Another Look at GT5’s Cote d’Azur + More Screenshots

Via their official blog, Red Bull offers up three additional screenshots of the new X1 Prototype, one of which provides us a nice view of GT5’s Monaco F1 circuit (or, more precisely, “Cote d’Azur”). We also get a higher-res version of the original Monaco screenshot, along with another look at the car in that mysterious wind-tunnel we’ve seen so much of. I’ve also thrown in a few additional shots which popped up earlier this month, but haven’t been posted to the blog here yet.

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  1. Thor

    I actually believe Sony is afraid to make any comment right now. There is no way they are going to give us another “release date” only to have something else go wrong and have to change it at the last minute again. Here is what is probably happening at Sony HQ:

    – PD missed deadline by three days
    – Sony’s scheduled duplication timeframe needed to be changed
    – Sony went to Kaz and said “you have one week to go over this thing, one more time, and make damn well sure everything works right”
    – PD worked on the game for ten more days and messed up Sony’s new duplication schedule.
    – Kaz was “relocated”
    – Sony eventually receives the final code and a new, new duplication schedule is, well, scheduled.
    – 7 million Blu Rays are born!
    – Sony “finds” Kaz and makes him put every single Blu Ray in a PS3 and do one lap on the ring, at night, in the snow to make sure everything works properly.
    – Then Sony makes Kaz package and shrink wrap every single copy of GT5.
    – At some time in the future Sony and Kaz appear together and announce the game to be complete.
    – Kaz, in a red driving suit and white helmet, gets in his GTR and, pulled by eight different versions of Skylines (and one red Fiat 500), flies all over the world and delivers GT5 to every single diehard GT fan while we sleep.
    – We awake, again at some undetermined date in the future, to find GT5 loaded in our PS3s. We are all children again for a moment, our faith in the mythical Kaz (and his trusty head elf Richard Hammond) finally restored.

    Sleep well everyone.

    1. Thor

      And, like magic, as soon as I posted this we get new news! Sony has “found” Kaz! (See new news story posted by Jordan).

  2. Jas

    On a serious not can you please stop posting anything to do with screenshots?
    GT5 is a fricking screen shot!

    Its the 2nd of November and still no release date although millions of us would have been getting the game this week.
    Sony – what a joke

  3. Rotard12a

    I think it’s become clear that the titles of the GT games are no longer their release order, but how long they take to make xD So, this considered, they have until February 22 2011!

    GT4 2001-2005 = 4 years
    GT5 2005-2010 = 5 years

    So you can expect GT6 in either late 2016 or early 2017. This gives you just enough time to get a PhD so you can make enough money to afford a Playstation 4 haha

  4. AGNT009

    I guess the only thing left to do is start a bar fight up in here…

    ::Picks up chair, breaks it over F.G.’s head::

  5. Dark-Cloud4

    we want demoooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T .. i can’t wait , i want something !!!!!! im really bored !!!!

    1. Sigmaviper11

      Maybe that’s what they’re waiting on. Hey lets build a car to promote the game that promotes the car, that promotes the game that could have came out months ago to promote the car anyway.

  6. Sigmaviper11

    November 2nd. GT5 should’ve been here. It’s not.

    Some say it will be here on the 27th of January. And that if you complete it, Red Bull will endow you with incredible power. All we know is . . . We’re still waiting.

  7. ken_b

    Hey, how about that pic of the white M5? looks super nice…and that was hilarious,”Man Furismo Jive! Me: Fan Waitismo Lies!” -sigh-, and we wait! I guess my prediction was wrong, I had thought that Sony would want to be that cruel and announce the new release date today…come on Sony, hurt me!! :-)

  8. BWX

    I am surprised that on November 2, 2010, the original release date, that there’s no news and not even a hint of a new release date. What an epic let down.

    1. Hoodie

      But it seems people are trying to out-outrage each other, like they’re kopites or something.

      We’re all not happy about it but I don’t know how many more times I can read people saying the same things ad-infinitum. But hey, the more crazy and upset people try to seem then the BIGGER GT fan they must be! The poor lambs.

      All this stuff about PD & Sony not caring for their fans etc is a load of melodramatic claptrap.

    2. Hoodie

      Hahaha, have you seen little old ladies these days? They fight back and I’m a coward!

      At 36 I’m a little old to be a real Hoodie!

  9. F.G.

    This news topic was harmlessly titled “Another Look at GT5’s Cote d’Azur + More Screenshots”, yet 90% of posts here are about the release date.

    Can you please for one second stop moaning about the damn release date you eejits.

