Gran Turismo 5 DLC Coming October 18th, Includes Spa Francorchamps

Hot on the heels of the massive Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 update, Polyphony Digital has just released all the juicy details on the game’s first batch of DLC, or “downloadable content”. It will all be available to purchase via the PlayStation Store, starting October 18th. Here’s a closer look at what’s coming:

Course Pack ($4.99)

  • Spa Francorchamps (with weather effects)
  • Kart Space I/II (at night)
Racing Car Pack ($7.99)
  • Red Bull X2011 Protytpe ’11
  • Dodge Challenger SRT8 Touring Car
  • Honda CR-Z Touring Car
  • Mazda Roadster Touring Car
  • Mazda RX-7 Touring Car
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Touring Car
  • Nissan GT-R R35 Touring Car
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 Touring Car
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 Touring Car
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Touring Car
  • Subaru Impreza Touring Car
  • Toyota Prius Touring Car
  • Gran Turismo Racing Kart Jr.
  • Gran Turismo Racing Kart 100
  • Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125
Racing Gear Pack ($2.99)
Paint Pack ($1.99)
Complete Pack ($11.99)
  • Includes all the packs in one convenient bundle.

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Comments (623)

  1. Quakebass

    I find it odd that you could use the Gran Turismo Racing Karts without the DLC in arcade mode (in ARCADE ONLY section)… I haven’t downloaded the DLC and have them, and they were there as soon as Spec 2 was released.

  2. 69Yenko

    Hey everyone by looking at the comments its around 9 or 10 at night in America i think so that means Australia should get the DLC around 3 or 4 PM because at that time it should be about 12 (midnight) so fingers crossed for everyone that we all get the DLC in a few hours

  3. luis9111

    Is it going to be available on the 18th in Japan time ? Cause for me the 2.0 update was on the 10 of october i live in California and it was the 11th in japan.

  4. 69Yenko

    I woke up today went on to the ps3 on my account with money in it and went to buy the DLC, but it wasn’t there it is the 18th today aswell.
    im from Australia and usually if a black ops map pack comes out i have to wait a day till it gets released in America.
    If this is the case for GT5 DLC’s i think i speak for a number of us Aussies when i say this is absolute bull****. I have waited a whole week for this and i want it now!

    1. Foxiol

      The entire world waiting for the US East cost…(¬_¬)…Nothing against US people don´t get me wrong. I hope at least it will be available here at Spain at mid-day as usually. Now is 2:45 AM and of course nothing. I’m going to sleep now.

  5. Dominic Toretto

    Well it sounds good but basically giving us the same cars we already have with RM isnt what most of us want, 4 MORE SKYLINES & ANOTHER MIATA!! we want NEW cars like Ferrari 599XX, FXX, F50, Shelby Super Snake, Toyota Supra (premium), Koenigsegg, Porsche Carrera GT, 918 Spyder, Lamborghini Reventon & cars like that & or more body mods even motor swaps or something NOT an update with 11 NASCARS that are basically useless & are the SAME just with different paint jobs. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BEFORE THE FORZA FANBOYS START ANNOYING EVERYONE!!

  6. crunkmiester

    Whew… For a second there I thought I was going to regret selling my PS3 and my copy of GT5 because of this “HUGE UPDATE” but after reviewing all the extra content that will be released this month, I’d literally LMAO. $12 for features and content that should’ve been included in the game from the start. If you’re a die hard “GT fanboy” like I was, then I highly suggest you stay the hell away from FMS4 because I guarantee you’ll absolutely love it and convert to the other side just like me. Also, just an FYI for those boy-racers whom are yearning for a drag strip in GT5; FMS4 does include a game mode such as that.

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      I own both consoles and both games, jokes on you troll….There’s no converting to be done here, I play GT5, FM4, GTR2, and F1 2011. All these games bring a diff experience to the day table (IMO). Fanboyism is childish, if you don’t like a game then don’t play it, If you prefer another franchise then that’s fine too. But don’t come onto this GT site with your “either or” mindset and expect ppl to just abandon what the love and enjoy.

  7. supacat

    I was hoping they would make the Stealth and Chrome Line cars available to all. Wheres Midfield Raceway and the Complex String? How about making it possible to RM other cars besides the mere 17 available? Where is the Agera, Arrow, Super Snake?

  8. cphbullet

    I’ll be getting this but kind of disappointed, i was hoping for NEW cars, not RM versions of others, wheres my Bently Continental GT, Range Rover Evoque, Lambourgini Gallardo Superleggera and Shelby Mustang 500?:(

  9. jasr73

    Stigy is striking a bit of pose isn’t he! LOL. Seriously, thanks for the vid Amar and for posting Jordan.
    The track is looking excellent. The Spa project alone would have been a expensive build to get it this point given PD would have effectively had to start from scratch. I understand concerns around the value for money equation with the DLC and some have made some important points but on balance I like to think of this way…
    I’ve probably clocked 100’s of hours playing online on PD’s servers since the GT5 release last November. The amount of enjoyment that’s brought, the friends I’ve made, those late night sessions that stretch on till the early hours of the morning with a room full of mates… beyond the initial purchase of the game, I don’t pay a single cent for this ongoing access. For me, the cost of the DLC is a small price to pay compared to everything I’ve got out this amazing game and still continue too.

  10. risuku13

    Sweet! But… too late for me. I already retired my YLOD PS3 60GB EE and sold my games :( Waiting for the Vita though. ^_^

  11. dautolover

    when i heard the news of dlc, i kind of thought to myself “just imagine that pd releases a ‘Nissan GT-R pack’ with 15 different versions of the same car.” i thought, “nah, lol. ”

    and here comes pd, throwing out 13 Japanese cars, with no variety whatsoever.

    how about a supercar pack, with a Zonda F, Koenigsegg CX(-R), Lamborghini Reventon and Aventador, Shelby Mustang GT500? What about new F1 cars? What about new LMP-1 cars? Heck, what about new Golf GT-1 or Ford Focus? New Mercedes-Benz? New Audis.

    Anyone else can think of other cars that could have made the cut? I can think of many. I don’t know why PD can’t.

  12. leMAN24


  13. JEMcG

    Not very inventive. I could write a list as long as myself of the stuff they could have made for DLC. It’s clear to see that that they take a car type, e.g nascar and just duplicate it with little work necessary.

    Some personal favourites…

    BTC past and present

    New DTM cars

    More McLaren F1 racing cars

    More F1 cars past and present

    Oz V8 supercars

    Championship races.

    More tracks but it must be hard for them to go to say… Knockhill in Scotland and recreate it for the game?

    Classic British tracks, e.g Silverstone

    Stuff I don’t really like but loads of others do…

    Drag racing


    CART (does it still exist?)

    More rally tracks

    Wish they would get their act together and read GTP forums.

    Oh and while I’m moaning, better damage physics for a free download, just copy Forza.

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      Better Shadows
      More creative replay angles ( like in opening movie)
      Online replay saves
      More drifting relevance
      Inside car photomode option…

      But here’s the thing, we want all these things, and true we prob enjoy the game for what it is for the most part,…but how much more above the 6.55 mil mark are all these things gonna put them?….I mean, its not like they’re gonna charge for any of it, most of that stuff should’ve already been in game. I really admire PD’s loyalty to their fans, but if you think about this logically, there’s nothing in it for them really

  14. slayer91

    This is awesome…definitely looking forward to racing on Spa. Also digging the night time kart track, paints and new gear. As for the cars:
    Challenger: Freaking cool. Could be a good counterpart to the Camaro SS RM.
    CR-Z: Pretty neat looking, will defieintely give it a shot.
    Roadster: Glad they didn’t put a hardtop on it. I definitely welcome another open top racer.
    RX-7: Pretty sick looking as well.
    Evo X: Doesn’t do much for me aesthetically. Might be a different story behind the wheel.
    GT-R: Somewhat unecessary seeing as we got the Schulze GT-R, but nonetheless better than nothing.
    R-32: Awesome!!!
    R-33: See above.
    R-34: Not my favorite but maybe something other than the red with black wheels will change that.
    WRX: I really like this one for some reason. The newer Scoobys just do it for me.
    Prius: Suprisingly, this one intrigues me. Has something to do with the rear wheel covers.
    Karts: Haven’t driven one since the updated physics, may have to give these a shot.
    X2011: Another seemingly unecessary car, but beggars can’t be choosers. Like the GT-R, better than nothing.

    1. TrackpadUser

      The Prius intrigues me too. If it has a proper tranny and not a CVT, it might actually be pretty interesting.

  15. yogaflame

    We got to admit that Forza 4 is the new king of Racing simulation, whether we like it or not. I love GT and I’m a fan of Gt always, I love GT5 but Forza 4 made a big stride. Receive allot of great reviews and allot of new features Hopefully Gt6 will be better. It kinda sucks that again we don’t see European cars and American( especially the muscle cars ) that much in the update. My goodness another GTR. Does Nissan pay Polyphony?

    1. Fonzdaii

      I feel your frustration.

      With all the people that complained about GT5 having too many GT-Rs, and Kaz himself having admitted to this issue ( correct me if I’m wrong), having another GT-R in the DLC simply feels like an insult. Yes beggars can’t be choosers, and there will probably be more DLC on the way; but seeing the reviews for Forza4 really made me jealous. Yes GT5 is better is some areas, but why can’t we get the same exotic car spectrum as Forza? why can’t we get livery system? Why can’t we get a full Top Gear treatment? WHY IS THE VEYRON STANDARD?

      I wanted GT5 to be the ultimate racing game and terminate forza once and for all. Kinda like how I’m a PES fan and kinda jealous that FIFA is better overall. Yes PES plays better, just like GT5 drives better. But this is about having an OVERALL package.

      PLEASE PD, at least make an EXOTIC car package with a premium Veyron, RUF, and add a Koenigsess plz!!!


    2. leMAN24

      no it isn’t, but neither is gt5. for me they both have some really excellent bits, (forza’s customization and community, and gt5 is amazing when you’re on the track, and the ps3 allows for much better graphics) to be honest i dont think they can be compared as they are on different consoles, each with their own restrictions. forza will most likely out-sell gt5 because you dont have to be a car nerd to get the most out of it(but it helps :D), its more accessible, so i guess you could call it ‘mainstream'(does that make gt5 hipster?). if it were up to me i would make gt5 vs forza fanboy wars illegal, and while im at it do the same for COD vs BF3 fanboys too, punishable by death.

    3. MyFavoriteGame

      I play a lot of Forza, but I’ll always be a GT fan boy. I understand where you guys are coming from tho, all I ever wanted from gt5 since launch was fixed shadows, and the awesome replay angles the hava in the opening movie or at least in gt3. Never complained about car selection, or standard cars or any of that other stuff….but I’ve been disappointed with every update.

      P.S Shadows are perfectly OK in night races.

  16. cliffatron

    I’m going to buy all of this stuff!!! If PD keep rolling out track DLC that would be the best thing ever!!!

  17. ObscureSerenity

    Hmmm… I’m really hoping the kart track can be used ofr cars other than karts… I can imagine the Tank Car won’t be posting many fastest lap times on this one. :)

  18. SEIDO463

    I’m really grateful that Spa is coming to GT5 and I do like the addition of the Kart Space track.
    However, I was a bit suprised at just 2 tracks but if there is going to be more track DLC soon then I don’t mind much at all.
    I’m really hoping to see as many as possible of the original GT tracks..where’s Motegi, SSR11 and so on.
    But at the same time I would like to see the current tracks in GT5 have full day/night transition and weather.

    Well, thanks PD for the great update and DLC. Hope to see more really soon!

  19. Hoodie1878

    Remember kids, Gran Turismo isn’t just for Christmas. It’s a marathon not a sprint, well done PD, Spa will be immense.

  20. RugerGuy

    I agree with what seems to be the general consensus. The two new tracks for 5 bucks is great, but the car pack is disappointing. I think everyone should use their dollar vote and buy only the track pack. If everyone bought only the track pack, it would send a message loud and clear to PD.

    1. Fonzdaii

      Sadly I agree with you. Many people have complained about the bias towards Japanese cars, and what do we get for the DLC? More Japanese cars…In fact: 66% are Jap with 26% being Skylines!

      come on PD, we are a global market!

    1. jah24car

      same here a3tdi I can’t be negative this is good but I want to see some more tracks in the next DLC that comes after this

    2. HuskyGT

      I´m excited, but not impressed. I have to admit that evn though I expected less, I did expected better than only cars that were already in the game. Still, enough to keep me playing until the next Spec update.

      Remember that GT5 is barely one year old. Imagine what we will have in the years to come!

  21. Smokey Nismo

    Well, course and racing gear is a must for me!

    Course, because of Spa.

    And Racing gear, because I love all of the designs(helmet and suits)!

  22. kollosson

    This is a great ‘ start ‘ remember Polyphony have already stated that we are going to get some standard cars in premium, so this DLC is extra, how can you complain about that. The only thing that worries me is that there is no sign of the classic tracks in the new intro movie, still, this does not mean we won’t get them ( remember those track logo’s found in the game ? ) Polyphony have said they are listening to the community and we ALL want some of those classic tracks. I’m assuming if we get them they will be ported over from GT4 like the ones we got already..hey that would suit me fine, just make it so but i’m buzzing about this DLC more so because i think there is more to come :)

    1. Mellow70

      It’s funny how all this time we’ve been given several clue’s about the things that may just be included into a future DLC for GT5. From the logo’s to the article about the Pikes peak track last year and to hint jordon said “that’s not on GT5’s tracklist (yet?)” to the EI Capitan being leaked on a Red Bull Trailer, then having more employees working at PD, to the recently “First pack of DLC”. Let’s hope that these theories are true.

  23. tawfiq

    Guys. I’ve got a question. Do we need to buy the cars in game ? or do we Just get them in our garage + we can buy more ?

  24. GTTurtle

    Overall I’m pleased with what the DLC packs bring us. Here are some of my thoughts on the contents:
    Course Pack: I like that we’re getting SPA, it’s about time! That Kart Space track looks like it’d be great for drifting. Very different atmosphere than other race tracks but I’m not complaining.
    Race Car Pack: X2011: I don’t see why we need ANOTHER stupid-fast annoying car. I don’t see too many differences between the X2011 and the X2010 but I’m not looking too hard.
    Challenger: I love the challenger, and the design for the touring car in this pack is based off of a racing car based off of the original challenger. You may know about it from a Road & Track article when the Challenger SRT8 was new. The old Challenger race car was painted in a similar green color and had similar rims.
    CR-Z: This is a cool looking car no doubt. But do we really need another Hybrid? At least this looks pretty good and has a six-speed.
    Mazda Roadster: I like the looks of this car. The park bench taped o to the end of the roadster may be a little much but makes it look like a proper race car I suppose.
    Mazda RX-7: This looks VERY nice. I love the design of this car, I’m definitely going to drive this one a lot.
    Mitsubishi Evo X: I am disappoint. The visual modifications are quite subtle, and the original version of the car looks better in my opinion.
    Nissan R35: Meh, I like the GT-R, but even I don’t think we need another.
    Nissan R34: Now THIS R34 is good looking. Very aggressive looking.
    Nissan R33: I think the R33 looks awkward in general, this doesn’t change my opinion.
    Nissan R32: This is another great looking car. I’ll get some use out of this baby.
    Subaru WRX STi: I like this car too. The current STi RM looks more suited for off-road driving, whereas this looks like a tarmac race car.
    Toyota Prius: As useless as this is, The way that the rear wheel is covered up reminds me how much aerodynamics matter in the design of the Prius so that the car can get ~50 MPG
    Karts: I… I don’t really care.
    The paint and gear packs are pretty cool considering that it’s only a couple bucks.

