A Closer Look at the Red Bull X2011: What’s New?

October 28th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

One of the obvious stars of Gran Turismo 5‘s first DLC car pack is the new-and-improved Red Bull X2011, but until now, it wasn’t clear exactly what changes have been made to the car’s design.

To clarify, Polyphony Digital has outlined all of Adrian Newey’s updates, which mostly consist of modified bodywork that further improve upon his original creation. Here’s a few screenshots of what’s new – head over to the full x2011 page for all the details.

Thanks to all of you who sent this in!

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  1. Nov. 20, 2:52pm

    they put all this into the design of the ‘aero’ but did nothing for the electronics. if you asked me to design the engine mapping this car would be a lot easier to drive. engine always at full throttle and you only have a brake pedal that also has a clutch in the drivetrain. or you still have two pedals one for the clutch and the other for brakes. there are no rules that this is built to so why not have creative electronics as well?

  2. Nov. 3, 12:08am

    I’m sure Newey did it outta the kindness of his heart…. Or maybe because he was paid to by red bull as a marketing stunt…. More likely an intern spent a few hours on it via some sort of cad system, then, during lunch Newey glanced at it and said “meh”. RedBull then asked bernie if they could pretty-please be like Ferrari and put their F1 car in the game. At this point Bernie snapped back that CodeMeisters paid so much money that they couldn’t develop a new F1 game for 2011 and that Ferrari is F1 and RedBull will leave the series within ten years and concluded that no dispensation would be given to RedBull unless ol’ uncle Deiter came out of pocket to purchase an exception to the CodeMeisters (semi) exclusive from both Bernie and Codemasters. Deiter then Checked the couch cushions and said, “Bernie, I found $57,692.52 in my couch, is that enough?” Bernie said, “Double that and you have got yourself a deal.” He then accepted the cash while chuckling and said, “Now that you have paid for the privilege of using the FOM license, you will need to call that Game developer that was dumb enough to pay more than they can afford for the F1 license. Oh and tell them that in order to keep the license, they are contractually obligated to release a NEW game every year with said license and not simply a alpha version (F1 2009), a beta (F1 2010), and a somewhat finished product (F1 2011), it might give you some leverage when negotiating.” Deiter then went to his pal Dr. Marko and asked about how his illegitimate stepchild “Seb” liked the new version of the F1 game, saying, “…You know, the one that we use in the Red Bull Simulator…” Helmet responded, “actually Mark is the only one still using that piece of cr4p.” he then laughed and continued, “Seb uses an actual simulator that we paid someone to build.” Deiter responded with concern that as per marks contract, He is supposed to get “equal treatment and equipment from the team.” Dr. Marko then chuckled and said, “you are too funny Deiter! Next, I thought you were going to say you wanted to give Mark the proper engine map for race starts.” In the end Red Bull decided, because they were only in F1 as a marketing stunt (like Bennetton and Beatriz before), that it wasnt worth promoting a sport they were going to leave by 2020 anyway. And that is why there is a new X2011.

  3. Nov. 1, 8:10pm

    If the car is fake then how come I’m spending 12 real dollars on it? :)

    Seriously, I love this car, it’s a work of art. It’s part of the quirkiness of this game and why I love it. And it has real Cres because there’s camera footage of Newey drawing it, Vettel driving it with the same crummy steering wheel I have at home, and even Webber walking past it and going like “WTF, crikey mate”

    • Nov. 1, 8:12pm

      Cres = cred (stupid iPhone)

  4. Nov. 1, 7:28pm

    Another clown car for the collection Yay !

  5. Nov. 1, 11:26am

    And now, waiting for the Red Bull X2012………..

  6. Nov. 1, 11:20am

    Also noticed, the Bridgestones were switched to Pirellis.

    • Nov. 3, 12:22am

      Bad idea… ferrari doesnt even make that mistake on its roadcars anymore…. A bit of random knowledge, Ferrari switched from Mischellins to Bridgestone in their road cars and they got slower… considerably slower… even though they were lighter and had more power.

  7. Oct. 31, 4:09pm

    I think it might be cool if Adrian Newey designed a Le Mans style prototype for the game. Thought just crossed my mind.

  8. Oct. 31, 9:07am

    I would love to see this car become a reality

    • Oct. 31, 10:36am


  9. Oct. 30, 5:44pm

    Awesome car and its cool to see what both Polyphony and Red Bull can do together, too bad its driven by the worst and most ignorant drivers on Gran Turismo 5.

