Tuned GT-R Black Edition in New Special GT5 Seasonal Events

August 23rd, 2012 by Jordan

The latest round of new GT5 Seasonal Events are now live; they’re available to players who achieved all Gold times on Round 7 of the GT Academy 2012 mini game and were awarded the Nissan GT-R Black Edition Tuned Car (GT Academy) ’12.

  • Spa Francorchamps / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/23 23:00 – 2012/08/30 23:00
    1st: Cr.550,000  2nd: Cr.302,500  3rd: Cr.220,000
  • Eifel (Circuit) 208A Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/23 23:00 – 2012/08/30 23:00
    Gold: Cr.300,000  Silver: Cr.200,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum and our GT Academy 2012 forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by akuyuku.

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  1. BlacqueJacques

    I missed this one #@#!&*%$#


    whats the next car we win???


    tune her man,i almost did a 1:51.1…..
    outta the top 250 eh…..gggggrrrrrrrr

  4. Progress823

    Now for the time trial: 1st lap was voided (1:56.810), 2nd lap was voided (1:58.9). Restarted. Ran 1:55.464 clean (maybe I can get down to 1:54 or so without major tuning).

  5. emacifa

    WHy not talking about gt6?

  6. TheEzekiel

    please stop talking about GT6 it’s ridicolous..

  7. Progress823

    Ok, I did the 5 laps of Spa. Even though it was still chase the rabbit, it was nice to have some tires with a bit more grip. I think someone said this one was too long at 5 laps, maybe it was because I passed the leader in the last chicane at the end of lap 3 – as long as you’re smooth with the car, and remember that you’re on sports soft (not racing tires) you’ll see the same results.

    • tpark103

      You hit the nail on the head. Sometimes chasing the rabbit is tedious as I can smoothly pass the person in third place by lap two but, by then the first and second place cars can be have such a substantial lead that it can be quite challenging to overcome one or both. That being said I’ve still have been enjoying myself.


      spa is fun in anything,was first on lap 2,fun!!!!

  8. Amac500

    This TT was weird for me, lol. For probably the first time thus far my 1stlap counted and it was a 1:57.136, so it got silver. Then my next didn’t count, then the 3rd did and I edged it just under 1:58. But then I couldn’t get one that counted for 5-6 laps. Normally they never count at first and then they start counting but it was the opposite this time, strange. Then I got a 1:55.723 which was mission accomplished for me (get a gold).

    I wonder if we will see a new track next week for the final round. We saw a new track with the original rounds when they finished at Motegi. My prediction is if it’s a new track it will be Silverstone and if it isn’t it will be the Nürburgring, because I think we will get Silverstone at some point, but we probably won’t, lol.

    • Pit Crew

      Silverstone would be 1 heck of a surprise, plus would tie right into the GTAcademy event that weekend, but I dont get the impression a place was made for that track on GT5 for the final Academy event, plus Motegi was just a refurbished for 2012 GT1-4 course, PD didnt go completely out their way.

      Probably a CC for the TimeTrial and a Nurb or something for the race.

    • SonicConqueror

      The track that should really appear for the GT Academy Car Challenge – Round 8 should be the US famous Somona Raceway (originally called Infineon Raceway). The track was sololy used in GT4, & I hope that one day soon, the 2, maybe 3 different layouts of Somona Raceway will be included in GT5. For the final round of GT Academy Car Challenge, it should be the Somona Raceway – Sports Car Course.

      Any objections?

    • Pit Crew

      ^ Sonoma as in Sonoma California US.

    • SonicConqueror


    • SonicConqueror

      Somona is also a name for a race circuit

    • Pit Crew

      Sonoma California is the home US State to Infenion originally called Sears Point.

    • SonicConqueror

      Pit Crew, you made a spelling mistake just then. It’s Infineon.

    • Pit Crew

      ^ So what you spelled Sonoma, Somona 3 times or so…purposely.

  9. TheGTGuy

    The good thing about GT6 is Hyundai and I think they will add Kia to along with more European and American cars and I hope for real car sounds, then id be very happy with GT6 :)

    • sangdude82

      +1 :)

    • they have real car sounds, problem is they are sterile and seems that PD is still recording engine sound only in closed rooms, no bumps no plastics moving, suspension is with no movement whatsoever (it does make sound), air out/intake is a bit silent. It just is unnaturally sterile for sure! But I think PD knows that, and knows that we know for sure, since i read it everywhere! :)

      PS. I like the thing about more European cars! but I still prefer old cars, and important historic cars!

    • danger23

      @TVENSKY,have you heard the way that IS concept sounds,it sound like it has more muscle than it looks,and that racing muffler for the audi r8 sounds terrible.