    1. Release date

      Stop badgering the majority also stop trying to be a hero, where do you get off insulting people anyway? I’ve read all of your insulting posts..

    2. F.G.

      You’re the biggest idiot of the lot, especially with a name like Release Date.

      You might think I’m trying to be big headed, but I’m simply displaying what it’s like to have a life. Of course I want to play GT5. I wouldn’t bother posting here if I didn’t anticipate the game. But at the same time, if I have to wait a bit longer for the game, then so be it. I have other stuff in my life that doesn’t involve whinging about a game that’s slightly delayed, and asking for KY to be fired because he “lied” to you. Btw, that man is probably going to deliver you the greatest racing game ever and you want him fired because the game is delayed by a couple of months. That is beyond stupid.

      The game is done. You will get the game soon. That’s all you or I need to know. What’s the point of moaning and moaning about the release date. How is that going to effect your life in any way whatsoever? Will your life become complete if you know the release date? If so, then you live a sad sad life.

      Most people here act like they live for GT5 which is quite frankly, a pathetic sight. Again, I’m not saying you can’t anticipate the game, but don’t act like you’re all low lives with no friends. You give GT fans a bad name.

      This news topic is about pictures of Monaco, and you are meant to discuss this topic here. If you want to bitch about the release date, go back to the topic about the delay and bitch all you want.

      Stop acting like a bunch of babies you morons.

    3. Rotard12a


      It should be noted that your 4 paragraph post about “babies” “idiots” and “morons” is a direct contradiction to your claim that you have a life.

    4. G.F.

      You all are dumb stupid idiots always whinging about releases and acting like it matters when a stupid game comes out. And you have moronic names like F.G. and John like wtf is that your all just dumb babies. Get a life people, that’s what I have. Does it look like I sit around reading losers’ posts on a discussion board and waste my time responding to their crying? No, I don’t.


  10. Release date

    Man, if GT5 was my game, I’d make pretty sure that I would keep my fans happy with a demo and lot sof communication. They must have some serious issues.

  11. lado

    The pictures are nice but nothing new… no release date information although they said they´ll mention something about that at the end of october. There´s nothin more to say about that, sony and their promises. GT5 should be in our hands tomorrow. :(((

  12. Hypergolem

    Epic Fail! No release, no release date, nothing… simply nothing. Do they think will keep us quiet by giving us some images of Montecarlo?

  13. onigod

    Damn… Nov. 2nd, and still no news of GT5. It’ll be really funny if we get a new trailer today, and at the end of the trailer it says: “It’s out now!”

  14. Enciah

    The worst is that we are not waiting for content more cars, interior view, premiums… We are just waiting for nothing

    There was a great announcement at TGS, planned previews, contest, launch party… and now it’s a huge fail there is nothing but lies!

  15. ScorpioSavage

    Sucks if people were actually outside waiting for it to be released today. I for one don’t care when it’s released just as long as it gets released period. I need more time to save up for a PS3 anyways. So I’m good =D

  16. BubbleBelly542

    You know what sucks? Today, anovember 2nd, I don’t have school. I was gonna gt it at midnigt and play it like the whole day! Unless it sucked which I doubt

  17. jdejes

    I should been waiting in line today to get my CE edition copy! Instead I’m just here writing… The lack of news about anything GT5 worries me, this was posted Oct 30, it’s been 3 days since no news!! I would like to be wrong about this; but I got a feeling we won’t see GT5 coming till 2011. Hope I’m wrong.

  18. Dunavantj

    SO the GT awards are on the November 3rd at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. If they don’t announce the release date then the game must be coming in January.

  19. BubbleBelly542

    … And then after 100 murder suicides, Kaz has released this statement:

    “Dear GT5 fans, we are so glad you have waited 6 years. Today, I have a huge announcement, THERE’S NO GT5. Hahaha we got you good! Ya no for the past 6 years we’ve been sitting on our fat jap a**es and played with you all. Now some of you might be saying, ‘Go suck a di…'”

    He was cut off mid sentence by a bullet through is brain.

  20. icant55

    yeah i was just askin…. it’s been a few days … this is truly some BS. Why are the turn 10 guys bragging that they have a top gear ultimate car pack … just seen it on

  21. LoneWanderer

    Well, well, well… October sucked.

    1. The latest Borderlands patch, which was said to be released by the end of October, was delayed.
    2. (more important) NO F***ING RELEASE DATE!



    1. Dunavantj

      I can bet he is saying two days ahead of the date concerning the post regarding Australia’s collector edition, which was saying it was gonna be Dec. 9th. I like it; I’m gonna run with it because it’s better than anything else we got right now.