    • Oct. 30, 7:58pm


    • Oct. 31, 2:18am


  10. Oct. 30, 5:34pm

    Dude this car with low downface hits easily 500 km/h on SSR7

    • Nov. 3, 12:19am

      Why would you drive this car on a “track” that is a glorified dragstrip with two hairpins? It was created to be the ultimate roadracing machine. Although it is extremely fast, the exceptional characteristic of the x2011 is its cornering speed.

  11. Oct. 30, 5:33pm

    Same crap new pile.

    • Oct. 30, 7:16pm

      You mad?

  12. Oct. 30, 3:10pm

    This car is so fake and unrealistic, like the game

    • Oct. 30, 7:57pm

      You jealous? I can see the meaning in your name though. >:)

    • Oct. 31, 2:02pm

      Defiantly jealous of superior gaming detail.

      Also found reason why Xbox players have to pay money for online and the Xbox cost £190.

      This because the xbox’s reliable construction ( NOT ) means it breaks before 1 year and you then end paying loads of money for only a small time of usage.

      Conclusion ps3 more reliable, faster, better games, cheaper long term, free online, cheaper games, cheaper controllers, cheaper every think, better graphics and so much more for so much less.

    • Oct. 31, 7:51pm

      Forzafanboy has a good point, but instead of focusing on the point he makes, TokoTurismo and Saltypnut focus on his name, Forza and the Xbox. Let’s deal with what he says: “This car is so fake and unrealistic, like the game”

      Is it fake? – yes
      Is it unrealistic? – yes
      Is the game fake and unrealistic? – no

      So, he is mostly correct. Instead of name-calling and labelling, to find the truth you should deal with the message rather than focusing on the messenger.

    • Nov. 1, 7:32am

      We know that the car is imaginary. But is it right to call it fake? Not like we know that already but yeah. If you wroth to ever create something from your mind, sure you can call it fake. But for me, I call that something “imagainary” instead of fake caz it sounds mean. It’s okay to name yourself after a game, but it’s funny how to put “fan boy” at the end of it. I understand what you mean, but is it really necessary to call an imaginary car “fake yet unrealisic?” it’s just an a ” imagination.” That’s all we need to know. You don’t have to tell us twice. And for this part “This car is so fake and unrealistic, like the game” To us it sounded like he meant the game too is why we thought he was somewhat trolling. Like you said, Is the game fake and unrealistic? – no. Could have said it like in the first place before we acted up.

  13. Oct. 30, 1:47pm

    well done pd :) best game company by far. also i think that the x1 should be apreshiated abit more insted of being sterio typed left right and center.. ( sorry for spelling lol ).

  14. Oct. 30, 10:27am

    AWESOME. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the Batmobile? :)

    • Oct. 30, 1:55pm

      NO, you’re not the only only one!…If you’d even glanced at the thread then you would’ve known you were far from the only one

  15. Oct. 30, 7:02am

    I’m so happy PD waste so much time, effort and money on this instead of adding all the legacy GT tracks and upgrading the Standards to Premiums, no happy isn’t the right word, Pissed is the right word

    • Oct. 30, 1:04pm

      Being “pissed and whining” isn’t the key. Being “patient” is the key. Really. Don’t even think about calling me a “defender” just because I said, what I said. I was saying “facts” about you “whining and being pissed” for just an ” imagination.” I hope you really didn’t buy the DLC pack, just to complain about one car “all day long.”

  16. Oct. 30, 1:20am

    Adrian Newey has time to refine his virtual-dream car while still being the aerodynamicist at Red Bull?

    • Oct. 30, 1:33pm

      95doesnt really need to do much for redbull, vettels winning 95% of the time lol

    • Oct. 30, 1:33pm

      he *doesnt really need to do much for redbull, vettels winning 95% of the time lol

  17. Oct. 30, 12:21am

    Am I the only person that gets annoyed that the ‘fan’ never, ever moves? Even on the new intro movie it’s static….it makes my OCD bleed O_o

    • Oct. 30, 1:32pm

      you idiot. thats not a fan at the back, thats a way to make a vortex with the air or summut. that will never spin. plem

  18. Oct. 29, 11:31pm

    The x1 has a real proto the proof is in the description of the car and vettel has acually diven it at some.place.I.can’t remember. But if the x11 is an improvement then prob accually tweaked a proto to c the reaction in real life! Really awsome Kaz PD and the red bull team to pull it off In game and

