Gran Turismo 5 DLC Coming October 18th, Includes Spa Francorchamps

October 11th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Hot on the heels of the massive Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 update, Polyphony Digital has just released all the juicy details on the game’s first batch of DLC, or “downloadable content”. It will all be available to purchase via the PlayStation Store, starting October 18th. Here’s a closer look at what’s coming:

Course Pack ($4.99)

  • Spa Francorchamps (with weather effects)
  • Kart Space I/II (at night)
Racing Car Pack ($7.99)
  • Red Bull X2011 Protytpe ’11
  • Dodge Challenger SRT8 Touring Car
  • Honda CR-Z Touring Car
  • Mazda Roadster Touring Car
  • Mazda RX-7 Touring Car
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Touring Car
  • Nissan GT-R R35 Touring Car
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 Touring Car
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 Touring Car
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Touring Car
  • Subaru Impreza Touring Car
  • Toyota Prius Touring Car
  • Gran Turismo Racing Kart Jr.
  • Gran Turismo Racing Kart 100
  • Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125
Racing Gear Pack ($2.99)
Paint Pack ($1.99)
Complete Pack ($11.99)
  • Includes all the packs in one convenient bundle.

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  1. Oct. 11, 3:24am

    Wether you like it or not, the DLC system is finished PD will see a LOT of new money flowing in. This will in turn mean we get more and more DLC, and so the circle is complete. I’m personally happy to have it and don’t mind paying for extra stuff -i’ve MORE than had my €44 worth of GT5 over the last year. When PD see the rate people are going to grab these packs they will make a point of giving us the tracks we’ve been banging on about since day one.

  2. Oct. 11, 3:22am

    Oh, btw, how many £ is $11.99? Are we talking something like £10? If so, that is VERY cheap (vs NFS; £5 for 2 cars :P)

    • Oct. 11, 4:11pm

      Works out about £7-£8, so could be £7.99. But no doubt thanks to the way the UK works it will be £11.99! They dont seem to understand conversion rates over here!

  3. Oct. 11, 3:18am

    I, for one, am very pleased with this. I will definitely save myself time and buy the “full pack”.
    Nice work Kaz, that CRZ Touring looks awesome!
    The best part is, this DLC, from what I’ve gathered, is only the start.

  4. Oct. 11, 3:17am

    Still interested how people who hasn’t got the DLC will be able to play with those, who has it..

  5. Oct. 11, 3:17am

    Yay! Spa, love that track :-)

  6. Oct. 11, 3:10am

    I think I just died a little, I NEED GT5 BACK!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  7. Oct. 11, 3:09am

    It took them a year to add this?

    Next time someone tells me that Forza 4 isn’t realistic I’ll just direct them towards ‘Space Karts’. XD Also, new colours and gear! AW YEAH! Just what a DRIVING simulator needs, more stuff that is useless for DRIVING.

    I’ll be leaving it well alone.

    • Oct. 11, 3:13am

      Oh and I’m well aware that Space Karts isn’t meant to actually be set in space, but it’s still ridiculous. Just look at it!

    • Oct. 11, 4:04am

      As much as I love Spa and will be buying the pack, it really is kinda bad only having 1 track and a few cars. I just hope they release DLC alot more regularly now and not once every year. Also, that Kart track should have been free with the 2.0 update imo, that’s not really worth paying for.

  8. Oct. 11, 3:09am

    OMG i left my PS3 downloading the update when it was done….it got corrupted…then i thought imay download it again..BUT IT CORRUPTED THE ENTIRE UPDATE HISTORY D: now it askes me to download 10 updates at once
    OMG did some else had this problem. :( HELP!

  9. Oct. 11, 3:06am

    btw, I’m actually hoping for the Pikes peak, Apricot Hill and Seattle circuits and for the cars, I was hoping about having Porsche and Audi RS4 …

  10. Oct. 11, 3:06am

    Not bad for the first dlc pack, definitely buying it and hoping for more track packs in the near future!

  11. Oct. 11, 3:02am

    Not impressed with the car pack. Just looks like a bunch of re-hashed cars… And the one and only American car in the selection is a boring (and ugly) one. Not really what I expected for DLC, was really hoping for new premiums not re-colored ones. Pass…

    The track pack is more like it! Spa????!??!?! Two words: Hell Yeah. Also I’m really digging the kart track. Finally something to ignite my interest in karting. Looks really fun and interesting. Money well spent here.

    The color pack is great too, really like the different chrome selections and the Polarize selection is very intriguing. Will definitely be buying these.

    And for the racing gear? STIGGGGGGYYYYY! Lol. Definitely will be buying that. This DLC devliers.

    All in all, I’m very happy with the pros, but the cons are still very disappointing. PD really has a chance to take advantage of DLC as die hard fans are clamouring for old school GT tracks. Still would like to see a wheel pack for standard cars. And of course PD should bring something NEW to the premium car roster – not re-colored cars but something legitimate.

  12. Oct. 11, 3:01am

    F*CK all the HATERS!!! Yes I will buy the whole pack bundle for 11 bucks! Go hate me. Go comment everything you want! At the end of the day, you will still think about this DLC. Whiners just shut up.I love all the cars they made specially the R32, R33, R34 and the RX7 !!! But it could be better.

    • Oct. 11, 4:39am

      I love the fact that they added 4 new skylines. One of the greatest cars ever!!