    2. GTbyPlaystation

      Don’t you just love spam with capital letters. No matter how hard you try, you can never believe it…

  23. Foxiol

    For sure we are playing this on Christmas… they want to sell more Play Stations with the game for sure…that´s the reason for this delay.Let´s wait as always but at the end of this week they maybe give us a new date for that time.

    1. NA

      It’s not officially delayed because they never officially announced the official release date for the official release date…..XD

  24. FlareKR

    If they made a building for only Gran Turismo fans to live in, they’d all be jumping off their balconies by now. Hopefully we’ve all paid our rent so the janitor should be happy.
    Sony’s turned this into a circus to release this game. This is the attitude most of us have now “IT BETTER BE F-ING GOOD! 6 YEARS!”
    So the question is PD, is it F-ing good? Do you feel lucky?

  25. Adam

    sigh, most of us were suppose to get our copies and finally play this damn game tomorrow. Now we have to continue waiting once again. Screw you Sony/PD!

  26. K. Yamauchi


    I am proud to announce the announcement that we havent yet decided when we will announce the possible announcement of the release date of GRAND DELAY the 5-th.

    Happy hollidays to all fans!
    (ps: please dont kill yourself)

    1. Foxiol

      Yeah Kaz…and new features…like…we can open the doors of the cars to enter in…and oh yeah!, we can smell the fuel…oh!! and we can watch to the right seat and drive with a friend or your girlfriend as well…that´s really cool….yeah…………..just release date only…….

  27. Rollo

    Last night I dreamt I had the game, it was awesome. I’m prolly gonna go play it tonight aswell.

    I’ll drop by a review tomorrow…

    …Playstation 3 – make believe!

    1. J-UK

      Either you are new here, or you have forgotten that you should never trust retailer’s release dates for GT5. They are estimates, nothing more.

    2. Dunavantj

      Whoever posts something regarding a release date from Amazon or Gamestop should get banned till the game comes out. Just sayin’.

  28. Stig Jr.

    I won’t comment cuz’ it’s been a war in here, some attacking others…as I’ve been reading all this morning on my favourite forum “GTplanet” especially on GT5 thread, so I got nothing to say to any member in here but:
    keep the good job you’re doing Jordan, cheers

  29. infamousDee

    The game has already gone gold. It would be a massive (and highly unlikely) f**k-up on Sony’s part if this isn’t released by the end of 2010.

    1. FamilyForce5

      Don’t worry, Kaz said over two years ago the wait wouldn’t be too long before GT5 was released. Still waiting. LOL!!! :)

    2. Dunavantj

      Too long in relation to a century. I’d say a decade but its been more than half and that sounds a bit too long.

  30. NASCARFAN160

    Tomorrow will be a sad day….
    oh well…. at least I lived my dream by playing the GT5 Kiosk demo at Target! :’)

  31. ken_b

    Bankai, stand in line. Plenty of others were disappointment before you! :-) Lets keep the faith, my belief is we will see a updated release date in the coming days. Meanwhile, smoke’em if you gott’em.

    1. Bankai123

      To tell you the truth, as soon as the Russian delay was announced I knew something was up and the Lo and behold the bad news came. It’s ok though, I’m playing Split/Second and will buy NFS Hot Pursuit to take the edge off until it gets here. :-D

  32. Bankai123

    As much as I am a GT fanatic I honestly don’t see this game being released in 2010. Too bad though cuz my sister got me a DFGT, my gf bought me a wheel stand pro and I bought a new PS3 just for this and I probably won’t play the game for a long time. Needless to say “i am very disappointed”.

    1. NA

      GT5, Now with exciting new features such has a new take on the B-spec mode, Dynamice weather, working reverse lights, and the same development drama fans have come to expected from the series, but now rendered in stunning 3D…Coming soon!

    2. Tek9[R]

      Should have said the long wait. I have been going on and on to my friends about how this time the game will get here ‘on time’. I’m tired of getting laughed at- I just want to burn ’em on the track, with a FXX! Why hasn’t any info such as car and track list been released? What’s with the lack of respect?….They know they have my money, but what’s keeping them from putting all of their cards on the table?

    1. Circuit*star

      seriously you really think that is important? who cares about how many colors the so called x1 is going to be. Release date? is not important for you. I think you are going to be happy looking at pictures this Christmas and spring 2011 and not being able to play it or if you see when they show the X1 in red with Santa Claus stickers and you are going to be amazed, Then 3 months later they are going to show you another picture of the X1 in summer trim and you are going to say the same thing

      Anyone notice its a 2011 summer trim X1? instead of saying, Anyone notice its November and no release date.