    • Oct. 29, 11:33pm

      And in real life

  19. Oct. 29, 10:16pm

    do you haters want some cheese with that wine

  20. Oct. 29, 7:21pm

    I could see the change in the rear wing, and the fan exhaust. But the subtle changes I did miss. Of course the fact that you almost have to have the reflexes of a ninja to drive both the 10 and 11 is what makes the car the most fun. And I am now waiting until next October when we should be able to expect the next evolution X2012. ^_~

  21. Oct. 29, 6:49pm

    Adrian Newey: Needs more Batmobile…

  22. Oct. 29, 6:29pm

    “…until now, it wasn’t clear exactly what changes have been made to the car’s design.”

    Are you kidding me? The details have been up on GT’s website since the DLC was announced. Lower drag. Slight power increase. Done. The X11 only has a 25mph top speed advantage and worse handling according to people who have done comparisons.

    But what everyone is forgetting here: it’s a fantasy car. They could’ve turned the power up 5% without redesigning the fan at all, because I guarantee the physics don’t measure engine drag created by the fan. I also know that body shape doesn’t affect aerodynamics (imagine what would happen to many of the standard cars). They just set drag, downforce, and lift. These “changes” were only made to sell DLC that should’ve been included with the game.

  23. Oct. 29, 5:03pm

    Chuck Norris car

    • Oct. 30, 7:40pm

      no BATMAN!

  24. Oct. 29, 4:53pm

    On Ramming: I don’t think that people ram others on purpose with this car, it’s just they can’t slow it down fast enough (reflex wise) to not hit slower traffic and in this car everyone is slower traffic. I myself have used this car online and it’s tough to not hit someone, basically if you see it, you’ll hit it. I don’t use this car online ever unless it’s a sanctioned X race.

  25. Oct. 29, 2:30pm

    This baby is too fast for my internet connection (Also the X2010), my friend and i were running them on daytona and whenever we get to like 280+ it starts lagging back and forth. We slowed down and it stopped so we choose 2 GTRs and even at 220+ the race was still smooth. I love this car but i need to upgrade internet to truly enjoy it lol!

  26. Oct. 29, 1:56pm

    It sure looks nice, have not tryed it out yet, but will do later today.

  27. Oct. 29, 1:20pm

    The complainers are at it again, come on. *Rolls eyes* Must there “ALWAYS” be complaining about what Kaz and PD has to offer epecially this beauty. Guess complainers don’t know what “ART and IMAGINATION” is about.. Talk about 24/7… I for one “adore” this car and glud it’s in the game, even if I can’t drive it because I haven’t gotten the DLC packs yet but will soon. Sometimes it’s gets a little boring to drive something that already exists in real life. So Kaz wanted to try something new for once, and loved it.

    Note: I love writting big sentences. ;)

  28. Oct. 29, 12:59pm

    Any difference performance wise?

  29. Oct. 29, 12:14pm

    They should have the newest version of the bat mobile if their gonna put unrealistic cars in this game.
    At least the x1 doesn’t twitch like it has teretz.

  30. Oct. 29, 10:40am

    they should get rid of this wipeout crap from the game and give us some real cars.

  31. Oct. 29, 7:18am


  32. Oct. 29, 7:01am

    whats next??????mystery only time can solve this problem

  33. Oct. 29, 6:43am

    just bought dlc x11 477 km without slipstream cool the cars are very good best are subaru mitsubishi and the 2 mazdas gtr ok

  34. Oct. 29, 5:47am

    I think this is a great project. Keep them coming!

  35. Oct. 29, 5:14am

    I’d rather to stick with my X2010

  36. Oct. 29, 4:57am

    Adrian Newey is one of the few good things to come out of my home town of Doncaster :D Him and Jeremy Clarkson :)

    Really makes you wonder how the car could be improved upon further from here, because I’m sure there will be an X2012 along at some point……

    • Oct. 29, 1:18pm

      I don’t look forward to it.

    • Oct. 29, 4:54pm

      Clarkson is a good thing? Really?

  37. Oct. 29, 2:19am

    X2011 so much Power Aero!

  38. Oct. 29, 2:04am

    Thought it was odd that the x2010 had the short wing; a rule that f1 teams had been complaining about. It’s good to see that changed. The fan part seems to be an odd change. Any explanation for this?

