25 New Track Logos Discovered on Gran Turismo 5 Website [UPDATES]

While poking around the Remote Racing section of the official GT5 “My Home” website, GTPlanet user Yonis made an interesting discovery: the site has been loaded with 24 logos for tracks which aren’t currently playable in the game. Here’s how he did it (hint: the images are publicly available on Polyphony Digital’s web servers if you can decipher their file names), and here’s what he found:

  1. Super Speedway
  2. Driving Park (20r60r)
  3. Apricot Hill
  4. Citta di Aria
  5. Costa di Amalfi
  6. Grand Canyon
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Ice Arena
  9. Infineon Raceway
  10. Driving Park (Kashiwa)
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Midfield Raceway
  13. Twin Ring Motegi
  14. New York
  15. George V Paris
  16. Opera Paris (Tarmac)
  17. Seattle Circuit
  18. Seoul Circuit
  19. Swiss Alps South
  20. Tahiti Maze
  21. Valencia Circuit
  22. El Capitan
  23. Cathedral Rocks (Dirt)
  24. Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Mini)
  25. Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Short)

Yonis pointed out these images are accessible under a GT5-specific image directory on the gran-turismo.com website (…/gt5/remote_race/common/courselogo/) and sized appropriately for the GT5 remote racing site. It should also be noted the tracks above have never been seen together in any GT game – Valencia was not in GT4, while Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and George V Paris were absent from GT PSP.

It is impossible to know exactly what these images are doing on the GT5 web site, though it’s tempting to speculate… El Capitan has already been seen in Gran Turismo 5 via the accidentally-leaked Red Bull “Horse Power” trailer, so we know at least a few of these updated circuits must be floating around Polyphony Digital’s offices.

Whether or not they’ll be coming in future updates to GT5 – or if they’ll be saved for Gran Turismo 6 – remains to be seen. Regardless, kudos to Yonis for this discovery, and thanks to Dylans1o for the tip!


Yet another track logo for “Super Speedway” has been discovered on the site, bumping the total number to 25. This logo is particularly interesting as it represents a circuit not seen since Gran Turismo 3. GT4 and GT PSP instead used Twin Ring Motegi’s actual “Super Speedway” and represented the track with Motegi’s logo. Though the overall shape of the original course (it was in GT2 as well) and the Motegi course are the same, their surrounding backdrops were very different.

There have also been questions about when, exactly, these image files were uploaded to Polyphony Digital’s servers. As noted by user MitsuStigi in the comments, this information is revealed in the image’s HTTP response headers, many of which show a date of March 9, 2011 or January 28, 2011. The Remote Racing website was launched with GT5 v1.06 on February 18th.

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  1. Nethereal

    FYI all:

    E3 2011, Major DLC track pack(s) announcement by PD , made available at moment of announcement (will coincide with psn/gt5 update)

  2. dojOdRiFTeR

    It would be awesome if they brought back red rock valley special stage route 11. also midfield raceway at night in rain wud be sweet

  3. engellaurence

    Where is the comment of Polyphony Digital from a few weeks ago saying that there will be a huge update coming soon with those tracks???

  4. DrTrouserPlank

    The longer they go without releasing anything, the less likely any release becomes at all.

    The majority of people they are relying on to buy any DLC would be casual players of the game; players whose interest in GT5 will have already dropped dramatically, probably to the point where they wouldn’t even buy any DLC if it was released because they have all moved onto whatever the latest craze is.

    Unfortunately the upload dates of these images give you hope, but I think they are more of a cock-tease than a realistic prospect, because the tracks that are listed above are probably more numerous and better than the tracks the game shipped with (which was in my opinion a pretty poor track list, all things considered)

    Why would you release your grade A material after people have generally lost interest in a game to the point where the DLC won’t generate much revenue?

    For me, the lack of tracks in this game is it’s biggest problem. It has many others but with more environments in which to race I can easily overlook them.

  5. emeraldpython

    squadjot found two more!

    1. Piazza Del Campo (originally intended to be in GT5, but was taken out for unknown reasons aside from the flag…)
    2. Grand Canyon Short Track from GT4 Prologue!

    1. Snaeper

      Proof that they’ve been found.

      I looked up squadjot and he hasn’t posted this info, so how do we know this is true?

    1. Advent

      All will be revealed in time….

      I agree with the comments that tracks may already be embedded on the Bluray disc. They did this with GT5P (Norscheife and Le Sarthe I think) which were unlocked by some code or something for the Le Mans 24hr display set-up they had at the event.

      I would imagine that there will be a spec 2 edition. Perhaps launched in time with Forza 4, or maybe to boost sales when the game eventually goes to platinum.

      Eitherway, i’d like to see the return of Midway, Twin Ring, Costa de Amalfi, Seattle, Driving Park and Infineon Raceway. A few new premium additions to the dealership, and some motorcycles to race (and probably knock over), then i’ll be pretty happy.

      Fingers crossed….

  6. Bvalenz

    Awesome! But only one can hope, so I will take this with a grain of salt.

    Hopefully it does come because it’ll add more variety for racing online, because it gets kind of repetitive.

  7. Flagmo-T

    Grand Canyon Track was used in the 2005 GT5 Trailer, where they talk about the new way they have used to create the tracks – Lazers and scanning the areas, and I do miss Grand Canyon for rally, actually I miss more rally like tracks for GT5, more narrow tracks like in Richard Burns rally and Dirt2-3, I do hope they will arrive one day, because it’s really not that exiting as it is now ( My opinion ) PaceNotes is of course the biggest miss, but that is just gonna hang on as a dream scenario I think :0) New York is also a great track, like Infinion Race track ( Road curse), which is a must have, when Nascar is in the packets, it’s a very tough track for Nascar drivers in real life, because of the None one turn Track hehe.. Anyways I Do love GT5, so please don’t see my input as complaining, I just want more Hehe..