    • Oct. 11, 3:01pm

      Agreed. :D

  13. Oct. 11, 2:56am


    If you read this or have people read these posts to you… here’s what I’d like to suggest to you. Many people around the world weren’t able to get the Stealth Cars or Chrome Cars. If you make them available as DLC – they will sell!

    Also, there are so many awesome road courses that really should be part of GT5. Please consider making as DLC the following…
    Lime Rock Park
    Road Atlanta
    Road America
    Infineon (Sears Point)
    Watkins Glen
    Brands Hatch
    Philip Island

    Lime Rock Park would be my first choice, and the rest in no particular order.

    Thanks much, and I really appreciate all of the updates for GT5 after the tough year Japan has had.


    • Oct. 11, 6:47am

      The stealth and chrome cars should remain rare and special for those who spent $20 more at release date. ;)

    • Oct. 11, 10:48am

      Brands Hatch would be incredible (the full GP circuit, and indy one)

    • Oct. 11, 3:02pm

      Brands Hatch. Didn’t GT Academy raced on that track along with Silverstone. Maybe those tracks will be coming for the upcoming DLCs track packs. Yay. :D

  14. Oct. 11, 2:50am

    GUYS! more importantly JORDAN! I was playing with the new shuffle races and then I decided to try karts online so I selected there to be “karts only” and then I noticed it said racing kart jr! So I saved the replay and here’s some screen shots for you guys! these things look really cool!!

  15. Oct. 11, 2:49am

    Spa Francorchamps…? Oh yes it is! Oh yes it is!!!

  16. Oct. 11, 2:47am

    the one thing i was hoping for didn’t show up in that list. (pike’s peak)

    • Oct. 11, 3:04pm

      Don’t worry friend. :) Everyone and I believes Kaz will add that track for the upcoming DLC packs. Don’t lose hope, stay with GT5. ;)

  17. Oct. 11, 2:34am

    Not that impressed by the racemodded cars but can’t wait to try the new karts and the X2011. Spa is great and that kart track looks awesome. Bought a €50 PSN cars because I though the DLC would come at like €10 each so I’m happy with the prize and have some money waiting for real cars when they release them:D

  18. Oct. 11, 2:24am

    This is nice and I will buy the lot, but I really hoped for a test track (400m 1000m top speed etc), GT5 is badly needing it.

    • Oct. 11, 10:49am

      In the new spec 2 intro video, the last scene with the X2010 on the straight… is that the test track they are teasing?

    • Oct. 11, 3:05pm

      Maybe so. Oh boy, GT5 is getting better and better. :D

  19. Oct. 11, 2:23am

    OMG Thank you Mr. Yamauchi

    • Oct. 11, 2:26am

      OMG X2011 :0

  20. Oct. 11, 2:15am

    Can we PLEAAASEE get more European cars? I’m a huge VW/Audi enthusiast and it’s a shame they don’t even have the VW R32 or the Audi RS4 as premium.

    • Oct. 11, 2:44am

      R32 is in the game already.

  21. Oct. 11, 2:11am

    Yes spa. Never thought this would be in gt5. Thanks kaz

  22. Oct. 11, 2:08am

    I teared when i open this site my dreams have come true! Thank you PD!!!

  23. Oct. 11, 2:06am

    Loving everything so far, even the karts. The race mods look badass and the Spa track is a definite surprise.

  24. Oct. 11, 2:05am

    Time to jailbreak the ps3…not paying more for a game I already paid for.

    • Oct. 11, 2:43am

      Jailbreaking won’t help, just make it so you can’t play online!

  25. Oct. 11, 2:02am

    Wait, X2011? They made it faster?!?!?

  26. Oct. 11, 1:55am

    so no new cars just more of the same … this are RM cars …. 1 year just for this?

    Course Pack ($4.99) is the only good thing here but maybe for $2 not $5

  27. Oct. 11, 1:53am

    Toyota Prius touring car????? BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHa

  28. Oct. 11, 1:53am

    I was specting more tracks specially El Capitan i love that track and some old rally tracks like Tahiti Maze hopefully for future DLC.

  29. Oct. 11, 1:50am

    Is Kart Space a track editor template? Imagine drifting around in cars :3

  30. Oct. 11, 1:50am

    Stig is in the helmet bundle!
    In black and white.
    Helmet ad suit!

  31. Oct. 11, 1:47am

    Tracks: Spa Francorchamps alone, that makes me wow! I hope they scanned and detailed the surface unlike most GT5 tracks that are plain and geometric. The next ones should be Bathurst and Pikes Peak.
    Cars: I don’t like GT fantasy cars so I am pretty disappointed by this selection. They should have done all the missing BMW ///M cars with their racing counterparts, starting with E30 M3.

    • Oct. 11, 5:52am

      Yes !! I would love to see Pikes Peak too !!!!

    • Oct. 11, 1:54pm

      For Pikes Peak you also need a Premium Group B pack including the Quattro.
      For Bathurst, premium official Fords and Holdens.

  32. Oct. 11, 1:42am

    Right when my HSC starts… Great -.-

  33. Oct. 11, 1:40am
    Midnight Snacks

    Oh god when I saw that lit up track at night my mind immediately went to SSR11.


  34. Oct. 11, 1:37am

    $5 for it all…not $12 thats like 10% of what I paid for the whole game for about 0.5% extra

    • Oct. 11, 1:48am

      Why are you complaining? You got today’s update with 12 cars for free, and a SV RedBull car.

  35. Oct. 11, 1:33am

    we want to see more ” LICENCED CARS” not this…!!!!

