Amuse Nismo 380RS Superleggera GT5 Gameplay Video

Here’s some more footage from our user, bladecerco at CES – this time it’s in-car game play footage of the Amuse Nismo 380RS Superleggera on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

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  1. rhythmnsmoke

    I like how the track map is zoomed in to individual turns rather than trying to show a tiny graph of the whole track as in previous GT versions.

  2. don-sf

    thats the thing about gt though, not many people actually have the skill to take high speed corners in real life. i believe someone said his top speed in that lap was 123 mph, alot of drivers in this would never even get close to that speed. as soon as he realised that used less gas lol. where as in normal arcade racing games like need for speed and forza, your used to just pressing the gas button down to full throttle. in real life you wouldnt go full throttle in corner situations.

    gran turismo has always given the casual gamer and the sim gamer what they need. we can expect this game will be easier using standard physics and driving aids etc.

    but the overall point is, if its a simulator, it will simulate real life. and most people do not have the skill to take corners at fast speeds in real life, otherwise they wouldnt be sad here on gt planet forums.

  3. don-sf


    you can shift into reverse your self, g25 manual gear box?…press down on the stick, then take it to the position of 6th gear, you will get into reverse, and do your thing.

  4. Watevaman

    Half of you guys are assholes. Not everyone spends time in full blown sim setups and drives like their life depends on it. Big conventions like this have a wide variety of guys there, I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find a vid of a good driver.

    As for the video, I’m kinda pissed that reverse is still assigned to triangle. When will PD realize that we want to shift into reverse ourselves?

  5. lans

    vampire63 why u always posting you dont even like gran turismo 5, are you in denial or something forza 3’s been out for 3 months alread, has gotten excellent reviews and has sold well 2 million? why u bashing gt, nobody bashed forza 3, for using the same engine, or the long loading times, or the incomplete cockpits in the car, or the dlc shifting animation?

    If people gave forza 3 the benefit of the doubt, why not be a real man and not a child and give gt a fair chance. GT will be out this year, and if you tired of videos and waiting just play forza 3, seriously.

    Be respectful,gt did nothing to you, Developers have been doing back breaking work for 5 years just to please us, and you insult them incessisantly, with very little information. GT developers are old school, sure the make mistakes, ie gt4 online, but they truly push the boundaries, the want to release complete games, they car about racing and are respectful to all peers, unlike turn 10.

  6. Luke

    Well, in that case stop complaining here and get Forza 3. You are the one losing the battle here, not Sony ;)

  7. vampire63

    Personaly i don’t care anymore i don’t want videos or news WHY cuz i don’t understant why the GT5 fans ( including me ) have to search under rocks in japanease magazines translating from spanish sites to get some news HONESTLY PD AND SONY its not funny to not tell a shit about the game ( some are saing i like the mistery ) SOME DON’T like it and if they don’t care why should we care about their game ( look god of war 3 marketing still mistery but demo interviews revealing some thigs NOT ALL SSOOMMEE things .

    if i don’t get a release date till march im buying xbox
    and no matter how great and super gt5 will be ( when eventualy is released in 2020 ) i will be playn SHIFT FORZA Rfactor LFS Iracing (V8 chalange ( with dinamic wheather and skidmarks )
    Well done sony you made it ( convert a ps3 fanboy who bought ps1 ps2 and ps3 and huge gt fan into someone who don’t care abou shitmarketing )

  8. 8@No$

    What is wrong with you people?? why is somebody who can’t play a video game with a stupid force feedback steering wheel a retard a dumbass a moron a cunt etc.? It’s his fault that bothered to upload the video so you can see the car and track… there are some really stupid people in here… Thanks for the video bladecerco the slow driving of your friend allowed us to see the track better :-)

  9. vampire63

    I’m selling my PS3 : if interested contact me on
    or on

  10. RoarrrUK

    @ bladecerco
    Thanks for the vid appreciate it

    Everyone complains when Sony don’t showcase any info, yet when someone takes the time to get information for gt fans, idiots shoot them down, ‘suxzz!’ ‘dumbasses’ ‘monkeys’. As bladecerco said, the guy never played with the wheel before. Anyone who truly used the wheel for the 1st time after predominately playing with the controller (never mind any new physics etc), knows that it takes some getting used to. Give it a break.