    1. HuskyGT

      You forgot to mention that most of these cars are going to be virtually useless. Either they are too fast for the competition, or too slow. Just like the Super GT GT300 category that we have already. You can´t really race them other than in Arcade mode to have competition of the same level.

      Just as an example: That STi won´t have more than 300HP, you´ll see. Even pushing it to the limits with the Stage three turbo, I bet it won´t go further than 490 to at least match the Super GT GT500 category, so we can race it in the Super GT Championship. And still, I bet it won´t drive as well as the legit GT´S and it will be nothing but a struggle to be on the lead.

      The Miata: Seriusly, I think it will have 220HP the most. Being a rece car, it will drive much more faster than street cars, but it will be far too slow for other racing cars.

      As for the hybrids, you are right. I like them, don´t get me wrong, but I find no use for them unless they come up with an event pack.

      Karts, again, you´re right. Karts in GT5 are pretty straight forward, and I don´t see the difference on having new models. Plus, they are from a slower category. Unless they add “Shifter” Karts, there is no use for them.

    2. GTTurtle

      I can see how you could feel that they’re are mostly useless, and I agree with you about the GT300 cars. But I have a lot of fun driving GT300 cars and these cars really look fun to drive. I know that I shouldn’t judge a car by it’s looks, but I was commenting mainly on the design of these cars. I know that some of the cars that are part of the DLC are fun to drive stock, and with this pack I’m looking for cars that are fun to drive.

      I agree with some of your reasoning but for my money I’m mainly looking for cars that are enjoyable to drive, not necessarily be faster than every car in the same HP or PP range. But for others, a lot of people may be looking for something else than me.

    3. HuskyGT

      To be honest, I go almost stock for my street cars, since feeling the diference of each street car is what I enjoy the most, (instead of mindless tuning that leaves every car feeling the same). Nothing more than a good set of street tires, the sports cat, headers and in some cases and exhaust(only if it fixes an incorrect engine sound sample). But for race cars, since there isn´t much variety when it comes to categories (like I said, either too fast or too slow. Nothing in the middle range) sometimes I have to tune them so they can match the competition, or get me a really fast race car, which it gets boring over the time.

      I like GT300´s also. The RE RX-7 that´s already on the game is beautiful, and I bought it wishing I could have fun with it. And I did! but only in time trails, since unfortunatly there is no event where this car can run freely, unless you go to the tuner championship, but it feels wrong to beat all those street cars.

      As I said before, the only car that I think will be worth it will be the Challenger. Not an expectacular car, but I think it will be useful at least in the American Championship. I hope…

      I understand where are you coming from. I don´t know exactly how you enjoy your cars, but at least in my case, I´m no HP Queen like most here. I can enjoy a VW Bus at the same level that I can enjoy a Dodge Viper. Nothing like taking the old VW for a cruise drive in the Nurburgring, feeling the stock sound of the little boxer engine rattle through my speakers.

  25. HuskyGT

    Not to be negative, but arent these cars technically already in the game? These touring versions look amazing and I wouldn´t mind paying for them (specially the Challenger and R32 GTR). But where are we suppose to use these cars? I don´t think any of those Japanese racers are going to be usable in the Super GT series, and if we put them in Dream Car, All Stars or GT Championships, they are going to get destroyed by Group C´s or LMP´s. The Challenger could be usable in American Champonship unless it doesn´t drive as fast as the rest. But I feel that after a few races, the fun will be gone. And not to mention the fact that the engine sounds might be innacurate in some of these. I bet the Challenger will sound like a V6.

    I think I´ll pass with the cars for now.

    Nevertheless, the track pack is a must!! Spa for crying out loud!!! Thanks PD!!! And that Kart track looks awesome! Reminds me of the rainbow road from mario kart LOL!

  26. dckerstetter

    As an aside one of the posts mentioned that GT5 was a Japanese game.According to gamrReview their numbers have 4.1 million units sold in EMEAA (Europe?) 1.8 mil in the Americas and 630k in Japan. If those are accurate numbers, and I admit 630k for Japan has me confused. GT5 is a Euorpean game by a large margin.

    1. Fonzdaii

      Agreed. PD doesn’t seem to give importance to this, and it shows through their bias towards Japanese cars. Yes this comes from their love for their cars, and I totally understand. And if GT5 was dominated by the Asian market then I would accept this bias. But as it stands, more westerners have bought this game ( ok it could be all the asians in the west who bought it lol) so we want to see more European cars. M6 please? 599 xx? Fxx? come on PD, I can think of dozens of critical cars you can add!

      I will never buy Forza, so I’m counting on future GT5 DLC.

  27. dckerstetter

    Want to toss in my 2 cents as well. Overall, for 11 months to come up with your 1st DLC it’s very underwhelming. Spa is of course great but the rest of it, really? I might have been ok with 11 RM cars if they had been of different cars. AM, Masserati, Audi some of the muscle cars.My favorite RM’s in the current game are the Camaro and Challenger. There concept so why not go for something different. The cars and tracks most people posting want have been metioned and I will say I agree. I would have also have liked the option to put different rims on standard cars and more rims to choose from. ALthough I can see that as a possible future DLC. I would also like the ability to areo mod the standard cars. The cars you could areo mod I thought they did a good job on so why not do it to more cars? I”m sure there is something in that the low res cars are ported in and somehow fixed but it would be nice. Lastly why all the interest in the driver apperal? It’s cool for like 2 seconds then I never see it again. 2 cents spent.

  28. Kesl

    Also, the carts are already available in the Arcade section all the way at the end of the Arcade only car selection. I drove the 125 last night and am sorry to report she isn’t a shifter.

  29. Kesl

    Awe. Some. AWESOME. SPA!!!!!! yeeeha. I’ll bet you anything we get Infineon next. I like where PD is going and I see they’ve learned that they can make money through the DLC and keep Kaz in racing slicks for his next escapade ( I know japanese law won’t let him spend company money on personal items, so don’t troll it was a joke). Also, Forza 4 can S@*K a C*&K. I mean if you where a company would you call yourself Micro Soft? How about Hugehard wouldn’t it be better?

  30. Fythos_GR

    Hmm..Im wondering…Could it be possible to take on the new cart track with other (at least) small cars,or the game wont let you…
    It would be pretty cool and to run some kit cars on that!!!

  31. manganello_3

    new cup cars that you need to buy in new cup tracks much will these dlc
    cars cost in game money or will they be free.the remolded cup cars 500,000.

    1. jah24car

      These cars being DLC are paid for through PSN cash you get on PSN cards like $20 or $50. but when u download like pre-order and collector edition’s cars it’ll automaticly be added to the garage, the dlc suits will be automaticly when u buy it the track will be instantly added to Arcade and GT Practice mode.

  32. UltimateBMWfan

    Can anyone clarify that by buying this pack we will get the cars or will we just be buying the pack to have access to buy these cars?

    1. jah24car

      read my post below under Manganello_3’s post just like when u put the codes in pre-order cars and collectors cars they are automaticly added to your garage

    1. HPUnleashed

      People can’t seem to help but complain, even when they get what they’ve been asking for. They always seem to find something wrong in the best of things.

      And for those complaining about the DLC, you have to remember that this is only the first batch. More will come, and probably sooner now since they don’t have to provide support GT5 Prologue.

  33. uncle_hayley_j

    Well I’m really looking forward to this, even though it’s not quite what I hoped. I hoped for newer cars to be added across the board, ranging from the Lamborghini Reventon, to something like a Ford Fiesta Zetec S; but a nice package. I’m not too bothered about Spa, but I’ll get it as I’ll get the $11.99 pack (whatever that equates to in GBP).

    Most looking forward to the Prius and CR-Z if honest, I like FF’s and hopefully these 2 can do well. I like the paints too, especially like how Gold and Silver chromes are in the pack, I have both but I know a lot of people want these, I just hope they don’t have a limited use on them (if there isn’t, a lot of my car’s are having chrome wheels :P).

    Not too bothered about the suits really, I don’t bother with them now.

    Hopefully they’ll release newer cars in the not too distant future.

  34. iridegravity

    Damn. read every single post looking for answers to the two good questions people are asking about this DLC.
    Will they be shifter Karts and will SPA have limitations to how it can be used? Seems like pretty vital info on a DLC pack where SPA is the only legit attraction. Anyone know?
    Also going to rant on the STIG suit now. Seriously would have rather seen the Stig Suit go as a prize to some wickedly hard challenge that even I could not attain. That way when I saw the suit, I could respect it instead of thinking. “Another turd in a STIG suit” Should of saved it for people who went faster than Coulthards SLS Lap at Top Gear or something.

  35. BYNHA88

    OH MYYYY GOD!!!!
    More skilines!!! mazda!!!
    This is ridiculous!
    Were the super cars?
    How a made for delete this stupid new inside camera of standard car?

    1. HPUnleashed

      I feel for you. I’m sorry you have to pay such outrageous prices on games and DLC, when we in the US and EU, can get the same products for about half the price.

  36. Normalaatsra

    I’ve never seen this much hatred in my whole life in one page. What is it that makes people lose their temper so quickly and write greatly written argument starters, but react in such a foolish way, they really aren’t careful with their word use however and just annoy us all.

    UN_OC (see the first comment’s comments) was clearly upset, but the comment was extremely annoying. People who sound like this person will claim they will move to Forza, because they get annoyed themselves by the simplest of things.

    UN_OC complained how there are 4 GT-R’s in the car pack. So what? At least they are from different generations!

    UN_OC complained how the rest of the car pack is merely just RM versions. You got yourself great decals with them you see, aerodynamic modifications that are noticeably different, and who knows, they could be faster than their modified copies.

    UN_OC complained about the price of the track pack. Hello?! You have Spa, the most requested track of all time in GT5! You also have an ûber cool karting track, which if you haven’t noticed in all of GT5’s history, we can anything in kart suited tracks! Since that one is nicely made, the photos would be awesome.

    People are starting to get upset for the most simplest things.

    1. HPUnleashed

      I completely agree! It’s not just on GT5 or PS3 blogs where you hear people constantly complaining, it’s everywhere! I’ve gone on XBOX sites and Forza blogs and as soon as something happens that they don’t like they immediately go and say, “That’s it! I’m switching over to the PS3!”. Then they get a PS3, something happens, and then they say “That’s it! I’m switching over to the XBOX!”, as if it’s some sort of threat to the corporations.

      I’ll go ahead and say it, must of us are just plain spoiled! Over a decade ago we didn’t even have any of this stuff. No online, no updates, no DLC… I remember playing GT1, which had around 8-13 manufacturers and 100+ cars with no interior view, damage modeling, or online game rooms. And you know what? I had an absolute blast playing it! So I honestly don’t care what people say. I like the game, and that’s all that matters to me.

  37. whouman

    i’m very disappointed with this DLC,

    First reason is that WHY do we have to wait so long for DLC? Only 1 new track (ok and a kartcircuit) and a few new cars that aren’t rare at all.

    If I was a employee at PD I would definitely add some new cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, BMW M5, Ferrari FF etc. That’s why Forza’s DLC is much better than GT’s, DLC there is always up to date with new cars but they have to pay more. I don’t understand why PD haven’t released a DLC earlier, a lot of people have put GT5 away…

  38. iLex

    I find each pack lacking and therefore overpriced. However $12, which I assume will be directly translated to €12, is a reasonable price for everything.
    Btw, I assume you get an infinite amount of the paints…. right?

  39. 88FoxBodyFan

    I don’t care what cars or tracks come with the DLC, but what about EVENTS for the new cars/ tracks. Without events you just have a bunch of cars and tracks with no sense of accomplishment.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      If you want accomplishment and a challenge.. join a leaugue and race online, makes the game ALIVE!!

      As for DLC, More Euro Cars with BETTER SOUND and a classic track pack.

      For Spec 3.0: More mods as in: wider wheels and bigger dimension, and better wheel choice, better paintshop and better animations in GT Auto.. maybe a rolling road!!

      GT6: Voiceover by Jeremy Clarkson and Tiff needell!! and more of the same…

  40. reaperman

    I don’t know if I’m a buyer yet. Leaning toward ‘no’ or ‘not now.’ Touring cars seem neat, but not terribly unique. SPA is a big deal to some–and rightfully so–but I can’t help but think that original tracks are easier to make than photo-perfect real track reproductions, and original tracks are (generally) fun for a wider variety of cars. Real life tracks are generally pretty boring with the slower cars that I enjoy.

  41. GTRufus

    Well I was surprised that PD brings us some new tracks for DLC’s. Even SPA ist an awesome track, I’d like to see more of the classic tracks like Special Stage Route 11 from GT1. It was a very challenging track and was also an awesome one.

    1. Max Cavalera

      Yes, SS R 11 its the best rack in the GT. The PS1 version off course.

      Anybody here can tell me what the price in Euros? Its 12€?

    2. jah24car

      Spa-Francorchamps is the best GP course, would love to see the old GT tracks and Infenion but tracks i’ve never raced on with the NASCARs and the Formula GT that be awsome like Road Atlanta or the Brazilan GP track

  42. =drifting24/7=

    all the tracks from GT4 that were not included in GT5. Please.

    Autopolis. Please.

    …and most important of all…


  43. Chemenu

    @ Foxiol
    “Weather effects includes time.”

    Who said that?
    I mean, I really wish this would be true, but we already have some tracks in the game that provide weather effects but no day/night cycle (Suzuka, High Speed Ring, Eiger Nordwand, Monza, …).

    1. Fythos_GR

      Im sure that it will only have weather effects,otherwise they would mention the day/night cycle also on the official site,besides there is no night picture of it…

  44. wiseguys

    Bathurst track with a couple of Holden V8 supercars would be lovely. Spa looks great and i will get the tracks pack.
    Loved all Gran Turismo games but tend to think we have been forgotten down here in Australia.

  45. Neo_Xsendra

    Face it guys, there will be no “New” cars for GT 5.