    • Oct. 29, 2:38am

      The 2010 has the exit slightly pointed down causing downforce as the 2011 has it at a horizontal angle. As for the design of the exit, the 2011 blades of the exit have an angle of attack and/or are twisted airfoils at will cause the exiting are to create a vortex. Why a vortex is wanted? I don’t have a great answer. Maybe an attempt to resolve low pressure issues at the rear? Make it more batman?

    • Oct. 29, 2:41am

      The fan used to draw out the air from the underfloor was improved. The X2010 utilized a simple fan using only rotating blades, but in the X2011 the fan now takes on a two layer structure using static blades added behind the rotating blades to improve efficiency.

      Due to the improved efficiently it became possible to reduce the speed of the exhaust fan, resulting in less loss in drive power for the engine. This has improved engine output by approximately 5%.

      ^From GT website. I was close.

    • Oct. 31, 5:38pm
      Primus Ortus

      The forced induction and supercooled egress helps minimize radar signature and heat imprint, thereby making it virtually impossible to shoot down whilst blowing through Nurburgring. ;)

    • Nov. 3, 12:14am

      Have you heard of Venturi tunnels? (Re:turning veins)

  39. Oct. 29, 1:27am

    I never even noticed a physical difference until now..

  40. Oct. 29, 12:52am

    For me it´s a Batman race car !

  41. Oct. 29, 12:39am

    So its more aerodynamic which means higher speeds with less air resistance.

  42. Oct. 28, 10:58pm

    Batman would be proud.

    • Oct. 29, 6:54am

      Batman is more than proud…he has a stiffie.

  43. Oct. 28, 10:49pm

    Thanks for posting the updates! I’ve been curious about this since I saw there was a 2011 version. First, Vettle only won since he had the superior car. Alonso got crap from his engineers this year but has driven the car to be competitive. Alonso and Hamilton are the better drivers. Second, Adrian Newey has a heck of a brain. AND some good CFD codes. One thing that would help the car out is cooling. If an engine were to be made out of a ceramic material, so the engine could run hotter and more efficiently, the car would need less holes in it. Yes, the material may not exist as of now OR may not financially feasible but theoretically it would be an improvement. I’m surprised there isn’t a KERS or a DRS. Even a blown-defuser. Haha!

    • Oct. 29, 1:44am

      hamilton?? no! alonso…perhaps because of more experience. superior car??? doubt it. also, schumi will always be #1….or until vettel breaks his records. oh and, hey, if we put a rocket engine and make the cars hover, that’d be so much quicker, you wouldn’t even need to drive the course…pfft, sarcasm obviously

    • Oct. 29, 11:35am

      I would have to disagree when it comes to Hamilton. Alonso on the other hand, it takes something truly special to take a terrible car and contintly put it on the podium. Same can be said about Button.

    • Oct. 30, 5:08pm

      9 winning cars in 21 years with three different teams says something about newey rather than the resources available.

  44. Oct. 28, 10:45pm

    For all the people complaining about this car i just don’t understand why you play this game you clearly have no appreciation for car design and engineering skill.

    There are plenty of other driving games available where they smack a new title on the box each year then charge you again for DLC a couple of weeks after launch, and most of the cars in those games are the same ones you driven in every other game.

    At least you could acknowledge the sheer effort that has been put into designing this car to exploit aero knowledge from F1 and push the boundaries of whats possible while still maintaining a strong sense of realism.

    How many other driving games are just following each other year after year.

    • Oct. 29, 6:02am

      Well Said Sir.

    • Oct. 29, 1:21pm

      Well said indeed. :)

    • Oct. 29, 2:20pm
      Scozia Stradale

      (Claps loudly) I applaud the voice of reason Bladerunner

  45. Oct. 28, 10:43pm

    Now we need some real race cars added into this game.. no more make believe..

  46. Oct. 28, 10:33pm

    The Steering Ratio on the car itself is Shorter then the X2010. If you turn past 45 degree angle, it would be like making a 90 degree turn. Horsepower has been tweaked (Little Over 1514 HP/ 15000RPM) Top Speed: 311 Like the X2010, This will Not be a Real Car. Given the Lateral G’s this car would Produce,( 8 G’s ) It’s Not possible to find a Driver that can withstand the G loads yet alone Build the car. But, It’s fun trying to tame it.

    • Oct. 30, 1:36pm

      no lol, if u look at the aero on the settings, its set lower at the front and higher at the back so it will understeer more, set it up the way it should be set up and it will performe the same on the the corners, and slightly faster on the straits.