    Jes, anonymity brings out on the worst of people.

  11. Alex

    I don’t know why all the dumbasses play GT5 demos and upload videos, do they wanna make an ass outta themselves on the ENTIRE Intarwebs? Just show the moron how to hold the camera steady and let the pros handle the game. If you can’t drive worth a damn in Gran Turismo in the first place, why BOTHER with a demo?

  12. vampire63

    GamerGT5 Says:
    January 23rd, 2010 at 1:23 am


    I don’t think what they’re currently showing is 90% it’s just a taste.When GT5 reaches to 100% i’m sure that they’ll show us a new trailer and a new gameplay.

    YEP THEY WILL SHOW US in year 2020 ( or later )

  13. GamerGT5


    I don’t think what they’re currently showing is 90% it’s just a taste.When GT5 reaches to 100% i’m sure that they’ll show us a new trailer and a new gameplay. That’s probably why that there’s really nothing new right now because all we are seeing is the user’s are uploading GT5 CAM gameplay which I really appreciate what these guys are sharing with us. And PD isn’t showing really no major updates with GT5. Once everything is finished to 100% they’ll present what we’re all been waiting for. It’s my guess :)

  14. GTRPWR

    NOOO bad monkey! thats not how you drive the car!
    lol easy on the gas pedal! blah! meks be wanna go n play the game my self!

  15. tyl0r_r

    @ bladecerco:

    Thanks for making this vid and it’s understandable about your friend. Next time, though, make him hold the camera and you do the driving for us :).

  16. bladecerco

    for the record, this is my friend driving. its his first time playing a driving sim on driving sim setup. I’m sure most of us had to adjust the very first time we played on a wheel. As you can see, he eventually adjusted, just wasn’t used to driving a virtual race car on a virtual track.

    once again, my friend and I aren’t journalists. I took these videos because I saw that it was a brand new demo at a Sony booth, and being the GT5 fanatic I am, freaked out, and wanted to share it with all of you! so yea… my point was… it was his first time, and we’re not journalists

  17. Jake

    Like I said, most of them are used to driving using the controller, not the wheel. There’s a big difference if you’ve never driven with the wheel before. Especially if the demo is on the pro settings as the psn tt was.

  18. Swedish_BR

    Why there isn’t even one slightly decent driver on those demo videos? I know it’s the first time of most of those guys, but damn I’ve driving school students that are more competent and bolder than this guy. Like Michael said “these driving skills hurts my heart!”.

  19. HaVoK_

    What’s funny to me is that half of gaming “journalists” play GT just like the person in the video, which means they are terrible, and when the game comes out i’m sure they will have the audacity to rate the game low accusing it of being to hard to drive.

    I for one have been noticing all of the subtle changes in the progression of GT and it is looking very very very good. The physics, sounds, and graphics are much improved and i seriously fantasize about playing the full game later this year.

    Oh and the guy in the video should stick to mario kart. That display of “driving” is shameful :(

  20. Kiwi

    what is the car in front of the Amuse? Awesome car.

    Anyway, i wanna see a video with somebody who stays at least for a minute on the track…

  21. Blademask

    I question how small the Gran Turismo community is at times.

    NONE of you can make it to these events and drive the damn thing?

    I also question the ability of people to review this Simulator… I want to see EDGE’s videos of them driving when they give the game a 7/10.

  22. Mihai

    I would pay for someone to actually post a video where:
    A) They know how to drive
    B) They turn the godforsaken traction control and other aids off!!!

  23. ripping_silk

    yeah lots of complaints about the bad driving, and probably fair enough. But these amateur videos are better than no videos at all right ? If it wasn’t for these, most of us would still be in the dark about the show demos’.

  24. PeterWRC

    His top speed was 123 mph!!! Wow. Why only these cunts load up videos? Where are the experienced gamers? Or nobody can drive cars in the USA? I dont think so. But the ring is looks nice.

