8-Megapixel Toyota FT-86G Concept Screenshots

While there isn’t anything new shown off in these Toyota FT-86G Concept screen shots, it’s still fun to look at them in full 8MP glory.

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  1. Big Rom


    those effects with motion blur and focusing on any display position where included in the photo mode of GT4 as well. If you played it, you would know that.

  2. Carbide7

    With everyone talking about how nice the asphalt and how the lights are on, and to the people saying how this looks different, it’s probably from the time of day, it’s much later in the day and the light is cast at a much smaller angle, hence the way the shadows are cast from the asphalt.

  3. vampire63

    peter Says:
    January 27th, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    I have an GREAT IDEA:
    Let’s all wait for GT6…might as well, this is heading that way anyway.

    First wait for Forza 5 then GT5

  4. Quency

    Nice picts but something is weird with these picts. The car is from the game, no doubts, but look a bit closer to the shadows down the car and the tyres or even the road… something wrong with these picts. It doesnt look ingame, looks like they add some blur on a background and “paste” the car on it…

    Any comment about that ?

  5. S3 Racer

    So this means you can actually hang a car’s tail out in GT5? GT4 was so frustrating when you did lift-off oversteer in the corners and the whole car just slid to the side. I found that a great game for drifts and real driving fun is V8 Supercars Race Driver. It’s getting a little old now, but the graphics are alright and IMO, is much more fun that GT4.

  6. noname

    Nice pictures, I remember they promised a photo-mode with 8 megapixel size. They were working on 16 Megapixel. Jordan can agree with me :) I read it here.

  7. Corrado

    Very nice, but I personally prefer classic cars in GT, btw, does anyone knwo why Rover has never been in gran turismo? (no, not MG, like, ROVER rover, rover 90, rover sd1, etc etc)

  8. Luke

    Well sure the Slim is more advanced. But honestly i have no idea what Sony was thinking. That old big PS3 was very big, but that black gloosy paint looked so awesome with that silver Playstation letters on the side. At least you can change the hard disk pretty easily, so storage shouldn`t be a problem.
    But as ugly as i think the Slim is, i hope they fixed the problems the old PS3 had, yellow light of something something and the problems with the BlueRay laser.

  9. ralph89


    I though your talking about aids. :lol:

    on topic
    I hope this car model doesn’t look like the one in GT5 prologue with GTR Proto ugly modeling in rims and front bumper IMO it’s ugly a s^&^. Oh well, since they ups the poly count I could expect better modeling in the GTR Proto in GT5.

  10. Flagmo-T

    hehe Luke SLim or not, my old ps3 40GB didn’t had enough space for anything, so a 350gb SLim did the trick, and my oldest son needed a PS3, so he got that one, and I bought a SLIM!! hehe actually it’s more robust in the design, and makes less Noice.. But I hear you M8 :O)

    I’m waiting for I-opener (Race SIM against real drivers “LIVE” that is) to hit the PS3 in the near future.. <– Orsm Concept!

  11. Racer

    Its obvious fans here is getting fed up of waiting, and their patience is up! And I must say that I understand it, this is just ridiculous. They have been teased for years and years now. Its not that the game is not ready, that we can all understand, but their silence, the lack of respect for the community is just sad! They`re releasing bullshots of what`s been seen before, I just wish they could be more straightforward with the community, show what they have so far and explain why its taking so long.

  12. Luke

    My PS3 was also bought ~1,5 years ago with GT5 in mind. But what point would it make to sell the PS3 now ? Everybody who bought the PS3 for GT5 knew there wasn`t a specific release date. GT5 will come, sooner or later, and i won`t sell my PS3 now, just to buy me a new (ugly) PS3 slim when GT5 comes out in 3-4 months.
    It`s not that it`s lacking good games. It has the best game ever – Metal Gear Solid 4.

  13. Flagmo-T

    @Berlino Bear
    I must admit, that i only use my PS3 for Playing/Driving Sim Race, otherwise I use my power PC, But It’s true, Games Like DIRT2 is a big Hit, NFS-Shift Isn’t lol.. ( Can’t understand why NFS-S is in the Other driving games session, and not Dirt2 ( now that’s a very weird decision from GTp in My Book)

    I’m Just wondering, how many man Hours we as a Community is spending and has spend on this Title alone, commenting, and talking about it, It’s rather weird that a game release can change our life’s like this can..