    • Oct. 11, 5:38pm

      Well then be patient for more DLC in the future. These are merely touring cars (various models with Racing Modifications imo).

      I’ll only be buying the track pack and waiting in future for more Car Pack DLCs, with new cars, not Racing Modified ones.

  36. Oct. 11, 1:33am

    I’m going to buy that DLC bundle 4 sure!

  37. Oct. 11, 1:32am

    Only 2 tracks? very lame. but hey guys don’t forget the amount of work & detail Polyphony does on their products.

    The car selection is very very bad tho. I was hoping for more exotics/Ferrari’s/koenigsegg/and all the other beasts of this world. I really don’t want more japanese cars. We already have 30 other GT-R’s so why add another? -.-

    I want more tracks and BETTER cars. Not just more cars but BETTER cars

  38. Oct. 11, 1:31am

    is a little disappointed that it’s just touring cars instead of race cars as the Audi R18, the new Pegeot but buy it all:) and there redbull looks good! hope that there will be multiple batches where you can buy multiple cars like Audi R18 street cars road cars. hope you understand me what I think ..

  39. Oct. 11, 1:30am

    This is a really poor collection of DLC.

    The car pack is just RM versions or re-skins of cars already in the game, and do we really need more Japanese cars, in particular three Skylines?

    Massively disappointing.

    On the plus side, Spa looks fantastic.

  40. Oct. 11, 1:27am

    So we gotta pay $30 for more cars & tracks? Wow…… Failing yet again

    • Oct. 11, 1:31am

      isn’t it 11.99?

    • Oct. 11, 1:35am

      Complete Pack ($11.99)
      Includes all the packs in one convenient bundle.

    • Oct. 11, 1:38am


    • Oct. 11, 4:19am

      Not reading the details is …… failing yet again.

  41. Oct. 11, 1:25am

    SPA is great.

    but be really honest I was kind of hoping it would also invlude some GT4 tracks.
    But 4.99 is alot cheaper then I thought.

  42. Oct. 11, 1:24am

    That’s a poor DLC for all the wait !!!

    the’re will be more DLC’s, maby, hopefuly, i pray for!!!

  43. Oct. 11, 1:24am

    OMG that Prius is so HOT!!!

    Ok no seriously, it looks like a good piece of DLC though I think it could’ve been better, still will buy it just because any piece of DLC is kind of a big deal for GT standards, and it only took them 1 year.

  44. Oct. 11, 1:23am

    i really hope they are more tracks coming, spa is great but come on!!! 11 more useless nascars? and a race modified prius? u couldn’t invest the money in adding more tracks???

    • Oct. 11, 1:25am

      Yeah, why can’t we just bring back Midfield and Apricot Hill? And the track variations of Fuji Speedway and Suzuka WEST? And the oval Monza track variation?

      Guess we’ll have to wait some more…

    • Oct. 11, 1:51pm

      Totally agree with emeraldpython about missing track variations. Why can’t we have them, if the whole place has already been digitalized??

  45. Oct. 11, 1:23am

    2 bad I was hopimg for the gtr academy special or a usa dlc car

    • Oct. 11, 2:40am

      Didnt they give away the GT Academy GTR for participating in the Qualifier for GT Academy?

    • Oct. 16, 11:26am
      Dominic Toretto

      They give it to you if you pass the S licence with GOLD… I have it its white with the GT academy logo on the doors

  46. Oct. 11, 1:22am

    WHERE. ARE. THE. SHELBY’s! 2012 5.0 GT350, GT500, SuperSnake.

    • Oct. 11, 8:30am
      Carlos Fandango

      They’re in America

    • Oct. 11, 9:02am

      Shelby: (I know we at least have the 427 Cobra, but of all the tuning houses this one deserves more attention)
      2012 GT350
      2012 GT500
      2012 SuperSnake
      XXXX Daytona Coupe

      RUF: (Especially since we can’t have official Porsche’s in the game)





      as for tracks Hawker77 is dead on:
      Lime Rock Park
      Road Atlanta
      Road America
      Infineon (Sears Point)
      Watkins Glen
      Brands Hatch
      Philip Island

    • Oct. 11, 5:32pm

      I dont think Sebring, Lime Rock and Road Atlanta will come to GT, there ALMS tracks and forza seams to be the new sponsor of ALMS coverage from what I saw at petit le mans…

    • Oct. 12, 12:38am

      It wouldn’t be fair to other countries to slap a bunch of tracks no one outside of the states have heard of.

    • Oct. 19, 4:06am
      SZRT Ice

      @ Jared:

      Many people only know of many courses in the world through Gran Turismo. So ofcourse it’s fair. GT introduced me to Laguna Seca, the Nurburgring, La Sarthe, and many other world circuits. I’m looking forward to some “Point to Point” circuits however… Especially in touge, rally, and drag racing…

  47. Oct. 11, 1:20am

    I think this is the start. I don’t think they expected such a huge response to GT5 and now that it is here, Sony is like lets make money off of this. I will buy the whole pack. I love GT and I understand. I will happily purchase this pack as long as it continues the franchise.

  48. Oct. 11, 1:19am

    Shivering all over my body. Chickenpocks, emotional, Spa has finally arived.

    Thanks a million!

    • Oct. 11, 2:38am

      Chicken pox? Don’t you mean Goose bumps or are you really infectious right now?

    • Oct. 11, 4:38am

      I meant goose bumps LOL

  49. Oct. 11, 1:14am

    I must say that the new colors look sweet , I´ll be repainting several cars to rock them at spa as the STIG !!! ;)

  50. Oct. 11, 1:14am

    Cool stuff. Of course SPA is the bomb !