  25. Betogtr

    It’a funny , when the demo is over and the screen goes black you can c the reflection if the guy in the screen putting both hands up like celebrating ” wiii I’m the best driver in the world, I’m the NeXT shumy 4 sure ” LOL!!!

  26. S3 Racer

    Yop love that momo steering wheel.

    …the simbin games for the interior…
    …cause seeing two steering wheel and two pair of hands is a bit …

    *Sry for the misspelling*

  27. S3 Racer

    Yop love that mom steering wheel.

    they should get the settings like the simbin games forr the interior view because everybody wants something different.
    I want closer to windshield and no steering wheel, cause seeing to steering wheel and to pair of hands is a bit pertubating, so that at the bottom of my screen i want to see the gauges incar without the wheel.
    but i strongly doubt it, so i will have to play on bumber view even if the incar view is a lot better and i can achieve better times in that view (don’t know why, probably you got more feeling for the cars mouvement)

  28. wiretap


    They are allowing multiple flat screens in a row in GT5 already, you just need to have three PS3’s! haha

  29. Mickle Pickle

    @ jake:

    It’s a trade off… difficult to compromise on the cockpit view:
    -either you have more of the external view from inside (and less dashboard)
    -or more of the dashboard and consequently, a much smaller portion of the TV screen can be dedicated to the view of the outside. (you would see the entire windshield, but you would only using a narrower vertical height of the screen for game play.)

    All this is due to the fact that the TV (either 4:3 or 16:9)
    Personnally, i like the choice GT has made… I dont need to stare at the whole dashboard from left to right (driver to passenger side) during the whole race… It’s a matter of perspective… Ideally, in GT6 on the PS4, they will finally allow us to connect three flat screens in a row ;)

  30. Jake

    Does anyone else think the cockpit view is still too close up? When I am driving, I can at least see the entire windshield.

    Anyhow, I’m sure a lot of the drivers we see are used to using a contoller and not an actual steering wheel. I’m hoping the G27 will be better than the momo, considering I spent $240 on one =/

  31. franpier

    jaja… I have not seen such a good driver like this in a long time. A real inspiration!

    Post videos of lucas ordoñez playing the new cars, I want to see real drivers… the game is too close from reality… don’t ruin the game with this drivers!

  32. Luke

    Purley marketing, keep most of the game secret until release date and BAAAAM blow away all the fans at once. I can almost see myself getting blown away trought my living room when first driving this game myself.

  33. Big Ron

    Sony should forbid those bad CES videos of people, who never played a racing game before. Please Sony, show us some cool driving and high quality videos.

  34. S3 Racer

    No, we need vids either on Gttv or on psn store in full hd. And a bit longer than the limited time.

    I don’t think he was driving only with one hand. He hadn’t had any hands, the turned the wheel with the forehead. And he doesn’t pushing because he didn’t reach the pedals, ’cause he got no legs either, drove with the knee. That would explain the driving.Lol. but it’s the second best driver of utub vids till now. he should get into the academy…

  35. ismellbacon611

    if only we got the direct game vids uploaded to u-tube then we could really see how beautiful of a car it is without the crappy vid quality and the sound would be much much better also

  36. Me.Switch

    Awesome. Amazing what a big step forward it is, when i compare Games Convention Demo and the latest Demos. The physics,the felling it all has growen to an almost realistic feeling.
    The hand-animations are better tthan i ever thought they will be. The GPS-feature is very precise, what makes me smile, because it brings so much more potential to GT as a Real Driving Simulator. Makes me really look forward for an AMAZING Demage-System, beautiful day/night-lightnings and some sweet wheater-effects.
    This is more than worth the time of waiting for this holy masterpiece.It will take a very very very long time to “beat” this game as a Sim (even for GT6^^)

    GT : “There’s no charge for awesomeness” (would be a nice slogan^^)

    My last point of (little)”skepsis” is the onlinepart. But i am not really concerned about it.
    PD will make it.

    Greetz all

  37. vampire63

    Sony and PD will never show us gameplay footage in HD never WHY?
    i will tell you why cuz they don’t care obviously…….

