“NR-A Roadster Cup” Seasonal Event Now Available in GT5

January 30th, 2013 by Terronium-12

That latest round of Seasonal Events are now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring Mazda’s flagship sports car, the MX-5. Cars are limited to a maximum of 380PP and Comfort/Soft tires or less. The challenges are as follows:

  • 380PP NR-A Roadster Cup: Indy Super Speedway / 3 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/01/31 03:00 –
    1st: Cr.165,100  2nd: Cr.90,805  3rd: Cr.66,040
  • 380PP NR-A Roadster Cup: London City Reverse / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/01/31 03:00 –
    1st: Cr.188,000  2nd: Cr.103,400  3rd: Cr.75,200
  • 380PP NR-A Roadster Cup: Suzuka Circuit / 3 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/01/31 03:00 –
    1st: Cr.275,500  2nd: Cr.151,525  3rd: Cr.110,200
  • 380PP NR-A Roadster Cup: Trial Mountain Circuit / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/01/31 03:00 –
    1st: Cr.213,100  2nd: Cr.117,205  3rd: Cr.85,240
  • 380PP NR-A Roadster Cup: Eifel (Kart) 103B / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/01/31 03:00 –
    1st: Cr.254,300  2nd: Cr.139,865  3rd: Cr.101,720

Note the “Performance Difference Bonus” applies, so more credits will be awarded for using a slower car below the maximum allowed PP value.

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new inventory. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by gtsteviiee.

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  1. Silverphill

    Thanks for replying, and its forced on? I ant had a chance to play yet!!! They done this b4? If they have I ant noticed!!!!

    • Pit Crew

      The holiday seasonal and the First 2 of January SRF hs been forced on

      Since its a tool for Beginners I guess PD is making Seasonals for GT5 rookies.

  2. They would have been better to doing a open top car seasonal, then you could have used the MG,Fiat,Lotus & so on. It just would have made more of a difference. Than just Mazda on it’s own again.

  3. Silverphill

    Call me stupid, but what is SRF?

  4. Illopp00

    Only reason I still play seasonals is to get to level 40 A-spec without needing to farm XP by doing races over and over….

  5. huejass

    Geez. Haters gonna hate. Sniveling is toxic. Not many things in life will please you anyway. Go get a hug or something.
    Games are for enjoyment. I dig the Miata, it’s a blast to bomb around. Would like to see a Roadster FR 380-420pp Seasonal.

    Don’t worry PD, there are still those of us who still enjoy what you offer.

    • huejass

      and although I do enjoy the game, SRF on is kinda lame, go the other way and turn off TCS.

  6. Wow, people so busy whining about SRF that they forget to byotch about yet another MX5 race. Now, I give props to PD for continuing to offer up new seasonals, but it does seem like there’s little thought going into them. (I suppose since they’re on autopilot they figure we should be too so they turn on the srf).

    For all the different cars in the game how hard would it be to come up with at least a little more variation? Skyline event? Cmon PD, we know how you live Skylines. S2000 event? 4door saloons? MR? NSX? More tuners?

    • MuoNiuLa

      People have complained many times about the unoriginality of events. It’s been covered.

  7. McLarensFinest

    Well I don’t care what they force on I’m a racer I will race no matter what

  8. CyKosis1973

    I shall be boycotting all further Seasonal Events, if they’re going to insist on forcing the use of SRF…

    • Boo hoo

    • Ouch. That’s gonna hurt. They’ll miss you. We’ll miss you.

      This just might turn the tables.

  9. Metallica81

    Lol…Just go play iRacing!!!

  10. MuoNiuLa

    Wow. It’s mind boggling seeing people actually defending forced SRF, which totally throws realism out the window. The future of GT is not bright if this keeps up. PD will think they can get away with anything if people just lie down and take it.

    • Gt5 was never that realistic to begin with. It lets you adjust your speed round corners. You go and try that in real life. You WILL crash i can assure you.

  11. My o my the moaners are out in force today. You’re all wasting your time moaning because PD clearly don’t give a crap. Jus sayin

  12. Jared93

    Haha it’s funny how much whining goes on over seasonals. YES, forcing unrealistic driver aids is pointless. How are the people who don’t know what they’re doing going to get any better? They’re not. But c’mon people, do you have anything of more importance going on in your life? Stop acting like Polyphony Digital owes you something. They don’t and there is nothing you can do about the way they run their game. Do you really think they care about losing YOU as a fan?

    • mcalva98

      Yes you are right it’s just a game not a life!

  13. infamousphil

    SRF forced onto a Miata? Big mistake unless you’re a control freak. Ran it, won it. Boring. Not even a prize car that I can appreciate – a fugly ’98 IS200 wagon.

