Assetto Corsa vs. Real Life: Audi S1 Tested

The emotional investment toward Assetto Corsa now that we’re just over a month away from the console release is almost palpable, and with good reason: console-goers have plenty to look forward as many of those currently enjoying the game on PC will surely attest.

Naturally, buzz grows in a number of ways and the last time there was an Assetto Corsa vs. Real Life video, it placed Kunos’ own Aristotelis Vasilakos behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo 4C. The intention being to display just how well the game looks (and feels) when compared to the real deal.

Kunos is revisiting the idea, and Aristotelis is once again behind the wheel of a car to prove the worth of the forthcoming console racer, this time in an Audi S1. The video shows an interesting parity between the Audi’s virtual and physical counterparts, even down to the car’s relative mild-mannered behavior and tendency to understeer.

AC vs Real Life Audi S1

The action is kicked into another gear once Aristotelis realizes that while the S1 might appear to be a mild-mannered hatchback, the reality may be anything but – perhaps even hiding a bit of rally spirit beneath it all. Initiating a series of Scandinavian flicks, the car suddenly springs about with a new lease on life; and the behavior between the real-life track action and that of the simulator are virtually identical.

As was the case in the previous video, if you were looking forward to trying this for yourself when the game releases to console in June you won’t be able to, as the Modena Circuit is currently a mod and won’t be included in the base game.

Remember to stop by our dedicated Assetto Corsa section to have a look at what awaits you!

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Comments (9)

  1. panjandrum

    Yep. I’ve only been active in the AC forums here on rare occasion, but everything here reinforces what I’ve been saying: AC has the Physics and FFB absolutely spot-on. It’s downright amazing. Phenomenal. Gobsmacking. And I’m talking about this from a RL motor-sports perspective; Take the YB in AC, turn the turbo down to the minimum setting, and the car drives, feels, and responds to inputs almost exactly like my RL classic Porsches of the same era (and essentially identical chassis / suspension / weight distribution, etc). It’s quite simply, hands-down, the most accurate simulation of that driving experience that I’ve ever had. Brilliant!

  2. Johnnypenso

    Wonderful, I love these videos. Straight from the source but not overly polished, just shooting from the hip. I love these guys!

    1. Michael L.

      PC, by leaps and bounds. If you mean out of the PS4 and XOne, the PS4 will have a better (read: higher) resolution and arguably better peripheral support, but that’s about it.

    2. gladbecker82

      Get it on Xbox One. 900p to 1080p isn’t that bad. It’s also 60fps and yes PC is the best simply cause of Mods but the overall experience is the same on Xbox

    3. brownninja97

      good question, probably ps4 in the short term, due to a lack of racing games more people will play it or stay with it for a while. flipside is that gt sport will wipe the racing game slate clean for a while at least so only the dedicated will stay on the AC online. Similar story on xbox but it has forza which is still active and the next forza will take the racers away.

      Cant go wrong with either platform on console unless it sells extremely well because that would mean MS or Sony will attempt to get some special early access deal or exclusive deal. Kunos would say no of course but 505 might have more influence, the pre order deals is an example of that.

    4. Johnnypenso

      You’d have to define “better” and outline your preferences and hardware choices to get an accurate answer. pc has the availability of hundreds of cars and tracks through modding but it’s expensive. Performance wise we don’t yet know what the game will look like on console or how it will perform with full grids.

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