    2. DarthTurismo

      deep breathes mate!!!! haha… we are all there with you… suffering that is…

      i spent up big….. G27… wheelstand pro…. 65inch pana 3D plasma…. deposit down… and no actual release date..

      Mind you knowing that this game is going to be epic is keeping me calm (for the time being)

    3. NA

      Hey, since the X1 is actually mentioned in this article, and the release date isn’t, comenting on the pic makes more sense than attacking people for taking an interest in the car over the release date.
      Besides, the game will get here when it gets here. PD/Sony are well aware that the fanbase is ticked off, and while I find a little post oct 13th anger to be justified, repeatedly telling them how agry we are won’t make them hurry any faster because they know we’ll all buy it regardless.

    4. NA

      Come to think of it, I think they’d be a heck of alot more worried if none of us seemed to care about the release date. Uproar=dedicated fanbase/strong sales, Indifference=Fed up fanbase/weak sales….

    5. HugoStiglitz_420

      @Circuit*star DUDE, CALM DOWN!! Sigmaviper & I are both as angry as anyone about the delay. I’m in favor of the many people complaining about the lack of a release date but you just acted like a douchebag. Not every comment has to be about the release date. He made a keen observation & you attack him bcuz it’s not what you would have said? calm down. people don’t have to be negative all the time so maybe you need to try that for once

    6. Circuit*star

      OK, i apologize for my reaction is that noticing we just turned to November 1st with no release date, got me crazy.

    7. Sigmaviper11

      @Ciruit*Star-Ok. Its coo, was a bit surprising though. I am quite POd that GT5 isn’t out tomorrow, but for me its not that bad. I really do feel for the people who took time off specifically for this only to find they’ve been jipped at the last minute, due to production issues. I can understand that. At the same time though, I’m a college student, so I’m generally busy most of the time without the luxury of gaming all too much lately. So if it comes out in December or whatever, I’m cool, cuz then I’ll most likely have time to properly enjoy PD’s artwork. I am pissed, but hey, what can we do. Although it is better to vent than bottle it up. lol.

      @NA- If there was no fan uproar, I think PD and Sony would be horrified. Not to mention their stocks my drop significantly. Hehe. Most of us probably will get it when it comes out, even those who are going all rage saying the delay has made them decide to boycott. (Secret run to gamestore.)
      HugoStiglitz_420- Well put. Optimism does make it easier. Perhaps the universe wil align and we’ll get by the end of November. Or more likely, PD and Sony will finally be like, its a big project and it needs to be well protected, but perhaps we should get it out there and do what we can through updates. I’m still hopin for Late Nov early Dec.

      As for the PD/RBR X1, I notice it was black. It could not have any paint and just be exposed carbon fibre, or it could be a black paint. The reason I made the comment is because it reminded me of the 4 black cars in GT4; 787B, TS020, R390 and R92CP. So I’m curious if they’re going to have a simialr thing with this one. Also the black PD FGT when you get 100%. I think this beast will be acquired earlier than 100%. I’m thinking a 24HR race, special competition or License test. Its possible it could be a percentage car, but I’m betting it can’t be painted, so the black edition will be reserved for 100%. I cam to this conclusion because I heard that much like the FGT, this car will have its own elite championship series in GT5. Whether that info is accurate is beyond me, but I did read it somewhere. Given the track record with GT3 and GT4 using their secret elie races for F1’s its possible. Except because official F1s may are featured, its no longer the Ultimate exclusive machine and will likely have various series like everything else in GT. So, I think people can look forward to driving this thing a lot sooner than they believe.

      I don’t think it’ll be stritc to a 100% bonus or S class License all gold, as very few people actually go that far. I think PD knows that.

      Also HugoStiglitz_420, I may have called you HugoStiltz_420 before on a different post. Sorry about that.

    8. HugoStiglitz_420

      @Sigmaviper11 good thinking. I should have thought of that. I’ve been whining at the idea of the X1 not being driveable until 100% is reached. The black or carbon fiber X1 prize like in past GT games would make a ton of sense in more ways than one. I was really worried that we would have to get 100% to drive, I’ve never got 100% in a gt game, not even GT PSP ( but I’m close ) & I really would put money on the fact 90% of GT’s fanbase hasn’t either

    9. Sigmaviper11

      @HugoStiglitz_420- Yea. I got it from, I beleive it was, one of your posts in the forums somewhere. Because it really wouldn’t make sense. All that effort and very few would reap the reward. I’m pretty confident it will be somewhat easily available, by our standards. As for the black beast. . . Thats going to be a challenge. Can’t wait to take it for a spin. But yea, I think we can have some confidence it will be a lot easier to get our hands on it. Even if it is a 24 hour race prize, it won’t be to hard to acquire since you can save during enduros.