    Kaz and PD will upgrade the existing cars (at least some of them) and give us one or two new tracks in each dlc.

    Why is that so? you’re asking? because they working on gt 6. gt 6 will have 1200 premium cars. gt 6 will have “new” (old) tracks and all the staff we realy realy want to see. for gt 5 there will onle be stuff that will “keep us happy”. why you ask again? because there have to be a REASON we’re buying gt 6. we have already bought gt 5, but we need to WANT to buy gt 6.

    nothing the less … it works PD! ;) i like gt 5, i like the updates and the dlc is ok too. im exited to see gt 6 in a few years, so go on kaz!

    1. Magic Ayrton

      I agree, but must admit that I won’t be buying another GT until we have much improved sound (induction and exhaust) Better customisation wheel width size and choice, All premium cars, more Euro cars, more supercars, if on PS4 60fps in replays, possible rolling road, better animations and better paintshop.

      That will just about cut it if we get more tracks in the meantime, included in GT6 of course, there are many great things that can be put in the game.

  46. HakiraDyson

    This is what everyone has been waiting for yet people still aren’t happy. We’re getting dlc’s. Yes, even I’m disappointed with the car selection for this first dlc, but it will get better. Spa is a nice addition to the track list and we’re gonna get more tracks, the classics we always loved. I understand some of the complaints, but I’m still grateful.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      maybe if no one bought the car pack, they would re consider re hashing everything with a coat of paint and not updating the car base and sound that goes with it!! Very dissapointed as a whole the more I think about it..

  47. ChicoMaloXD

    Good start I’m a car love and I have enough space fot that prius in my heart : )
    I hope to see more DLC releases about once a month or every 2 months.
    I thought i saw a R8 LMS? I hope it’s coming ;]

  48. ICANT55

    Nice ….just the begining of a good thing.Did anyone notice that the mclaren cars were running flat out on the strait away of the top gear test track, there were no cones either, and @ the end the X1 was racing on the old “test track oval from previous Gt games…and im sure those 35 hidden tracks are on there way too… nice one Pd keep up the good work,oh yeah give us some new up to date cars like the CTS-V, konigsegg’s,pagani’s etc…just to name a few i would definitely pay for that

  49. Adrian5

    I’m only peeved about one teeeenneeey thing. There are too many damn Skylines!!! Otherwise I can’t wait to buy it and heck, I’m going to be buying 3 out of the 4 Skylines so screw it. I just wish that there was a C30 Race Mod (and a good looking one too) but that’s because I’m the only weirdo on this game that’s a hardcore Volvo fan. Hopes for more awesome DLC in the future!!! :D

  50. skyf1re11

    Spa is a nice addition but the list of “new” cars are just the same cars with new aero kits…. I would’ve expected actually NEW cars…. on top of that more Skylines, there must already like a hundred in the game…. so yes I am disappointed

  51. viejaloca

    I think I’ll be getting the tracks, but its a bit overpiriced really… :( Paint chips, I already have A TON. The cars… I’ll wait untill they get standard to premium conversions. I race with normal cars, maybe the odd RM or tuned like mad, anyway. But to anyone that dosent know how spa is, its actualy REALLY fun, i raced on it in NFS Shift, really nice place.

  52. vrossi

    OK Kaz. Were grateful. All the other stuff if fun. But, c’mon. What we REALLY want is TRACKS!
    Isn’t that what a “Real Driving Simulator” is all about?

  53. drizzt050

    No matter what it is, it’s mine.
    Been playing GT since number 1 and I wont stop now.
    Thanks for throwing me a bone PD!

  54. Scooter8299

    I’m satisfied with it. Besides, this is probably PD’s first crack at the vast world of DLC, just have patience with them. You never know what might come next…

  55. LoneWanderer

    Alright, what is wrong with you people? When Kaz announced DLC, you guys orgasmed. And now that you know what the contents are, you cry about it because it didn’t meet your outrageous expectations.


    Am I the only person here who is satisfied with this?

    1. Foxiol

      No. I like all this and i know that this is only the beginning…i am a very patient person. To me GT5 is the best. Sure i´m going to get all this. And more to come. Some people believe that this is the entire package (with this DLC)…but they announced 3 car packs and here we have only one of them. And perhaps nobody saw the TEST TRACK in the intro…just saying…Let´s think with our brains before bitching like a teenager…

  56. Strikey182

    I love GT5 to bits, but I was actually a bit disappointed with this.
    I read Spa and thought YES! The other track was a Go Kart track.. great..
    I then thought “nevermind, thats one good track and there is still the cars pack!”
    I hope theres lots of the new stuff or just some fresh european stuff. Come on Aventedors, Huaywyreyeyysyesres (the zonda) etc..
    Oh, racing versions of Jap cars we already have..
    The paint and stuff is just crap.
    Lets just clear this up. I love PD and GT5 and I will defend them to the moon. But for once im finding it hard to get excited over this..

  57. REDLINE510

    Okay, I love this game. Play it all the time and just started doing the drifting thing. What the makers need to learn is that we don’t need anymore Japanese cars. We already have 40 different Skylines and Civics. Most of the people who bought this game are from US and Europe. Give us more American and European cars. Let me see the Konisegg (SP), or CTS-V, Roush Mustang, Hennesey Camaro, Viper, or Corvette. I mean give us the Cobalt SS, Trailblazor SS, Jeep SRT8, Dodge magnum SRT8. I want more exotics. Don’t care about a Prius Race car, REALLY? That is just stupid. Do they ever go online and see what people do on their? They should create a 1/4 Mile Drag Track, and a Full Runway for Top Speed Drags. It is like they don’t care what we want. Give me what we really want! More cars, and I don’t mean Skylines or VW buses that no one ever uses. They give us the dumbest cars a we just bend over and take it. I don’t care about a premium WW2 German Jeep that is worthless, but yet the Bugatti is a standard car. Really? Good Job GT5 team. Give us the option to put a turbo on a muscle car. They sell a lot more of them now in the real world. Let us do motor swaps. I know a lot of people that have V8’s in RX7’s and they are badass. Give us real sounding cars. No muscle cars with 900hp that sound like lawn mowers. I really had high expectations for this game, and it let me down. Yes it is still fun, but they really dropped the ball on this game. Taking over 5 years to come out and this is what they gave us. I mean, give us real rally racing and drift competitions. I hope they come out with a better DLC then what they are coming out with next week. I know you guys will talk smack about me, but I don’t care. I play this game, and am just asking for what I want.

    1. Quakebass

      PD made GT5 to attempt to appeal to EVERYONE, and because of this, they kind of bit off more than they could chew. Karting, GT/LMS/LMP and Endurance, Rally, Drifting, Etc. They had so much they had to add to this ambitious goal, too much. I’m not saying that you are wrong, I’m just explaining why – they made mistakes. Also, the reason why there are so many japanese cars is partly because the company is Japanese, along with their head, Kaz; look at american games, and compare how many american cars there are compared to Asian and European cars. (Well, maybe not European, because those are more popular, and usually more sporty…) Also, the reason there are so many “useless” cars in GT5 is because PD also wanted to appeal to car collectors. (like me, I’m trying to get every car in the game) Most of the cars do have uses, such as Korean cups and hybrid races (which are missing for some reason). I do think they should incorporate every care in some way, though, because what will people do once they get all the cars – which I have almost done, at 950+ cars at the time of this posting – DLC aside?

    2. Strikey182

      Im with you on this.
      A lot of people whinge about EVERYTHING, but it think this is a legit reason to be a bit “ffs…”
      I personally am wanting a lot more european cars, from the Citroen DS3 to the Alfa 159 to Koenigsegg Agera. I love collecting them and seeing how good they get fully tuned and i have already done that with all the European premiums in the game..

  58. Quakebass

    I only really want the cars and the tracks, but buying those separately is 1$3… so buying the bundle with all of the stuff saves me $2… Great deal!

  59. With_a_G

    SO, buying the DLC gives you playable cars instantly, right? That is, the cars don’t just show up in dealerships after buying DLC, but straight to “delivery” or my garage?
    And if that’s the case, does it go to all accounts on a single machine, or only one?
    I have subaccounts for my kids. Is it really the case that I need to buy FOUR instances of the track pack to let us all have the Spa track?

    1. Foxiol

      If those subaccounts have different names you have to buy 4 instances of the pack yes. If you have 4 PS3´s with the same name it should be the same DLC for that account and yes you can install it in those 4 PS3´s. Is that the case? Yes you can download for all. Just turn on the other PS3´s and go to account management- downloads and you can find there your downloaded content in the first PS3. It is the same as when you change the HDD of your PS3, as i did btw…and then you can download all your content again. It works just like that.
      But i didn´t know that you can play with the same account in 4 different PS´s at the same time. Is that possible? O_o

    2. Foxiol

      Oh, and the cars goes directly for your garage. ( i have the stealth and chrome line pack from the Signature Edition that´s why i know that)

  60. FCB-Rizla-TML

    i am kinda disappointed that there are only 2 tracks in the pack. i was hoping for at least 5 more and would have shelled out 10 bucks easily.

    i am still considering buying the track pack ONLY if Spa has detail like the Ring and not like Monaco. Monaco or Cote D’Azue or whatever seems too flat, barely feels like you driving on city streets. i hope Spa is more realistic feel like Nurbrugring.

    also one more question if anyone can answer for me. are these cars available in the game or can you only get them thorugh DLC? if they are DLC only i might as well get the bundle as its cheap. i dont care for the race suits or paint chips, but if i am going to get the tracks and cars might as well go for the bundle as it the same price

    1. Foxiol

      Yes. Also a new ‘flame’ gear.The helmet is like the Stig but all green with red marks and the gear is all white with a red and green flame.

  61. keyra_xl

    how about for everybody bitching about dlc cost you can go buy forza 4 and spend $30 just for 7 old american muscle cars. $12 for the entire dlc on the 18th is cheap as #&$^. do we live in a 3rd world country? NO. so deal with it. go work an extra hour at your job and pay for the dlc that everyone is going to get.

    1. Belph3gor

      I think there something you don’t understand here.. Its $12 for cars already in the game only with a GT logo on them.. Yes it is expensive and you are stupid if you buy all that. They are only RM version that should be already there from the start.

      If it was real race car, the price would be higher and maybe worth to buy.

  62. magburner

    Hmmm… I’m looking forward to Spa, but the cars are pants. I was hoping for some real-world premium cars, not a bunch of Gran Turismo own brand rejects! RUF!? Come on PD, don’t be so lazy!!!

  63. MyFavoriteGame

    Anyone remembers those crazy awesome replay options and camera angles from GT3?….why dont we have them now. i know PD can, but why haven’t they?. GT3 had replays which looked like the new GT5 opening movie. They were hella awesome to watch

    1. teppischfresser

      I always suck at making replays anyway. Even with FM3’s replay options I sucked. If you’re tech savvy, maybe you can take a replay from GT5, put it on a computer and edit it there on a program somehow. I’m completely thinking out of the box, because I don’t know if such a program exists. Hopefully, for you’re sake, there is.

    2. DJSalajutsu

      @ MyFavoriteGame – YES! I miss this alot. Not so much the “color replays” which were still cool, but I miss the camera option that focuses on multiple cars, and not JUST yours..was a wonderful feature that made me enjoy watching replays.

  64. teppischfresser

    All of the DLC is in the new opening movie, which makes me think there will be even more DLC, because I thought there was a track that isn’t in the game or this DLC pack.

  65. VicGuanajuato

    It makes me laugh how people speaks of “ungrateful” as if this CORPORATION was an NGO. Come on, it is dissapointing!!! I mean, more Jap cars??? Only 2 tracks??? Absolutely rubbish!!!
    I ain’t buying a thing and I have the right to express this as I’m not bullying anyone.
    Argh! I’m dissapointed and very upset with this “super” DLC.

    1. VicGuanajuato

      Yeah, you’re in the right, buddy. I’m sorry. I’m feeling completely frustrated because I was expecting “Citta di Aria” and “Costa di Amalfi” with all my heart. Hope they include more tracks.

    2. DJSalajutsu

      I believe Foxiol is right. I am a tad disappointed due to only having SPA for a track, which is a good track nonetheless, and forget the Kart track…but keep in mind, this is definately not the end for GT5! I was also harboring for Citta di Aria and Costa di Amalfi, what BEAUTIFUL 1v1 tracks. But hey, Spec 2 is definately nice, at least we have that for now :)

    3. VicGuanajuato

      Thank you, DJSalajutsu. Yeah, both of you are in the right. And yes, Spec 2 is completely nice. Finally I find someone who loves the beautiness of Citta and Costa. =)

  66. paul26982

    CAR PACK = Massively dissapointing, full of japanesse stuff what we already have really, what about cars such as the VW corrardo, Escort cosworth, Gumpert, Radical, ariel atom, metro R64, Quattro rally car, theres loads of classic and iconic cars better than the same old japanesse rubbish, agree on some of the classic tracks too, could have thrown at least 2 of them in the mix

    1. Foxiol

      Wait there bro…Japanese cars are not rubbish at all. Learn more. One thing is that we have plenty of them but other say that Japanese cars are rubbish. Don´t confuse yourself by saying that. And yes we want more European cars but let´s wait a little bit more. He is listening to us and more DLC is on the way. Be patient my friend.The same to all of you people.

    2. MyFavoriteGame

      well lets hopes hes listening when i say i want better shadows!! thats the only thing keeping this game from being a graphical wonder….its ok sometimes but others times it really ruins my replays. especially the wheels.

    1. Mellow70

      yeah man, just read that part got even more excited! I hope PD has some more available before this year is over, or even this month! :D

  67. TokoTurismo

    I knew Spa was going to be in GT5, my hopes was never lost. The DLCs looks to be perfect that’s for sure. *Sighs* feels great to a part of GT. :) Thank you for this great article like the other articles Jordan. :) And thank you Kaz and PD for this awesome DLC pack and game, and for the birthday gift you’ve given to me. ;) No other car game never *gives you a birthday gift*.

  68. Gyro1780

    MOAN MOAN FU**ING MOAN!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t like the updates then play something else. If you don’t like the DLC then don’t buy it. It makes me sick how ungrateful people are. Personally i’m more than happy with both the updates & the DLC. I will buy the whole package when it’s available.
    Don’t forget it says the “First Batch Of DLC” I’m sure older tracks will follow. I’m sure different types of car packs will follow too. Just please stop with all the complaining.

    1. TokoTurismo

      I agree with you Gyro1780. Don’t dought the game complainers, like Gyro1780 said, *First Batch Of DLC*. Don’t lose hope on GT5 more DLCs are on the way, you’ll see what Kazunori has plans next for his next DLC.