  8. Jack

    LOL, It took them until yesterday to give me my bonus digital content for competing in GT Academy, which I did back in January. But they’ve got a whole bunch of new tracks all created and ready to go? Uh-huh. Maybe GT6 will be out in time for this Christmas too.

    You guys can keep fantasizing about some logos found on a website – I’m a bit too busy actually racing on a fantastic selection of tracks – in other games.

  9. Deathsarthe

    I think the number one thing we got going is a lot of those tracks are originals – maybe all of which could be completed right now but are just in limbo waiting for the completetion of the real world tracks to complete a pack for DLC.

    Very interesting, but I don’t wanna read too far into this just to be let down later on… :(

    1. emeraldpython

      1. you’re*
      2. I’m not helping? I am talking about MoLieG, who said a comment that is not really helping out in this discussion. How is it that I am not helping?

    2. Brad

      Further proof that a command of the english language does not necessarily equate to the ability to conceptually understand it…..
      Are we to assume then that “anonymous”, and “emeraldpython” are one and the same?
      What Greg was commenting on is that posting “Still not helping.” in response to an otherwise valid comment, expressing an opinion relavant to the article/discussion, but one that could admittedly be interpreted has potentially inflamitory, is in no way “helping out in this discussion” any more than than you perceive the OP to be doing so.
      Niether is correcting grammar on the internet for that matter. A fruitless act akin to banging one’s head against the wall, and a clear demonstration of a possible excess of fundimental knowledge, but a lack of practical wisdom.
      Indeed, it’s your right to post such things, but from the looks of it, your simply ignorring the first comment would have had the same result, minus Greg’s response. Otherwise, people just went on discussing the OP has if you never posted about it anyway.
      In other words, has Greg said, you’re not helping either.

    3. LOL spellcheck it

      Before he/they waste a post nitpicking all Brad’s spelling errors, here’s a spellchecked version…lol, just posting it again with the fixes could actually be shorter.

      “Further proof that a command of the English language does not necessarily equate to the ability to conceptually understand it…..
      Are we to assume then that “anonymous”, and “emeraldpython” are one and the same?
      What Greg was commenting on is that posting “Still not helping.” in response to an otherwise valid comment, expressing an opinion relevant to the article/discussion, but one that could admittedly be interpreted has potentially inflammatory, is in no way “helping out in this discussion” any more than than you perceive the OP to be doing so.
      Neither is correcting grammar on the internet for that matter. A fruitless act akin to banging one’s head against the wall, and a clear demonstration of a possible excess of fundamental knowledge, but a lack of practical wisdom.
      Indeed, it’s your right to post such things, but from the looks of it, your simply ignoring the first comment would have had the same result, minus Greg’s response. Otherwise, people just went on discussing the OP has if you never posted about it anyway.
      In other words, has Greg said, you’re not helping either.”

      Yeppers, doubt this is helping either. But who cares? :P

  10. MoLieG

    Won’t believe it until Sony or PD speak… sorry guys, Kaz seems perfectly fine with this good yet small game…

    1. Masonite

      small? it takes most of the ps3s disc space more than any COD & noones complaining about COD describe what you mean by small.

    2. Kal

      I think he was refering to the lack of events and such, which is small compared to previous versions, not the size of the program on disk.

    3. AnPrionsaBeag

      Considering GT5 is packed full of unnecessary extras such as museum cards, B-spec, photomode etc and missing essentials such as a decent number of races, tracks and premium cars, core Gran Turismo players like myself and many others will remain dissatisfied with this “good yet small game” until PD refocus and deliver the goods. What GT5 misses, I find with S2U and I love it!

    4. Clay Duck

      I don’t know who this core of GT players you refer to is, but I’ve been playing since the first one, and the last thing I want is for GT to become more like shift 2. Yes, I own shift, and shift 2, but I haven’t played shift in a week because I ran out of cars i’m interested in, and the game keeps freezing.
      In fact, Many of my long time GT friends like b-spec and photomode, though I admit most could care less for museum cards and horn collections. Granted, we don’t speak for everyone, but most of us are not nearly has dissapointed has some would claim the “core” is, and would have been very happy with what we have now if it only had twice the a-spec career events.
      It oftens seems to me that the loudest complaints from the supposed “core” seemed to be voiced primarily by people who never played any GT older that GT4, fell head over heels for hype every long term player knew was just that, and allways seem to think GT5 should be more like some other arcade racer game. If that’s what the core of GT players has become Then the i’m proud to say I am not one of the core players anymore.

  11. GrandeP

    I highly highly highly doubt that these logos have anything to do with any form of DLC for GT5.

    If I remember correctly some of these tracks were in GT4 and GT3, so probably just archive material.

  12. aclark092

    They need to get complex string back in there! I was drifting on that back in the day! I doubt we will see most of this.

    1. Brad

      Yes, matter of interpretation has it seems purposely written in such a way has to mislead or confuse. Checked my awnser with a scientific calculator has “48/2X(9+3)” and it gives me “288”, like I originally got with P.E.D.M.A.S. and my interpretation of where to apply the multiplyer.
      If I enter it into the same calculator exactly has “48/2(9+3)”, without adding a symbol for multiplication between “2” and “(9+3)”, I get “4”.
      And of course the “(9+3) + (9+3) = 24, 48/24 = 2” interpretation certainly arrives at “2” has the awnser.
      So unless the author of the original equation gets arround to clarifying how they ment to have it interpreted, there are at least three “right” awnsers right there.
      But, on the bright side, I now understand the point of posting it here in the first place, lol. Just to mess with us apparently…
      Irony is, I found this while taking a break from calculations I was doing for “Orbiter 2010” (google it), has I was tired of doing the math for a flyby of Jupiter, and now I am going back to orbiter just because I find the tedium of space navigation preferable to this realatively basic, but mischievious little equation. XD

    2. AnPrionsaBeag

      2*(9+3) and 2(9+3) are exactly the same except in a more complex string such as 48/2(9+3). In this case, the rule is 2(9+3) will always get the priority as the absence of a multiplication sign makes it a single entity. 48/2(9+3) = 48/(2*12) = 48/24 = 2. Sebblz is right.