  33. Circuit*star

    LTX “Gran Turismo 5 The real screen-shot simulator.”

    I agree, when is this Game coming out??? This is ridiculous, We all know how great it looks. I’m tired of the pictures and tired of the videos. Where is the GAME!? not even that, Where is the release date?

  34. FamilyForce5

    No one is above being replaced. If the stock members voted him to be replaced it would happen. After all the money that’s been spent for this. It happened to Ted Turner. I’ll never forget watching the live video of the Nov. 2 date being announced. They made a big deal about after all the wait we’d finally be getting the game Nov. 2. PD=Fail!!!

    1. NA

      No Kaz=No GT. Ted turner bought other peoples products, Kaz IS the product. Fire him and He’ll just go produce for another platform, so stockholders certainly are not going to make their golden goose into their competition.

    2. FamilyForce5

      I think COD Black OPS goes to show that someone else can come in and get their game in on time and be just as good. The guys from MW2 probably didn’t think they’d get replaced either. There is alot of talent out in the world. Sure if Kaz didn’t go off and do all that other stuff besides making sure his game was done we’d be playing it tomorrow. Kaz is a very talent guy, no doubt. He is just preoccupied with other things he wants to do.

  35. FamilyForce5

    What gets me is all the time Kaz spent designing two make believe cars, racing cars, promoting this game all over the world, running the GT challange, now going to SEMA to pick another car for a game. I think all this time he’s wasted could have been spent actually making sure that the game actually came out. He said a long time ago that the game was 90% done and could come out whenever he wanted it too. Kaz or who ever is in charge of this mess should be fired. A person or company is only as good as their word. These people have brought disgrace to Sony. Atleast once you know you’ve screwed up be straight up with everyone and just come out and say it.


      You can’t fire KAZ, he is a legend, It’s Sony that need to learn a new way of life.. one with integrity and an ounce of respect for the fans.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      you’re an idiot. How can you blame Kaz & PD instead of Sony? the delay has nothing to do with PD being 3 days late. It has to do with PS3 software & guess what, Sony is in charge of that. Plus, they had at least 2 weeks of manufacturing time, you really think 3 days would cause a month delay or more?

    3. FamilyForce5

      Just think, if you believe the 3 day behind story, if they hadn’t spent all the time designing the X1 we’d had the game tomorrow. No one would have missed it either. When you are in charge of something like this you have to make a list of things to do first. There has to be a date that you can’t add anything to get the game out on time or atleast you can always add cars by DLC. Why not get the game out then work on the car and have a contest with Red Bull to add the car in the game. What about saving the Go-carts for GT6. Would that have been that bad to make the deadlines. With Kaz he might see a car he wants to at at this years SEMA and delay it for months if not another year. No-one is ever going to tell us the real story about what is happening with the delay.

    4. speedthrill

      hahaaha, Reading this only kept me thinking T10 all the way, could even be a boss of them typing that, because they know gtplanet has influence on PD.

      Kazunori won’t fire himself for trying to make a proper racing game, wich took him for every bloody one a year or 4…

      Go figure…

    5. infamousDee

      *Quality* is the reason Gran Turismo takes half a decade to make, while Forza is released every other year.

  36. F.G.

    Look, you’re not going to get GT5 in November. You’ll be lucky to get it in early December. Most likely you’ll get it at the end of the year.

    Just GET OVER IT ffs, you sad sad people.

  37. ChicoMaloXD

    I think some PD employee became crazy and deleted all GT5 data and now there’s no GT5 at all!! :@ OMG! What’s going on? why aren’t they clear with whatever is happening? :(

  38. Tyger

    I hope it does look pretty but i’m just glad Monaco is in, though I wonder if the chicane will be more realistic, ie. open, or walled off as previously. I kinda hope it’s walled, unless there are penalties for cutting it =)

  39. Foxiol

    Maybe the game will be release this 2nd that´s because they don´t say nothing………………………………………….(=_=)……..

  40. NA

    Of course this whole release date by the end of the month thing started because a Sony Europe exec said something in a tweet. I thought we’d all learned our lesson about that by now. They end up being wrong almost every time. Probably laughing at us right now thinking, “Tehe, Got them again….”