  69. Perotonia786

    For the next coming CoursePack, I’m expecting the following Real circuits that was in previous GT games;
    – Circuit de Catalunya (Tourist Trophy & GTPSP)
    – Twin Ring Motegi (GT4 & GTPSP)
    – Infineon Raceway

    if not, than either Silverstone/Road Atlanta/Bathurst can fill that expectation.

    /excuse my english

  70. BWX

    Good deal, can’t wait for more tracks and cars in the future. GT5 SpecII IS SWEET__ PHYSICS online are awesome now! G25 ForceFeedback is great!

  71. Magic Ayrton

    Very pleased with Spa and the Kart tracks looks great but the cars??? When will we get decent sound and cars that handle properly?? :-(

  72. oskierox

    So…. the only reason this DLC is good is because of Spa.

    Where the hell is the R18? Or even the R15 for that matter?
    FXX? FF? Ferrari 599 GTO? Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale? 550 race and road?
    Lamborghini Aventador? Superleggera? Diablo SV?
    Maserati MC12?
    TVR Sagaris?
    Aston Martin DBS? V12 Vantage? One-77? Virage? DBR9????
    Bugatti Veyron SS?

    Man, when you look at these^ and you look at the 7.99 DLC option? You CANT help but feel disappointed. Come on PD….

    1. Nuno GTI

      And while you’re at it… add in the Scirocco and Scirocco R, Mk6 Golf GTI, Mk6 Golf R, Mk5 Polo GTI, the new Jetta, the new Up!, Baja Beetle, Bluesport Concept, Beetle R Concept, Bulli Concept, Microbus Concept, L1 and XL1 Concepts, Corrado, Scirocco Mk1…

      Ok… I admit it’s quite a demanding list of Volkswagens but one can dream, right?

  73. jah24car


  74. GTracerRens

    Okay, it’s cool that they have finally introduced Spa. Really awesome track. But that’s it, that’s the only interesting thing in the “track pack” to my opinion. Of course, I’m happy with the DLC, and though $5,- is pretty much for that, I will buy it. But I’m still a bit dissappointed. I want them to make more cars, not tuned versions of premium cars…

  75. LeeMoldon

    Spa is good…. but BLOODY expensive
    The racing car pack is BLOODY poor to be honest……racing versions of cars already in the game??? GSUS man thats just not on! and making us pay for it!
    i won’t be buying the “car pack” good luck to everyone else who does!

    1. Magic Ayrton

      I am really starting to think you are right, we need fresh cars that haven’t been done before, make them a showcase for what is possible with sound too.. I’m probably only going to buy the track pack to be honest too.. beginning to get wonder why the game isn’t so much better, maybe it really has had it’s day? :(

    2. TokoTurismo

      Maybe the “Racing Car DLC” is supposed to be the final complete for the RMs for the cars that haven’t gotten any yet maybe? Don’t lose hope, It just takes time and patients. :)

  76. AnPrionsaBeag

    Bit disappointed with the track pack. I was expecting the classics from previous GTs but I’m sure Spa will come close to the Nordschleife in terms of fun and details. Bathurst must come next. Take your time and make it good!

  77. Tomeggyilkos

    Jordan can you please BAN all these disappointed peoples for me? im tired of reading all the same sht every news

    what are you all still doing here? go where you are not disappointed life is short

    Gran Turismo 5 still rocks

    1. LeeMoldon

      This comments section is here for people to air their views on the news story, whether that be positive or negative…..It isn’t here for you to ask for people to be banned because you don’t agree AND it is definately not here for your mispelled claptrap!

  78. Cal401

    This looks SOOO good! Just a shame my dad won’t let me buy anything from PSN after what happened with it. That sucks.

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      If Spa had night and dynamic weather then I’ll be occupied for quite some time. I love racing spa, not even “race” , more like “drive” then proceed to watching and saving my replays:)….TBH, I’ve only taken GT5 online once, but i dont really care to, I have alot of fun with the AI

  79. Manuel

    @ UN_OC

    Completely Agree with you buddy. I don’t want to pay for DLC that should have been in the game in the first place.

  80. Hawker77

    Let’s hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as new DLC is concerned.

    They really need to offer up all the STEALTH cars as a DLC pack, and make it cheap, like $2.99. There are many around the world who would buy that in a heartbeat! I need that stealth Mazda 787B!

    I setup an arcade race at Le Mans last night with the time of day set to dusk and had a blast. I love dusk, and then seeing all those headlights come on as it gets darker. This was one of my wishes since day one – to be able to control time/weather. MORE PLEASE! Let us control these things on ALL the tracks! That would really be great!

    Will I buy Forza 4? Yes. But after trying the demo, I still prefer GT5. Go PD!!

  81. Willfred_1

    i know there a lot of people aren’t happy a bout the cars but they look like they are the RM’ed version of the gtrs which should mean they’re RWD so better for us drifters don’t forget how long it takes to do a 1 car and let alone a track. the recent troubles earlier in the year and the move from tokyo all takes it toll on progress

  82. jasr73

    This is great effort by Kaz and his team and I bet this is just round one. As much as some won’t like to hear it, customer expectations and their commitment and passion for the franchise has to be balanced against realities of ensuring financial sustainability and returns to their stakeholders.

    It is business people after all.

    It’s not cheap to keep the data centres open they operate to support the game and provide the online capability. No one’s paying ongoing subscription fees to support the infrastructure that supports us or providing directly for ongoing development we all want to see. I agree the DLC could have gone further but they can’t do it all at once. They have to stager their releases. Practice a little patience and enjoy, more of what we’ve been telling PD we want will come in due course ;)

  83. TVRFanboy83

    For fricks’ sake, why all the moaning?! For a moment I had a horrible feeling I’d found myself back on the Forza forums.

    Why are all the whingers acting like this is the one and only DLC pack we’re gonna get from PD? Flip me, GROW UP!

    I’m stoked this content is getting released, and like someone said Japan’s been through a heck of a lot this year so cut them some slack at any rate!

    But haters always gonna hate, I guess.

  84. Belph3gor

    Why putting new tracks on DLC? They should give the new track for free in another update! Right now, we can only do time trial on those -.-

  85. dabneyd

    I’m sorry, this is a big letdown. If PD had really stepped it up, they might have been able to take a lot of wind out of the sails of Turn10 and Forza. Nearly a year into the game’s release and there have been two tracks and about 30 cars added, many of those cars are mods of cars that were already in the game. That’s pretty piss poor.

    1. kmk1983

      Totally agree with you, we (as in the ture GT fans) need to post on here more and let PD know more also. We are true fans. We just don’t agree with everything like it is godly.

  86. Jump_Ace

    Steps in the right direction for sure. Now I’m hoping that part of this 2.0 update was a fix for the karts to stop spinning out for no reason at Tsukuba and London for example. They really need to increase the wheel rotation degrees so the smallest amount of extra turning doesn’t result in a 180 spin.

    Kart Jr. and Kart 125 are available in Arcade mode now :)


  87. Xstioph

    No no no. Tracks should never EVER be payed DLC! I’m all for cars etc. But not tracks/levels (in other games). Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting the complete pack, I just hate the idea of people getting kicked from races just because they haven’t purchased this and that for real money when they have bought the game. I’d rather see premiumification of current cars than new ones though.

    1. Dave_Panic

      +1 to this. It really sucks to get booted from a game because you didn’t pay for the DLC. Cars/suits/helmets whatever, they don’t stop people enjoying the game if they didn’t stump up the extra cash.

    2. FLX1981

      +1 Also GT5s track list got old really quick and if you remember the news about the hidden tracks in the game, the old GT3/4 tracks and Spa was in it. So Spa has been in development since the game was started, there was no reason not to include it but to make money. Boo!

  88. JoeH187

    Love it PD!! I’ve been waiting for my EVO X RM and R32 R33 R34 R35 race cars since release day! The new cars all look so beautiful. Even the PRIUS looks cool.

    Can’t wait for next Tuesday! I will be plopping out the $12 bucks for all of it.

    And of course they were going to update the x1. It went from x1 to x2010. Designated the year model.

    Thanks PD for the sweet cars!

  89. Obli

    Jordan: the game’s “first batch of DLC” – is more definitely coming then? I’d assume so.

    Spa is fantastic news. PD couldn’t have offered a better track! I saw it on the new spec 2 intro video and it looks incredible! I just hope Spa be available to race online…

    I’m not bothered about the car pack. Out of principal, I am not paying for a car pack that is vast majority Japanese cars (Skylines in particular)! It’s a bit of a bad joke, actually. As for paint chips and driving suits – no thanks!

    1. Doupik

      And I hate that event, first 2 races I managed to win at first try, but Nordshleife, that ridiculous Eifel design, Tokyo… to hard on DS3!

  90. Dude27

    Seriously a part from SPA… it’s a HUGE dispointment…. WHERE ARE THE NEW CARS???? all I see are same old in a race modified version…. damm, Kaz is really on another planet… giving bullets to 10turn to end his legacy quicker and quicker…

  91. BlackoutBilly

    This is bogus, everyone just go pick up and xbox and get FORZA 4!!! Just loaded mine up for the first time, finally an EPIC GAME.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Agreed with emeraldpython. Forza trolls don’t learn nothing at all. Guess they’re just 5 years olds who comepares, LIKE ALWAYS. Humph. Go read a book or something besides games Forza trolls.

    2. Scott

      TokyoTurismo, have you tried forza 4? It is a more polished experience than gt, and the sim steering puts it on a par with gt in terms of “Sim feel”.

      Have you tried any other sim racing game? Iracing, gtr, race pro, net kar etc. etc. ?

      Forza fans are not trolling, gt is a good game but I’m afraid it has passed it’s prime, 1000 dodgy car renders with 200 (scale it back to the original cars, not the copies and clones) primes is ok if the physics for each car are actually different beyond front and rear wheel drive and a little weight placement. Which I’m afraid you are not going to get in any car “Sim” that bosts so many cars, try an mx 5 from gt (or even forza 4) against the mx 5 simulated in iracing, you will be surprised at how far out gt is (forza, no idea yet, need to wait until thurs to find out, but I imagine it’s a little close but still not 100%)

      In terms of presentation forza has a more refined look and feel, probably because they have had the hindsight of a year in the shadow of gt to innovate, maybe gt should have waited until after forzas release and follow suit. Plus you have to admit, forzas “this is my car and I will paint it how I like” personalization is something that I really and trully am surprised has not been cloned in gt. Actually, that has been a feature of forza since the first version on xbox classic.

      So all in all, if you have not tried another “sim” then I would suggest getting out into the big wide world, removing those blinkers and maybe you will be surprised at what exists beyond the realm of gt.

      I recall even kaz was impressed with forza 3 and its online features…. So if the great man himself has tried it and liked it, why wouldn’t you, don’t be afraid of trying new things, as the first man who ever rammed a $$$$ up his $$$ said, “looks strange to you, but I enjoy it”

    3. TokoTurismo

      @Scott Yes I have, and loved it. Forza 1, sadly not two but the demo, Forza 3 and Forza 4, even have it’s collectors edition. I used to say it was better then GT, but regretted it for comparing the two of them. But now, I love both games and never willl I ever compare with one and other because I won’t like my stuff being compared. I understand that GT5 has lots of problems and gets criticized for it, but now it’s just getting taken personally. I do indeed try new things yes, but sometimes it never usually involves with games so I keep that to myself. It’s better to try new things that doesn’t only involves with games, don’t you think?. Never tried I-racing or other racing games because I’m not a hardcore sim racer and wont criticize about it. I play games to collect cars and not make a big deal over which game is better. I think games nowadays is just messing with ones mind now, and I think it’s happing to us too.

      Note: Btw, my name isn’t Tokyo, it’s “Toko”.

  92. vwtechnician

    Definitely like the addition of Spa but I’m disappointed to see one of my favorite tracks from GT4, Infineon, did not make a return. Also, I was hoping against hope that the additional cars would be something other than the 487th version of GTRs of the 85th Impreza in the game. Should have known better. I mean honestly, how many of them do we need? Still no E30 BMW, still no Audi S1, still so many European cars in general missing from the game. All I can say is I hope this is only the tip of the iceberg in reference to new tracks and cars available as DLC. PD I’m willing to spend plenty of money on DLCs if you’ll just give me something other than new freakin skylines, WRXs, RX7s, Evos and Miatas. Versions of those cars already make up practically 50% of the cars in the game as it is, step it up, give us something new.

  93. HPUnleashed

    I thought we were getting these packs for free with Spec 2.0? Oh, well. I’ll gladly pay PD the money. Just please put that money into giving us some real exotics that I can’t possibly afford, like the new Lamborghini Aventardo, Bugatti Super Sport, Koenigsegg, Gumpert Apollo, and Pagani Zonda models.

    Don’t get me wrong; I like the GT-R, but this is getting over the top.

  94. C-ZETA

    Jesus christ Red Bull have too much spare time on their hands for an X2011 lol. Spa though sounds good, Kart Space looks cool, good choice of RM’s. Not a disappointment in the slightest…

  95. bEEplus

    Seems a bit underwhelming. Spa Francorchamps will be worth it, but the rest is meh. I’ll gladly pay for more real tracks so keep those coming!

  96. showmethepuppiz

    I’d have paid £10.00 just for spa, For me Its the best real race track in the world and well worth every penny, so for me Im well happy

  97. kflavh

    OK, I dont really like DLC, I dont really buy DLC, but GT5 is the only game that I dont really care how much they charge for anything. I love the game and Polyphony so much I will just buy everthing. Hell if the games costed 120 usd I would still buy it.

    If they release all the cars in premium for another 60 bucks I would still buy it…

    1. kflavh

      If i will end up speding 1000 bucks on the game, I dont give a damn its GT, its been a hell of a ride…1998 and on and on :)

    2. kmk1983

      You are the kind of idiot PD and Sony loves and the kind of idiot I hate. I’ll take your money since you just said you don’t care about it. You are the person that would buy a GT6 prolouge right now, you are the person who would buy a GT game that had only Prius in the game. I could see you defending that game now. This is what you would say. “Oh man, this game is so awesome, the Prius is the next gen car because Kaz made a game about it.” “You guys that are bitching that only a Toyota Prius is in the game, you are not fans of GT5.” ” I will pay $10,000 dollars for the Prius DLC pack which inculdes the whole Prius family, yay !!!!!!!” What, are you 5? Go karts and a Prius people ????????? These are the same people who rip on NASCAR, where they have 850 hp beasts with no electronic driving aids, just pure power and machine (kind of like the McLaren F1) but yet you are happy about Go karts…so sad……

    3. TokoTurismo

      I agree with kmk1983 10,000% You see is people like you who say thier true or GT fans but aren’t, that makes *us true GT fans* sick and just gotta wipe you off the fourms completely. Why should whiners complain over everything about GT5 is beyond me. If you don’t like the DLCs just go away “FORZA FANBOY”, and don’t deny you’re aren’t cause it’s true. All complainers make me sick to my stomach and makes me want to say to them thier “dumn as a lama”. *Sticks loser sigh at complainers* You should thank both Kaz and PD for working on this great taste of content. And thank Jorden for posting this wonderful article like the other article he’s posted for not complainers, but for everyone but complainers and whiners. BOOHOO.