    3. Pointless

      A simple google search shows they are both right, with almost (note the almost) every calculator, programing language, etc, favoring the 288 awnser has they are programed with the same P.E.D.M.A.S. rules Brad used. However, not everyone is taught the same way, and in this case that difference causes conflicting awnsers. Arguing which one is right or wrong is pointless, because neither is wrong by the method applied.
      On the same note, arguing that 2*(9+3) and 2(9+3) are exactly the same thing while technically true, doesn’t wash in the real world. I’ve tried it both ways with two home calculators and a couple online calculators. 3 of them gave me 4 using 2(9+3), like brad said, and the other gave me 288. All of them gave me 288 when using 2*(9+3). Obviously that’s an interpretation problem even umongst the calculators, and that interpretation issue has otherwise been agreed on allready humanwise. Humans make the calculators, so the interpretation issue would likely transfer to the machine has well.
      Fact is, people can argue about this untill they turn blue in the face but it won’t get them anywhere.

  13. Streaker

    It would be nice if they are going to eventually add new tracks, they be real circuits like the ones run in F1 or GT1 or GT3 or even Grand Am/ALMS.

  14. Tonystew42

    I just want the GT3 versions of Seattle, Apricot Hill, Super Speedway, Mid-Field, and Rome Circuit in. Would gladly pay up to $10 to get back some of my best memories, and might pay $15 while sporting a frownie face.

  15. MrSkyline

    I smell 5 DLC track packs of $5 each :p
    (its still sony, and sony likes money)

    Add these 25 tracks, make all cars premium, and what do we have? probably GT6.
    I don’t expect allot from these logo’s, they don’t prove anything, especially since High Speed ring has been listed, its an old track that is practically the same as the Motegi track, so there wouldn’t be any use to making High Speed ring. This makes me think the logo’s aren’t important.

    1. Andrew

      I would agree IF the didn’t have different upload dates. The only reason I can see them being there is if PD is internally testing these tracks for b-spec races.

    2. Deathsarthe

      Well, you’re jumping way ahead. I don’t think we’ll ever see 1,000 cars all premium.

      25 new tracks however is much more realistic and extremely exciting! Many of those tracks are PD originals which could be rendered already or even completed between release and now.

      Something tells me that ultimately this is PD’s chance to try DLC and we definitely won’t be disappointed in the future – but at the same time I have my reservations because with new systems and processes come new problems.

    1. emeraldpython

      And codes for Tahiti Rally Circuit and Smokey Mountain…remember, those were the same courses that were hidden in GTPSP.

  16. A_Higher_Place

    Woot!! Keep updating us with more news!! I really hope PD confirms or denies this soon so we know! Preferably confirms ;)… *cough cough* PD ;)

    1. Azuil

      In Holland there’s a saying about making someone happy with a dead sparrow.
      I hope these won’t be dead links soon because that wouldn’t make me happy…

  17. Andrew

    Tried accessing the site with the link above, it says the page is forbidden. This just keeps looking more and more like it could be somthing we could see very soon.

    1. Jordan

      You can’t hot-link directly to images on gran-turismo.com because they’re protected by referring URL. Enter the address to the image in your browser’s address bar and you’ll be able to see it.

  18. anonymous

    How long have these images been there, before Yonis discovered them? That’s what I would like to know.

    1. anonymous

      Er…which Super Speedway?

      1. The GT2/GT3 Super Speedway?
      2. The Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway?
      3. A new and random Super Speedway?

  19. GTwarrior

    I think to expect something so major given the recent events in japan is unrealistic and a bit selfish but PD really dropped the ball with GT5 from the get go. bring on seattle and some DLC cars…how many cars did we get that were new to the GT series anyway?

  20. terminator363

    Imagine if PD are reading the news and see this and have a massive faceplam. Because whatever tiny evidence the fans get they will blow it out of proportion. Then again I could be wrong and this could actually be DLC.

  21. Shadow_Rusty

    Lots of similarities to the List Spied on polyphony pc’s in the Nurgurgring 24h video…

    ????/ Europe ????
    ????????? America ????
    ????????? Italia ??????????
    ????? Fuji Speedway
    ????? Europe ????
    ???? Fuji Speedway
    8. Infineon (raceway)
    Kleine Scheidegg
    16. Seattle
    Spa Francorchamps
    19. Tahiti
    12. Twin Ring Motegi
    Pikes Peak
    15. Paris
    20. Valencia
    Bandimere Speedway

  22. XaNoR

    Guys why do you get so excited? Would’nt it be more great if the actually released som REAL race tracks?

    Spa, Yas Marina, Imola, Silverstone, Zandvoort, Valencia, Barcelona for example instead of crappy fiction ones?

    1. A_Higher_Place

      Ahh, I enjoy fantasy tracks just as much because it feels real. They probably won’t add more real tracks because:

      1. People will be picky on how real it actually looks
      2. takes a hell of a lot of time

  23. zedextreme8177

    I see another cycle of people getting overhyped by some logos on the track, then immediately complaining once the patch itself comes out:(

    I also hope these tracks will be in, but it’s just too early to think that they will be coming in within the next month.

