The Landscapes & Architecture of Gran Turismo 5

May 18th, 2011 by Jordan

While the cars are usually the stars in Gran Turismo 5 (and rightfully so), some of GTPlanet’s users have turned their cameras away from the track to get a closer look at the exquisite detail found in many of the buildings and landscapes in the game. Here’s a few of my favorite images that highlight so many little details that often go unnoticed (don’t miss Polyphony Digital’s photographers in this shot). If you get inspired, head on over to our GT5 Photomode forums and share your own!

Thanks to all of the following users for sharing their images in the forums:

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  1. Supermelon

    Thanks Jordan for featuring my shots.

    It is my honor to have my pictures featured here.

    Didn’t realize my pictures were included until I saw this one that looked exactly the same as one I took before. =]

  2. thebigmacmoomin

    Thanks for featuring my picture, mines the map.

    Some of these pics are amazing, they dont look like a game at all.

  3. Grand Prix

    Thank you Jordan for including my three shots of the Monza Banking, Toscana straw bales and the house on the hill!

  4. Freezer445

    Man some pictures look like they were taken in real life…
    It really is astonishing…

  5. Crushed

    Gt5 needs some work on the trees though

    • They look like cardboard, which is a shame as some of the rest of the game looks amazing. When you see these photos you can see why it took so long to make….

  6. gast1976

    Nice pics !!!

  7. ChicoMaloXD

    I think GT5 needs an in-game filter to make everything look a bit more natural and realistic. (like what the photomode’s “miniature” filter does but without the blur edges)

    Nice pics, GTP has a very talented community.

  8. mjay_123

    Man!!! They work HARD!!!

  9. Skot Free

    Despite what novices say GT5 is very detailed. I have a picture in my album of when I ran my car on The grass and you can see individual blades of grass kicking up. Does Forza do that?

  10. I’ve already done this stuf before, never bothered posting them because I thought people just wanted to show off their cars. I guess I might as well post my old and nice pictures of.. Buildings! How exciting! (sarcasm for the slow people)

  11. trangurismo

    Thanks for featuring my shot. :)

  12. Sier_Pinski

    The Tsukuba Circuit has a built-in Dairy Queen? Now I can do a 9-hr race, AND have some of that chicken strip basket!

  13. Gamer GT5

    GT5 always had beautiful visuals. Awesome work PD!

  14. Are you kidding me!? This is better than some shooters currently being developed. Respect PD..

    • occasionalracer

      ..and let’s not begin to compare it to that Flopza game.


    GT5 is the real deal!! :D

  16. Great pics!

  17. I was about to ask which track is that rally dirt from, at the bottom? Then I discovered it was the cork screw tarmac at the Laguna Seca. Great shots!

  18. TVR&Ferrari_Fan

    Here are some of mine, from a couple months ago:

    Also the first update in post 155, was one of the first scenery updates to be posted up. That was before it went mainstream of course.

  19. GTracerRens

    I’m still amazed by this game. Lovely shots too!

  20. Wow! Beautiful shots! Pity you hardly see the details while racing..

  21. They are all really cool. Good job.

  22. AstonMartinGT5

    Amazing pictures, good to see that PD’s work has not gone to waste :D, beautiful!

  23. Schwadegan

    Those are some really awesome photos, I’m happy you decided to feature some of my work as well!

  24. That’s the old banking from Monza.

  25. Are all these photos from one album in the photomode section on gtplanet? Or did you pick them up from various people?

  26. HMSMotorsport

    Where’s the banking shot from? (5th from bottom in the middle)

    Looks like Brooklands but obviously can’t be as it’s not in the game?

    • Do’h, forgot the reply option, so again, that’s the old banking from Monza.

    • R1600Turbo

      Pretty sure that’s from Monza.

  27. COOLfiat

    how the heck am I not first?

  28. Thanks for featuring three of my shots (third row)!!!

  29. I have a whole album on my facebook with similar photos Ive taken, I told people that its a shame the backdrops get missed half the time as theyre as beautifully made than the cars themselves… best part is when you get friends commenting on my photos asking ‘where is that’ and ‘when did you go to Madrid?’
    All credit to PD for spending time on things other game devs would just make do with a greyish blob

  30. Beautiful, i’ve taken a few myself – somewhere…. Really great pictures here :)

  31. Traviizter

    Cool! Very nice photos guys, keep it up!
    It’s good to see a different take on photography in the game.

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