    4. TokoTurismo

      Opps, I agreed with a hater? AHH! kmk1983 SHUT UP AND GO AWAY YOU STUPID IDIOT FORZA FANBOY! I take everything I wrote. Sorry kflavh, plz forgive me. D: I wasn’t reading the comments right. I apologize to you dearly. :(

    5. RugerGuy

      Blind faith is amazing isn’t it? It makes it possible for tyrants to kill millions of people of a different faith, and it makes it possible for stupid people to waste their money. Quite versatile isn’t it? kflavh I seriously hope you are not a registered voter.

  98. Foxiol

    In Europe or at least Spain the prices are : – track pack: 3,99€
    – racing car pack: 7,99€
    – racing gear pack: 1,99€
    – paint pack: 1,99€
    – the complete pack: 11,99€ ( -5€)

  99. GlobeKIDD

    IDK why so many people are dissapointed? I, for one, am in LOVE with this new DLC. I have been craving more touring style cars to race with and this fits the bill perfectly, not to mention the addition of Spa and a cool/funky go kart track? Hell yes. I also envision cool Kei racing on that track :)

    Now with the spec 2.0 update: My god am I impressed! Also i love the Schultze GTR. and the G27 button mapping? Dreams come true. Also noticed an improvement in the feedback as well. Thought about getting Forza 4, but with all this, Nope

    1. shewy92

      except the two G27 buttons that worked b4 the update were fine, the rearview was where i could see behind me w/o letting go of the wheel and i could flash my lights. now its the horn that has no use and the lights and they WONT CHANGE!!!

  100. kmk1983

    What a joke this. I am so sick of these hardcore GT5 fans. You guys are as stupid and gay as Apple fanboys. To you, GT5 can do nothing wrong. Want to know what this lame update is ?????? We are paying for PD move they just made. I have always loved GT5 but there seem to be only a few of us on here who are true fans. True fans tell both the positive and negative of the game. They don’t blindly follow it. That is what people do in North Korea. Some people on here act like Kaz is the second coming of Chirst. I love cars from Japan, I love them. I even own a Subaru. My overall favorite car company. Why ? Because I’m not rich, I can’t really say McLaren or Alpina or Aston Martin is my favorite car company. If you can’t really own one of there cars they really can’t be your favorite. Ok, so like I said I love cars from Japan but more GT-R’s ???????? What a god damn joke. At this rate the GT-R will be 15% of the cars in the game. Add Mazda’s into that and 30% of the cars are from Japan. How about the Ferrari F1, you can’t even use it in any races that much. Stupid. Sorry, this is a weak update. Nobody seems to notice that all the special events have WAYYYYYY less prize money. The Ferrari 1 lap at CDLS is not only 100,000 some odd dollars, no longer 500,000. I have a life. I can’t just run races 24/7. This company is starting to force stuff and tell us what we like, just like Apple. Will you follow me ??????????

    1. JoeH187

      It’s a Japanese developer, it’s always been about Japanese cars primarily in the GT series. I don’t see that changing. For me there are plenty of American and Euro cars in the games.

      The GT series has never about been about exotics.

  101. kekke2000

    I’ll just type some smart things down here where everybody stopped scrolling a while ago!

    NHL since the release of PS3 (sek).

    NHL 08 599kr
    NHL 09 599kr
    NHL 10 599kr
    NHL 11 599kr
    NHL 12 599kr = 2995 kr (everything pretty much one game)

    Call of Duty also launched a lot of expansions and new games based on the same thing but required new money from the fans.

    Gran Turismo

    Gran Turismo HD Free
    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 399kr
    Gran Turismo 5 599kr = 998kr

    I have officially spent 3 times as much on NHL than I had on Gran Turismo. If Kaz dont release DLC for a worth of 2000kr I should start paying to a Kaz fund! I get too much gaming for my money. It’s worth so much more!

  102. beseiden

    Hello every1,

    This DLC it’s great just because this amazing SPA circuit. I believe that when im powering through Eau Rouge flashing lights to the car in front i really don’t care about what color my car has, what racing gear “im wearing”, but im certain to buy the full pack, im a fan! :D

    About the update, there are some little changes that i liked, the fact that you can choose the weather and time much more freely, i love night racing, but could dispense the rain. NOW I CAN. And this aggressive levels for AI. They still suck, but close the door when im about to overtake. Annoyingly funny…
    It’s good that they upgraded the XP and €€ prizes for online. Makes it a little more interesting.

    Take care ppl.

  103. mtgear1

    disappointed, in terms of content and completion, GT5 is still far behind GT4, how is this progress? oh well hope GT6 is more complete or i’m jumping on the forza band wagon.

  104. AyJay

    Skylines, X2010 and a Prius? Yawn.

    2 tracks? – well, really 1 track, let’s not kid ourselves here. Meh, maybe.

    Suits? Yawn.

    Paints? Heh, maybe. I am declaring publicly that if they are tradeable, I will do my best to duplicate them and distribute them for free.

  105. Custer85

    Aside from Spa this DLC is not werth getting. I thought we will be getting some new cars, but all we get is some race car versions of cars that are allready in the game. Spa is really superb and definately everything i hoped for as far as the track pack was concerned, but the car pack disappoints me.

    I wish they had some 2011 and 2010 cars, mixed with some older ones from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Even if they only had one per decade it would be 10 times better than this. And the price is far to high for what we will be getting.
    Is the race car pack everything we get, or is there another car pack? If not….

  106. AuToNoMy

    nice :) still no lamborghini aventdor or driving park oval test track :( lets hope the gap is not as long to the next DLC fingers crossed :)

  107. fitftw

    wish they’d include “local tracks” like Virginia Int’l Racewar or big-name country roads like Tail of the Dragon, but Spa is awesome.

  108. Tvensky

    I can only say “that is some BAD ASS PRIUS THERE” :) nice update.. still hoped for premium BMW E30, premium supra and other important history road cars… and some new modern cars of 2011…… this DLC is way too little… but still hope that maybe next one will be decent.. and anyway.. SPA is awesome track cant wait to drive on it with that prius that I hate.. this one maybe be decent… :)

  109. ukame

    I like the DLC they’re offering, though the price isn’t that great, I’m going to get it. I hope though, in future releases they do more D1 tracks like Ebisu, Irwindale, Nikko circuit, and Daiba just to name a few. The Space Kart track looks awesome and I hope I can get the Blitz ER34 D1 spec Sliding around this course.

  110. Borna12345

    I liiiiiiiiike that R32. The GT-R, even better Spa is excellent news, but the matte black suit and helmet… I love everything in these packs. The Prius should be fun for a Prius cup and strolling around on Spa. I love PD.

  111. FishyJuice

    According to Google:

    US$ 11.99 = 80.3700104 Swedish kronor.

    I’d say that is a lot less than what I expected to have it cost. It isn’t much, but would you look at those Touring Cars. Nice to see the CR-Z and Prius (lol) in there.

    Can’t wait to throw them around Spa in the rain.

    Hats off to PD for even continuing the work on GT5.

  112. Murcie_LP640

    Not bad I suppose. Forza 4 has much more interesting cars available (and more of them) for $2 more but I do commend PD for at least putting out the DLC.

  113. superfluous2

    Good news everyone!
    We don’t have to wait for new karts! They’re already in arcade mode for FREE! Just go to an arcade race and they’re at the end of the ‘arcade only’ cars!

  114. 1KNm)


    I have waited 12 months (almost) for something NEW, refreshing to happen to GT5.

    I didnt like the standard cars, now I hoped for the conversion STD-PREM.. that went, yeah…

    We ALL hoped for new tracks, Old ones that did exist in PS2 as some other of them already in GT5, that went…yeah..

    Im sorry, I really am, but if PD did listening to us fans! I dont think this is enough, as much as you worked and imagine GT5 as a game, fine im down with that, but it isnt the game that keeps my interest up.

    Forza 4, yes, is closing up on GT5 physics wise, and has the cars that I (!) want to drive, mod, tune (sell? ), enjoy right after Ive done something to it.

    That said, Im getting FM4. But this game is Up To Date.

  115. Xhiku

    Sorry guys i live in a country which does not have paypal accounts and i cannot buy anything from the internet over here.

    Is there another way which i can get this DLC ? i need this so much.


  116. fureddo

    First things first, thanks for update 2.0 P.D.!!!! One last thing though, I expected the glitchy shadows to be fixed too…!(汗)
    Despite that, I’m all good with the latest update!
    The DLC contents will be around 1000¥ for a full package. Sure I didn’t want to have another car GT-R in my garage, of course I’d rather have a Reventon or a Koeningsegg Avera, but let’s wait for a Christmas package to see super cars.
    There is still room for criticism, but that would be a true lack of thankfulness. I’m being patient; I’ll enjoy this first package and hey, the best is to come now!

  117. ttfn

    For those complaining about the “lack of content” Kaz san said he’d not be finished with GT5 for at least another 2 years after release so before whining and bitching, think about this…….theres another 12months to go before he starts on his “new project” so just get over it and continue whats considered to be the best racing game on the market…..and for those comparing GT5 to F4 think about this, F4 is an arcade racer, always as been always will be so its not got the cars nor the handling qualities of our pride and grow up and stop comparing chalk and cheese because we all know cheese tastes better…ie GT5 Rules forza

    1. FLX1981

      Dude, get out of KaZ’s rear. GT5 is not the crown jewel of realism you d like it to be. There are several simulations out there with better physics. The supersticky magic tire model and the damage model are nowhere near realistic. Shift 2 destroys GT5 (and Forza) regarding immersion and the sensation of race driving.

    2. GTNewfie

      Yeah because by the time we wait 2 years most people will have moved on to other games………it should not take this long to get where Gt5 is and the DLC is a major fail.

  118. pasigiri

    Jordan, one question:

    Will I loose the PURCHASED paint chips if use them?

    All in all, this update and DLC is a great start to get GT5 back in the, urm, game. Although this is good, I’m definitely waiting on the “other” tracks that were on that list of track images dug up a while back (please PD don’t disappoint). I also fully expect some more cars (not GT-Rs and Miatas). If not, I’m afraid Forza 4 will have taken this round, even with questionable drivers feel; virtual that is. Will I drop GT and head over to Forza? HECK NO. But I can feel a great disturbance in the force.

  119. bigdirtyjase

    Gee I love how people complain about the DLC contents…better than having nothing at all. I guess with staff from PD shifting offices completed. I’m for one hoping this is the first of many DLC releases. Yes I would like to see some tracks and euro cars…I would like premium Australian cars.

  120. babalulu

    ******* you pd, only showing off japanese cars, give us some 2011 dtm cars and german roadcars like the new ruf mercs and so many other german and italians roadcars, selfish haters

  121. natsamson

    The Redbull X2011, damn man I wonder what the hell it is now, maybe an F16 on wheels lol. The tracks could be better if im honest but the cars are quite cool for the first DLC batch, when will the second be out, I want a Porsche :(

  122. GTNewfie

    1 year wait for 1 track that we have no content to race it with and an awfull car pack… WOW, PD, has some issues. Even shift had new events with new DLC.

  123. Camaroyenko

    One thing that made me mad was the stupid Prius touring car! They’ve added another car that shouldn’t have even been there from launch…

    1. HKS racer

      But it’s an hybrid car, you know, they want to promote hybrids to new generations, So it’s a good move ta add am hybrid racing car because it’s faster and more enjoyable to drive. I saw a rF2 wip mod for an electric race car too, the Nissan Leaf I think. So if motorsport start moving toward electric/hybrids things the simulations will just follow.

  124. Pikem4N

    Hello folks

    It’s great news about SPA being available,it’s one of the best driving circuits in the world and i for sure will be buying that i do wonder though if there will be any other tracks available at somepoint? Brands hatch Gp and bathurst Anybody????
    BUT the DLC for the first car pack is a little bit “meh” granted some of the Touring cars aren’t bad, but they cars that should be available should be the the last few years worth of S2000 spec touring cars that have being doing the rounds globally.

    Those cars would be one’s that have contested in the WTCC,BTCC,STCC,ETC,ATCS, and the aussie V8 championships aswell NOT soley cars that have featured in the JTCC or mock up’s of what would be raced in japan, hopefully there will be something in the future Where the s2000 spec cars, classic toruing cars like the Bmw M3’s and ford RS500’s, Super tourers and also GT spec cars that have raced in varioys Gt championships around the world.

    1. Obli

      Brands Hatch GP and Bathurst? Oh yes please, those would be my most wanted too! Immediate buy for those if they were available.

    1. Camaroyenko

      You push the power button on the PS3, go onto your profile, and then click on “Playstation Store”, click on “Gran Turismo 5”

  125. Tenacious D

    For a first shot at DLC, I was hoping for a bit more, but oh well, pretty good all things considered. Buying all.

  126. Camaroyenko

    Definitely getting Spa, but they’re making me spend 8 bucks only to get one car I want…the Challenger :(

  127. JoostBaksteen

    Oh yesss!!! SPA!

    I was hoping Spa would be added, one of the most beautiful tracks ever.

    This is really great!!

  128. Foxiol

    Buying the full pack for sure. I love SPA and that kart track looks amazing. The car list well…not my favourite but the cars looks just super sexy´s to me and i love the look of that Mitsubishi Lancer X, the Subaru Impreza, Toyota prius, and the Honda CR-Z. 100 new paint…hope that most of them will be chrome´s and mate´s.
    12 for all this? Amazing. And more DLC coming for sure.Think about that. GT5 new era.

  129. crsn891

    Not bad for their first shot at DLC. People happily shell out $15 a pop for new multi-player maps on CoD:BO (they are up to four now, that equals the entire cost of a new game). $12 is reasonable for all this stuff.

  130. Evertrill

    well I’m happy bout all the new features of gt5 and don’t mind paying for the new tracks and car, but ALL race cars? What happened 2 all the other street cars they missed!…..speechless :'(

  131. FLX1981

    PD can do whatever they want and people are still celebrating. That DLC is a slap in the face for everybody who can think 2 reasonable thoughts in a row. 1 interesting track = 5$, 8 race mods for existing cars = 5$.

    No new premium cars, no 2010/11 models, no old tracks, nothing. What a letdown… again.

  132. Diatribe777

    This is so awesome!
    The courses look amazing and super fun, more Karts, and those Touring cars will be beautiful!
    12 bucks is coming to PD!!!!

  133. BubbleBelly542

    I will probably buy the bundle. Though I paint don’t paint my cars often, or care about racing suits, the total for the car pack and track pack is $13, while the bundle iis is $12.

