Audi Vision GT Continues Its Slow Reveal With Latest Trailer

Gran Turismo Sport 178 April 3, 2018 by

With less than week until its reveal, Audi has shown a new glimpse of its upcoming Vision GT car.

The look comes via a new video, though the car itself is only visible for a few brief instances. It certainly seems like the only thing slow about the Audi Vision GT is the reveal itself — check out how quick the car is below:

Virtual or real?

Is it virtual or real? Find out on April 9th. Stay tuned! #Audi #VisionGT #etron #LeagueofPerformance #GTSport

Posted by Audi Sport on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

From what little we see of the new model, it looks to conform to the more modern mould for the program. That is to say, it’s a very racing-oriented model, with a low, wide stance and a giant wing sitting proud on the tail. The lighting signature at the rear incorporates the Audi logo itself, and a handful of strakes on either corner. Audi’s mirrored those strakes up front too, seemingly as a nod to the road-going R8.

It isn’t too long now before GT Sport players will have a chance to drive the Audi Vision GT. The German marque will show the car off on April 9, and we expect it to arrive in-game around that same time. Before it does, another GT Sport update will arrive later this week.

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