  47. Oct. 28, 10:14pm

    Wow. I really didn´t noticed all this. Sure this is a new car.Beautiful car.

  48. Oct. 28, 10:09pm

    Its really neat to see PD and Red Bull treat this as if it were an actual car. I’m not even sure they can do any better after this, but its incredible that they’ve somehow managed to improve a car I thought couldn’t be improved. As for the unnecessary comments about “noob” drivers only driving this car, stop with the BS. Just because your experiance in the public room always involved some moron wrecking into you while driving that doesn’t mean everyone that has this car is a “noob”. So because I have one thats that make me a “noob” Don’t like it, make settings in your room that exclude the car, simple as that. There’s no excuse or reason to blindly make complaints like that.

  49. Oct. 28, 10:06pm

    The car might be hated by some, loved by others… But man, this thing is beautiful to the eye!

    My favorite aspect of it is the fusion between a Formula 1 car and a LM Prototype. Plus the addition of everything that´s illegal in both categories.

    This thing is a beauty, and I wonder if it would actually work in real life, and if it did, who would have the guts to drive it at its full… Well, more of who would be able to withstand the brutal G´s that this thing might produce…

  50. Oct. 28, 10:01pm
    GT Pro

    MAKE IT RED BULL. All us GT fans will chip in a $1 each to see it happen. If, somehow, you find suitable tyres to go with it, name the series ‘Formula 0’ (a’la Nintendo’s F-Zero).

    • Oct. 29, 2:18pm
      Scozia Stradale

      i second that even if its a one make series i’d still watch it, although we all know who would win if it aint obvious, Sebastian Vettel, hes fast this is faster the world may spin backwards if they actually made it and let him drive it lol. an whats with the hate i wonder if the haters can actaully drive it without smashing into a wall, its a thrillling car just seeing the horizon come screaming towards you at 500km/h then turning in to a corner an being shocked lap after lap that the brakes actually slow this ballistic missile of a beast down, sheer rush

  51. Oct. 28, 9:56pm

    Have seen the scale model of this car and it is amazing (obviously it had no engine) but it was the x2010 in Vettel red bull livery…….immense!

  52. Oct. 28, 9:45pm

    Got to love the way they talk about the technical changes as if it was actually a real car!!! So sad.

  53. Oct. 28, 9:33pm

    Batman is jealous now.

  54. Oct. 28, 9:21pm

    How cool is it Adrian Newey spent time design a car for a video game during a World Championship Formula One season!!

    • Nov. 3, 12:11am

      It was surely an intern that designed this before lunch one day… Adrian simply glanced at it at shrugged then did the PR for it as he is paid to do. Altruism doesnt exist in F1

  55. Oct. 28, 9:14pm

    i drove x2011 and the x2010 with my driving force gt wheel and the x2010 is much gripper and much easier to drive and the x2011 is faster in a straight line

  56. Oct. 28, 9:01pm
    D X S O

    Every time I see that that red bull whatever, I think of the amount of real cars we don´t have because of it…

    • Oct. 30, 1:36pm

      hmm,….interesting way of looking at it

  57. Oct. 28, 9:00pm
    Mac K

    Love it or hate it, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into designing(and updating) it, so just think of that before you start picking on it, I don’t like to drive it, but it looks amazing and the design is a work of art.

    • Oct. 28, 9:36pm

      Probably no blood, sweat, or tears actually. Maybe a sore neck/back, and strained eyes from sitting at a PC screen. That’s about it.

    • Oct. 29, 1:23am

      Clearly someone has not spent an extended period of time behind a computer screen…

    • Oct. 29, 7:41am

      I think that is the concern.

  58. Oct. 28, 8:36pm

    This car makes GT5 look so bad. I understand the “what if” part of it, but they should have never put this car in GT5.

    • Oct. 28, 8:39pm

      Oh, correction they should have this car in GT5 for B-spec so I don’t have to sit there and watch him race. That’s the only good thing it’s for.

    • Oct. 28, 9:01pm

      Annnnd, there’s the X2010/X2011 hate.

    • Oct. 29, 6:49am

      Geez, what a goose. The X2010/2011 are our aspirational dreams. If you hate them, then you just don’t get it, regardless of how much you say you do.

    • Oct. 29, 10:06am

      I agree so with xNeroZero this car makes GT5 looks bad, they never shut put the car in the game in the first place. I understand the car is A engineers wet dream, but thats all it is A wet dream off A car that will never be billd. And online that car is like the plague.. I really hate that car. Now you see nothing but idiots drive that car and bumb into you ruining your`e lap.