    Oh and PD… Why so many Skylines? And why not Silverstone for DLC, you kind if did your whole huge GT Academy there.

    But hey, its a good price and the SRT8 is just awesome.

    is this all the DLC we will ever get for GT5?

  134. Zimmerd

    I’m very glad with the addition of Spa Francorchamps!
    It’s a track that really matters.

    Although I like the new cars,
    I’m a little bit disappointed that it doesn’t concern road cars..
    The new BMW M5, Lamborghini Aventador, Focus RS, etc…
    Some road cars would be nice!

  135. Big Ron

    I love Spa as addon track and all the new racing modifications for existing cars. But I am a bit disappointed, that 95% of the cars are from Hapan, again. Just one US-muscle racer and no Europeans. Hopefully, there will come some RMs for european cars.

    A classic GT track pack would be awesome, too. But as I bet, they will not release sth. in standard quality ever, konverting all classic GT tracks to premium level will cost more time.

  136. Mattycakes

    12 bucks for all this!!?? Other developers need to fallow suit. Im sad to see only two new tracks, but they are both very very welcome. Getting all of it the moment it comes out! glad to see the huge amount of really good looking suits. Now they just need some more tracks, and more GT/ALMS cars!!

  137. Demon2330

    I like the look of the Prius touring car but overall I am a little dissapointed , I expected more especially with the tracks side of things especially after those track logo’s leaked , I will get this but its certainly not one that I am Jumping up and down about as much as I wanted to.

  138. Chemenu

    Spa is great. But why only weather effects and no night racing? Spa would be perfect for another 24h endurance race, but not without day/night transition. :-s

    The racing car pack is… bit of disappointing. 4 Skylines and 3 Karts… that’s exactly what I was waiting for.^^

    Bottom line, everthing PD offers is better than nothing. I’ll go for the complete pack. But I really hope there will be more DLCs in near future bringing uns more new tracks and cars.

    1. giagi il guerci

      I completely agree with you…spa is really fantastic…and also the patch spec 2.0 is really good…but i don’t like the new cars…only japanese cars…i hope that kazu will add new le mans cars like the bmw m3 gt and new supercars(ferrari, mercedes, lamborghini)..please kazu..

  139. Whitestar

    Great that we are getting SPA, the most voted track!

    I was hoping for a few of the old tracks as well: Citta di Aria, Midfield, El Capitan, Seattle, Pikes etc.
    Hopefully in the next DLC?

  140. fotochap

    Ha, awesome – SPA is the only track I really wanted (apart from El Capitan I guess) and the karting one looks like Rainbow Road!

    The cars look okay.

    Paint system is ridiculous, but if the colours are decent it’s okay. If it’s a simulation, then why can’t you just go to a paintshop in the game and pay for any colour you want, rather than having to take chips from cars you have. Never really understood that, but it helps to keep value in certain paints I guess.

    All in all, a great update, and with my v2.0 update this morning, GT5 just had a new lease of life!

  141. Magic Ayrton

    CLASSIC TRACK PACK FTW!!!! – Classic track pack for christmas!!!! All vote for this please… if we ALL mention it, we will most probably get it!! They have 2 months!!!!!

    1. AnPrionsaBeag

      They probably have it already: one year to recreate Spa and invent an indoor go-kart track seems like an awful lot of time. Here’s hoping for next DLC. ;-)

  142. nismopower

    Im really happy with this car pack and track pack and with with well everything!!! :D
    Im a real nut for skyline’s rx7’s en subie’s :D
    Soo this just rocked my world. Also spa in gt5!!!
    Eat ur hart out fm4 !!! ;)
    No just kidding fm4 will rock in its own way.

    Also that new kart track with 3 new karts, they keep on making my day :)
    Will race the spa circuit in my stig uniform and in one of my 15 new dlc cars :D
    (26 including the spec II cars :) )

  143. Magic Ayrton

    Spa.. the best :-) Cars aren’t what I expected although I will still buy everything! I was hoping for a RUF rgt-8 and Sierra Cosworth!!

    Hope we can download some more cars and original tracks by Christmas… 2011 that is!

  144. eightlives

    Won’t be getting a dime of my money for this , I want a FRIGGIN DRAG STRIP, how hard is this to understand, all day long there are more drag rooms than anything else. When are you going to start paying attention.

    1. Obli

      More drag rooms than anything else? If you mean drag racing, no there aren’t. If you mean something else, keep that to yourself =P

  145. SNAILZ

    Buying track pack and car pack separate is $12.98 so I’ll buy the complete pack it’s a no-brainer. I’ll get track and car cheaper while getting original paint and special gear for free. I’ll paint cars Pink Chrome and send them to my niece.

    $11.99, that is a very nice deal. I remember Forza 3 track DLC was about $15 just for one track. I heard iRacing is something like 1 car and 1 track for $10, so $12 for 2 tracks and 15 cars is a killer bargain, despite most of the cars are virtually RMs.

    But I’m happy. R32 GTR and FD3S touring car. Ooooh, Group A and Bathurst fantasy. It’s not precisely those cars, but I’ll pretend it is in my head while driving these.

  146. ebhk

    Spa! nice!!

    but were is Audi R18, R15, and Peugeot 908?? I was really expecting one of these to be in the game! GT5 is a big sponsor at the 24 hours of Le Mans! And for god sake the R18 won this year?!!!! I’m only buying the course map, because of SPA! Jesus Kaz,this is just sad.

    Okay, then, it must be a good sign, keep them coming and hopefully the R18 will come.

    1. gtone339

      We alrready have the 908 Hdi fap, yeah I also wanted more super cars and race cars.

      Its all good anyway, hopefully more DLC in the future or wait fro SPEC 3.0

    2. terminsel

      Yeah I’m gonna wait and hope for different cars in the future that are more worth my money, but that great track will be mine as well as the paints. Not alot of talk here about the paints but there are about 100 of them and they are unique and gorgeous. I could really care less though what my driver is wearing.

      Still, I’ve got my fingers crossed that the cars are tradeable. I want that challenger but its not worth the extra $5 to me.

  147. RIPCDE

    I’ll buy it. Almost a year and It’s the best game I’ve ever bought new off the shelf. Im still having fun with the original game. $12.00, shh I poo $12.00. I might as well poo it for some GT5 DLC, suck it poor people!!!!!

  148. Praggia

    well we wanted dlc and this is what we get. I am happy for Spa the racecars not blowing my mind but they do look good and they are premium cars too
    So far I think its not bad and can only get better. And paying between 5 and 10$ is not bad for the euro and american players. Try multiplying that but 9 for us with a heavily inflated exchange rate.

    Thank you PD and Kaz all the whiners on here didnt deserve anything but they got something.
    Oh Kaz could you please release a patch for more realistic sound effects….just a thought lol :)

  149. Imari

    Spa? Great! Well done, PD!

    11 cars that are modifications of cars that already exist in game? Please, PD. How stupid do you think we are? Give us cars that don’t already exist in the game. There’s any number of great cars that have been released recently, along with classics that could be modelled. How about some more of the unique Super GT cars? Classic WRC cars? Anything?

    You love cars as much as we do PD, so why keep giving us modified versions of the same old cars again and again?

  150. terminsel

    I’m sitting on the fence here. This is a neat idea, but way overpriced. Why do they all have to be imaginary touring cars? I thought I read about getting new 2011 NASCAR cars, is there another pack coming? If that track is anything less than nurburgring I’ll have to wait for something better.

  151. TJC_69

    Awesome DLC pack and low priced too. Glad we got some new race cars / race mods , i’m not bothered about road cars to be honest . I said in a GTP thread that there wasn’t going to be any road cars in this pack pack & I was right. It said race cars but people didn’t see that . ; )

    Spa is a great addition to the game , & along with the full pack it will lengthen GT5’s lifespan considerably.
    There will always be players that want certain cars or tracks & get their hopes up way too high .
    Other players are mature enough to understand what GT5 is – A game . And what it is not – Everything you want to have and PD must give it to you.
    A childish mentality perhaps?

  152. posimosh

    Oh and Spec 2 Online gameplay is even more superb that it was before…only thing to change so far that ive seen is to add limits to class racing (JGTC, LMP, Formula cars, etc)

  153. posimosh

    whelp time for Forza as they have proper 2011 racecars including what should have been a no brainer formula lemans and an f30 or 458 racecar as licensing these would be cheap and their regs are highly prescribed and widely known… Plus, I cant help but feel that the first car pack is a pessimistic way of raising money.. for what? I don’t know, but i do know that japan has strict tax law that limits the amount of money that can be extracted from a company, these laws are even more strict regarding non-domestic earnings and as PD already has been paid by sony to produce GT5 the only other option is sinking their earnings back in to the company hopefully for more content. That being said I’m sure sony is taking a sizeable cut of dlc however i kinda think PD may have got a sweet deal 5 or whatever years ago hent hey signed exclusively with sony as DLC had not yet become the cash cow it is now… Lastly, If anyone said, “you know what this game needs, more derivatives of Japanese touring cars?” they are out of there frikkin minds. Although I am disappointed with the 1st DLC, it is no worse than the even more highly pessimistic DLC of shift and even forza, by releasing the DLC the same day as release, they are all but admitting it is a cash grab as they surely had anything ready for release on its retail sale date finished enough to include int he game proper and thus should not be an add on…. Here’s to waiting for the first proper dlc.

  154. Centurion_cz

    [rant] Okay. I thought there was some hope for GT5, but I was wrong. I really don’t understand, what is Kaz doing. Spa Francorshamps? It’s possibly the best track in Europe, but adding it for 5 dollars along with a pretty bland Kart track seems just weird. Does Kaz even know, who are the fans of GT? Many of us have spent hours playing GT1/2/3/4 etc. Why not recreate some of the tracks that made these games great? What about Smokey mountain, Citta di Aria, Amalfi, Midfield raceway, Tahiti… Why did he include a track that’s in almost every decent game these days (GTR, Shift, F1… … …) ? Don’t even get me started about the cars – laziness is the only word an honest person can use here. Making (fictional) touring car versions of cars ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL RELEASE is just flat out retarded. And what’s the best car in that package? Is it the new BMW M5? Nope. What about the Ferrari FF? Noo. Okay, maybe it’s the 2011 Red Bull F1 car. Nada. In fact, it’s a slightly changed Red Bull X1 INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL RELEASE and since it’s a fictional car, they could’ve changed anything/nothing. I think it’s clear now. GT5 is dead. Maybe GT6 will be better and I really hope so, but for now, I’ll have to seek elsewhere. [/rant]


    Fairly good start for dlc. The kart track kinda reminds me of a mini F1 Singapore GP. Hopefully there not restricted to karts only. All I need now is a classic GT track pack around christmas and im set till Spec 3/GT6.

  156. soniccinos

    Also my dream in GT5 is to be able to drive the “Red Bull F1 2011” C´mon PD make this possible!!!! I would pay 10 dollars for that car!!!!!

  157. danijel208

    I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed with the tracks. It’s only two tracks (for me really just one, don’t race karts), I was hoping to see maybe two more. But they have Spa I’m really excited for that! And I love the car selection besides the terrible Dodge Challenger. I wish they would have put a Supra or the Honda HSV instead of that Dodge, the more Japanese cars the better. I’ll be definitely buying this DLC. :)

  158. spal

    Ok im glad they added some reacing cars but we would like world series racing cars like wtcc, gt2, gt3 and so on.

    None of us need another lambo ferrario or nissan # 23123123 in this game we want racing in it’s best.

    and we need way more tracks for it.

  159. soniccinos

    I was really expecting some game expansion, like more A-Spec Events or the possibility to go over level 40!
    I’m already A and B spec level 40, the only events left for me are the 24 hours endurances. When I finish those, then I’m pretty sure I’ll abandon the game until something new comes out!

  160. Der_Luke

    Pretty disappointing, i was hoping to see some Königsegg, the Gumpert Apollo or a Radical, Ariel Atom or a premium Supra. Still can`t believe they made the Supra a standard car :(

  161. lespaulguy

    It’s…a great start. I’m loving the new update, I’m really excited for the new DLC…but i’m not enthusiastic about the price. $12 for 1 1/2 tracks and 11 japanese cars, including 4 more skylines? I mean sure, if it came with Seattle and Midfield as well, along with maybe the Aventador and 10 other street-legal cars from Europe and America it’d be worth $12. Or even including Hyundai, or some Cadillac, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley…all important car manufacturers that we need more of!

    My point is, THANK YOU PD for the fantastic work over the couple of days-and I’ll buy this over-priced DLC this time. Just please follow up soon with a DLC worth purchasing (or at least worth the price) with the cars and tracks that your fanbase is looking for. And by soon I mean in 1-2 months, not 3/4 of a year. I understand the past year has been tough-let’s regroup and release the content everyone’s been begging for. Bentleys, more Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Astons (there are barely any of those), tracks like Smokey Mountain, Midfield, Seattle, even new fantasy tracks! Just please follow up this DLC with more soon. And fix those shadows!

    Thanks PD for all your hard work

    1. Kesl

      I would like to see the V8 Vantage that James May drove in the earlier seasons of top gear. Masculine looking car it was. Kind of like the V12 Vantage available now, but I think that car is spoiled by those stupid headlamps.

  162. BYNHA88

    We dont need more skilines!
    We dont need more helmet
    only one track?
    i will buy only de track, nothing more…
    We want GT 1 GT2 and GT3 CARS!
    The name of game is GT OK?
    No european car…
    Maibe the next time, ok

  163. Natasliah

    who else has noticed that the tracks look to be a bit updated as well
    im not sure how many but i know for sure that Nurburgring 24h has a lot of extra detail added to it
    and also kaz’s gtr is amazing
    if you havent already, go check it out

  164. RT*//

    How sad this is. What a lousy DLC.

    1 new track?

    No private lobby, no custom championships.
    I honestly can’t imagine what they are thinking.

    Use your ears Nippon!
    We, the gamers, the buyers, the people that provide your jobs, we have wishes
    and you are totally ignoring the most important ones.

    I don’t want a new suit and helmet, I don’t need more-of-the-same cars, I don’t care
    about new paintcolors.

    I just want sheer fun in playing the game online with friends.
    THAT’S what it’s all about. And that’s what missing.

    We’re a group of online game-friends who lost interest in GT5 due to the lack of
    fun, due to the lack of a goal when online racing together for a few hours.

    WE WANT TO MAKE OUR OWN COMPETITION, with points etc etc.
    That is the most important element missing. We are fed up with the empty feeling as a
    result after another night playing GT5 online.

    Second most important is the car handling.
    I’m not digging deep in this one but it needs a little tweaking to make it more of a racegame.
    Just a bit.

    Third most wanted are new tracks, A LOT of them. Just bringing back the old GT-tracks would be ok with me.