    OOO, OK. I get it. It’s for the newbies! That’s it! No license required (SRF), cheap purchase… new race suits and wads of cash to move up in PD’s universe.

    The kids will love it!!!

    • geekRAGE

      Im glad you are so pro. Not everyone finds it easy. Personally I haven’t been able to completely finish a single seasonal event in first on all the races. Most of the time I’m happy if I can get 3rd on maybe two of them.

    • Flagmo-T

      geekRAGE – Same Here – But If you drive like a newbie maniac just because you wnna win, then everything is easy i guess, But that’s not why i play a Simracer, i want the feeling of racing fairly and not just getting it done ..

      So this is a nice Challenge anywhoo :P

  14. waddy2001

    SRF is on, get used to it and stop complaining. Head over to another game and have the fun that you’re obviously missing with GT5 Seasonals. Every darn week it’s the same whining. The thing is, how is anyone else going to know if you’re really using SRF all the time or not? Maybe if you’re in the top ten of the TTs then we might check but otherwise, who knows (except yourself) and who cares? It’s a game! PD comes up with new challenges every week, isn’t that kind of nice? It’s like a pi**ing contest every second week, always on SRF bashing. Get over it!

    Rant over. Flame away.

  15. karelpipa

    It has Skid recovery only on, waste of time even if it would be as a championship.

  16. KoldStrejke

    cmon poly we need some NB lovin. give us a NB TC Premium car for cryin out loud. i sead “NB”

    • KoldStrejke

      people play GT5 with aids? why? its too easy without aids!. screw traction control. learn some skill people.

    • dabneyd

      Touring car KoldStrejke. How does traction control even work in that context? Learn to read people.

    • KoldStrejke

      sorry, i have a habbit of not punctuating things. the TC in that is for “Track Car”.

      and the other sentance is because it is, retarded to have it forced on. hope you can read this, and understand it now.

  17. Fire Yoshi

    So many SRF whiners on this site…
    I honestly don’t care what aids are forced on, I do just as well no matter what. I think of it as a challenge because my car handles differently each time.

    • Yes but forcing us to use unreal aids takes away from the challenge… and deciding to do so years after the game’s release is plain retarded. What do you expect people still playing this game to be? Kids who need driving aids or realism fans playing for the sake of realistic driving?

      I wouldn’t mind if driving aids were allowed but forcing them on is silly. I’d rather understand if you said forcing driving aids off would create a challenge.

    • swynder

      +1 Fire Yoshi. I think Forcing and disabling SRF increases the challenge of the race in the Seasonals, i honestly don´t care if it´s forced or disabled, i can drive with both without complaining.

    • I dont normally use SRF and i never even noticed a difference when it was forced on. It doesn’t make that much difference, maybe the ppl who are moaning about it should get off their asses and go and get girlfriends instead of looking for tiny faults in otherwise great games. It grinds my gears lool

  18. could this be the game to pull us away from GT5 for a while?

    ‘RaceRoom Racing Experience’ ==> Lakeview HillClimb

    I like very much what I am seeing there.

    point to point
    an active cockpit
    the sounds!
    it’s on PC
    it’s getting on Steam
    it’s in open Beta
    it doesn’t have Nurburgring (yet?!!)

    Cheers GTplanet,

    • Isn’t that a PC only title? If so, I doubt the console only players will be doing so, not unless they have the cash to invest.

    • swynder

      MeanElf, the game is a play for free on Steam, althought it´s not a full game.

    • MeanElf

      Fair enough, but my point anout the expense relates to having a PC that can play this. I couldn’t see any confirmation anywhere that PS3 cross compatability to Steam is available as yet.

  19. Ugh, I’m not even going to bother. SRF? WHY!?!?! It’s a 118hp car, it’s not fast enough to skid in the first place!

  20. DaveTheStalker

    I guess someone at PD thinks the MIATA is the only “roadster” in existence!!!!!

  21. ncrthree

    What’s most troubling is this looks to be the way PD will release new Seasonal Events now. It doesn’t bode well for future events. Apparently this is what the “inventive” seasonal event planning department has come up with – forced SRF. A terrible decision. We’ve never had this aid forced on before, why now over 2 years since game release? Makes no sense.

    C’mon PD, let the player decide what aids to use not you.

    • karelpipa

      i hope someone did a very silly mistake. but i cant stay it is only single race

  22. playnthru

    SRF makes the squiggles worse..HELP!