    • Oct. 29, 10:32am

      Why they shouldn’t, the design was developed by the best on the F1 nowadays designer, The thing is that not all the people is capable to drive this correctly (me included I am still practicing), I think it is interesting give you an idea of what if is made at the limits, I still consider that a car like this is not possible to be build in real life just because the tires, not even the F1 tires can survive to such G Forces and speed, as much it could survive 1 or 2 laps as maximum, and not as maximum speed.

      I consider a challenge for a no skilled drivers it also test your reflexs, and how fast you are to turn, if you practice on this you can react faster on the Formula GT and also on the F10, F2007.

      But of course people today every opportunity that can complain will do it, no matter what. :S

      If you are talking about the online, configure the settings of your room and avoid to have people running this against you, as simple as that.

    • Oct. 29, 11:19am

      What a load of miserable clots you complainers are. Honestly what’s the big deal, all you can say is, “uuuugh nuugh, it’s like pointless cuz its not like wealistic enuff ugh ugh ugh”.

      Lighten up.

  59. Oct. 28, 8:27pm

    Let see how it drives the X2010 it took me about 8 laps to control it and give a decent lap without crash.

    I notice they switch from Bridgestone to Pirelli, I hope the tires don’t tend to deteriorate as usually happen on the real Formula 1 LOL on some races only takes 10 laps…. but talking seriously I don’t think in real life exist a tire capable to survive a car like this, turning at corners with that amount of G Forces….

    I also was thinking on this car with the Stig giving a power lap, some say his real name is ‘The’, and his left nipple is almost exactly the same shape as the Nurburgring, all what we know is called The Stig.

  60. Oct. 28, 8:22pm


  61. Oct. 28, 8:20pm

    does 510kph when stock with no slipstreams

  62. Oct. 28, 8:08pm

    I hit 500 km/h with it.

  63. Oct. 28, 8:04pm


  64. Oct. 28, 8:01pm

    Everyone having this car and being able to drive it regardless of skill level has completely ruined it. Why have a lvl system if you are going to throw it out and let the lvl2 X1 newbie ruin laps and ram the lvl35 No aids Courteous driver? Just another car to kick people for driving.

    • Oct. 28, 8:37pm

      The mentioning of a level system. Why have a leveling system at all? If I recall in the previous GT’s you did license tests to unlock events.

    • Oct. 29, 5:02am

      Agreed, although of course your level has less to do with how skilled you are, and more to do with how much time you have on your hands. You should be required to get all golds in the licences before being allowed to drive the X2011/x2012 online.

    • Oct. 29, 5:04am

      Correction: x2010/x2011… my bad xD.

  65. Oct. 28, 7:57pm

    Okay. So it looks like the Batmobile.

    • Oct. 28, 8:02pm

      Would gladly trade both X1’s for any of the Batmobiles.

    • Oct. 28, 9:03pm

      Sorry but a waste of time

    • Oct. 28, 9:50pm

      angry anderson too..

  66. Oct. 28, 7:55pm

    absolute work of art. really isnt much left to do with aerodynamics, so count on the 2012 having an engine change.

    • Oct. 29, 5:01am

      Forget engine change, 2012 better have a cup holder.

  67. Oct. 28, 7:51pm

    What can’t Redbull create something that isn’t a giant pain in the arse for a change?

  68. Oct. 28, 7:48pm

    Never experienced this car. Waste of time, PD!! Kids can play NFS!!

    • Oct. 28, 9:49pm

      kids might learn how to drive properly on gt5,infact with a wheel/gearbox the kids will love it more

    • Oct. 28, 10:57pm

      You should try it before making blanket comments. It is ridiculously fast, to the point that my mental reaction time can’t keep up, much less physical.

      A lot of fun to start pushing yourself.

    • Oct. 29, 11:06am

      I find it irritating that people just write it off as pointless and not realistic. Completely missing the point here. Aside from it being highly entertaining to experience the performance, I reckon it can actually help with driving more normal cars. I practiced for ages to get a 4 minute nurburgring lap time and seriously, my reaction times shot up. If your able to control this car on a narrow, windy circuit like this and kiss the apexs then I found that driving other cars was a dodle in comparison.