    1. Dunavantj

      on the Gran Turismo web site they announcement pertaining to the delay doesn’t even mention an October release date for the release date anymore.

  41. joedee

    20mins left (uk time) come on sony, i start my gt5 week off work tomorrow, im still having it, got 4 days left so gimme the NEW date

  42. J--KiLLA24

    They said they “expect” to confirm a new release date by the end of october. Atleast they didn’t say “guarantee”. If worst comes to worst they are going to announce it at the GT Awards in two or three days.

    1. NA

      If worst comes to worst they’ll ignore us untill we realize we’re not getting one any time soon, wait another month or two, imply it’s coming out in march, miss that deadline, and promptly start hyping up for Q4 of next year. Or would that be too redundant?….

    2. NA

      Perhaps redundant isn’t the right word.
      Predictable mabey?
      No, not predictable. Repetative is the word i’m thinking of.

    3. Red_9

      it’s odd how it was about this time last year that they delayed their game. I do hope they’re not going to repeat themselves.

      I swear, if the new date is March 2011, I’mma shoot myself, ’cause that’s be a complete repeat of 2010.

  43. Adam

    seriously wtf, it’s literally the end of October. Sony/PD said they will have a release date for us by now. Sigh. All I see are news updates of this wonderful game but seems like the game is never coming out. WTF. All of us were suppose to receive our copies in 2 days. Now because of this who knows when we’ll get it AGAIN. This is how you treat your fans?

    1. NA

      Kaz wants release date perfection, so they’ve delayed the release date announcement to make it dynamically 3D, and compatible with move. You’ll also be able to change it with head tracking support. Don’t worry, it’ll be awesome. (Note sarcasm here)
      Guess we’re not getting one. Again. So we can go back to the old policy of saying it’s not delayed because there is no date. yay…. :S

    1. speedthrill

      just passed their first official release date, so no big deal, I’m just getting impatient myself, that is all.
      So Magic, you read everything and will just confirm the ones bitching around, is that it?

  44. gast1976

    Ok, now it’s 10:52pm in france…no news from the release date….
    Sony an PD have no respect for all the GT fans in the world, no new release date…just lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. James

      Now 9:35pm on the East coast of the United stated and still no word.Pd has no respect for it’s fans.I’m still going to get the game because u have already paid for it but i would at least like to hear something.

  45. fredyellowone

    Burning blu rays is a matter of shedule.
    They missed the 4 nov window? then they should have known right away the next window.

    They don’t cause GT5 was released for others reasons.

  46. scoop2004

    The M5 was in GT4 so does that mean its a standard car? Or have they made some GT4 cars premium for GT5, thus reducing the number of standard cars from the total number of cars in GT4?

  47. Alfredo

    I wonder if PD did redesigned the track, the pits in GT4 are to the right side of the main “straight” but the newer ones have the garages on that side and cars have to go a bit to the right to have their cars serviced.
    Also in GT4 there were some armco that is not the same as it is in real life. (including the chicane that comes after you exit the tunnel)

  48. AGNT009

    Sony bastards.

    Well, I shall put the two days I made sure I was off work Nov 2 and 3 to good use. Nov 2nd, Im going to the store and coming back home to my PS3, game in hand, to be Bond, James Bond. That should keep me preoccupied a few weeks if I stretch it out.

  49. Enciah

    Did you plan any article on sony/PD lack of professionalism, the delay and the lack of communication 2 days before the old release date?

  50. Jas

    Can’t believe we are still waiting –
    Sony has put on hold millions of GT5 fans for years!
    They should at least put the price down or provide a demo – they clearly have them the ones they are providing all over the world.
    WTF Sort it out!

  51. fredyellowone

    At least, Black Ops in 7 days.
    Though i hate Activision greedy management, they always release games on date.

  52. Hentis

    A few days after it was announced a post came up in the news section of GTplanet stating
    “Yes, the GT5 European has also been delayed, we are sorry to say. We expect to confirm a new release date before the end of the month.”

    This in no way gurantees that a release date will be published on October 31st. Now seeing as the next major date showing GT5 would be the 8th Annual Gran Turismo Awards at Sema in Las Vegas on Wedenesday then surely logic would say that a release date might be disclosed there seeing as Yamauchi san is personally attending?
    I’d hedge my bets that an announcement would be made there either on Wednesday or Thursday.

    @MagicAyrton I have a problem with spelling, so what, deal with it…. I have to.