    Would like to see the Merc AMG SLS GT3 in the car pack..

  51. Oct. 11, 1:12am

    Thank You Polyphony- wonderful stuff!!!

  52. Oct. 11, 1:09am

    Shifter karts YES!! That is a krazy kart track

    • Oct. 11, 1:18am

      Not too sure if that is a shifter kart, Zuel. It is 125cc, but the exhaust looks a lot similar to the Rotax 125cc engine, could be a single-speed TaG engine.

    • Oct. 11, 2:37am

      Zuel are you the Keymaster? Sorry had to ask! :)

  53. Oct. 11, 1:07am


  54. Oct. 11, 1:07am

    Happy Happy, this means there will be car/track packs on a regular basis, this means if my wishes is forfilled there will be a E30 BMW M3 in the future !!

    • Oct. 11, 1:22am

      Couldn’t we drive regular cars (well, race cars, strictly speaking) on the Eiffel kart track for that one seasonal event? And other cars on other kart tracks (tracks that I’ve never even seen, btw, so I was like “wtf? where did this track come from?”). Point is, I think some kart tracks are useable for regular cars, it’s just a little confusing with the track selection all over the place.

      Awesome update, awesome DLC!! Woooh!

  55. Oct. 11, 1:03am

    wonder if you can run other cars on that kart track? would be really fun to drift at night :)

    • Oct. 11, 1:05am

      yea that would be all right but i doubt it cause we can’t use the production cars on any of the other go kart tracks

    • Oct. 11, 2:35am

      Actually you SHOULD be able to run regular cars on the Kart Track seeing as how you can run cars on the Custom kart track but I’m not 100% sure.

    • Oct. 11, 3:42am

      Man I hope we can Drifting on that track would feel somewhat epic…somewhat.

    • Oct. 11, 3:47am

      i think it would look like mario kart hahahah

  56. Oct. 11, 1:02am
    Chad D.

    looks like i’m gonna have to make a stop at gamestop or target and get me a $20 PSN card :D

  57. Oct. 11, 1:00am


    indoor go kart track….WTF!?!?

    and i don’t care for fantasy GT touring cars, why can’t this be the RM cars like they should be, dlc cars should be present/future production cars! real cars! not fantasy….omg that’s my biggest gripe with this dlc

    and if i get the paint pack, do i only get one chip per color or is it unlimited? it would suck to have to keep paying for virtual paint after having used up all the paint chips that I bought with real money! if it’s unlimited, then that’s coo

    • Oct. 11, 1:25am
      killer tiller

      Don’t know what world your living in but rx7s, skylines, imprezas, evos, camaros and even the Prius are real life production cars.. Now they just got some racing paint, which is basically what an RM is anyway.

      I’m keen to see how that Prius goes lol

  58. Oct. 11, 12:57am

    Super excited! Spa! The Kart track looks awesome too haha.

    New cars are always nice, I’m gonna destroy with that Prius ;)

    Gear looks awesome (Includes Stig suit and helmet :D), and the paints as well.

    At $12, guarantee buy for me. Can’t wait.

  59. Oct. 11, 12:54am

    Hoy bejesus, did you see that Challenger? I’m skittling like a little chol girl right now. That thing on Spa!! uhhghhghfhghh….

  60. Oct. 11, 12:53am

    I have a question: If you buy the Car Pack, are the cars going directly to your garage? Or just in the dealers area to “re-buy” them?

    • Oct. 11, 1:07am

      If you go on the website (click the “suits and helmets” link in the post) and surf around that section of it. There’s tons of cool stuff to see, and i says that after you’ve downloaded the cars, simply go to car delivery and you recieve. So apparently you get them all for free, and then I assume you can simply buy more later if you like. Man, this is sweet! Can’t wait to update and get the DLC!

      BTW, everyone, try going to that link, there’re actually some instructions you have to follow to get the DLC working, so check it out.

  61. Oct. 11, 12:51am

    btw theres a new formula 1 event and is it just me or did the cars at the hot car dealership price go up?
    and i thought there was gonna be a new intro but all i’m seeing is the old one and just hearing a different version if the song from before or am i just missing stuff?

    • Oct. 11, 12:59am

      oh and im digging the new simplified interior view
      tried it on the formula 1 car and it looks great! u can even see the driver shift gears with the paddle shifters too
      and i feel like the loading time is slightly faster and they made the screen to black out for a moment when u go into the dealer menu

  62. Oct. 11, 12:49am
    Mac K

    Epic just epic! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, heres hoping for even more future content! :p

  63. Oct. 11, 12:49am

    No new cars modelled then? As in 2011 production cars. Shame.

  64. Oct. 11, 12:49am

    Kart Space looks interesting. And SPA. Wow

  65. Oct. 11, 12:49am

    I cant sleep tonight. And i have a math exam tomorrow. I cant believe im saying this but Kaz. I hate you for releasing this stuff on a school night

  66. Oct. 11, 12:47am

    Btw, Jordan, did you say that the fll pack includes, ALL of the other mentioned packs? As in, if you buy that you get it all? Because it’s quite a bit cheaper than buying them individually. In fact, since the car and track packs will be what people will buy the most, you may as well get the full pack, because they’re the same price! So you get the gear and paint for free, unless I’m mistaken.

    • Oct. 11, 12:53am

      Yep, the full pack includes everything.