    1. Limelight788

      How reasonable the complaint is will depend on the quality of the update. If it’s just a patch to fix yet another loophole to exploit, then I can see why people complain about it, although IMO, it’ll be meh, nothing important update to me. However, if the same act happens if late April/May comes around with a huge update of things we want, but no new tracks, then I’ll assume that people expect too much out of this game.

    2. RACECAR

      Really, they can’t complain if the next update turns out not to have the tracks since PD never officially promised more tracks.

  24. RADracing

    Maybe all this tracks are in the GT5 disc already like the hiddebn track in GT5p. It just needs to be unlocked.

    1. WiiZe

      slightly offtopic, but in Mafia 2 they did just this. Free Ride mode was included in the original release, just hidden from players. It was later on included in a dlc and unlocked from main menu.

    2. Strikey182

      Plus, it just wasn’t funny.
      Plus, the fact that you thought it was funny made it even less funny.
      Plus, I now have this disliking for you, despite only ever seeing 2 things that you have posted.

  25. pasigiri

    This would be good if some of the tracks become available. Remember, in old trailers for GT5, there were tracks shown that aren’t in GT5, like that drag strip at the airport with the 787B racing with the airline in the background. I recall another shot where a rally car was racing at the Grand Canyon. And we already know about the accidental shot of El Capitan. Along with the tracks that were in GT PSP, I think we should expect a SERIOUS update in the near future.

    … now if only there were some clues about new cars (Audi RS4, RS5, TT-RS, VW Golf GTI, Golf R, Scirroco R, Ford Focus RS, RUF recent models, Koenigsegg, Lotus Exige, Hyundai Genesis Coup, Pagani Zonda F, Cadillac CTS V sedan and coup, Aston Martin One 77, Ford Mustang Boss 302, Super Snake, Nissan GT-R Z-tuned, KT X-Bow, Capparo T1, Ariel Atom, Mazda RX8 R3, juuuuuuuust to name a few).

    Sorry had to name off JUST IN CASE PD is reading this.

    1. Strikey182

      “like that drag strip at the airport with the 787B racing with the airline in the background” You know what the TopGear Test Track is, don’t you?

    1. CoolJetta3

      Yes, the tracks look fine when you’re racing around, but on some (Autumn Ring for example)the people in the grandstands look flat as cardboard cutouts. Its a pretty minor issue to me since any photo mode pics get taken with a slow shutter to blur the background just enough to not matter.

  26. Mohamu

    I’m so patient, but there are still a lot of problem with the game.. qualifying bugs, network stability problems, etc, I don’t think it is the best thing what they can put in an update..

    Of course I would be so impressed if these track would come into the game, but to be honest, the greatest tracks are still not on the list.. Just 1 example: SPA Francorschamps…

    BTW, gp PD, don’t stop, keep on working, the stuff is great!
    /We still pray for Japan!/

  27. Jcdenton

    Even if it true, still not impress. All it need is standart cars converted in to premium then i’ll be happy

  28. blackjack

    I’ll get excited when I see “Complex String – Confirmed” and a “Gymkharna Creator – Confirmed”!

  29. Christer

    Midfield racewayyyyyy :) I LOVE THAT TRACK.
    Have driven that track an untraceable amount times :D
    READY for more! :)

  30. O'Reilly

    I would love to have some of these tracks even as a “standard” version… *hint, hint, nudge nudge*

  31. Pierced Lead

    I fear that even if these are implemented they’ll be just like Autumn Ring in GT5…

    Standard tracks anyone?

  32. xX_54MW1CH_Xx

    Sounds good. I loved the Hong Kong track, brought me good times :D Hopefully these tracks are coming to GT5 via update, or at least as DLC.

  33. Antony Henley

    To be honest I dont think we wil be seeing any one of these tracks in GT5 let alone all of them. I hope I am wrong but I dont think so.

  34. Masonite

    theres a GT5 glitch i saw on utube & u can probily make easy $$$ on it im not sure if u can make cash on it if so it needs a patch i 4got wat trac it was actuilyy i hope they patch it b4 it gets populer

    1. Masonite

      .. there is a new Gran Turismo 5 Glitch it is currently not major but easy to do & i assume you can make mony off of it like the others. i,d tell you where it is but i don,t want to start the newest cash glitch

    2. anonymous

      “No idea what your saying, practice up on you english there chump”

      @MickeyD: “you’re* saying,” “practice your* english”

    3. Masonite

      i watched evry word carefully for spelling, im guessing you live in the UK cause you said “chump” the us & uk have slightly diffrent words & stuff so maybe part of the reason why? IDK but most peaple in the us would be able to read.

    4. anonymous


      1. It’s anonymous. Without the ‘e’ at the end. I even clearly spelled it correctly. This pet peeve really kills me. GET IT RIGHT!
      2. Watch your spelling.
      3. “@anonymouse wait a sec are you in anonymouse?” What the hell does that mean?

    5. Masonite

      ? are you in it? i noticed i spelled it wrong btw my bad =( im not sure how that glitch i mentioned above would word but i do know the glitchers found a new glitch for the track 1.09 patched. & stop being mean about misspelt words just say *then the word i misspelt. anonymous has alot of hackers in it wich dosn,t matter if what there targeting is bad but when they target random peaple or go to far thats the thing i don,t like about them but there goals are uisily good.

    6. Masonite

      starting something takes two peaple & i think if this continues on it might start something so im not gonna post to this post anymore

    7. emeraldpython

      “anonymous has alot of hackers in it”

      Ouch. So you say that I have a creature made up of hackers:


      That’s one powerful alot you created there, Masonite…

      I’m not gonna bother correcting the rest of your alien gibberish since that is very hard to understand. Please see an English teacher before you continue commenting and destroy everyone’s sanity. Thank you.