    • Oct. 29, 1:08pm

      SamWalshy : you are right. Once you are ale to drive this marvel properly on Nürburgring, other cars are somewhat “easier” to drive. Plus, I feel more confident pushing them to their limits. This being said, tuning has to be A OK for any good car in this game to bring adequate driving performance.

  69. Oct. 28, 7:48pm

    It’s just so enjoyable to drive. Absolutely superb that it has had even more Adrian Newey input. I guess the next fun is to do a hot lap contest between the 2010 and 2011 versions. This is how I imagined Formula One would be when I was a kid. Probably too dangerous in reality, but absolutely enthralling to drive, or even just to look at it. Have some fabulous Spa and Indy replays already.

  70. Oct. 28, 7:39pm

    One other small change:
    In the second picture, bottom right, they added a splitter to the front of the rear wheel arch/cover to force air around the wheelwell instead of getting into it.

    • Oct. 28, 8:03pm

      Good eye.

  71. Oct. 28, 7:18pm

    would anyone else kill for a Chrome X1 or X2 (X2011) ?

    • Oct. 28, 7:23pm

      i wouldnt go that far as to kill….maybe wound and maim,blind,chop slong off….

  72. Oct. 28, 7:15pm

    I think it’s fantastic that PD and Adrian Newey have this ongoing project. It’s kind of cool to (virtually) drive something that Adiran Newey Designed. Personally I don’t drive the 2010 often. I’ve driven the 2011 once since I got it the other day. They’re cool to experience. I just wish people wouldn’t abuse them as much as they do – the rammers make people hate that car.

    • Oct. 28, 7:40pm

      I agree, it really is an interesting project :D it is a shame that the X2010 had such a bad reputation (not it’s own fault tho) it’s great to drive a car designed by Adrian Newey and has the name of F1’s most recent world champion! :D

  73. Oct. 28, 7:15pm

    I especially like the extended Wing, but I would like a Painted X2011 and a Sebastian Vettel Celebratory Painted X2011; if someone wants to do a little photoshop magic to see what it looks like that would be nice

  74. Oct. 28, 7:14pm
    EAGLE 5

    So basically you can drive it upside down in a tunnel at only 30 instead of 130 right?

    That’s awesome!!! but stay away from ovals or you’ll pass out from the G’s!

    • Oct. 28, 11:26pm

      LOL, i could imagine someone making this and then driving it. “Coming down the back straight at 430 km/h!” “He goes for the chicane!!!!!!!” ……8G’s!!!……….. (Dead)

  75. Oct. 28, 7:05pm

    The 2011 is a lot smoother and a lot more streamlined

  76. Oct. 28, 6:54pm

    It’s nice how they treat is like trying to perfect a real car.

  77. Oct. 28, 6:50pm

    they really have to do something to actually make this car in real life and race it, even make a class just for it…

    • Oct. 28, 6:59pm

      Nah, too dangerous. They would have to add +500 KG and -500 HP to make it barely safe. It would be OK if they made a prototype of it the way it is now, but somebody would have to be insane to drive it. (Vettel, perhaps?)

    • Oct. 28, 7:01pm

      Men would die.

    • Oct. 28, 7:05pm

      now that i think of it, what tyre can keep up with that thing in real life. i guess thats why the C class from japan is no more…..

    • Oct. 28, 7:16pm

      Flat out, too much money to be created. It’s an excellent dream though.

    • Oct. 28, 7:27pm

      I would really like them to create one in real life as well, but not to be raced. Just for it to go in a straight line to see how fast it could actually go, and have it be put in the record books. It would become legendary!

    • Oct. 28, 7:41pm

      and if it does happen, not only GT5 makes racing drivers but also racing cars…. taking “the real driving simulator” to reality even more.

    • Oct. 28, 8:41pm

      @ParkourVeyron – They already have a series like that (erhem Formula 1 erhem). To get the prototype up and running would need tens of millions of dollars so if the GT community would like to chip in to get that going I’m all for it…or how about have another Red Bull seasonal and winner gets to test a Red Bull F1 car!!!

    • Oct. 28, 8:58pm

      I think that polyphony meant to make something like this, that everyone can aspire to create but it’s too legendary. I gotta say, if polyphony made it in a game, there’s bound to be a way or recreating the exact specs in real life, just not in our lifetime. Maybe our kids lifetime, in which case that’ll still be amazing…

    • Oct. 29, 12:09am

      The Veyron’s tires will only last about 10-15 minutes at 430-450 km/h, so you can imagine the limitations with one of the more important parts of a car.