  67. Oct. 11, 12:47am


  68. Oct. 11, 12:47am

    Epic win! Spa Francorchamps = Greatest circuit in the world. Don’t be mad, Nurburgring fanboys. It just is.

    Also, if you check PD’s website from the link, you’ll be able to set your racing suit up as the Stig (Simpson Diamondback Helmet in white and Alpinestars GP-1 suit in white)!

    • Oct. 11, 1:19pm

      it is fun track back when i played F1 2010 its amazing!!!

    • Oct. 12, 7:14am
      HKS racer

      No need of a Ring vs. Spa debate. Two of the most epic tracks in the world, I’ll use booth.
      Hockeneim, the old layout could be another glorious one.
      And Bathurst..
      and so many others..

  69. Oct. 11, 12:46am
    Alibi GT

    Spa, that’s fantastic!! Would have bought the car pack if there was a koenigsegg in it.

  70. Oct. 11, 12:46am

    There will be more….

  71. Oct. 11, 12:46am

    Awesome to get new stuff, although it really is a bit of a dissapointment…

    Still no premium MK4 Supra = balls…

  72. Oct. 11, 12:44am

    Disappointed there’s no Seattle Circuit but still can’t wait!

  73. Oct. 11, 12:43am

    ^^^Racing Car Pack ($7.99)


  74. Oct. 11, 12:42am

    Hope the RX7 FD3S is tuned by Mazdaspeed and Amemiya. Need both favorite JDM Rotary TUNERS!

  75. Oct. 11, 12:41am

    If those are the only F#%@^ cars we get that is absolute bogus> wow. What a joke!!

  76. Oct. 11, 12:41am

    Allan Moffats RX7.i hope

    • Oct. 11, 12:45am

      This, Followed by Bathurst.

  77. Oct. 11, 12:40am

    Buying this definitely. $12 for the entire pack? That’s worth it.

  78. Oct. 11, 12:40am

    I am going to tear Nordschlieffe a new one with the Prius Touring car!!!

  79. Oct. 11, 12:40am

    So I have to pay. I am disappoint.

    • Oct. 11, 12:44am

      You honestly thought they were going to give DLC away for free?

    • Oct. 11, 1:10am

      Ya know, I’m a broke bloke ;_;

      The cars could have been RM’s though.

    • Oct. 11, 2:06am

      I know but c’mon stay of the beers for a night and bam there’s your $12.

      I’ve had to buy a whole new PS3 this week :(

    • Oct. 11, 2:16am

      Oh right, it’s that cheap. I must be that naive.

      But seriously, it takes a while for me to get some DLC…

    • Oct. 11, 2:32am

      Go back to /o/.

    • Oct. 11, 3:07am

      @Studentdriver: I don’t get what you’re saying, sorry mate.

    • Oct. 12, 8:33am

      go back to being a tie-fighter pilot? :/

  80. Oct. 11, 12:40am

    i need more skylines & mazdas

  81. Oct. 11, 12:40am

    x2011 prototype?

  82. Oct. 11, 12:39am

    Cannot wait to fly through Eau Rouge in GT!!!

  83. Oct. 11, 12:39am

    Oh my god seriously. 4 more skylines.. they just don’t get it.

    • Oct. 11, 12:48am

      whats a few more drips in the ocean…

    • Oct. 11, 1:04am

      They need a car pack that REMOVES Skylines… I’d pay for that :p

    • Oct. 11, 7:48am
      Tenacious D

      I’d rather remove you ;-)

    • Oct. 11, 8:44am
      HKS racer

      PD headquarters conversation:

      KY: Skyline
      PD: Skyline Skyline
      KY: Skyline Skyline Skyline
      PD: Skyline Skyline Skyline Skyline
      KY: Nissan GT-R Nissan GT-R, GT-R GT-R GT-R !
      PD: Nissan GT-R, GT-R, R33, R34, R35, Skyline!!
      KY: Skyline Skyline
      PD: Skyline Skyline Skyline

      LoL ; )

    • Oct. 11, 2:58pm

      ‘Ping’. Trophy awarded : Collect the Skylines!

      It’s about time, no?

  84. Oct. 11, 12:38am

    Spa! Hell yeah. Disappointed with the cars and other tracks though … hopefully the karts are shifters.

  85. Oct. 11, 12:38am

    Sweet! I was kinda hoping for more tracks, but Spa is fantastic! I can’t wait!! :D

    Wait… they said Toyota Prius Touring Car? o__O

    • Oct. 11, 12:44am


      Scroll all the way to the bottom!!

    • Oct. 11, 3:03am

      Ha-ha at sneaky way to get the Stig’s suit.

    • Oct. 11, 3:03am

      … Both of them!

    • Oct. 11, 7:40am

      The same brand that makes the Stig’s suit are the ones that made the suits at the bootom.

    • Oct. 12, 9:10pm

      Yes! Picture time!!!

  86. Oct. 11, 12:37am

    YES! MORE KARTS! I love karts dearly!

    • Oct. 11, 2:11am

      So do I love karts and kart racing! The new kart track looks epic too!

    • Oct. 11, 7:47am
      Tenacious D

      With the new physics, I’m going to have to revisit those karts soon.

    • Oct. 11, 7:27pm

      I pretty much ONLY race in Karts! I love them that much!

    • Oct. 12, 9:08pm

      Capeta, anyone?

  87. Oct. 11, 12:37am

    better than nothing

  88. Oct. 11, 12:37am

    toyota prius touring car? the hell?