  35. Kyle

    Its important to discern whether or not the images were previously posted in the directory or not. Were the discovered to have been added, or just discovered to be there period? If they were recently added, they would have much lend more merit to the update rumor.

  36. adramire25

    Would be nice if those tracks are added but I would like to see more real world tracks added like Silver Stone, Road America, Dubai etc.

  37. FelipeJardim

    If they release these tracks for DLC then they should call the pack “First strike”

    And also….they should come up with one generic interior that would suit all standard models, along with rim changing capabilities for them as well….

    1. SavageEvil

      Not sure about the interior, but allow a correct hood cam view for all cars. It shouldn’t be too hard as the camera can be moved to wherever they want since the game is on the fly polygonal design. Not sure why they haven’t included this from get go, but it would help with the issue of no in car view for standards.

    2. BWX

      They probably didn’t add a hood cam view because the hoods on the standards are low res textures and low poly and would look like crap close up.

      Actually, now that I think about it, that must be the answer to why no hood view. They would have to at least create high-res textures for the hoods of all standard cars that use a hood cam. They didn’t have the time to do it, or it wasn’t a priority for them.

      To all you Brits- hood = bonnet

  38. Alex

    Oh dear god, please let us have more city tracks. I like having a nice drive around London and Rome, but I need more city tracks. I am only 14 so i don’t have a licence so GT5 is my only way of driving. PLus I am a huge car nerd so yeah…

  39. Prototype_z15

    Wasn’t there a video that showed the long street version of Eiger Nordwand, RedBull released information about Pikes Peak, the whole thing with the italy Go-kart track, now this.

  40. BWX

    If a GT5 add-on or expansion-pack disc came out with all these tracks and a lot more a-spec events that doubled or tripled the current 127 race count in GT5’s a-spec, I’d pay up to $50 for it no problem. It would have to tie into current GT5 a-spec though, and extend XP levels and basically give us a lot more to do with all the cars and tracks in GT5 and really and truly expand GT5. If it was only these tracks for practice and multiplayer, with no a-spec expansion, I wouldn’t pay more than $25 for it.

    The oblem is this makes way to much sense though, and it seems to me if something makes sense, PD and Kaz do the opposite. Basically the chances of something cool like this happening to GT5 anytime soon are slim to none. That’s the reality of the situation. We can hope though, just like we hoped for damage in a-spec mode, really good AI, GT4 sized a-spec, save points in endurance races, more rally events in a-spec… weather and time change on more tracks, multiple setup save slots per track (or any at all)… Stuff like that.

  41. mohammad

    too many tracks … i highly doubt its gonna be an update or even a dlc for money …
    maybe they wanna start a poll so they know whats the most wanted track n start working on it .. maybe

  42. J-KiLLA24

    IF this news is true and it will be coming to gt5 in a later update, I don’t think it’ll be one we have to pay for. Considering that they were supposed to be in the game from the start. I really hope this news is true though…

  43. CroatianGTfan

    Holy sheit…I just thought of something.PD patched GT5 all the way till patch 1.09…lemme repeat that 1.09.Okay, got it?SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..they wanted to get to a nice 1.10 patch which is going to be bigger than all the others(at least 1Gb in size) which will (hopefully) include these tracks.Welp, that’s my theory

  44. Glenzo

    Nah its not gonna be about unlocking more tracks/races going up to level 80 if they added more its going to be unlocking them by having the licenses like the the old games! Least thats what I hope if they added new tracks

  45. lilmann73

    This could just be a track image database for the website. Since all of these tracks were in past games at one point or another, that’s all I cam come to believe at this point.

  46. Thor

    Who knows what PD has up their sleeve but you would have to expect some news from them by E3. Also, I’m sure they will want to counter Forza in some way later this year.

    It is a good time for PD to also help with the tremendous difficulties in Japan. We all want new content, cars, tracks, motorcycles, whatever and I think we are all willing to pay for some good content. What better time to release some DLC and give all of the proceeds to the victims of the 11Mar11 earthquake? Come on PD, we all want to help.

  47. JuAn

    Hey, what about these tracks!???

    1. Grindelwald
    2. Red Rock Valley
    3. Tahiti Road
    4. Test Course (As Previously Mentioned above)
    5. Seattle Short
    6. Super Speedway (The Version we saw in GT2!)
    7. Rome Circuit (Not the sucky one in GT5!)
    8. Rome Short
    9. Smokey Mountain North
    10.Smokey Mountain South
    11.Tahiti Dirt Route 3
    12.Pikes Peak Hill Climb (Both directions?)

    These were all great tracks that were in past GT games….. these should come back and probably will look great too.. My favorite being the old Rome Circuit layout and Red Rock Valley.. what do you guys think?

    1. SavageEvil

      Nice set of courses, but Super Speedway has changed and it’s also part of Twin Ring Motegi and the one from GT2 is different. It has that canopy leading into the last corner which is no longer there. I agree with the Rome circuit from GT of old, was a much better course. The Spain course in GT5 is pretty lame and uninteresting, Rome Night would be a great remedy to this. I’m about to go play GT2 some more as I’ve got some nostalgia going right now. Tahiti Road here I come. PD needs to add that random race series generator like they had in GT2, that was pretty awesome and in included tuned up autos to race against too. Red Rock Valley was my favorite course to boot, looks just like a real high tech race course.

    2. anonymous

      AHEM. SavageEvil, GT2/GT3 Super Speedway is completely different from Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway!

  48. badman_99

    I feel that GT was poorly produced, as much as I love the game, its quality is lower than gt4.

    These tracks should have been in the game from the offset, I mean 800 cars from gt4 but hardly any tracks?

    They wasted so much time showing off and not enough time to build it. I feel this will be free of plus members and £14.99 for everyone else.