    • Oct. 29, 12:20pm

      The veyron weighs 3 times as much as the x2010/11 so the stress on the tyres is much less on the x2010/11. Unless they have the load of downforce on the car irl when they go for a speedrun.

    • Oct. 29, 2:42pm

      what PD should do is make a track exclusive to GT5 wide enough so that we can drive the full potentian of the X…..

    • Oct. 30, 5:00pm

      A rolling chassis was made by redbull for the x2010

    • Oct. 30, 10:00pm

      Too all of you who said the tires would be hard you are correct, however the United Stattes and their allies use tires that are part rubber but inside the rubber there is titanium strings and also the center isnt air, its nitrogen. A huge plane like that, with that much speed needs dang good tires, as does this if it ever became reality

    • Nov. 3, 12:38am

      @bmoe24x: Nitrogen IS air lol. The air we breathe is a little more than 78% Nitrogen and less than 21% Oxygen. But yea if this car was created I think it would be better to control it remotely instead of snapping necks lol.

      @HPUnleashed: It wouldn’t make top speed or acceleration record books though. A couple cars have passed 415 mph (669 km) and a few current cars are being built to surpass 500mph, 800mph and 1050mph.

    • Nov. 3, 2:08am

      the tracks would need to be highly modified to handle such a race car.

  78. Oct. 28, 6:48pm

    Beautiful car. Absolutely love the detail work they’ve done with it.

  79. Oct. 28, 6:47pm

    Looks so much better! :)

  80. Oct. 28, 6:41pm

    Very cool Jordan…

  81. Oct. 28, 6:38pm

    So now lots of little kids can ram experienced drivers into walls but only faster!

    • Oct. 28, 7:48pm

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Oct. 28, 8:20pm

      “Experienced” drivers don’t join pub games. They make a private game and invite others who are willing to not BS around.

    • Oct. 28, 8:38pm


    • Oct. 28, 9:24pm

      “Experienced” drivers don’t join pub games. They make a private game and invite others who are willing to not BS around.
      ^^ Total BS

    • Oct. 29, 1:03pm

      I dont understand, so some of you seemed to think that kids have not already hacked the game and got the X2010.
      IF they ram you into a rail at 310 vs 330, does it make your car undrivable for ever. i thought that this was a game and all cars were just part of the game and like any other game you can restart and have that brand new looking car agian.
      Then i also only race with prople who care about having a Fair race.

    • Oct. 29, 2:07pm
      Scozia Stradale

      People who ram using the pinnacle of racing technology tht this is r iggnorant and childish this was created not just to push the boundaries of racing cars but the boundaries of driving. I personally have spent bout an hour or 2 toying about with it to get 3 different setups depending on the track, this thing is wild and with the now more stable handling it does’t just push the envelope it bursts through it.

    • Oct. 30, 9:56pm

      not all little kids are inexperienced, dont stereotype a whole group without checking the whole group. I realize yes, a lot of little kids are terrible drivers, but myself being a kid compared to some of the 30-50 year olds I can keep up just fine and dont ever have any complaints of inexperienced ness or problems with my driving. Just saying

  82. Oct. 28, 6:37pm


    • Oct. 28, 10:33pm

      I knew something about the spoiler changed just didn’t know what, but the whole car is improved, even the handling.

    • Oct. 28, 11:22pm

      Changes are really nice, car looks great but sadly this car almost never falls into the right hands. When you see it being used as a battering ram. I find it fun to race but there is no good drivers, or at least drivers who respect a car like this to use it properly. Of course in free run its fine to mess around.

    • Oct. 29, 1:02pm

      Well said Jason. Since the X2011 is available, I enjoy so much doing Spa and Nürburgring. Some people on the other hand don’t take time to develop their knowledge about this car before going online with it.

    • Oct. 29, 3:43pm

      It’s awesome that there are actually things different about this 2011 model. I really appreciate the PD took the time to create a new X1 and the improvements make the race car even better looking.

    • Oct. 29, 9:58pm

      Future Batmobile

    • Nov. 5, 2:51am

      I’ve actually had some great clean “races” with the X2010. I hope to do so with the X2011. The reason I say “races” is they were lap long sprints from a stand still in a free run room. However, me and 2 others were racing very legitimately and cleanly, and it was some of the best racing I’ve had online. You just have to find the right people. I’d be very interested in a X2010 race series.

    • Nov. 17, 8:47pm

      Looks crazier than the 2010 red bull

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