    • Oct. 13, 5:51pm


  89. Oct. 11, 12:36am

    no stree/supercars no win

    • Oct. 11, 12:47am

      Yeah kind of disappointed to see no 2010/2011 models, and quite sad to see no hint of next years dream cars like the Aventador… and only 1.5 tracks :S Where are those tracks we love and a drag strip because, you know… its a racing game.! :S

    • Oct. 11, 7:39am

      It’s a bummer, all right. Maybe next pack.

    • Oct. 12, 9:07pm

      *sniff* No SuperSports Veyron, all I’ve been looking at now is the new R&T article about it.

  90. Oct. 11, 12:36am


  91. Oct. 11, 12:35am

    So basically $12 not bad at all

    • Oct. 12, 9:06pm

      Dammit! I thought it was gonna be free. Back to begging under the bridge.
      “Need money! New DLC pack just got released for GT5! Starving for features! Got future kids! TY!”
      Now I gotta find a piece a piece of cardboard big enough…

  92. Oct. 11, 12:35am
    Frank laboy

    Omg gran turismo just hit the roof on this one, hope the roof bursts :D

    • Oct. 11, 3:29pm

      LOL!!! You made my day. I hope it bursts as well!

    • Oct. 12, 4:13am

      no not realy its more that they need to fix, but i think its great that gran turismo send out the first DLC :)

  93. Oct. 11, 12:35am

    I assume the Racing cars are Premiums? If they are $12 is not a bad deal

    • Oct. 11, 10:20am

      of course they’re premium ;)

  94. Oct. 11, 12:34am

    We dont need more skylines….

    • Oct. 11, 12:42am
      Silent Drifter

      Clearly we don’t have enough of them, but at least it’s a start. Hopefully, they’ll branch out into some European, and American cars. Excluding the karts and the X2011, only one American car on that list.

    • Oct. 11, 7:39am

      We don’t need people to keep repeating that.

    • Oct. 11, 7:47am
      Tenacious D

      I want these Skylines. Oh well on you.

    • Oct. 11, 8:22am
      Carlos Fandango

      Don’t buy them then

    • Oct. 11, 2:50pm

      “Collect the Skylines” is the a collector’s game within the game…

      It’s only a shame that there isn’t a PS3 trophy for collecting them all (PD will have to fix that).

    • Oct. 17, 3:04am

      haha nice LordVonPS3. that’s exactly why I’m buying every one I can find. Collecting.

  95. Oct. 11, 12:34am

    Aww… I was hoping they would add some of the old classic tracks in the track pack… Oh well, I’m loving Spa. The Racing Pack doesn’t exactly scream exciting either… Hoping future DLC includes some interesting things.

    • Oct. 11, 12:44am

      Doesn’t screamm exciting? It’s muthafing Spa! I ADORE that track, and it was my favourite in one of the older F1 games on PC. I remember watching the race live, too. Love that track. F1 cars on that? I’m thinking hell yeah. Oh, and touring cars? Badass…

    • Oct. 11, 1:36am

      I was referring to the cars not being too exciting. Not the tracks. I personally love the idea of racing on Spa.

  96. Oct. 11, 12:34am

    Aussie dollar is good ATM too :)

    • Oct. 11, 1:06am

      It was better though

    • Oct. 11, 1:30am

      Even so, at parity on the dollars, the 11USD cost would normally be about 20AUD due to price gouging of Australia. (sorry, personal bugbear)

  97. Oct. 11, 12:33am

    Spectacular! SPA!

    • Oct. 11, 2:57am


    • Oct. 17, 3:03am


  98. Oct. 11, 12:33am

    What about Midfield Raceway and Seattle Circuit??? C’mon Kaz!!!

    • Oct. 11, 12:37am

      One thing at a time. I know it’s all the rage to say “C’Mon (insert name here)” but we’re getting Spa! That’s nothing to sneeze at.

    • Oct. 11, 12:45am

      Yeahm I suposse you’re right, but I was hoping more tracks (oldies if possible) and less Skylines. Anyway, Spa is a supergreat circuit for GT saga, cant wait to try it, and a unexpectable surprise also.

    • Oct. 11, 1:24am

      I’m with Gohaninengland on this one. They should include a “classic track pack” as a future DLC.

    • Oct. 11, 4:43am

      A tad dissapointed about the cars but all i can say is, SPA + Ferrari F10 = another years playtime

    • Oct. 11, 7:45am
      Tenacious D

      I’m hoping for more cars and tracks in the future too, like ALL the classic GT tracks. But keep in mind that Polyphony just went through a serious natural disaster that rocked the north half of Japan, causing Kaz to pack up and move just about the WHOLE studio hundreds of miles to the south. I’m very surprised, given what everyone there just went through, that we got Spec II so soon.

    • Oct. 11, 7:49am

      makes me lol slightly, people were all up tight about PD using the old cars from GT4 and polishing them up. They go to the effort of making a whole new track for the DLC and you’re moaning they didnt polish up the ones from GT4! :D

      Dont get me wrong, i’d like the old tracks, I just find it ironic and amsuing!

  99. Oct. 11, 12:32am

    kewl! i hope its glitch free…….

    • Oct. 17, 3:06am

      lol nice

  100. Oct. 11, 12:32am

    Man, I thought I’d never see this day!