    Sony and MS would never give you free stuff with a racing game, it makes no buisniess sense even to Yamuchi san.

    DLC with updated standard cars (the top 50 in OCD) and some of these tracks for free is cool with me, but for the love of god CHANGE THE EXP RATE.

    Im now on 32 A 34 B and its a joke, only endurances left and Im not burning out my ps3 until there are saves!

  49. MintBerryCrunch

    Just when I think I’m completely done with this game, something like this pops up.
    I’m looking forward to find out if we’ll be getting these tracks in some massive update.
    Seems like it’s pretty likely that the next update will be 2.0, considering were already on 1.9.

  50. Kollosson

    Thats a point, maybe the level cap at 50 is there for a reason, perhaps new tracks and cars would involve increased levels, hope so….

  51. Masonite

    wer did you find these tracks? i looked in the GT5 photo section & didn,t see anything then i checked featured & even the GT3 PHOTO section

  52. chikane

    boring … dont wont old boring tracks again.. pleaes for the love of god add some new tracks to gt series already GOD

    1. Paulo

      Whats wrong with having everything PD have ever created? Obviously new is great, but theres nothing wrong with having everything in PD’s library available to us.

  53. CoolJetta3

    We were discussing this on another forum. These should have been in the game from the beginning. They are PD’s own intellectual property and they don’t have to pay anyone any rights to use them like a real world track. For that reason alone they should have jammed this game full of all their own tracks past and present to extend the play of this game.

  54. Masonite

    its a gt website & not just 4 GT5 & remote racing but i do think its 4 GT5 & pretty amazing. what is that i smell? i smelll DLC coming soon =)

  55. HighPlainaDrftr

    All of these would be excellent! Would it be greedy to have Pike’s Peak included if this does become DLC?

  56. vicious136

    SEATTLE! This is very good news indeed. Of course, this doesn’t really prove that these tracks will end up in the game but it gives me hope! Good find!

  57. Nexzus

    Perhaps a lazy web developer just copied all the track logos from their central repository of images. I doubt he’s gonna go through and match up the track icons to what’s actually in the game.


  58. AnPrionsaBeag

    Free DLC with all these tracks plus Pikes Peak would probably right the wrongs for GT5 and rank it higher than GT4 and GT3, which currently is not the case. Previous tracks will always remain in every Gran Turismo fan’s hearts.

    1. emeraldpython

      And what does the 20r60r and the Kashiwa Driving Parks mean? Do they have to do with Test Course/Motorland/Beginner Course/Gymkhana?

    2. Racedude

      I think he means reaching it AND KEEPING IT UNTIL YOU BURN ALL OF YOUR TIRES AN FUEL!!!

  59. RobGroove

    Give us new tracks Yamauchi san. I know at least I would be happy to pay good money for these tracks in GT5. Please reply to this message with the amount you would be happy to pay for a single track. If enough people reply maybe PD will see it and get a move on.

    I’d happily pay £3.50 for 1 track

  60. the piston

    I hope they add these tracks as DLC, I miss the classics like Midfield, Apricot hill, drive park, swiss alps and hope they add Pikes peak. Also they should bring back Infineon.

  61. A_Higher_Place

    Yeah I can honestly say, with the adding those tracks in… the variation couldn’t get boring :/

    It would be like NEW TRACKS, ok play them over and over, get bored… HEY REMEMBER THOSE OLDER TRACKS? play them over and over :D

    Just an amazing repeating cycle!

  62. Rudi Raser

    there will come nothing.
    just give us GT3 with a little bit better graphic and online mode. then i will send my GT5 disc back to Kaz.


    I would have said they were left overs from GT4, but the ‘Valencia’ circuit throws a spanner in the works.
    Where’s Siena Kart as well? Since they complained it seems to have been wiped from existance.

  64. Mr P

    Would be nice to have these old tracks back again, but pretty sure they will come in packs of 4 tracks at £20 bundles a bit like Call of Duty… they left them out deliberately to line their pockets at a later date, nothing free in this world chaps other than air :P

    1. Masonite

      they didn,t leave them out on purpose this is PD not EA & THQ,they just didn,t think to add it till now.

  65. Diabolicwyvern

    If PD has any idea what folks are willing to pay via DLC for some of these tracks…they’d have them at the ready.

  66. Panjandrum

    I would also be happy to pay (a reasonable amount) for this if it is released as DLC. Well, let me rephrase that. I would not be happy because I think these should have been there in the first place, but I would do it anyway. My two biggest gripes with GT5 remain the poor/limited track selection and the dual-physics problem. If they correct these issues I’ll be back playing GT5.

    1. Goshin2568

      Online and offline have different physics

      Amateur pro sim?
      Wtf u talking about?

    2. BWX

      Yeah there is off-line physics, and then a completely different feeling on-line set of physics. On-line has less overall grip with same exact car/track/setup off-line. On-line physics tend to be much more “oversteery”. Some car/track combinations are greatly affected by these differences, some car/track combinations don’t seem a whole lot different from off-line to on-line. It’s a pretty glaring issue with GT5 that somewhat spoils on-line racing to a certain extent.

  67. priesty_lfc

    The Paris thing is interesting as the Eifel tower is in the GT5 intro so I was suprised there wasn’t a track relating to this in the game :/

  68. paracefan2002

    Sony, PLEASE PLEASE add these tracks!! GT5 is by far the BEST racing game on the PS3!! I would pay any amount of money for GT5 to hav these tracks!! :) :) :) :)

    1. BWX

      Well, maybe Kaz and PD have realized the error of the a-spec ib GT5 and will fix it so there are more races in this new add-on or expansion pack.. GT5 spec II, GT5.5, c-spec, whatever they might call it. That is optimistic and wishful thinking though for sure. What is more likely is that we might see these in 4 more years in GT6, but a-spec in GT6 has even less races, like 50.. and it sucks like GT5 a-spec but shorter. GT4- 522 a-spec races, GT5- 127 a-spec races, GT6, 50 a-spec races. That would suck, but maybe they’ll kill A-Spec completely, who knows. I wouldn’t be surprise if they did.