  10. danger23

    BORING XD,the money system on this game is funny because only thing you can do is buy cars and parts, i have a better idea why not try the something new and fresh for GT6 the”salesmen” thing like buy and sell new or used cars with other online players.You can have it so each car a player is selling is different from another meaning two players could be selling the same car but one might have better part and one might have more mileage the list goes on.And then you have the damage lets make it so people can pay for repairs,a new bumper, a new spoiler,blown turbo’s,manifolds,exuast systems,i mean let look into real life mechanical issues in every aspect.you might have a oil leak and lose your motor,hell you might want to put a turbo in a yugo lol,what i’m saying is i want GT SERIES to start evolving into “GODZILLA”,not just modifiying the outside of the car but the inside to we shuold be able to put a v8 engine in anything we want to make any car a 4wd,fr or what ever you want.or little drama in a race like the ones on tv,”try watching one start to finish and you’ll no what i mean. oh yeah mooooore rim selection plz i find myself putting the same rims on different cars.I still love the game but somethings are getting bland.

    • another_jakhole

      Those can’t be added to GT5. REEElax.

    • danger23

      @another_jakehole no not gt5 gt6 if possible

    • sangdude82

      You mean like an online auction house, right? :)

    • danger23


    • another_jakhole

      OH. Honestly, I didn’t have my glasses on. I skipped over the “6”.

    • Progress823

      “what i’m saying is i want GT SERIES to start evolving into “GODZILLA”,not just modifiying the outside of the car but the inside to we shuold be able to put a v8 engine in anything we want to make any car a 4wd,fr or what ever you want”

      I love this statement – let me shove a 5.0 Ford V8 in my Cappuccino.

  11. Pit Crew

    Twostraight days of Spa for me *Sigh* League LMP Race tomorrow in the Rain.
    Training with that crazy 370Ztuned Academy car
    Course Creation
    New 0/0/0 cars list
    My PS3 may melt Lord Have Mercy.

    • Amac500

      Lol, if I had to be stuck on a track for 2 days Spa isn’t a bad one to be at. It’s the track I’ce been using to set up cars as well. I know it’s handlin to my liking when I can take the kink near the end of the lap flat out. That and the track seems to have the best diversity of different speed corners and straights I would see on the otter tracks, so it’s good for an overall set up.

    • Pit Crew

      But…but its gonna be raining and we using LMPs cars. lol Im gonna whine about this one a sec… lol

    • Progress823

      Lol….and “oh I need TCS since it is raining, I can’t drive my LMP like this”

    • Amac500

      Haha, rain isn’t my favorite in LMP. I like it fine for some nice GT racing, but hey, TCS is okay on LMP since they have and use it in real life. Still those newer ones like the 908 that are 100% aerodynamic grip are terrible in the wet, lol

    • Pit Crew

      Couldnt use Aids if I wanted to, They are not allowed during race except ABS.

    • Just saying it’s kind of funny how leagues say no TCS to be realistic when they are racing cars that legalize TCS, guess that’s irony, lol. Good luck with rain, at least tires seem to last longer in the wet, maybe that’s just me, but they last longer then softs it seems.

    • Pit Crew

      Thanks Amac

    • Progress823

      I hope it doesn’t rain the whole race for you, Pit Crew. I remember doing a 55 lap race at Le Mans – the rain started on lap 2 and lasted until lap 54 – worse possible conditions for a 908 to be driven in, but I managed 2nd that race (21 seconds behind 1st).

  12. Easy money, they should reduce SPA to 3 laps. That’t all it takes with the stock setting.

    • Amac500

      Yeah I was leading by 4 seconds after 4 laps on my first try with no tunes, lol, thought it was alot easier then Motegi

    • SonicConqueror

      They should really add the sonoma raceway (originally called infineon raceway) for the final round of GT Academy Car Challenge. 5 laps around the sonoma raceway – sports car course layout. But, to get approval for sonoma raceway in GT5 (as sonoma raceway track pack DLC), Polyphony Digital should look into my strong request, here.

      Amac500, would’nt you agree with me about sonoma raceway?

  13. DuskTrooper

    Yay, we’re almost finished with this Academy stuff!

    • Xamado7V


      Couldn’t agree more.

    • sangdude82

      It was great to see that PD was ‘finally’ using the Spa & Twin Ring Motegi for the Seasonal Events :)

    • Amac500

      I agree with Sangdude! I also feel like it is a tick to long. I’m having fun because I have all the cars buy I would be annoyed of I wasn’t in it, lol

    • QuikSlvr223


  14. I hope Polyphony rubs shoulders with Audi/Lamborghini next, so they’ll load up the roster with more Italian Biulls–hopefully then I can see a Diablo and/or Reventón in GT6.. Those were the main two I hoped would show up, and the primary two that were missing from their line-up..

