Assetto Corsa Now Available on PS4 and XB1 in Europe & UK


Today’s the day. It’s been a long, winding road, but Assetto Corsa is now available on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Europe and the UK.

Assetto Corsa arrives with up to 102 cars (depending on version) and 26 different track layouts spread across 11 locations. Notable additions for the console release are the contents of the ‘Tripl3’ Car Pack — Ferrari FXX K, 488 GTB, and Praga R1 — and the historic, 10km-long 1966 version of Monza. The car pack is set to launch for PC users on August 30, the same day the console versions become available for players in North America.

Players will be greeted by a first-day patch upon starting the game up for the first time. The changelog is as follows:

  • Fixed wrong wheel ratio correlation
  • Fixed unresponsive state when quitting multiplayer
  • Fixed crash when quitting races
  • Fix for the game hanging for a while while loading
  • Fixed to wheel and controller support
  • Fixed dashboard display for certain cars like KTM X-Bow and Ferrari 599XX Evo
  • Fixed multiplayer socket security
  • Fixed several stability problems
  • Added backfires to cars
  • added multiplayer result screen


We’ve already taken a Mercedes-AMG GT3 around Brands Hatch in the PlayStation 4 version of the game, and we’ll have more videos over the coming days. You can also check out our five most-anticipated features list for Kunos Simulazioni’s baby.

If you’re curious about the car list, you can watch a full video of the available models here. Kunos has already confirmed a Season Pass will be available, including some of the latest models from the PC version, in addition to three different packs of Porsches.

To celebrate, Kunos has released a selection of images showing off the console version. You can check them out down below.

Swing by the Assetto Corsa section to share your findings with the community!

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  1. breyzipp

    Absolutely loving this game… err sim on my XBox One!!! I seriously hope they devs at Polyphony and Turn 10 take a look at it as well so they know how proper car handling is done! Especially you Turn 10, your unrealistic sliding around corners with pathetic tire screeching sound needs a MASSIVE overhaul! If you just plan to copy/paste the dull gameplay from FM6 to FM7 and throw in some new cars and tracks, believe I’m not even remotely interested anymore.

  2. letdown427

    Thought I’d take advantage of the steam sale and pick this up on the PC (so I can use my G25) with all the DLC packs.

    Now, to install and test it out :D

  3. hardvibes

    Let’s “not” do this. Fanatec support removed thanks to Sony, who changed their policy all of the sudden. Kunos was already giving support for Fanatec wheels, but they were forced to remove it with the patch of yesterday.

    1. crelou

      Few month ago Fanatec let us know this :

      “You might have already noticed that we have removed the icons to show the PlayStation compatibility on our website. So what does that mean?

      As part of the licensing process for a new, officially licensed racing wheel, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has asked us to stop promoting our unlicensed wheels as beeing PlayStation compatible and we are happy to comply with that. As soon as we have a fully licensed PlayStation wheel on the market, we will officially announce the compatibility again.

      If you already purchased a Fanatec product with previously promoted PS3 or PS4 compatibility, basically nothing will change for you. The compatibility for those wheels still depends solely on the game developers and if they decide to add/keep support for their wheels in their games or not.
      If you purchase a new wheel from us from now on we will only guarantee the PC or Xbox One compatibility as advertised.

      I hope you understand our position and rest assured that we do everything to make our products as compatible as possible.”

      Link :

      The words that kept my attention was : “As soon as we have a fully licensed PlayStation wheel on the market, we will officially announce the compatibility again”

      I thought that they had to stop promoting their unlicensed wheels as being PlayStation compatible until they create a Playstation wheel like they did for the Xbox1, but nothing let us know that they will do it.

      actually, we don’t really know their position about Sony compatibility, are they working on a branded Playstation wheel or did they just gave up..?

      As usual, customers pay the bill. What now?
      Do i have to buy a G29, move to PC or stop playing?

    2. hardvibes

      And this is what Marco Massarutto, Licensing Project Manager at Kunos Simulazioni, wrote on facebook a few days ago:

      “The lack of support on PS4 is a matter between Fanatec and Sony that goes beyond our will, as seen few days ago also with Codemasters F1 2016.”
      Kunos had to remove the Fanatec support (it worked with AC on PS4, before the day one patch) because of Sony. Not Fanatec.

    3. Rubencho

      if it was working before then I guess it’s Sony’s whim, what a shame for console users. Now that Forza is coming to PC I’m glad to have skipped this console gen to build a better Pc

    4. MeanElf

      Often thing may work, but if Sony can’t guarantee it will work with the PS4 the way they want it, within the tollerances that they are happy with and problems start surfacing, then where would you be? Seems pretty simple to me.

  4. Johnnypenso

    Coincidentally, I am in Italy for the console launch of Assetto Corsa. I wish them all the luck in the world, these are some of the good guys in sim racing development.

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