  69. j8mie

    I’m not holding my breath that’s for sure. It would be nice to see these tracks in GT5, but I just can not see it ever happening.

    1. TurboProp

      While these tracks would be an awesome addition(s) and most of them SHOULD have been in GT5, I just don’t believe they will be added to GT5. I think they are just logos in a folder…I hope I am wrong.

    2. Vesartis

      I think these logos are there because these tracks were being worked on, and couldn’t be finished in time. I could see them finishing up at least a few of them.

  70. DaihatsuDriver

    Tracks are nice, but please fix the god damned save file issue, its so crappy.

    How can the GT5 load the save file in Version 1.0, but won’t load it in 1.09, its such B.S.

    1. pasigiri

      Oh yeah, I remember that drag strip. I thought they were referring to an actual road/street course or something.

  71. Dan360

    Fisco is Fuji Speedway. From the list there are three fisco’s: old, new and slalom. Old one is either 80’s layout or 90’s, with new being the 2005/2005GT layout. Now sure about slalom though.

    Great find!

  72. HaVoK_

    I doubt this means ALL of these tracks will make an appearence in GT5. Even if it was true the upload size would be immense.

    1. badman_99

      Ps2 had dvd which is 4.7GB of data. Are you trolling or just dumb? 8mb was the MEMORY CARD. Which stored your saves.


    2. Killian Finn

      @ GT_Die_Hard
      Also they were much lower quality on previous GT games, so they wouldn’t take up as much space

  73. sinister_300zx

    this sounds cool..well a few people might have forgotten but the Las Vegas strip was actually a drag strip for test running your cars only tho :( it would be amazing if they can add this one track to GT5 since everyone seems to be draggin there lil tires off lol..seattle circuit was one of my favorite tracks would love to see that one come back as well as new york (i live in new york so would be nice to drive a track thats in my state lol)..hope this is a sign for the future of GT

  74. shigllgetcha

    This is only intersting if these were uploaded after or around the time GT5 was released.

    Otherwise they could have been there from before the track list was even decided

  75. Paulpg87

    Surely too much tracks for a free update. However I care only about el capitan, really good track… even if there is nothing more to do than a good hot lap in this game.

    1. nitro_c4

      I agree with you, but I don’t think the tracks are for GT5. Maybe they are the tracks that didn’t make it in the game & even if they are tracks for GT5 I’d expect paid DLC to unlock them. This is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue’s story all over again.

  76. GTracerRens

    I really can’t wait for more DLC cars and tracks! :)And I’m sure we can all be sure of the fact that PD will release some DLC, so this might be the very good news! Good find. ;)

    1. GT_Die_Hard

      Anything to get those good old tracks back! Midfield, Hong Kong, Driving park… I think im going to buy a new PS2 controller to play those again because im pretty sure they won’t come to GT5. (although i really hope so…)

    2. LeeC2202

      I’d begrudge paying $10, to add content onto a game that was below par on release, content wise… and quality of content for that matter.

  77. Kollosson

    I think it is very possible we will see at least some of these tracks in A-Spec, i almost get the feeling that if Kaz could have, he would have delayed the release of GT5 another year to tweak and hone. Hopefully these tracks will be added, with special events attached to them or an expansion of A-Spec altogether, Kaz did say, this was just the start for GT5, new cars, new tracks…i can see it happening.

  78. KilzoneStrife

    Its NOT VALENCIA..go look at the PSP ver. Its on there.hasnt been in any other GT except for GTPSP.

  79. Danlisa

    Interesting. I highly doubt that these tracks will make it to GT5 A-Spec, these 24 sites represent a third of the total track list shipped with the game. That would be a huge update and almost make GT5 an entirely new game. For that reason alone, I only see these track being used in Remote B-Spec, which is a shame.

    Anyway, anything that adds to GT5 is a plus.

    Here’s hoping.

    1. Vesartis

      You do realize that Remote Races are actually run on your own PS3 like any other race, and that it uses the same resources as A-Spec. If they were going to bother adding these tracks at all, they would have to be downloaded to your ps3 in DLC or update form, and could then be used for any mode they wanted.

      I want these tracks. I hope that any DLC tracks come with full day and night/weather cycles.

    2. CoolJetta3

      This would not be a plus at all if they could only be used in B-Spec. If that was the case they should just upload videos of each track and let us watch cars go round. That’s about what it would amount to. I’d actually like to use these tracks again. Adding these to the game would extend the life of the game quite a bit as its severely lacking depth as it is.

  80. Great

    Now everyone is going to expect all of these tracks within the next month and theyre going to be disappointed and pissed off when it doesnt happen.

    1. NapalmSanctuary

      Unless your like me and you already put the game down until they fix it. Between Mortal Kombat, Twisted Metal and Ace Combat, GT5 is out of sight, out of mind to me. Would love to suddenly have a reason to pick it back up though.

  81. HKS racer

    Is definitely time for a DLC i bet all these tracks are already in GT5 disc, they just need to activate them.

  82. xlr8life

    Only issue I can see spoiling this, and I’m hoping I’m wrong because I’d love to see most of these tracks back, but wasn’t the only Las Vegas track to be used in the past GT the Drag Strip? How would a Drag Strip really be effective in a Remote Race? Plus I know many wanted the Drag Strip back, but really wouldn’t A-Spec make more sense than B-Spec? Don’t get me wrong, I’m hoping maybe they made a new Street Course on the Vegas Strip, or maybe they’re bringing in the actual NASCAR Track: Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Hopefully there is some truth to this, would love to see Infineon, The Twin Rings and Seattle back in GT. Really wish Pike’s Peak was on this list, that was fun.

