A Quick Lap of Tokyo R246 in a Motul GT-R

This definitely isn’t the first lap we’ve seen of Tokyo R-246, but it is one of the fastest. With the notoriously fast GT Academy 2010 finalist Daniel Holland at the wheel, this clip is considerably more fun to watch than most of the others – and it sounds pretty good, too. Thanks to CoolColJ for digging this up!

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  1. Madjack

    This is refreshing. A video with limited wall contact. Good job!
    Also, he gained at least 2 seconds that lap, so the AI isn’t untouchable.
    I’ve always been kind of bored by that track, but it’s ok. A bit overused on the promos. I sure hope we get lots of other tracks from GT4 – El Capitan, Grand Valley, Apricot Hill, SSR5, and others. Either way, one fantastic game is coming our way.

  2. Kirill

    Great driving?? You kidding me? If this is what GT Academy finallists drive like, I would be their champion. Hahaha! Seriously I just think that it was his first lap.

  3. Big Ron

    it isn´t sped up. can not see a difference between the virtual seconds and the real one. looks normal in my eyes.

  4. Big Ron

    I am wondering, how fast the AI drivers are, when this guy took the lap at full speed and didn´t get close enough to catch them. How the hell should another one beat the AI?

    BUT: a new challenge and improvement in the GT series?

  5. iucidium

    RoarrrUK: it just looks fast, the timer looks fast….it excites me!! *squeal* does this game run at 60fps AND 1080p??

  6. Lui

    So nice to see someone that can drive play GT5. I was getting sick of seeing vids were people would just floor the throttle through every turn.

  7. Picc

    Great video, Great sounds! But It scares me, he’s a great driver and could not pass the pack, and i’m a shabby driver, and will lose… lmao

  8. tyl0r_r

    @ TokyoDrift: but I can say the same about people who bitch and moan about people who bitch and moan. It serves no purpose other than to big up yourself, which is sad and pointless.

    Nah, more like he was annoyed at someone acting like an ass. Happens in life.

    … Nice drive, best vid of the track so far, doesn’t have to perfect to be impressive ya whiners!

  9. DanielHolland

    Hi guys, this was such a fun little exercise our instructor got the evicted group to do, we only had one shot at it, no warm up lap to get a feel for the car, so I was a little rusty at the beginning but eventually got to grips with it. Not surprisingly, I was on the GT5 demo pods the most out of all the contestants at Silverstone, lol.

  10. TokyoDrift

    @iCyCo, thanks for the lecture, but I can say the same about people who bitch and moan about people who bitch and moan. It serves no purpose other than to big up yourself, which is sad and pointless.

    As for the topic, yeah, some nice driving there, although the insanely high praise being thrown around is a little OTT I feel! Without wanting to upset iCyCo there, it is a shame we get the same-old same-old. Can’t wait until we get some footage of a new track, be it brand new or one we know-and-love but haven’t seen GT5 stylee yet.

  11. Watevaman


    You single me out when everyone else is stating how awesome it sounds? Way to go.

    And despite it being a low quality recording, it’s pretty obvious that it’s missing the essential sounds that make race cars, well, race cars. It doesn’t take an artist to realize he’s looking at a pile of crap when he sees a bad piece of art.


    Listen to that then tell me that this isn’t missing some stuff.

  12. iCyCo

    To all people requesting news here.

    Do you think this is a magical portal to PD where your post for news appears on their magic HD screen for them to see?

    This is a GT community site, reporting what little news is out there, they don’t make it. If you visit the site and see a video, a sound clip, screenshots just view them and keep you mouths shut if you have nothing better to say than ‘where’s the news?’

  13. newbielives

    @Geoff, no it’s not brilliant but compared to all the videos we’ve seen of Tokyo R246 where the driver seem like they are driving blind folded, this is truly brilliant, and the driving is incredible after T1

  14. Geoff

    Good example of why we need damage in the game. The touch on the wall would have been enough to push the left front fender in and cut into his tire most likely ending his race. I guess that qualifies as brilliant in the sim world.

  15. Watevaman

    It sounds better, but it still has nowhere near the oomph it should. Especially the upshifts, they’re too smooth, engine sounds way too synthesized.

  16. NihilismOnToast

    After watching this video, I’m suddenly incredibly excited about Gran Turismo all over again. Good find!

  17. Skillcoil

    Finally I can hear a real 8 cylinder sound in GT!! It sounds close to SHIFT BMW GT2. Just what Kaz promised us with improved physics and sound ! Can’t wait for GT

  18. maximumattack

    Thats more like it, its refreshing to see a replay with someone who actually knows what they are doing.

    Nice work Dan.

  19. Mikesima

    Wow, ferocious sounding.

    Loving the overall sound improvments. Especially the tire sounds going into corner 1.

    Very nice.

  20. Deko Wolf

    I can guess what the next news are going to be, either pictures or another video like this one.
    And that’s not a engine noise at 1:27, it’s the apex.

  21. jdejes

    Certainly it wouldn’t hurt to have a demo like that available to download on the PSN. That would ease a little all the waiting for the game release.

  22. kasse27

    awesome and great driving btw. i understand why we Dont see the cocpit its sure to get it more exiting :)

  23. Flagmo-T

    For the love of ? why cant we have this Demo on our HD, the Academy is over, and nobody would be angry if PD/Sony send this Demo out, it would last for a couple of month, and let people en-joy a slice of GT5, while we wait and wait :o)

    I actually don’t mind waiting, but i wouldn’t be disappointed if i had some new stuff running on my Dusty PS3..

    The Night Trailer was a blessing for the long wait, the Tokoy Track and some cars would relax the Fans..

    (O: Great Driving :O)

  24. lemon6192

    Wow the AI actually looks properly challenging in this video, always hated GTs rabbit cars. Brilliant driving by the way.

  25. Razor

    He touches wall and misses some apexes. Daniel you should do some more 10000laps and then you’ll be really good here :))

  26. Forgetful

    Nothing but love for one of, if not the fastest guy out there, but he quite clearly tags the wall in T1.

  27. John Marine

    Honestly, I can never get tired of Tokyo R246. We do get a bit tired of seeing this track raced again and again, but I can almost never get tired of Tokyo R246. Maybe that’s because I love Tokyo and would maybe love to go there one day. This was a great video, but I would have liked an in-car view of this game. Stellar drive nonetheless.

  28. Micdog

    First post!! :P

    Sound is really improving and it’s great to finally see a lap that doesn’t end (or start) in a wall. Such a tease

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