    But I already know that’s wishful thinking, it will most likely be another Nissan Commercial, does anyone know why (since they’re so in love with Nissans) they don’t have hardly any versions of the Altima, Maxima, etc (U.S. market names) in game?? They aren’t GTR peers by any means, but they have much weaker and less raceable cars in the game..

    • DuskTrooper

      Premium 25th Anniversary Countach and premium Diablo SV all the way. :D

    • gamerdog6482

      The Diablo has been in GT since Gran Turismo 3.

    • Pit Crew

      ^ He did specify Premium. Sure you know those are standards DuskT talking about

    • @ Gamerdog. The Diablo wasn’t available for European versions of the game. I think the USA had to cheat to get it. The Japanese version had it as an unlockable car.

    • sangdude82

      Yeah i agree with the idea of having more non-performance Nissan cars like Maxima spec R or old school RWD Cefiros for drifting :D

    • MuoNiuLa

      @gamerdog6482: Only a racing verison of the Diablo has been in since GT3. Some of us want to see the Diablo street cars appearin in Gran Turismo.

    • Pit Crew

      @ Bom The USA had to cheat to get a car in a game? The US market probably didnt ask for that car, Kaz just implemented it into the US game, period. No conspiracy against Europe or anything.

    • Btw, Audi and Lamborgini are both owned by Volkswagon Group, so that’s who they want to rub with, and it seems they have. The last 2 car packs have had what, 3 Volkswagons? And they had the Aventador to. Some of the Audi A-Series cars would be nice. I would love some premium race cars of the group. Audi’s GT3 spec R8 would be cool, and the R18 TDI would be the tits!

  15. woollyback

    nice to see all the whingers are out in force again, hope you all have a lovely day

    • another_jakhole

      ohhh so well said. It’s daunting how persistent they are. Unlesss they add actual input on how to make the Seasonal Events better which a couple people sometimes do, then they’re wasting their time and are corrupting the comments section like it’s their journal/diary.

      Make a thread about it that explains how the Seasonal Events can be improved. It’ll be of more use by doing that and not wasting your time posting here where the article will “soon” be pushed down the page after more news comes.

    • MuoNiuLa

      Why bother complaining about complaining? It’s never going to stop.

  16. RobDoggy05

    I’m sad to say this but I have lost the “hype” to do seasonals anymore. Ill do them for the credits but its no real fun anymore like it used to be for me, don’t know why and I truly am bummed about it.. :(

    • another_jakhole

      Same here, but I’m doing them for the prizes. I’m glad thy have the Coupons as prizes as I thought it would never happen again after that one time. That’s appreciated.

  17. Hmm, should I put GT5 disc back in to get cars and run these seasonals? Naa…

  18. FdkVeilside

    I haven’t touched GT5 in awhile but i did get all gold in the GT Academy minigame so i was wondering: Are the GT Academy cars available for purchase in the Nissan Dealership if I wear the Chassis and/or Engine out?

  19. GabouMachine44

    Is it normal that I dont receive the 370z tuned??

    • mokalovesoulmat

      If you dont get all gold in Round 8, you won’t get it…well, same as me…because I not able to achieve the gold at Motegi…sigh. The rest is gold.

    • Youngun

      The 370z tuned was already in the game i beileve (as i have 2 now)

    • There is 2 versions of the 370z Tuned. I have 2 also but both 2010 cars. The older car has 370Z? written on the licence plate while the 2012 has 2012 written on it. I haven’t got the 2012 car yet. Busy with the 24hr Nurburgring at the mo. Again :( After GT5 Corrupted on me. Thankfully I had a back up.

    • SonicConqueror

      Corrupted data? Very, very, very, very bad idea!

  20. I kind of feel like it will be a new track next week with the 370z tune car

  21. Midnight32

    Goodness , More Eifel lol Then Toscona tarmac o.o … they should use a different course for next week’s gt-academy time trial. Not loving the custom course pattern there doing. Gotta Love SPA though

    • Pit Crew

      Think the idea behind using Created Course for GTAcademy TTs is to keep us off guard. PD probably figures we know most courses, or will practice that course first to tighten our technique, then run official GTA TT.

      Using CCs upsets our preparation for these Time Trials.

  22. danmanmain

    These seasonal events are tougher than the academy…

  23. GranTurismo916

    I wish I got this. But I’m getting XL edition, so it doesn’t matter :D

    • Amac500

      Hate to burst your bubble but I believe you are thinking of Gran Turismo 5: GT Academy Edition, that’s the one that comes with Kaz’s new 24 car. All XL does for you is give you $20 in DLC vouchers I believe.

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