    Now GT5 is out for about a year now and it’s been updated a few times and these updates were nice but
    it is that I feel they are aiming in the wrong direction or at least have their focus TOTALLY OFF the essential things.

    I really can’t comprehent it.
    How hard can it be to get the widely wanted tracks back in the game?

    They have it.
    We want it.
    They don’t bring it.

    What crooked logic is lying behind that?
    What were they thinking?

    I’m sorry to say but despite the big history I have with Gran Turismo
    I’m going to get XBOX and Forza 4.

    I’ve been patient enough, waited years(!) and years(!) for GT5 but I’m seriously
    very, very disapointed in the game.

    1. NASCARFAN160

      Dude, they can’t add every tiny kittle thing that all the GT5 fans want! This game isn’t for *every* car guy out there!

    2. amazeCRAZE

      @TokoTurismo there is absolutely the perfect right to doubt.

      A game that was supposed to come out along with the PS3 gets delayed for over 4 years because they were making it “better” only to come out with a nearly unchanged car list (Like, 800 are from GT4) and wasting premium slots on cars most people don’t care about. They then say they’re coming out with DLC, only to offer two new tracks, clothing for a nearly useless character, and cars that already exist in the game, for ridiculous prices mind you.

      This game was a major letdown. As much as I love the GT series, this was really sad. I’m looking more forward to getting an Xbox and FM4 simply because at this point, in terms of cars (which is what I care about in these kind of games), it’s way better. That doesn’t make him or me a 5 year old Forza fanboy because we’re preferring a rival game because we found this game a letdown to our standards. It simply means you’re a biased fanboy that has no ability to be reasoned with.

  165. silicon1138

    Wether you like it or not, the DLC system is finished PD will see a LOT of new money flowing in. This will in turn mean we get more and more DLC, and so the circle is complete. I’m personally happy to have it and don’t mind paying for extra stuff -i’ve MORE than had my €44 worth of GT5 over the last year. When PD see the rate people are going to grab these packs they will make a point of giving us the tracks we’ve been banging on about since day one.

  166. Mazerati

    Oh, btw, how many £ is $11.99? Are we talking something like £10? If so, that is VERY cheap (vs NFS; £5 for 2 cars :P)

    1. MadmuppGT

      Works out about £7-£8, so could be £7.99. But no doubt thanks to the way the UK works it will be £11.99! They dont seem to understand conversion rates over here!

  167. Mazerati

    I, for one, am very pleased with this. I will definitely save myself time and buy the “full pack”.
    Nice work Kaz, that CRZ Touring looks awesome!
    The best part is, this DLC, from what I’ve gathered, is only the start.

  168. Moglet

    It took them a year to add this?

    Next time someone tells me that Forza 4 isn’t realistic I’ll just direct them towards ‘Space Karts’. XD Also, new colours and gear! AW YEAH! Just what a DRIVING simulator needs, more stuff that is useless for DRIVING.

    I’ll be leaving it well alone.

    1. Moglet

      Oh and I’m well aware that Space Karts isn’t meant to actually be set in space, but it’s still ridiculous. Just look at it!

    2. Vo0N83

      As much as I love Spa and will be buying the pack, it really is kinda bad only having 1 track and a few cars. I just hope they release DLC alot more regularly now and not once every year. Also, that Kart track should have been free with the 2.0 update imo, that’s not really worth paying for.

  169. Nicky_loves_GT5

    OMG i left my PS3 downloading the update when it was done….it got corrupted…then i thought imay download it again..BUT IT CORRUPTED THE ENTIRE UPDATE HISTORY D: now it askes me to download 10 updates at once
    OMG did some else had this problem. :( HELP!

  170. marktyper

    btw, I’m actually hoping for the Pikes peak, Apricot Hill and Seattle circuits and for the cars, I was hoping about having Porsche and Audi RS4 …


    Not impressed with the car pack. Just looks like a bunch of re-hashed cars… And the one and only American car in the selection is a boring (and ugly) one. Not really what I expected for DLC, was really hoping for new premiums not re-colored ones. Pass…

    The track pack is more like it! Spa????!??!?! Two words: Hell Yeah. Also I’m really digging the kart track. Finally something to ignite my interest in karting. Looks really fun and interesting. Money well spent here.

    The color pack is great too, really like the different chrome selections and the Polarize selection is very intriguing. Will definitely be buying these.

    And for the racing gear? STIGGGGGGYYYYY! Lol. Definitely will be buying that. This DLC devliers.

    All in all, I’m very happy with the pros, but the cons are still very disappointing. PD really has a chance to take advantage of DLC as die hard fans are clamouring for old school GT tracks. Still would like to see a wheel pack for standard cars. And of course PD should bring something NEW to the premium car roster – not re-colored cars but something legitimate.

  172. marktyper

    F*CK all the HATERS!!! Yes I will buy the whole pack bundle for 11 bucks! Go hate me. Go comment everything you want! At the end of the day, you will still think about this DLC. Whiners just shut up.I love all the cars they made specially the R32, R33, R34 and the RX7 !!! But it could be better.

  173. Hawker77


    If you read this or have people read these posts to you… here’s what I’d like to suggest to you. Many people around the world weren’t able to get the Stealth Cars or Chrome Cars. If you make them available as DLC – they will sell!

    Also, there are so many awesome road courses that really should be part of GT5. Please consider making as DLC the following…
    Lime Rock Park
    Road Atlanta
    Road America
    Infineon (Sears Point)
    Watkins Glen
    Brands Hatch
    Philip Island

    Lime Rock Park would be my first choice, and the rest in no particular order.

    Thanks much, and I really appreciate all of the updates for GT5 after the tough year Japan has had.


    1. TokoTurismo

      Brands Hatch. Didn’t GT Academy raced on that track along with Silverstone. Maybe those tracks will be coming for the upcoming DLCs track packs. Yay. :D

  174. Satellite440

    GUYS! more importantly JORDAN! I was playing with the new shuffle races and then I decided to try karts online so I selected there to be “karts only” and then I noticed it said racing kart jr! So I saved the replay and here’s some screen shots for you guys! these things look really cool!!

    1. TokoTurismo

      Don’t worry friend. :) Everyone and I believes Kaz will add that track for the upcoming DLC packs. Don’t lose hope, stay with GT5. ;)

  175. leepangfu

    Not that impressed by the racemodded cars but can’t wait to try the new karts and the X2011. Spa is great and that kart track looks awesome. Bought a €50 PSN cars because I though the DLC would come at like €10 each so I’m happy with the prize and have some money waiting for real cars when they release them:D

  176. Jay

    This is nice and I will buy the lot, but I really hoped for a test track (400m 1000m top speed etc), GT5 is badly needing it.

    1. Obli

      In the new spec 2 intro video, the last scene with the X2010 on the straight… is that the test track they are teasing?

  177. Revelation1115

    Can we PLEAAASEE get more European cars? I’m a huge VW/Audi enthusiast and it’s a shame they don’t even have the VW R32 or the Audi RS4 as premium.

  178. ianblake

    so no new cars just more of the same … this are RM cars …. 1 year just for this?

    Course Pack ($4.99) is the only good thing here but maybe for $2 not $5

  179. jlcigm

    I was specting more tracks specially El Capitan i love that track and some old rally tracks like Tahiti Maze hopefully for future DLC.

  180. RedBaron

    Tracks: Spa Francorchamps alone, that makes me wow! I hope they scanned and detailed the surface unlike most GT5 tracks that are plain and geometric. The next ones should be Bathurst and Pikes Peak.
    Cars: I don’t like GT fantasy cars so I am pretty disappointed by this selection. They should have done all the missing BMW ///M cars with their racing counterparts, starting with E30 M3.

    1. AnPrionsaBeag

      For Pikes Peak you also need a Premium Group B pack including the Quattro.
      For Bathurst, premium official Fords and Holdens.

    1. GTbyPlaystation

      Well then be patient for more DLC in the future. These are merely touring cars (various models with Racing Modifications imo).

      I’ll only be buying the track pack and waiting in future for more Car Pack DLCs, with new cars, not Racing Modified ones.

  181. RoarOfZonda

    Only 2 tracks? very lame. but hey guys don’t forget the amount of work & detail Polyphony does on their products.

    The car selection is very very bad tho. I was hoping for more exotics/Ferrari’s/koenigsegg/and all the other beasts of this world. I really don’t want more japanese cars. We already have 30 other GT-R’s so why add another? -.-

    I want more tracks and BETTER cars. Not just more cars but BETTER cars

  182. Mikkel1996

    is a little disappointed that it’s just touring cars instead of race cars as the Audi R18, the new Pegeot but buy it all:) and there redbull looks good! hope that there will be multiple batches where you can buy multiple cars like Audi R18 street cars road cars. hope you understand me what I think ..

  183. Jamezinho

    This is a really poor collection of DLC.

    The car pack is just RM versions or re-skins of cars already in the game, and do we really need more Japanese cars, in particular three Skylines?

    Massively disappointing.

    On the plus side, Spa looks fantastic.

  184. Gejabo

    SPA is great.

    but be really honest I was kind of hoping it would also invlude some GT4 tracks.
    But 4.99 is alot cheaper then I thought.

  185. Apollo87

    OMG that Prius is so HOT!!!

    Ok no seriously, it looks like a good piece of DLC though I think it could’ve been better, still will buy it just because any piece of DLC is kind of a big deal for GT standards, and it only took them 1 year.

  186. r1ryder424

    i really hope they are more tracks coming, spa is great but come on!!! 11 more useless nascars? and a race modified prius? u couldn’t invest the money in adding more tracks???

    1. emeraldpython

      Yeah, why can’t we just bring back Midfield and Apricot Hill? And the track variations of Fuji Speedway and Suzuka WEST? And the oval Monza track variation?

      Guess we’ll have to wait some more…

    2. AnPrionsaBeag

      Totally agree with emeraldpython about missing track variations. Why can’t we have them, if the whole place has already been digitalized??

    1. Dominic Toretto

      They give it to you if you pass the S licence with GOLD… I have it its white with the GT academy logo on the doors

  187. Got2xlr8

    WHERE. ARE. THE. SHELBY’s! 2012 5.0 GT350, GT500, SuperSnake.

    1. Got2xlr8

      Shelby: (I know we at least have the 427 Cobra, but of all the tuning houses this one deserves more attention)
      2012 GT350
      2012 GT500
      2012 SuperSnake
      XXXX Daytona Coupe

      RUF: (Especially since we can’t have official Porsche’s in the game)





      as for tracks Hawker77 is dead on:
      Lime Rock Park
      Road Atlanta
      Road America
      Infineon (Sears Point)
      Watkins Glen
      Brands Hatch
      Philip Island

    2. Scott

      I dont think Sebring, Lime Rock and Road Atlanta will come to GT, there ALMS tracks and forza seams to be the new sponsor of ALMS coverage from what I saw at petit le mans…

    3. SZRT Ice

      @ Jared:

      Many people only know of many courses in the world through Gran Turismo. So ofcourse it’s fair. GT introduced me to Laguna Seca, the Nurburgring, La Sarthe, and many other world circuits. I’m looking forward to some “Point to Point” circuits however… Especially in touge, rally, and drag racing…

  188. Joe_Ald

    I think this is the start. I don’t think they expected such a huge response to GT5 and now that it is here, Sony is like lets make money off of this. I will buy the whole pack. I love GT and I understand. I will happily purchase this pack as long as it continues the franchise.

  189. BETOGTR

    I must say that the new colors look sweet , I´ll be repainting several cars to rock them at spa as the STIG !!! ;)

    1. NoonenF1

      Not too sure if that is a shifter kart, Zuel. It is 125cc, but the exhaust looks a lot similar to the Rotax 125cc engine, could be a single-speed TaG engine.

  190. Brothan

    Happy Happy, this means there will be car/track packs on a regular basis, this means if my wishes is forfilled there will be a E30 BMW M3 in the future !!

    1. Omamder5

      Couldn’t we drive regular cars (well, race cars, strictly speaking) on the Eiffel kart track for that one seasonal event? And other cars on other kart tracks (tracks that I’ve never even seen, btw, so I was like “wtf? where did this track come from?”). Point is, I think some kart tracks are useable for regular cars, it’s just a little confusing with the track selection all over the place.

      Awesome update, awesome DLC!! Woooh!

    1. recca

      yea that would be all right but i doubt it cause we can’t use the production cars on any of the other go kart tracks

    2. SKOT_FREE

      Actually you SHOULD be able to run regular cars on the Kart Track seeing as how you can run cars on the Custom kart track but I’m not 100% sure.

  191. recca


    indoor go kart track….WTF!?!?

    and i don’t care for fantasy GT touring cars, why can’t this be the RM cars like they should be, dlc cars should be present/future production cars! real cars! not fantasy….omg that’s my biggest gripe with this dlc

    and if i get the paint pack, do i only get one chip per color or is it unlimited? it would suck to have to keep paying for virtual paint after having used up all the paint chips that I bought with real money! if it’s unlimited, then that’s coo

    1. killer tiller

      Don’t know what world your living in but rx7s, skylines, imprezas, evos, camaros and even the Prius are real life production cars.. Now they just got some racing paint, which is basically what an RM is anyway.

      I’m keen to see how that Prius goes lol

  192. PS3LUV3R

    Super excited! Spa! The Kart track looks awesome too haha.

    New cars are always nice, I’m gonna destroy with that Prius ;)

    Gear looks awesome (Includes Stig suit and helmet :D), and the paints as well.

    At $12, guarantee buy for me. Can’t wait.

  193. Omamder5

    Hoy bejesus, did you see that Challenger? I’m skittling like a little chol girl right now. That thing on Spa!! uhhghhghfhghh….

  194. Gohaninengland

    I have a question: If you buy the Car Pack, are the cars going directly to your garage? Or just in the dealers area to “re-buy” them?

    1. Omamder5

      If you go on the website (click the “suits and helmets” link in the post) and surf around that section of it. There’s tons of cool stuff to see, and i says that after you’ve downloaded the cars, simply go to car delivery and you recieve. So apparently you get them all for free, and then I assume you can simply buy more later if you like. Man, this is sweet! Can’t wait to update and get the DLC!

      BTW, everyone, try going to that link, there’re actually some instructions you have to follow to get the DLC working, so check it out.

  195. to500mo

    btw theres a new formula 1 event and is it just me or did the cars at the hot car dealership price go up?
    and i thought there was gonna be a new intro but all i’m seeing is the old one and just hearing a different version if the song from before or am i just missing stuff?