    • Oct. 11, 1:28am

      I love how everyone complained that there were too many Japanese cars in the game and clamored for DLC.
      …And then 10/11 DLC cars (not including X2011 or karts) are Japanese. GT-R is my favorite car, but aren’t there already like 40 of them in the game? :s

    • Oct. 11, 1:45am

      there’s a difference between the R35 and all the older versions of GT-Rs.

      Besides, this is a race car R35 we’re talking about here.

    • Oct. 11, 2:16am

      I’m overall rather disappointed, and most probably wont be getting any of it.
      I don’t like the idea of paying for what you should have got, but given it’s GT5, if it was clearly stuff that they couldn’t include previously then I would pay a small amount for it.

      This is stupid.

      $5 for Spa and a Kart track.
      – It’s really 5 bucks for spa.
      – The Kart track is 4 variations of the same, one foward, one reverse, one foward without one corner and one reverse without that corner

      5 bucks for 1 track that Jordan seemed to think would even be used for the 09-10 GT Academy. Makes me think they already had it done and are now charging an additional 12% of the games price to add it.

      Added to that the tracks wont be used anywhere outside of what yuo choose toput them in. NO seasonals, no aspec or bspec. Just the free run mode and arcade. I love to time trial myself, but even still I think it’s a bit pathetic. ALso note that Monaco is barely used despite being in the game.. seems more like the decided to take trakcs out and couldn’t be stuffed doing it properly.

      CARS – $8
      X2011 – best of the pack – Same power, same weight, same drivetrain and weight distribution, slightly different aero
      4 GT-R’s – really PD?
      3 karts – whihc would be great IF we had a bloody karting track in aspec or seasonals to use them on, otherwise they are useless.. might go and timetrial them on Spa while I’m at it.
      Dodge – only non japanese car and not interested in it
      – Rest are just touring cars, which we already have heaps of.. so not caring about any of them
      – Was hoping that GT would stay true to it’s name and be about road cars, new Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s etc… lots have happened since 2009/10… aparently not.

      Paints – $2
      really… it costs 2 freaking dollars to pick some colours! This is simply raking in the money. Typing the blurb up must have taken more work than creating the contents of the pack.

      Gear – $3
      Vaigly more useful than paints, but for 3 whole dollars they are giving us what he don’t even really get to see unless your driving backwards or watching your hands while driving in prem cars inside view.

      All in all that is supremely disappointing, nothing is worth the money and most of it seems rather hashed and money grabbing to say the least.

      I’m sure some will post/think ‘hey be thankful just because you don’t want it rubbish’, but in all honesty, it’s gone out of control…

      And Jacking up interest with free X1’s and new seasonals and spec II all at the same time with DLC at the launch of Forza 4 seems incredibly weak and markety.

      GT5 is on PS3 and so doesn’t even compete with F4, yet is playing this rubbish. I want real stuff now. Atleast implement what your charing people for properly, maybe more Aspec events with the new karts and on spa for a start?

    • Oct. 11, 2:24am

      ^ Just shut up. You don’t really have to let us know who awful you think those DLC is, it’s just showing us how much of a GT Fan you are, apparently not a single bit.
      This is only for people who really like GT (like myself) and want to get some variation, even with the 1000 cars and xx tracks.
      It’s always fun to get something new in my opinion, and Hello! Spa Francorchamps?!?! O.o

    • Oct. 11, 2:30am

      @UN_OC….I kind of feel your disappointment except GT5 has twice as Many cars as F4 so I can take or leave these DLC cars. What has me bummed out is the tracks….No Ebisu or any of the older tracks. That’s not cool at all and I’d be cool with the paint if it weren’t a 1 use thing. Hopefully they release more tracks though I am liking the kart space tracks and spa so I may get that one.

    • Oct. 11, 2:38am

      I agree with the tracks part, i for one was expecting/ hoping for some of the old-school tracks, Apricot Hill, Midfield raceway and the like…

      However, if you dont think it’s worth it, then dont buy it. nobody is forcing you to. and have you bought any codemasters racing games recently? you think GT5 sold you half a game? there’s more DLC with them than there is on-disc content! so put up and shut up. I will most probably be buying the full $11.99 pack and b******s to the lot of ya.

      Cheers PD!

    • Oct. 11, 5:41am

      im still excited about the DLC….never really did intrest me in the start with all the rumours and such, but the only thing i might look at getting is the track pack ONLY becasue of Spa and the Race cars because of the R32 GTR Touring car!

      But id be lying if i said this is the best becasue i wanted to see the Ebisu track or El Captain track (Ebisu from SU2 and El Captain from GT4)

      But now im gonna have to wait till i get my new 32″ Tv for my Uni and then bring my little baby from home and update that SHIZZZZ!!!!!

    • Oct. 11, 6:34am

      I’m happy to pay the Bundle Price. For that $11.99 or £9.99 ish (where we use proper money) I get 2 new tracks, 15 cars, 90 gear items and 100 chips. Can’t really knock that considering it’s the equivalent of 2 pints and a pack of smokes and the DLC will last me considerably longer.

    • Oct. 11, 7:02am

      Lets do online events on spa francorchamps in Ferrari F1s!
      That’s sexy

    • Oct. 11, 7:05am

      Wait, why the * is there a Toyota Prius touring car

    • Oct. 11, 7:38am

      Just because it’s an electric/hybrid car, doesn’t mean it’s trash. It may not be THEE future of racing, but it still has its place in GT.

    • Oct. 11, 9:22am

      Where’s German cars?

    • Oct. 11, 9:46am

      in Germany, daah!!

    • Oct. 11, 10:11am

      That r-32 looks sic!