  23. nascarfn

    GET RID OF SRF PLEASE!!!!!!!!! IT IS UNREALISTIC AND RIDICULUS THAT YOU FORCE US WITH IT (i bet the PD workers needs it to drive properly thats why they force us with it lol)

  24. CallmeDan

    So, Polyphony forced SRF once again into a seasonal event. You know, I REALLY wanted to try this event out, but now since PD is screwing up EVERY seasonal event now, with the BS “Chase the rabbit” crap to forcing unrealistic aids on players that DO NOT NEED OR WANT TO USE THEM. My hopes for GT6 are very low.

    • I KNOW!! Its like they’re being Arseholes just for the sake of it????!!!!! You wait two weeks and then we get this slap in the face for NO APPARENT REASON!!!

      Really hope this problem goes away…………………..

  25. rambo793

    I’ve lost track of the number of times the Mx-5 has been featured in a seasonal.

    • At least this time we don’t have to endure Tsukuba again…seemed like every time the MX-5 came out there’d be one race on that.

  26. Well not that I’m a MX5 fan boy honestly I’m not but I picked one up when I did a shopping spree a few days ago. Over the weekend my original Phat 60 gig baby nuked herself. Now I have a 500 (well 465) gig super slim baby that meant I have had to start GT5 all over again, which strangely enough I am loving. It did seem strange to have 44 premium cars in my garage even before I turned a wheel in racing. Thanks to the signature edition, academy edition all of the DLC and the freebies.

    Now the thing I would love to see is A Karting seasonal and yeah I would love to see them using Tsukuba.

    Also would love to see more use of the DLC tracks Motegi and Spa in seasonals. Not bothered if people don’t have it……. That’s their problem.

  27. dhandeh

    No Tsukuba? An outrage!

  28. challengerrt10

    Great, we have got 7 generations of Corvette in the game but they give us another seasonal for MX-5. PD what a creativity!
    PD, it’s so difficult for you to make new fresh sesonals which aren’t a repetition of A-spec events???

    • Whitefalcon63

      Hey give them a break. It’s a good chance to use one of the several hundred MX-5s in the game.

    • We got a Corvette Time Trial and Drift Trial seasonal’s a few weeks ago?

    • challengerrt10


      I want RACES involving all Corvettes, not TIME or DIFT TRIALS. Instead of MX-5 for the tenth time. There are so many possible events which are not available in A-Spec like: Skyline meeting, Corvette VS Viper, Aston Martin meeting, Aston VS JAGUAR vs Lotus VS TVR, convertibles only, FERRARI VS LAMBO VS MASERATTI VS ALFA VS CIZETA. But instead of this another MX5 races.

      In this aspect Forza kicks GT5’s butt!!

    • Swagger897

      Would love to see challenges to where country competitors go at each other and PD shows a live monitor of the average wins per company… And some more stuff like that

      R-18 e-Tron!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Swagger897

      Would love to see challenges to where country competitors go at each other and PD shows a live monitor of the average wins per company… And some more stuff like that

      R-18 e-Tron!

  29. Both Barrels

    I got a Golf IV GTI ’01 as a prize. A Premium race-modable car, nice suprise.

  30. Redcam1

    Anyone else getting a “No Seasonal Events Found” message?

  31. Snaeper

    The National Rifle Association Roadster cup! PD and Mazda are Pro gun!


  32. The rabbit to chase will be the NC… Good one to try my NA Special Package

  33. Who cares about SRF for these races? So what? It’s not like its a Prototype. You either want the Lvl. 1 ticket or win the 5 helmets. It’s an easy 1,000,000(@200%)

    • sik180sx

      I dont care,that you dont care,about SRF,I care,that i dont like SRF.Takes all the fun away for me.

    • Too bad you’re not having fun but, I am. :) maybe I’m one of those drivers( in real cars and virtual) that just love driving no matter what.

    • Well if you loved virtual realistic driving you’d understand that forcing unreal driving aids is stupid.

  34. driftinziggy

    I have a 370pp Eunos that won all of last weeks compact seasonals…ahhh serendipity

  35. hobanator24

    Bad News! SRF Forced on again!! This is now getting ridiculous

    • I also can not understand why they force us to ride with SRF.

      I do not drive such Seasonal events

  36. TwistyDrift

    I just bought the premium Mx5. I was disappointed that it only had 250hp. I love drifting this car but really only 250hp? I would have been happy if it was on 300-400hp atleast.

  37. Odd timing or a 6th sense? Last week i was tuning a miata for 400pp so i had it built to 370pp these challenges are going to be a cake walk

  38. Drag Labs 101

    Well I did need to earn a lil crd tonight.. So here goes!

    • opie333

      I haven’t played GT5 for about 3 weeks now… On to NFS Shift 2 Unleashed

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