  83. damaged_case

    since gran-turismo.com is the host site for all of the Gran Turismo games, not just Gran Turismo 5, i’m guessing that’s why those logos are there.

    title should read “Gran Turismo Site Contains Logos For Every Track In Gran Turismo Series”.

    1. Skiddy

      that’s probably it and nothing more. It would be nice to see some of these tracks in GT 5, but I just don’t see it happening.

    2. NapalmSanctuary

      Too many tracks from other GT games missing for that to be the case ie Grindelwald, Red Rock Valley, SS Route 11 etc. Also, you must have missed this:

      “Yonis pointed out these images are accessible under a GT5-specific image directory on the gran-turismo.com website (…/gt5/remote_race/common/courselogo/) and sized appropriately for the GT5 remote racing site.”

  84. Thrasher

    Some courses i was wanting to see and didnt was special stage route 11 and the test course from gt3…. Not the oval one but the 1 that u had to do in a time trial wih the ruf rgt… And hopefully an added number of cars to the premiums…. But all those tracks are enjoyable and i would love to race midfield online….

    1. 95GTIVR6

      SSR11 is one of my favorites. However, given how much CSR5, SSR5 and even SSR7 use all those little lights for the buildings, trees and fireworks, I can see how Route 11 might affect framerates. I really wish for it though.

  85. Thrasher

    Some courses i was wanting to see and didnt was special stage route 11 and the tesr course from gt3…. Not the oval one but the 1 that u had to do in a time trial wih the ruf rgt… And hopefully an added number of cars to the premiums…. But all those tracks are enjoyable and i would love to race midfield online….

  86. merce

    I just can’t see it happening.

    It would be nice, especially test track and midfield. Some old favourites right there.

  87. Rich S

    The Valencia F1 circuit was NOT in GT4, but there was the GP circuit in Tourist Trophy. Thats probably what it is. Their going to come out with another Tourist trophy, maybe add it on to GT5?

    1. DIDSRGT

      Valencia was not in GT4 but you could put the track if you hacked the game or something like that,but it was possible.

      check youtube

  88. Rich S

    I dont know what Valencia its referring to. Was there a Valencia in GT4??? If not then its very likely its a new track for GT5 or a new game their coming out with.

  89. Rich S

    It could be that they have those there from GT4, or it could be that they will throw them in with a big update.

    I would be upset though that they didnt want to include another real world track like Spa franchorchamps. Alot of their tracks are short. It’d be nice to have some GP circuits in the 5-8 km range.

    1. James C

      A track like Spa would be great for an endurance race. Wouldn’t be as much of a chore as some of the current endurance races!

  90. Tuddle

    Lets all get our hopes down so we wont be dissapointed if these tracks dont come and we’ll all explode when it does :)

    1. Thrasher

      April 11, 2011 – 3:31 am Reply
      Lets all get our hopes down so we wont be dissapointed if these tracks dont come and we’ll all explode when it does :)

      Call me wierd but thats what i do in every day life haha

    2. GTracerRens

      @ Thrasher:
      You are totally right about that. But there will be DLC in the future! ;)But we shouldn’t expect all these tracks coming next week or something as a free update.

  91. Jerry

    Oh dear Lord I hope this is true. I miss Seoul central. this would be a killer update to say the least!!!!

    1. maxitsu

      i hopen for alot of tracks. Capri, Aria, Seattle, Opera, Midfield. and also Seoul.

      My first thoughts of this track where not so good. but there more in it then meets the eye.

  92. Djie

    Come on guys… aren’t these pictures actually the tracks from GT for PSP. As GT for PSP is also featured on that same site. The links does connect to a general image folder… hopefully I am wrong on this one. Would love to see those tracks in GT5 soon!

    1. chump

      There were hidden tracks on the GTPSP game disc, some of which were accessible through hacking. It’s just a list and I wouldn’t be surprised if GT5 got the update.

  93. Snaeper

    We need Motegi for NASCAR! And sweet heavenly lord please let me have Midfield! I miss Midfield so much.

    (GT2 Nostalgia)

    1. A_Higher_Place

      Doubt we’ll see infineon as the Infineon logos which are on the audi R8 race cars are blurred out in GT5 :(. Meaning there was licensing issues or something :(

  94. Madaz75

    Ooer! I do hope they release a content update with more tracks and races!
    Apricot Hill, Midfield, Seattle.. Some nice favourites there.
    And Valencia

    1. lilmann73

      I highly doubt this will be an update. My money is on that this is just an image database because all of these tracks have been in past games at one point or another. Until I see 16:9 HD gameplay of a premium car in cockpit view with 15 AI, I will not come to believe these are for GT5.

      They are just images, after all.

    2. guidance is internal

      24 tracks? That’s an entire game for some developers.
      I doubt very much we’ll see any of these tracks in GT5.
      It would take PD years to do-up all these tracks to GT5 standards.

    3. maxitsu

      yes it would take years to do-up all. But they alread have been 6 years… so maybe there is some hope?

  95. DarkNull

    Please let this be a massive track update for gt5 in the form of DLC OR seasonal event, A-Spec event. eitherway we all need these track, 5 months ago lol but seriously PD we need, we want these tracks please thanks you all the best in Japan

    1. flight50

      I will believe it when I see it. Only then will I unretire my GT5 copy since late December. This game sorely needs tracks/events.

  96. ICourtesyFlush

    Oh please dear god introduce some new events and not endurance. I really do hope we get some massive updates soon, including changes to the god awful xp system. Granted they get some slack due to whats happening back in Japan.

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