Assetto Corsa vs Real Life: Alfa Romeo 4C at Modena Circuit

As Assetto Corsa gets closer to a mainstream release, buzz around the game is expected to grow larger as time goes on. A video released on Youtube – by Kunos Simulazioni team member Aristotelis Vasilakos – aims to build around this buzz, showing off just how well AC handles (and looks) compared to reality using the bellissimo Italian combination of an Alfa Romeo 4C on the Modena Circuit.

This clip is an interesting view as it shows a direct comparison between real-life and the game. A lot of comparisons are manufactured to be as similar as possible, but here the intention was literally to show off how close AC and it’s team believe they are to the thrill of driving these cars in real-life, so from a car enthusiast and gaming angle it’s worth a watch.

The video appears to show correlative behaviour for the 4C between AC and reality; it’s squirrel-like nature being projected well as it gets ‘hooned’ around the track in a uploader-proclaimed ‘dirty’ lap, before making a more traditional ‘grip’ lap showing off the brake-power and lateral grip the Italian sports-car is capable of.

17044504589_f3ba15b0e4_bLooking at the clip seems to suggest that AC has done a great job in replicating the general movement of the car: there are some minor differences with how the real-life car reacts to inputs, but on the whole we can see the level of accuracy Kunos have tried to replicate. It is worth noting that we see the real-life car actually appear a bit easier to control compared to it’s virtual counterpart, although this could be down to the virtual tyres having different grip qualities compared to reality.

Unfortunately if you were looking forward to doing this yourself on the console version of Assetto Corsa in April you won’t be able to, as Modena Circuit is a mod track not included in the base title.

Thanks to JohnnyPenso for bringing this to our attention! Photomode image provided by Taz.

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Comments (8)

  1. SavageEvil

    Does this game have tuning options for cars? Livery creation? Can I take a street car and swap out suspension, tweak the engine for better output, slap on some wider rubber and head out to the track?

    1. MLRSparco

      From what i know its relatively just like Project Cars, more than likely no livery editor, tuning yes, engine mods no idea.

    2. Johnnypenso

      No car upgrades, modifications or livery editor on console. Tuning is limited to real life tuning of stock parts. Street cars have very few options, race cars have more.

  2. Normalaatsra

    My favourite feature in AC is the amazing sound effects in the replay feature, the cars sound so realistic like a real racing video footage would capture.

  3. panjandrum

    AC really is brilliant when it comes to recreating the feel of my close-equivilant real-life cars. It’s down-right, gob-smackingly, utterly fantastic. I talk in some detail about it starting on page 2 of this thread and come back to in somewhere on page 3:

    If they can bring the FFB and Physics of the PC to console platforms people are going to be in for a real treat. The nice thing is, when you know they’ve got at least on car you know in RL so darn right, you feel you can trust that they have the other cars reasonably accurate as well. When you know they have a car you know in RL utterly wrong (Pcars, GT5/6) you lose confidence in the entire sim.

    Despite the slightly sparse content of AC, you won’t be disappointed by the driving experience as a whole, which is excellent.

  4. Johnnypenso

    Aristotelis handles the physics programming and obviously can handle a car around a track as well so it kind of sheds some light on why the physics and FFB in AC are so intuitive and feel so natural. The fact that you can also match the game conditions to the track conditions (15C and a green track) is also a bonus. Worth noting that he’s not just driving to get a fast lap, but deliberately throwing the cars around (he is driving on the track and in the game) to test what the physics engine does in various conditions not just hot lap conditions which are a narrower perspective.

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