78 New GT Sport Images: Say Hello to the M6 GT3, Fishermans Ranch & La Sarthe


As you may have heard, Gamescom got underway earlier today. A recreation of a portion of the Nürburgring will greet gamers heading to the GT Sport section, where 15 gaming pods will be waiting. Polyphony already released a short video detailing Kazunori Yamauchi’s Nürburgring 24H experience in the run-up to the event, and have now released 78 new screenshots of the game, featuring a handful of new tidbits.

Up first, and perhaps least surprising, is the first official image of Yamauchi’s #101 M6 GT3 in-game. It was already spotted very briefly in the background of the documentary released last week, but it’s nonetheless satisfying to see it in these screenshots. Visitors to Gamescom will be able to compare the model to the real thing too, as it takes pride of place in the GT Sport booth.

While we’ve known rallying would be included in GT Sport for the last three months, this batch of images shows off the dirt more than any previous update has. It confirms the name of one of the dirt tracks as Fishermans Ranch, a Polyphony-designed newcomer to the franchise. Spotted here are the Group B machines from Ford, Mitsubishi, and Subaru, marking the first visual confirmation of the latter.


Finally, GTPlanet member RaY29rus noticed two Lancers parked on a familiar circuit (the #13 image in the gallery below). La Sarthe has seemingly returned to Gran Turismo, though with only one image featuring the track, it could be possible this is a Scape shot. As one of the most famous circuits in the world, we’d find it surprising if Polyphony don’t include the full, drivable location in the final game.

Either way, we’re still some way off of knowing all 19 (or 15) locations and 27 layouts, though.

All 78 images are available below, in full 1080P for your viewing pleasure. GT Sport is scheduled to release November 15 in Japan and North America, November 16 for Australia, and November 18 for Europe.

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  1. LeftyWright69

    If GTA ever allows a dirt track in competition it could be my great equalizer against all those Asphalt Purest. It’s my strong hand.

  2. SavageEvil

    I wonder how many feet have been pulled from being embedded deep in mouths from the months ago complaints about how Gt Sport looked. PD are more or less the masters of making their games look the part on any given piece of tech. These shots look really close to real life in terms of lighting and organic feel. The dirt courses actually look like something you would have seen in real life, but I bet we get those invisible walls again, how I despise those things. I say PD let you go off course and through barricades, you flip over and probably end your race(that’s your fault, try again next time :D).
    Man I’m going to take a lot of screen shots for my laptop, on that note Kunos’ Assetto Corsa seems to come very close to GT Sport in reaching that realism level of visual fidelity. Thank goodness it’s not overly saturated in colors, like another game I refuse to name right now. Next up is hands on, I want this thing in my PS4 stat. Still upset lack of dynamic stuff, but will try to regress just this once. Hopefully PD follow through on supporting my old wheel G25 this game will net a lot of time from me.

  3. ExoticMachines

    The reflections on each car is a little dull. The shadow under the cars needs to be darker so the cars does not look like they are floating in space. Overall, all the cars are looking great nice.

    But the important test will be how the graphics will look during live game playing and Replays.

  4. celtiscorpion73

    I’m seeing a mixture of reviews here. The images look great in my opinion, but I’m more concerned with the gameplay.
    Let’s face it, GT6 didn’t live up to expectations. I think most of the negative reviews are because PD has rather given the community a sour taste in our mouths because of it. With what I’m seeing with GT Sport so far, I’m guessing PD is aware that they have a lot riding on this game when it comes out. There are so many aspects into forming a game and even when it’s done, not everyone will be happy. Thinking about it, I’ve decided to give it a shot. I started playing games with “Pong”, so this is worlds away from where it all started.
    So, if you ever want to gripe about shadows flickering or resolution, take a step back and see what some of us had when we were kids. It might give you a little perspective.


      Exactly, just to enjoy the game , when it was we missed only the essence of fun with video games , I can only say that this game is beautiful

  5. Reydawg Rey

    I have to say what GT has pulled off is nothing short of amazing! This is easily the most detailed game probably in the history of video games. Looking at these shots almost proves that PD has an obsession with attention to detail. Everything looks like it’s copy and pasted from the real thing, especially the interior shots. Every single button has depth you can see almost every little bolt also, and for those of you that say you are not impressed, you need to have your eyes checked. I have never seen TIRES that have every little detail on them, the bulbs inside the headlamps, and from the interior view the underside of the roof that you can see every weld and perforation, the safety net has depth and groves and the list goes on and on! I’m completely astonished! You show me PROOF of any game that has this level of detail and I’ll eat my words.

  6. DR_SID

    Looks way better than Forza or AC in my opinion. The images actually look organic and not saturated in color.

  7. gtfanforlife

    Porsche sponsoring on the pit wall of the Nurburgring, probably means nothing but it’s there so…

    1. Kyle Patrick

      I can’t imagine they’d have a Scape and not the actual track. But wanted to cover all possibilities, so that’s why it was pointed out that the image might be a Scape.

      I regret nothing. :D

  8. wallpaper42

    Fisherman’s Ranch looks beautiful but I hope you can actually go off track like Willow Springs. It takes a lot away from the rally feel if you bounce off invisible walls and those orange fences.

  9. Fire Yoshi

    The blue paint on the M6 GT3 is a little off. It should be slightly more greenish, which kinda bums me out because I love the color of the car in real life…

    1. Scuderia Paul

      I think the colour is fine. It is PlayStation blue which is not a green-blue. Love the livery though!

    2. Fire Yoshi

      I promise you that it’s off compared to the real life car. Not by a nassive amount by any means, but it’s still wrong.
      Though, PD getting colors wrong is a common theme in their video games…

    3. WyldAnimal

      ever hear of Screen Color Calibration? Maybe it looks off color, because your screen isn’t color calibrated?? Go into the Video store with all the different TV’s lined up.
      notice how some colors look different from one brand to the Next??

    4. Fire Yoshi

      Being that I mostly use my cell phone when browsing the internet, and can easily look at both a real and in-game image of the car at the same time, “Screen Color Calibration” has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  10. pascalf1

    We know the drill…great images, but we will all see the real GT when the game comes out and I have a feeling Forza 6 will still be superior in gameplay, choice and overall design.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Forza 6 had up-dates to make it what it is so, I’m assuming, will GT Sport! PD have a habit of late releases but they do that to get on top of other games in the genre. With up-dates there will be about another 360 cars added and, though it has not been mentioned anywhere, probably more tracks too!

      So, with late release and up-dates, GT Sport will kick Forza’s butt!!

    1. jm79

      I guess you could have river fishing on a ranch? But yeah, odd name.
      Made me think of Fisherman’s Wharf…

  11. Mickeman

    So gameplay videos suck so much they cannot be shown, so they are showing bullshots instead. Very disapointing :(

    I should have known better but was hoping PD could do it right. Time to face reality and cancel the preorder

    1. MrWaflz55

      If you watched the gameplay trailer #2, you’d see that the in-game photomode really does look this good. No idea where you’re getting “bullshots” from.

      They took down the gameplay videos too because those were from pretty early builds of the game, the new stuff is going to look much better come release. If you saw side-by-side photos from London-E3 there is a noticeable improvement in everything from shadows to trackside objects.

  12. brownninja97

    not sure if its just me but the exteriors look great even outstanding but the interiors are massively lackluster, not in terms of the model or textures but the shaders really dont help

  13. Schmiggz

    The M6 is definitely a beautiful car… Very unsuccessful tho in both American and European GT3/GTLM/GTD championships.
    It had its first win at Spa due to some misfortune of stronger opponents but BMW still has a long way to go to match, at least, the Bentleys.

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