  38. tameem

    is this driver drunk
    the sony is guy is telling him to press the triangle for reverse lol hahhahaha and it takes him 5 secs to find the button

  39. Quency

    Why are they actualy giving people who never played a race game in their life race on THE ring ( easiest circuit we are all agreed) and somore with 500 hp car ?
    They should release a copen race on some oval US track…
    At least they dont do a WRC demo or a Indy one. Even if it woumd be interesting ! Imagine, C4 WRC in a Finland thunder-snowing stage… By night !!! ( since they are doing it in real… )

  40. GTracerRens

    What a terrible driver…. The car sounds good, but the driver is driving tooo slow! :( I can’t wait! Aaaah Just want to play it, I want to ride the Nordschleife. :D

  41. Luke

    @Big Ron
    You realize that this video is filmed off-screen from a visitor ? Did Sony ever release a gameplay vid ? All we see are off-screens, which are not really that great to look at.

  42. Mikesima

    I don’t think sony has any control over some random dude who takes video of a screen and decides to post it on youtube. You do know there aren’t official vids, right? lol

    …anyway, looking very nice as usual, love that shifting animation but facepalm at that driver. :)

  43. Big Ron

    Oh man. Shame about Sony to show such bad preview videos. It is not helpful to promote their game. Everybody will think, it is undrivable.

    Sony should release some footage of professional drivers so we can see, how GT feels, if you are driving at the limit

  44. NLxAROSA

    @soLid: In my 350Z, that’s where the voltage meter for the battery/dynamo is. At low revs, it sits low, at high revs, it goes up.

  45. humpus

    guess this will have to do. I haven’t seem one competitive video from CES.
    Maybe I’ll visit brussels motershow this weekend, but probably not.

  46. Stew2000

    I sure hope this isn’t what PD call 90% complete. looks about 50%.
    Wonder if they will fix the 90 degree driver.

  47. RedBaron

    Every friend of mine (usually car nuts) have issues with GT and the wheel first time. I would say this is one of the clearest videos of new Nordschleife which apparently changed very little, not even grass like other tracks got. Anyway, I can’t wait to drive RUF CTR Yellowbird in cockpit view with that tall gear stick and two tubes with headlights in front of them :o)

  48. soLid

    The middle gauge in he upper row moves.But what could it be?It’s not turb pressure since there isn;t any on the HUD display.Maybe a supercharer?You actually here something that resemples it. It does move on downshifts or upshifts,only when you take your foot of the gas for an extended period of time.Does anyone know what that gauge does on a stock car?

  49. Erik

    @ djcorrosive: Unless the car has two separate engines and two separate gearboxes it sounds like there’s a console next to the one we see, and so about half of the tyre screech in this video should come from another console.

  50. FES

    It actually spoils nothing when the cars in mirrors look 2D, I simply don`t care about it. So I think what we got in prologue is already quite enought to have in full GT5 (I mean mirror reflections)

  51. djcorrosive

    I just want to use the proper race cars on r3 tires full power stick to the ground and gun it around the whole track!!

    I notice drifting is a whole heap easier on the new physics

  52. p37mac


    I wouldnt worry about the tire sounds. You got to remember that the video your watching is being filmed next to other booths and a lot of the tire screeching will not actualy be coming from the screen your watching. Look and listen to that grid though! Awesome!


    You guys are so picky,ever driver a real race car , in the mirrors you only see a blur of what coming up from behind because of the vibration of the car,my main hope for the game is the feel of the wheel,race tracks are smooth,but you still feel every bump on the track,i did not like the feel in GT4 ,that back and forth thing the wheel did at high speeds,just a though…

  54. djcorrosive

    The side mirrors in GT5:P were completely crap! talk about 2D!!!

    Doubt its fixed in gt5 due to frame rate issues

  55. Daniel Johnson

    @djcorrosive – I guess i didn’t realize all the other videos were 8 or 12, i was thinking all the rest were 16. my bad.

    Very impressed with the image in the mirrors.

  56. djcorrosive

    Daniel because its JUST A FLOOR SHOW DEMO!! get over it!

    Sick of the tire sounds! u do not hear the tires screech on every little turn!

    Also i wish the gauges for the turbo etc actually move also!

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