    1. G

      Magic Ayrton, what are you the spelling police or something… and not to pass judgement, but reading your comments you come across as a big head yourself… and frankly a bit of a knob… or is it nob? Oh GOD :| forgive me Magic Ayrton, king of the English language… :P

  53. Dark-Cloud4

    It’s 31/10 … im still waiting :/ .. i’ll wait until 1 am and then we will see if sony lied to us or not …. maybe they are saying the end of october in 2011 ? .. >.< .. i hate this !!! ..

  54. Gulyo

    There are lot of naive people here … Sony and PD don’t care of you … they like just income and … disgusting companies … in my opininon !

    1. Skidmark

      The customer is always right…we pay their bills by purchasing their product…we’re the boss.

      If you were going to be robbed and knew how it was going to happen (as Sony / Polyphony would be by software pirates) you’d stay home to make sure it didn’t happen…even if it did make your boss very angry.

      I’m disappointed too…I’ve just decided to make the best to the situation and quit complaining…it only aggravates me and changes nothing…like complaining about the weather.

      When have we ever complained about what Polyphony has ‘finally’ delivered. Give them the benefit of a doubt (or even many doubts) and consider they may be doing the very best they can…just like you.

    2. Magic Ayrton

      Well mainly Sony is disgusting… PD are actually talented to the extreme, maybe lacking in morals though?

  55. Hentis

    Come on guys some of really should grow uo abit here.
    We are all wanting the game and pathetic comments like release the game isnt going to make it get here any quicker.
    There was statement released that they will notifiy us by the end of the month when it will be released. SO its the end of October and no news…. SO will the world end? No.
    The world will carry on. The pics are great, yes the full game will be great but at the end of the day we have to make do with a delay. If you dont want to deal with it then go play in front of traffic on I-95. At the end of the day its a game, yes I was dissapointed at hearing the of the games delay but I am dealing with it.

    Jordan does an incredible amount of work on this site to brring you all the GT goodness that he can get hold off. Yet some of you really forget that with your stupid comments.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Yes, and you should really either check your spelling mistakes or learn how to write properly..

      PS: stop sucking up to phony sony.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      And whining about these people isn’t going to get them to shut up so it’s actually you who needs to grow up. You think you have the power to stop all the complaining with more complaining? LOL

  56. GT5SER

    You know, my wife and I were watching Iron Man 2 the other day and saw the fight on Monaco and thought, I would be great to have that track back. Well, my question has been answered. Thanks Jordan!

  57. SavageEvil

    I’m surprised that GT doesn’t have the 7 Series as well along with the Lexus LS400, Toyota Avalon, Audi S8, etc…You know the big boy toys. Would be interesting to have a big car race, nothing but massive cars showing their prowess.

    Note, the M5 indeed looks like that on the show room floor. I happened to be on the floor when one was delivered to the buyer, you had to be there to hear that V10 rumble a tad high pitched, but completely distinct from any BMW you have ever heard. M5 sits pretty low on it’s suspension, it’s actually lower than all the other 5 Series, this is the Basic M5 without it’s extra trimmings (all options) like the different rear bumper with diffuser, different front facia and other sorts of visually appealing nick knacks.

    1. vicr34

      target is announcing its release of gt5, for Tuesday,, i called and they sued yes,, i called gamestop, and they sued no one will be having it this Tuesday,, they sued that the game has been pushed until 1/1/2011 the target paper came in this morning and thats how i saw that supposedly they will be having it on Tuesday

    2. Rotard12a


      Did you see the pilot episode? The presenters don’t have the wit and chemistry of the original UK version, which is what makes Top Gear so good. I mean, the US version is okay, just don’t get yourself too excited.

      What’s better is that BBCA is now showing the full-length originals! Still not in HD for some reason though…

  58. John Marine

    I must say… it would be incredible to find out what that X1 Prototype would be around current and former F1 circuits (I don’t even want to envision putting that thing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, though 80+ percent would love to). The other screenshots are a thing of beauty. Works of art. Everything coming together very nicely.

    1. occasionalracer

      Ich auch, glaube aber nicht das die Deutsche sprache hier akzeptabel ist. (German or any other foreign languages should not be used on this site)

    2. LeStique

      Because other people on this site can’t understand what you are saying that. It’s more a matter of politeness then rules, i think.

      Weil andere Leute auf dieser Seite dann nicht in der Lage sind, dich zu verstehen. Es geht eher um Höflichkeit, als Regeln, denke ich.

    3. Rotard12a


      It’s pretty standard netiquette to keep comments and responses in the language of the blog/forum in question. Doesn’t matter where he lives.