    1. to500mo

      oh and im digging the new simplified interior view
      tried it on the formula 1 car and it looks great! u can even see the driver shift gears with the paddle shifters too
      and i feel like the loading time is slightly faster and they made the screen to black out for a moment when u go into the dealer menu

  196. alexlam24

    I cant sleep tonight. And i have a math exam tomorrow. I cant believe im saying this but Kaz. I hate you for releasing this stuff on a school night

  197. Omamder5

    Btw, Jordan, did you say that the fll pack includes, ALL of the other mentioned packs? As in, if you buy that you get it all? Because it’s quite a bit cheaper than buying them individually. In fact, since the car and track packs will be what people will buy the most, you may as well get the full pack, because they’re the same price! So you get the gear and paint for free, unless I’m mistaken.

  198. superfluous2

    Epic win! Spa Francorchamps = Greatest circuit in the world. Don’t be mad, Nurburgring fanboys. It just is.

    Also, if you check PD’s website from the link, you’ll be able to set your racing suit up as the Stig (Simpson Diamondback Helmet in white and Alpinestars GP-1 suit in white)!

    1. HKS racer

      No need of a Ring vs. Spa debate. Two of the most epic tracks in the world, I’ll use booth.
      Hockeneim, the old layout could be another glorious one.
      And Bathurst..
      and so many others..

  199. xx666Kris666xx

    Awesome to get new stuff, although it really is a bit of a dissapointment…

    Still no premium MK4 Supra = balls…

    1. BroncosXR8

      I know but c’mon stay of the beers for a night and bam there’s your $12.

      I’ve had to buy a whole new PS3 this week :(

    2. uMadson?

      Oh right, it’s that cheap. I must be that naive.

      But seriously, it takes a while for me to get some DLC…

    1. HKS racer

      PD headquarters conversation:

      KY: Skyline
      PD: Skyline Skyline
      KY: Skyline Skyline Skyline
      PD: Skyline Skyline Skyline Skyline
      KY: Nissan GT-R Nissan GT-R, GT-R GT-R GT-R !
      PD: Nissan GT-R, GT-R, R33, R34, R35, Skyline!!
      KY: Skyline Skyline
      PD: Skyline Skyline Skyline

      LoL ; )

  200. GregTheStig

    Sweet! I was kinda hoping for more tracks, but Spa is fantastic! I can’t wait!! :D

    Wait… they said Toyota Prius Touring Car? o__O

    1. MadmuppGT

      Yeah kind of disappointed to see no 2010/2011 models, and quite sad to see no hint of next years dream cars like the Aventador… and only 1.5 tracks :S Where are those tracks we love and a drag strip because, you know… its a racing game.! :S

    1. FlareKR

      Dammit! I thought it was gonna be free. Back to begging under the bridge.
      “Need money! New DLC pack just got released for GT5! Starving for features! Got future kids! TY!”
      Now I gotta find a piece a piece of cardboard big enough…

    1. TheDrifter

      no not realy its more that they need to fix, but i think its great that gran turismo send out the first DLC :)

    1. Silent Drifter

      Clearly we don’t have enough of them, but at least it’s a start. Hopefully, they’ll branch out into some European, and American cars. Excluding the karts and the X2011, only one American car on that list.

    2. LordVonPS3

      “Collect the Skylines” is the a collector’s game within the game…

      It’s only a shame that there isn’t a PS3 trophy for collecting them all (PD will have to fix that).

  201. WanderingSoul

    Aww… I was hoping they would add some of the old classic tracks in the track pack… Oh well, I’m loving Spa. The Racing Pack doesn’t exactly scream exciting either… Hoping future DLC includes some interesting things.

    1. Omamder5

      Doesn’t screamm exciting? It’s muthafing Spa! I ADORE that track, and it was my favourite in one of the older F1 games on PC. I remember watching the race live, too. Love that track. F1 cars on that? I’m thinking hell yeah. Oh, and touring cars? Badass…

    2. WanderingSoul

      I was referring to the cars not being too exciting. Not the tracks. I personally love the idea of racing on Spa.

    1. tris_73

      Even so, at parity on the dollars, the 11USD cost would normally be about 20AUD due to price gouging of Australia. (sorry, personal bugbear)

    1. CaptainHarlock

      One thing at a time. I know it’s all the rage to say “C’Mon (insert name here)” but we’re getting Spa! That’s nothing to sneeze at.

    2. Gohaninengland

      Yeahm I suposse you’re right, but I was hoping more tracks (oldies if possible) and less Skylines. Anyway, Spa is a supergreat circuit for GT saga, cant wait to try it, and a unexpectable surprise also.

    3. Tenacious D

      I’m hoping for more cars and tracks in the future too, like ALL the classic GT tracks. But keep in mind that Polyphony just went through a serious natural disaster that rocked the north half of Japan, causing Kaz to pack up and move just about the WHOLE studio hundreds of miles to the south. I’m very surprised, given what everyone there just went through, that we got Spec II so soon.

    4. NJ72

      makes me lol slightly, people were all up tight about PD using the old cars from GT4 and polishing them up. They go to the effort of making a whole new track for the DLC and you’re moaning they didnt polish up the ones from GT4! :D

      Dont get me wrong, i’d like the old tracks, I just find it ironic and amsuing!

    1. Jakemania

      I love how everyone complained that there were too many Japanese cars in the game and clamored for DLC.
      …And then 10/11 DLC cars (not including X2011 or karts) are Japanese. GT-R is my favorite car, but aren’t there already like 40 of them in the game? :s

    2. another_jakhole

      there’s a difference between the R35 and all the older versions of GT-Rs.

      Besides, this is a race car R35 we’re talking about here.

    3. UN_OC

      I’m overall rather disappointed, and most probably wont be getting any of it.
      I don’t like the idea of paying for what you should have got, but given it’s GT5, if it was clearly stuff that they couldn’t include previously then I would pay a small amount for it.

      This is stupid.

      $5 for Spa and a Kart track.
      – It’s really 5 bucks for spa.
      – The Kart track is 4 variations of the same, one foward, one reverse, one foward without one corner and one reverse without that corner

      5 bucks for 1 track that Jordan seemed to think would even be used for the 09-10 GT Academy. Makes me think they already had it done and are now charging an additional 12% of the games price to add it.

      Added to that the tracks wont be used anywhere outside of what yuo choose toput them in. NO seasonals, no aspec or bspec. Just the free run mode and arcade. I love to time trial myself, but even still I think it’s a bit pathetic. ALso note that Monaco is barely used despite being in the game.. seems more like the decided to take trakcs out and couldn’t be stuffed doing it properly.

      CARS – $8
      X2011 – best of the pack – Same power, same weight, same drivetrain and weight distribution, slightly different aero
      4 GT-R’s – really PD?
      3 karts – whihc would be great IF we had a bloody karting track in aspec or seasonals to use them on, otherwise they are useless.. might go and timetrial them on Spa while I’m at it.
      Dodge – only non japanese car and not interested in it
      – Rest are just touring cars, which we already have heaps of.. so not caring about any of them
      – Was hoping that GT would stay true to it’s name and be about road cars, new Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s etc… lots have happened since 2009/10… aparently not.

      Paints – $2
      really… it costs 2 freaking dollars to pick some colours! This is simply raking in the money. Typing the blurb up must have taken more work than creating the contents of the pack.

      Gear – $3
      Vaigly more useful than paints, but for 3 whole dollars they are giving us what he don’t even really get to see unless your driving backwards or watching your hands while driving in prem cars inside view.

      All in all that is supremely disappointing, nothing is worth the money and most of it seems rather hashed and money grabbing to say the least.

      I’m sure some will post/think ‘hey be thankful just because you don’t want it rubbish’, but in all honesty, it’s gone out of control…

      And Jacking up interest with free X1’s and new seasonals and spec II all at the same time with DLC at the launch of Forza 4 seems incredibly weak and markety.

      GT5 is on PS3 and so doesn’t even compete with F4, yet is playing this rubbish. I want real stuff now. Atleast implement what your charing people for properly, maybe more Aspec events with the new karts and on spa for a start?

    4. GT_Die_Hard

      ^ Just shut up. You don’t really have to let us know who awful you think those DLC is, it’s just showing us how much of a GT Fan you are, apparently not a single bit.
      This is only for people who really like GT (like myself) and want to get some variation, even with the 1000 cars and xx tracks.
      It’s always fun to get something new in my opinion, and Hello! Spa Francorchamps?!?! O.o

    5. SKOT_FREE

      @UN_OC….I kind of feel your disappointment except GT5 has twice as Many cars as F4 so I can take or leave these DLC cars. What has me bummed out is the tracks….No Ebisu or any of the older tracks. That’s not cool at all and I’d be cool with the paint if it weren’t a 1 use thing. Hopefully they release more tracks though I am liking the kart space tracks and spa so I may get that one.

    6. NJ72

      I agree with the tracks part, i for one was expecting/ hoping for some of the old-school tracks, Apricot Hill, Midfield raceway and the like…

      However, if you dont think it’s worth it, then dont buy it. nobody is forcing you to. and have you bought any codemasters racing games recently? you think GT5 sold you half a game? there’s more DLC with them than there is on-disc content! so put up and shut up. I will most probably be buying the full $11.99 pack and b******s to the lot of ya.

      Cheers PD!

    7. N99GT

      im still excited about the DLC….never really did intrest me in the start with all the rumours and such, but the only thing i might look at getting is the track pack ONLY becasue of Spa and the Race cars because of the R32 GTR Touring car!

      But id be lying if i said this is the best becasue i wanted to see the Ebisu track or El Captain track (Ebisu from SU2 and El Captain from GT4)

      But now im gonna have to wait till i get my new 32″ Tv for my Uni and then bring my little baby from home and update that SHIZZZZ!!!!!

    8. Danlisa

      I’m happy to pay the Bundle Price. For that $11.99 or £9.99 ish (where we use proper money) I get 2 new tracks, 15 cars, 90 gear items and 100 chips. Can’t really knock that considering it’s the equivalent of 2 pints and a pack of smokes and the DLC will last me considerably longer.

    9. another_jakhole

      Just because it’s an electric/hybrid car, doesn’t mean it’s trash. It may not be THEE future of racing, but it still has its place in GT.

    10. Icecold4u

      @UN_OC I was reading…reading…reading…then you brought up F4, and you are null & void good sir. DLC is DLC and isn’t required to be bought, PERIOD.

      Will agree with some that the track pack should have been more. If you gave me a choice between a “classic track pack” and this…I’d take the classic. Hell, I’d take the “GT PSP Pack” with ALL the tracks missing from that game in GT5.

      I’ll be buying the complete pack though, even if the price is a little high. If you were to buy the game now with the pack, it would be a deal. I like that :)

    11. V8Loverrr

      I take it as an insult that we need to pay for those cars and get those unnecessary NASCAR cars for free.. even if I really like NASCAR..

    12. WeeblBull

      What a complete and utter disappointment. GT5 shipped with only a few properly modelled tracks, the rest being straight imports from GT4. Spa is a great track but the karting track is a waste of time.

      The car DLC is ok but all of the cars are race tuned so you can’t modify them further. I’d rather have a game that lets you create an individual car which you can show off.

      …and don’t get me started on the racing outfits. If the attention given to this was put into fixing the crap AI the game would be much better for it.

    13. yoman297

      @UN_OC: This is exactly what I expected the DLC to be, except for the new gokarts and spa. The go-kart track looks really cool [reminds me of mario sports games as a kid :) ] The total pack is what I’m getting.

    14. pudge

      @UN_OC completely misses the point that the paint and gear are free if you buy it with the tracks and cars. $11.99 gets you everything, and the track and cars alone are $12.98. If someone really wants just the paint or gear, fine; if not, you get it for free, so stop whining. I mean honestly: they are a business out to make money so they can live and make more games, and you bitch about something being “markety”?!

      Also, the Kart track is super-cool, and Spa looks amazing. You’re really whining about $5 because you “think” it was already done over a year ago? Really?

      The cars are a disappointment, I agree. Frankly, the Karts are the most interesting thing about the cars, and that’s pretty sad.

    15. Mr.NSX

      I’m a little disappointed in the cars package. Another X1 is not necessary, and all the other cars are GT made touring cars. How about some more real life race cars? Manthey Porsche and Audi LMS like the ones in the 24H Nurburgring. What about the 2007 Super GT cars? It’s like the year 2007 didn’t exist in GT5. They have 2006 cars and 2008 but skipped 2007. 2007 was a epic year with GT500 cars smashing track records on almost every course.

      And how about some more Ferrari’s? F50? FXX? 458s that are racing in ALMS. And we definitely don’t need a Poly make belief touring Prius. Like come on? Who would want to mod a Prius into a race car? Are they drunk. Put in DLC cars that are real life race cars or close to race cars. J’s Racing S2000, Top Fuel S2000, Mugen Civic RR, Spoon Civics, Spoon NSX-R GT, LFA Nurburgring edition or if you do make what if make belief cars put in the NSX-R GT or the Mugen NSX RR (with the longitudinal mounted engine.

      F4 might have less cars, but all their cars are SERIOUS race cars. No F150s, no 89 honda accord coupes, no Dodge Rams, and definitely NO racing PRIUS.

    16. machwebb

      I’m hearing that Spa is only available in Practice and Arcade!! What about on-line? Why wasn’t it part of Spec2?

    17. svenram

      @ UN_OC

      Dude, I feel really sorry for you. Any GT5-owner who can’t spare 5 bucks to race at Spa must be homeless or something.

    18. HuskyGT

      @ ON_OC

      You know, the sad thing is that you´re right. One thing made me think: I´ve had the game since release date, and I had to go to the track list to realize that Monaco was there! I had doubts about the track being there! And that track is used in an event.

      Most of the tracks are just floating there in the track list and aren´t used for nothing but time trials or arcade.

      I know a lot of people are talking crap to you, but you´re right! Pay money for a track that´s just going to lie there and it´s going to be used a couple of times? I bet a ball that both tracks were already done even before GT5 released last year! I who knows what other content that was on the game was taken out so it could be sold in the future. You don´t do that.

      As for the cars. I don´t really see much use to them. And they are nothing but modified cars that were already in the game. I can´t really think in which of the thousands of marvelous events that A-Spec offers I could use them at. I guess I could use the Challenger to spin around Indy for XP like old time sakes. Or take the GTR´s and the STi and get my a$$ whopped in the Japanese Super GT championship by the GT500´s, cause I don´t think they will be alowed in street car events, and if they do, it wouldn´t feel right. Just like the rest of the poor lonely GT300´s that are in the game already waiting for an event where they can be used.

      Sadly I´ll buy this stuff, but until I don´t see at least 1 NEW premium car that´s not in the list already, and more A-Spec events, I won´t be defending the game I love.

    19. Brunskill777

      Why isn’t all this great stuff in the next update instead of being asked to PAY for it? Spa would be great and some of those touring cars wouldn’t go amiss.

    20. another_jakhole

      This first post and it’s replies went FARRRRR. That’s awesome how many people disagree with UN_OC. Of course, we should get stuff for free. Who wouldn’t want something for free? Not even water is free.

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