyo Route 246, heralding a welcome return of a much-loved track, with the driver in charge of a 2009 Subaru Impreza WRC in cockpit view up against nine others. There isn’t, as yet, any evidence of weather or day/night cycles, but it is GT5 and it is playable!

Edit: Some of our eagle-eyed viewers have spotted that in the smaller screen to the side of the main screen, the Impreza being driven by someone else crashes and the door pops open… This suggests that damage is included and optional…

Edit: Now with added Youtube

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  1. Question… why are there just 10 cars on the track and not 16 ??? Because it´s the demo ? Or had they become problems with the framerate after including the damage…. What do you think ?

  2. jamaicangamer

    wat i rele wanna know iz if dey put stuff in it lik say, i can put an hks t51r turbo on ah skyline :D

  3. ravellron

    first car of the grid is the HKS CT230R….. tsukuba time attack king

  4. Mustangmiha

    Well, hm, that’s awesome. But in some way I’m dissapointed.

  5. MegaBoy

    Ha! like I said.
    having looked at the scan, yesterday;
    I knew it would either be Seoul or Tokyo.

    Tokyo it is!

  6. I must admit, thats something I just noticed, that scenery looks absolutely stunning…

  7. awsome!

  8. Hehe yeah, if there’s one thing that PD’s never done right, it’s the trees.

  9. imallthumbs

    Beautiful trees.

  10. You don’t see the drivers hands moving because Rally cars as well as having padle shift have an automatic mode.

  11. sbarrosopc

    Is it me or the feeling of realism in this playable demo is better than GT5 Prologue? It’s impressive!
    Finally some damage, huh? Can’t wait to play GT5…



  13. awesome… except for the shift lights didnt work in the cockpit…..
    wonder why because the ones in GT5P worked in the ford gt…..

  14. At what time in the video does the door open on the left screen? I keep missing it :(





  17. alucard0712

    I think i understand.Maybe 170 “premium” cars – cars with cocpit view.That’s why the guy on left screen (on video) driving with chase camera.Or maybe not…

    That’s because it’s a car with gear shifters behind the steering wheel, I suppose.

  19. omg cant wait this game wil kick ass :D

  20. Flagmo-T

    Looks oK +200%.. Bad Driving though :P

    Dream Extreme

  21. Yeah! Finally some offical gameplay. It would be nice to get a more focused video on a damage enabled race though.

  22. @Tomaz

    Exactly. What’s going on, guys? Film it and post it, damn it! :)


    i doubt they even completed the game, coz when it changes the gear he doesn’t take his hand of the steering wheel


    That’s just insane.

  25. Yeah, there’s something fishy going on at I hope that’s no coincidence and this “maintnenance” means we’re gonna get some REAL news.

  26. d3br34k5

    Should be a bunch more news for when I get home from work. Awesome. Nice find on the tiny-screen-to-the-left damage.

  27. Why doesn’t the driver shift at all throughout the video?

  28. Why doesn’t the driver shift at all through the race?

  29. skillcoil

    no sound ?

  30. HrodBehrat

    @MSH – maybe the racer has it set up for automatic. Just cause he/she is racing doesn’t mean he/she is any good. :)

  31. spacebrain

    i dont know what to think – looks underwhelming for me ….

    no real sense of speed – sry

  32. MonkeySkater

    Yeah thanks for that Jack…..I burnt my toast for nothing :)

  33. GT websites are now under maintenance, I’d stick around if I was a GT fan

  34. Yes that is a Nissan 370Z

  35. wbrinkman

    It’s a rally car on show MSH, it has a flappy pedal gearlever, so you can change gears without moving your hands from the wheel. In a normal shifter the hands do move as you change, this is already in GT5 prologue

  36. Looks somehow still a work in progress demo. Hands don’t come off the steering wheel when changing gears, only ten cars on track.

  37. It is the same car that shows damages in the E3 trailer no?
    At least we know at least 1 car has damage in GT5. ja ja ja!

  38. Dan Brownawalt

    Just noticed at 1:52, when the car hits the White polyphony ad boards that it moves them.

    I don’t want to get everyones hopes up, but does that mean damagable backgrounds, or at the very least interactive backgrounds.

  39. Is that a 370z at the beginning there?

    Sorry for double posting

  40. Are there any cars we can further confirm?

  41. I noticed the On Screen Text is all in German so at least a bit of localization work has already been done. If I didn’t really hate all the stress that comes with visiting such a convention I might just go there this weekend…

  42. MonkeySkater


  43. wbrinkman

    Still jagged shadows by the looks of it

  44. thank you for the links to see it on youtube, guys

  45. gtone339


  46. Door opens during colide :O

  47. I think we get a lot of gameplay today and the rest of the GamesCom.
    I saw the video an it looked good I only not saw the damage on the other screen(Shame on me:P)

  48. trying to get on that site, but it isn’t working anymore.
    think the whole world trying to see this. this would never
    happen with Flopza.

  49. Apologies – I didn’t add the Youtube video the first time round. It’s my first time posting a GTPlanet News item.

    Rectified :D

  50. aleksandar

    I find video on youtube!!!!!! gamescom09 gt5 part1

  51. Here is the video:


    Link for YT. I couldnt write whole link, because they got some moderation system here.

  52. Damn site is ODing. Come on!

  53. Darkpitiless

    OMG door pops open after crash :O God have mercy on FM3.

  54. in youtube :)

  55. Yeah, I put my flute into my ass, right.

    Now where is that video ?!

  56. this one time …… .. . at band camp

  57. aleksandar

    I can see video!!! Have problem with loading page!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  58. Someone managed to save video?
    Or maybe someone got a link to another source?

  59. Pierced Lead

    never mind that bug, i mistook it for something else -_-

  60. Pierced Lead

    I think they removed the video.

    But I think there’s a glitch – though the side mirror’s angle is changed, it still seems to reflect what’s behind it and not the new reflections

  61. where is that gameplay video ?

  62. Thanks Jack_uk- I imagine something like that will improve Rally races by quite a bit.

  63. Cobolt60

    i think the website has crashed aswell lol

  64. TGS Hear we come would like to see more gameplay videos though with different cars being driven. Its not that I’m not grateful because I am but it might answer a few questions.

  65. homerfreak

    Yes, and at the left side, even the door opens after the crash… I’d like to have the left screen filmed ;) I think we can expect much gameplay now =)

  66. Big Right

    Right at the end you see the tyre barrier being smashed apart which means we wont have these stupid invincible tyre walls.

  67. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    what can i say it look so real i what it now

  68. manipulator

    Looks pretty good. The hands seems to be not as “stiff” compared to GT5P.. 0:13 – 0:17 you could clearly see the fingers moving.

  69. pause at 1:52 and you can see the course has barriers that move, I think this can confirm damage for all cars because there are also road cars on track, God I’m so excited. Thankyou Gamersyde

  70. gtone339

    Any vids?

  71. Looks like a Winter09/10 release for me looks great.

  72. 54s on the left there is damage !!!

  73. Saint-father_RUS

    On the side adjacent to the visible damage to the screen))) cheers
    Damaged the rear bumper and the door opens!

  74. caribbeantopdriver


  75. looking at the screen behind this one, you will be able to see the left hand door open.

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