  59. Parminder27

    Oooh that M5 looks lovely! Though I think it’s a standard car… if it is it’s still looks fine aesthetically. Hoping to hear the release date soon…

  60. IVKillerVI

    Any chance those last 6 shots can be found in a higher res?
    I have about 6 different GT5 screens in a looping slideshow for my wallpaper and I would like to add those last 6 if they were bigger.
    I’m being a little optimistic here, but what if we are able to shape our own parts for the cars(like nfs:carbon only with a realistic effect). And if that wind tunnel is in the game it could let you experiment with smoke trails and sensors to measure downforce/drag.
    Then again, if they let you design your own stuff who’s to stop you from making an airfoil and taking flight?lol

  61. ken_b

    Wow, screenshots are awesome, surely doesn’t curb the anticipation. But this sim is going to be great!! Enjoy the wkend!!

  62. Magic Ayrton

    Looks wonderful, I have been a big baby when it comes to release dates etc.. but it’s only because I love this game Sooooo Much!!!!!

  63. vicr34

    i think they should show new cars,, cars that we haven’t seen yet,, the x1 is the only new car, the rest we have seen on the demo.

  64. Tom

    That M5 doenn`t look quite right, the wheels seems to be more into the the wheelarch than the real car, and the headlights are a bit strange, at least from that angle. I also think that the Monaco circuit seem a bit sterile.

    1. Bernd

      @tom – It looks a bit sterile, because it has that “new- tarmac-look”, which can be seen quite often in GT-series.
      In RL, Monaco has normal roads which are open to traffic throughout the year, and the tarmac should be grey/light-grey with some dirt, little oilspecks here and there, and of course even more dirt at the sides of the race-line

    2. Matt

      In fact the whole thing looks a little idealised. In real life Monaco always give me the feeling that it needs a bit of a clean. It looks like a place which must have looked really good in the 1970s, if you see what I mean.

    3. Tweetman_277

      Wow!!! If any of you lot knew ANYTHING about the Monaco track, you’d know that only half is EVER driven on by normal people… The bit were seeing is the swimming pool chicane. Thats its actual name. And that look of grey boringness is in fact there in reality, if you watched monaco F1 race that becomes obvious.

  65. Dark-Cloud4

    Epic !! :D .. I love pictures more then the videos , the videos doesn’t show you the real graphics and gameplay .. when i play it’s diffrent then watching a video for GT5 ..

    1. Chris_GT

      Yes I agree. I don’t think we have gotten one fully digital stream of GT5’s gameplay. They have been cams. It would be nice to have some true HD gameplay clips straight from the source and not recorded.

    1. Bearcut

      This may be a little off topic but I wonder what everyone thinks about the X1…
      I know its going to awesome and fun to drive but it actually kind of upsets me that they would include one car in the game that drastically outpowers everything else.

      One thing that always bothered me was when I looked at the GT5P world rankings for best laps it was always the Citroen GT (I know the F2007 isn’t ranked) and NOTHING ELSE, mainly because there wasn’t another car that could beat it. I was hoping with GT5 that with a multitude of F1 cars, you would see SOME variations of cars/tracks/best times, but now with this thing… I’m sure it will dominate. I hope at the very least it will not be included on leaderboards with other cars, or that the leaderboards will be divided into classes (like events) and that this car will have its own leaderboard. Does everyone else feel the same way?

    2. Bearcut

      That is a terrible answer.
      Oh, the best car is just the best car eh? Then why doesn’t THE SAME CAR WIN EVERY RACE IN THE WORLD EVERY TIME.

      I was saying i was hoping that COMPARABLE cars would be included, which would most likely be the various F1 cars.

      But, if you just want THE BEST CAR…

    3. Bernd

      @bearcut – You’re right, the X1 needs to start in a special X1-trophy, because only an X1 can beat an X1, even a F1-car wouldn’t have the slightest chance against that beast

    4. FlareKR

      They should make an X1 only league.
      The Citroen met it’s match to the Veyron in GT PSP; yes the GT handled better cause it was lighter, but in acceleration and straight a-ways, the Veyron swallowed it and crapped it out back to the last corner. Online, people are choosing different cars to race with, than just the Veyron, I’ve seen a couple of Enzos race along a bet a group of us.
      These are a few examples how the time trail leagues should be set up.

      F1 (The PD is faster, but I noticed with the right set up, and F2007 can out run it in the corners)
      American (Cars like the Ford GT are excluded from here, and put in Supercars)
      Vintage (Including different classes by decades, 50’s, 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s)

      Remember also that people are going to tune their cars, and with tuning means not only faster cars, but glitches too. Remember the Escudo?

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