    • Oct. 11, 12:49pm

      @UN_OC I was reading…reading…reading…then you brought up F4, and you are null & void good sir. DLC is DLC and isn’t required to be bought, PERIOD.

      Will agree with some that the track pack should have been more. If you gave me a choice between a “classic track pack” and this…I’d take the classic. Hell, I’d take the “GT PSP Pack” with ALL the tracks missing from that game in GT5.

      I’ll be buying the complete pack though, even if the price is a little high. If you were to buy the game now with the pack, it would be a deal. I like that :)

    • Oct. 11, 1:41pm

      I take it as an insult that we need to pay for those cars and get those unnecessary NASCAR cars for free.. even if I really like NASCAR..

    • Oct. 11, 2:03pm

      What a complete and utter disappointment. GT5 shipped with only a few properly modelled tracks, the rest being straight imports from GT4. Spa is a great track but the karting track is a waste of time.

      The car DLC is ok but all of the cars are race tuned so you can’t modify them further. I’d rather have a game that lets you create an individual car which you can show off.

      …and don’t get me started on the racing outfits. If the attention given to this was put into fixing the crap AI the game would be much better for it.

    • Oct. 11, 2:08pm

      All I heard was, “spam spam spam, spam spam, spam spam.”

    • Oct. 11, 3:10pm

      @UN_OC: This is exactly what I expected the DLC to be, except for the new gokarts and spa. The go-kart track looks really cool [reminds me of mario sports games as a kid :) ] The total pack is what I’m getting.

    • Oct. 11, 9:59pm

      @UN_OC completely misses the point that the paint and gear are free if you buy it with the tracks and cars. $11.99 gets you everything, and the track and cars alone are $12.98. If someone really wants just the paint or gear, fine; if not, you get it for free, so stop whining. I mean honestly: they are a business out to make money so they can live and make more games, and you bitch about something being “markety”?!

      Also, the Kart track is super-cool, and Spa looks amazing. You’re really whining about $5 because you “think” it was already done over a year ago? Really?

      The cars are a disappointment, I agree. Frankly, the Karts are the most interesting thing about the cars, and that’s pretty sad.

    • Oct. 12, 6:24am

      I’m a little disappointed in the cars package. Another X1 is not necessary, and all the other cars are GT made touring cars. How about some more real life race cars? Manthey Porsche and Audi LMS like the ones in the 24H Nurburgring. What about the 2007 Super GT cars? It’s like the year 2007 didn’t exist in GT5. They have 2006 cars and 2008 but skipped 2007. 2007 was a epic year with GT500 cars smashing track records on almost every course.

      And how about some more Ferrari’s? F50? FXX? 458s that are racing in ALMS. And we definitely don’t need a Poly make belief touring Prius. Like come on? Who would want to mod a Prius into a race car? Are they drunk. Put in DLC cars that are real life race cars or close to race cars. J’s Racing S2000, Top Fuel S2000, Mugen Civic RR, Spoon Civics, Spoon NSX-R GT, LFA Nurburgring edition or if you do make what if make belief cars put in the NSX-R GT or the Mugen NSX RR (with the longitudinal mounted engine.

      F4 might have less cars, but all their cars are SERIOUS race cars. No F150s, no 89 honda accord coupes, no Dodge Rams, and definitely NO racing PRIUS.

    • Oct. 12, 6:50am

      I’m hearing that Spa is only available in Practice and Arcade!! What about on-line? Why wasn’t it part of Spec2?

    • Oct. 12, 9:09am

      @ UN_OC

      Dude, I feel really sorry for you. Any GT5-owner who can’t spare 5 bucks to race at Spa must be homeless or something.

    • Oct. 12, 3:41pm

      If they really wanted to make money… I’d pay at least $30 for JUST and only a drag track…

    • Oct. 13, 2:07am

      @ ON_OC

      You know, the sad thing is that you´re right. One thing made me think: I´ve had the game since release date, and I had to go to the track list to realize that Monaco was there! I had doubts about the track being there! And that track is used in an event.

      Most of the tracks are just floating there in the track list and aren´t used for nothing but time trials or arcade.

      I know a lot of people are talking crap to you, but you´re right! Pay money for a track that´s just going to lie there and it´s going to be used a couple of times? I bet a ball that both tracks were already done even before GT5 released last year! I who knows what other content that was on the game was taken out so it could be sold in the future. You don´t do that.

      As for the cars. I don´t really see much use to them. And they are nothing but modified cars that were already in the game. I can´t really think in which of the thousands of marvelous events that A-Spec offers I could use them at. I guess I could use the Challenger to spin around Indy for XP like old time sakes. Or take the GTR´s and the STi and get my a$$ whopped in the Japanese Super GT championship by the GT500´s, cause I don´t think they will be alowed in street car events, and if they do, it wouldn´t feel right. Just like the rest of the poor lonely GT300´s that are in the game already waiting for an event where they can be used.

      Sadly I´ll buy this stuff, but until I don´t see at least 1 NEW premium car that´s not in the list already, and more A-Spec events, I won´t be defending the game I love.

    • Oct. 13, 2:23pm

      Why isn’t all this great stuff in the next update instead of being asked to PAY for it? Spa would be great and some of those touring cars wouldn’t go amiss.

    • Oct. 17, 3:08am

      This first post and it’s replies went FARRRRR. That’s awesome how many people disagree with UN_OC. Of course, we should get stuff for free. Who wouldn’t want something for free? Not even water is free.

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