    The world around me, is constantly changing, so will I still be able to use the time on GT5 that I thought i would when it’s finally is released.. ? a period of 5-6 years is a very long time in a humans life, But ok, new comers will take over.. hehe But again it’s rather weird..
    while all this has been going on, I’ve lost My wife and had a complicated Back-spine operation, that still gives me a lot of pain, I can only drive in my amazing setup for a couple of hours, then i has to stop because of the PAin that FF is giving in my Back..( I have it set to 2 :o)

    Ya ya Life goes on and on, and we all have our own problems besides waiting for this Orsm Games Release.. Hehe Maybe we should have a Treat in the forum, Called ” How has your life changed while waiting for GT5″ any murders going on!! :P Just a thought!! which isn’t PD’s failed of course, just time passing through!! ?

  14. Berlino Bear

    People that bought a PS3 just for GT5 annoy me. There are other games you can play on it you know. Down load Gunstar hero’s from the PS store and stop moaning you big girls.

    Nice screen shots as well. If that’s the sort of thing we can expect from the Photo mode I will give it a shot this time around.

  15. RalliArt/////

    Imagine how this place is going to sound in another 3 or 4 months of waiting.
    Its going to be at least that before Japan sees it, so stop waiting.

  16. vampire63

    OOOOOO great more screen shots that don’t show anything at all of the game GREAT im waiting for more of this ITS ABSOLUTLY EPIC AND GREAT

  17. Forenza


    I bought my PS3 specifically for gt5…so yea im about ready to sell it. Otherwise i play mmo’s.

  18. MrK

    I’m started to get bored with gt5 waiting and almost all the games outside.

    I really preferred the old 90s way: From nothing, a game appeared, nobody expected it and it was great. Resident evil, gran turismo, final fantasy 7…
    internet is killing the videogames for me. too much hype, and screenshots 3 years before the game is released..

  19. wardo

    enough of the screenshots already… big deal 8, 12, 20 megapixel… who cares? really!! I want to see real gameplay and not one’s shot on a shaky hand held camera.

  20. Tim

    I was so excited the news page was different ..
    But then I saw almost one-week old pictures…
    And it was like .. hmm:(
    But that’s not Jordan’s fault,
    PD doesn’t give us anything these days.

  21. Whatbrown

    Viejaloca, the LFA and this car are not even in the same league. The LFA costs about 10 times as much and is made of exotic materials with a 10 cyclinder engine. So, to answer your question, the LFA is nicer.

  22. jbat17

    looks amazing!

    pd should release screenshoots like this every week until gt5 come out.

    it’s hard to blame PD for the long wait. they basically worked on 3 titles in the last 5 years – gt5:p, gtpsp, and gt5. but if gt5 is released beyond june, i will be very disappointed.

  23. John Marine

    I know these 8-MP pictures are amazing, but that’s just ridiculously high resolution! Crazy awesome pictures.

  24. Flagmo-T

    Uhhhh And the headLights are turned on .. Nice :o) if it’s not a fake thing though, we can’t trust them on anything these days.. LOL what a spirit Ey!! Actually I ran into a German Gameshop the other day, and thery had a Release date saying 30 of June on it.. Hahaha Even that is not to count on.. :O)

  25. Larsjuh33

    Look at photo nr. 7 *drool* the kurbstones look really detailed and the road looks great as well. Photo 4 still has annoying 2d trees, got to hate those XD

  26. Mickle Pickle

    You guys notice something…

    PD got so tired of our request to have reverse light in the game, this time they went straight to the source, and ask Toyota to make cars without reverse (back-up) lights… so now we can’t ask for it anymore!

    Yikes !

  27. IronM@sk

    I wonder if photo mode (assuming it is included at all) will let us take our own 8 megapixel screenshots? If so that would be pretty sweet.

  28. Sam__NY

    I still wonder if Gran Turismo 5 even exists. Maybe PD is just a propaganda company filled with a bunch of people coming up with new ways to mock us every week with false news as they search the web for forums and comments like these as they laugh in hysteria….

    Oh wait, there was a Gran Turismo 4.

  29. Mickle Pickle


  30. CarBastard

    No aim to offend Jordan, but the news page of GTP shows how desperate us GT fans are. Reeeeeaaaaaaaaally slow news, come on PD, don’t leave us in the dark, it’s not nice to treat your fans that way,

  31. SwiftPro

    ” Selling my dusty PS3 “… lol. I 100% understand that this is a GT Fansite, but c’mon there are other & better game’s on PS3.

  32. spats

    Those are beautiful shots, but this is just like a tease that’s just gone on for too long. It’s not fun anymore. Release the game, Polyphoy. Please.


  33. Blademask

    lol @ “selling my dusty ps3”, had the most high rated titles out last year… but im sure you’re going to sell it..

    But yea, getting sick of the screenshots. I mean, yeah great.. but.. its getting kinda sad.

  34. demonblade

    Great pics….and we get to actually play it when exactly? I think I will probably die if shock when the day finally comes when I see the thread ‘uk release date confirmed’. E3 2010?

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