New Gran Turismo 5 Box Shots + Menu Screens

November 8th, 2010 by Jordan

Content removed at the request of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

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Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.17 Released, Previously Purchased DLC Available Again
Gran Turismo 5 Jul 21st, 2014 by Terronium-12

If you were left unable to download your purchased DLC in GT5 once the servers were shut down, the newest update has you covered!


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  1. ha ha, i wanted to say that yesterday (but comments were off) this guy X made GeoHot the second guy in the hatefull list of Sony Computer Entertainment. HA HA. Sony you deserved that!

  2. RTSolvalou

    Save us Foxiel we need a re up.
    Damn net nazis.

  3. Closing comments on this to help control server load.

  4. If B is for Bmw, then surely Bugatti should be next to it…?
    Even if you say it has to be unlocked, there must be other non popular ones…!!!

  5. sotysnake

    The Czech Republic scores again :)

  6. Luminis

    ZOMG! Car dealership screen! We need the car list asap, if you’re asking me.


    I wake up to find all this wonderful news today! :D

  8. MaruchanSoup


  9. Need, need, need!!

  10. Jimjamm

    I can’t wait to get my own copy on Holiday 2010.

  11. I need this game NOW!

  12. the guys got 3 gt5’s!! :o

  13. please spoil EVERYTHING today!
    tracks, cars, screens, vids, everything!
    nom nom nom nom nom nom

  14. MrDave079

    Heell!!!! Where’s my Collectors Edition copy!!!!

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